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Thank you to Netgalley and Jill Mansell for my copy of Mixed Doubles. This story takes place over 1 year and follows 3 friends. Dulcie, Pru and Liza.. are all coming to a cross road in their lives. They have been friends for years but have to go out on their own to find their happiness. They all live in the same town, know the same people and are  navigating the same problems. This story had all the elements of a great love story. I did feel there were too many characters, which seemed hard to follow. It definitely distracted from the main story line. This book was a good read and I give it 4 stars.
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As much as I love Jill Mansell's current catalog, I'm not a fan of these re-releases.  They are immature and not the same caliber as her newer releases.  On the positive side, it shows how much her writing has improved over the years.  However, this book should have stayed buried in the past.
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A lighthearted tale of three friends. Jill Mansell always writes brilliant characters and this book is no exception. A light frothy tale of pure escapism, would recommend! 
Thank you to Netgalley, Sourcebooks Landmark, and Jill Mansell for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review
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This is an easy lighthearted read about 3 friends that are in different stages in their lives. The friendship between the characters is believable and their situations are easy to relate to. This book will have you so involved with each of the characters that you will read for hours. Thank you to Netgalley for the advanced copy of this book!
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This one was just okay for me. I really love this author. I found no connection to the characters and it was just okay.
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Not a bad read, not my usual genre, don't do chick lit, but with great charecters and a storyline that flowed, it was a pretty enjoyable read
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A lighthearted story about 3 friends at various stages in their lives. The characters are well developed and the friendship between them is realistic and their experiences are relatable.  The story is well written and flows from each character flawlessly.  This is a book that once you become involved with each character (even Dulcie) you will not want to put down until you're done. I highly recommend if you're looking for a book with lighthearted emotion and some humor mixed in. I am grateful to Netgalley and the publishers for the opportunity to read an ARC of this wonderful book in exchange for a honest review.
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Jill Mansell's characters are always so true to life, you feel like you're reading about people you know.  It was a quick read and a great way to spend an afternoon!

Thanks to Sourcebooks Landmark and NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a fun read.  Jill Mansell writes romances that are light and fun.  She has good characters that interact realistically.  Liza, Pru and Dulcie are friends and get together to make New Year's resolutions.  All 3 want love but fate really throws them some curves.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Liza, Dulcie, and Pru have been fiends for many years.  It is the afternoon of New Years Eve and the gals are having lunch together as they make their resolutions for the new year.  

Liza is a beautiful, single, food writer and restaurant critic.  Her wish is to get married.

Dulcie is married to a lovely man who has just started his own business.  This means he works from dawn to midnight and she never sees him.  She has become bored and her wish is to get a divorce.

Pru wants to stay married to her husband even but he constantly cheats on her.  She is a good wife and homemaker.  Her wish is to stay married.

When Dulcie decides to give her husband a surprise 40th birthday party, it ends up wrecking the lives of several people  Now, they are separated.

Pru’s husband’s gambling has led to them losing their home and he moves in with his girlfriend who happens to be their cleaner.  Now, Pru has moved into a tiny rented room and works as a cleaner.  Oh, the irony!

An unflattering restaurant review blows up in Liza’s face which makes many problems for her in lots of ways.

This is a soap opera type story that allows the reader to really get to know the characters and watch them grow.  It goes from silly to funny to sad to happy.  And do keep an eye out for the character of Marjorie.  She is a total delight who will have you laughing out loud.  I loved the book and the characters.  Now that I have finished the book, they feel like family.

Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Jill Mansell never fails to amze readers, she writes well and all her books are easy and light, perfect for a sunday afternoon and some escapism. I believe this is a re branded name to an older book
 There is a trio of women in their 30s so at least we pass the young ones for a minute, lol and all hree want something very different 
1- wishes to get married
2- wants to get divorced
3- wants to stay married
the question is do they get what they all want? its a book and enteratinment never goes the way you wnat it and therefore, its a story of mixed charcaters rather than a simple duoo in the book, you learn all about the womens lives and existences and what they want and what they want in the future but nothing goes to plan for them oand if it does, is it for the right one?
Jill Mansell has a great way of explaining each characters and their stories are equally lovelable. 
A good easy read. 
I would like to thank netgalley for this.
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This was a great book for an afternoon on the beach.  The storyline was good and I really liked the characters.  Dulcie took a little getting used to though. It was a fun read.  
Many thanks to Sourcebooks Landmark and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I tried really hard to love this book. It took me forever to finish! It was not about tennis like I originally thought but about friends in various stages in life.

Thank you NetGalley for this ARC.
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4/5 Stars.

A character driven novel that will shatter your heart in the end. 

Recommended for adult and up.
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At first I thought this might be a book about tennis. But it was a fun story of three female friends dealing with love. It was fun to see all the ups & downs. Fun read.
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Another spot on book from Mansell! You will root for all three friends finding their happiness  Their friendship is realistic and positive no back stabbing Housewives here!
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Such an entertaining book that was a pleasure to read.
Some brilliant characters that caught your attention from the start. It was interesting to see three friends, all very different personalities come together to support each other as they go through difficult times and changes to their lifestyles. 
It was fabulous to see them all find themselves and to watch them grow.
A great book to relax with and enjoy.
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I will rad every single book Jill Mansell ever creates and that’s a fact. I adore this book. I adore her settings every time. I adore her charters and I always want to read more from Jeff. Every time.
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Three friends make their resolutions for the new year, each committing to a fresh focus. Liza wants to get married, Dulcie decides that a divorce is the way forward, and Pru will do whatever it takes to maintain the status quo in her existing relationship. They are lofty goals, but who better to hold you accountable than your best friends?

While this was, by most accounts, an enjoyable read, I did find myself struggling to connect with any of the three women, and as a result was not as engaged with the story as I would have hoped. As previously noted, I would not rate this as one of Ms Mansell's best, although I will continue to look forward to any new offerings from this tried and true author.
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I love Mrs. Mansells stories. The characters and storyline always keep me invested until the end.  Thanks for letting me read it.
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