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Find Your Glow, Feed Your Soul

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An inspirational book filled with vibrant and colorful Instagram worthy photos. The ABCs of finding work/ life balance today and planning calmness for tomorrow.
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Sadly this book downloaded as a file type I was unable to open.  I read digital books on my Kindle. This title didn't give a Kindle option for some reason.  I'd like to read it if it becomes available on Kindle.
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Oh my gosh.  This was book is brilliantly sectioned into inspirations of A-Z.  The book itself is beautiful and I can only imagine how beautiful it is in print.  Each chapter is the perfect length and gives great information.  It was VERY inspiration. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this amazing book.
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This is a beautiful A-Z of ways to nourish and enhance your life. Enriching ways to put yourself first and help to not only make you feel healthier and happier but also to remember that you are important. It’s a good reminder of things we should do that often slip through the cracks when real life takes over.
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What I liked about this book: First of all, this book is gorgeous. The graphics are vibrant and add to the overall experience. The information is practical but also really inspirational with tons of great quotes and anecdotes. The book provides an overview of various topics related to holistic health.

What I disliked about this book: I noticed that some of the text was difficult to read because of the graphics. 

Thanks to NetGalley for providing an advance review copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Emily Silva delivers a beautiful and eye-opening self-help book. The words are inspiring and offer great advice on how to change your outlook on life and yourself. The book is designed beautifully; I can't wait to purchase this for friends this Christmas. This book offers so many great words of advice and shares insights into daily interactions with others and ourselves and how those interactions will affect our moods — lovely read altogether.
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What an insightful book this turned out to be. An A-Z guide on how to reclaim the glow that you may have lost along the way. (At least, I know I have.) I really enjoyed the action steps included with each section. Those definitely made me more mindful of how I was carrying the energy inside of myself. I would recommend this book.
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This book was beyond  beautiful inside and out! I loved the layout and all the bold colors. You could tell from one look inside that some poured her whole heart into designing this amazing and helpful little piece of art.

The many different aspects spoken of were so important to show the reader, that not one thing will/can make you happy or will let you shine, but the thousands of little bits here and there. It explained so well that you should live your life and make your decisions from your inside, and not be manipulated by trends or opinions. I loved how it really focused on the readers well being :)

I will definitely pick it up soon again, to skip through the chapters and let myself evolve!
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I have to admit that I recently (in the last 2-3 years to be precise) I read a lot of books similar to this one, so I am not exactly super excited about nice colorful picture who ask me to believe in myself and yield to the Universe, but if you never read something like that maybe you may find it to your liking.

Devo ammettere che negli ultimi due o tre anni, mi è capitato spesso di leggere libri colorati con frasi ad effetto tipo "credi in te stesso" e "lasciati guidare dall'universo", quindi non é che sia proprio entusiasta, ma se per voi questo tipo di libro é qualcosa di nuovo, buon divertimento!

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I've really enjoyed the influx of "metaphysical" or "spiritual" self-help guides over the last year. It seems that the self-love, meditation, manifestation message is really popular at the moment, and writers/publishers are certainly picking up on that as well. This book is aesthetically beautiful, but content is not offering anything new or groundbreaking.
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"All will be well."

Everything happens for a reason. I have and will always believe that. I'm going through a lot lately. The anniversary of my mother's  debilitating stroke is upon us and this summer hasn't been kind to me either. I'm going to be honest but reading this book made me sob. I felt as though it was written for me. 

The graphics first of all are amazing and gorgeous. I am a lover of all things pastel and yes, this is very much my jam.

Secondly, the chapters hit home in a simplistic "you are going to be fine, this is temporary"  kind of pain. Each chapter unfolds from an A-Z format and they're amazing. For example J is for Journaling and guides us on how we can write out our thoughts, frustrations, fears and learn to let go.

This is no shocker to anybody who reads my reviews on Goodreads and my blog but I am a huge fan of self-care books. I can honestly say this is the best one I've read and although it made me cry that release alone felt great. This book is wondrous.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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Such a beautiful self help book, it’s so bright and appealing with beautiful illustrations it makes you want to use it just by appearance alone. It’s full of useful guidance, uses plain English and never speaks down to you. It’s such a lovely book, thoughtfully written and a great help.  

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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