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I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I was really excited about this story and I thought it had a good beginning, but somewhere along the way it lost its path and me along with it. without further ado I will get to the main part of my review before I forget what I was going to say.

The characters were interesting, to say the least, not interesting in a way that would hold the reader’s attention, but interesting as to their motivations for acting the way they do.

Let me start from the top. Every character from the original Peter Pan story is in this story and it is not difficult to spot who they are. The role they had in the original story is the role they have in this story, period.

But there wasn’t any depth to them. And it felt slightly weird how John and Michael (Wendy’s brothers in the original) talked to Wendy, as if they were siblings, yet they weren’t. There was a strange undercurrent of coddling emotions that were reciprocated by all three that made their relationship odd.

Wendy as the protagonist had a lot of potential, but it wasn’t utilized even in the slightest. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to be a strong independent woman or just the pouty girl, who doesn’t get her way.

Her character was incomplete and unbalanced. One moment I would like her and could emphasize with her, the next I thought she was a completely different person in the story.

The plot. As it was mentioned in other reviews I have read on this story, there is certainly an undertone of feminist commentary, but I think it kind of went sideways. Again, it wasn’t used to its fullest potential, especially because the story unfolded so very slowly and was written with a very traditional, fairytale narrative style.

This type of narrative didn’t fit at all. It was light, yet talked about topics that weren’t light, as if the authors wanted to mention them, but didn’t want to rock the boat by actually having an opinion on the matter.

It would have also made a lot more sense to have the story told from Wendy’s perspective instead of the third-person used. I couldn’t connect with her. I couldn’t empathise with her, because I felt her being kept at arm’s length.

This was another contradictory part of this story; it was told from the third-person perspective, but in almost every chapter the reader gets to hear Wendy’s private thoughts.

Overall, I would have loved to call this story a new favourite, but alas there were too many contradictions, too many confusions and too many little things that just didn’t add up for me. Sadly, I have to give this one a pass.
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An interesting take on the story of Peter Pan, but ultimately it was a bit undercooked - the idea of Peter as an undead enemy was really clever, but really kind of fizzled out into a lot of talk with no real point. I also found the constant to-ing and fro-ing of Wendy escaping wherever she was being kept to be quite repetitive - it might have been better if the series had trimmed and tightened up into one book. Ultimately, I found it mildly amusing, but not enough to carry on with the series.
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There is a lot going on in this book, which for me needed to be focused and polished just a little bit more. I think plenty of people with enjoy the creative and humorous aspects of it, however overall it just didn't work for me. Wendy is a Mary Sue who is perfect, but damaged... you know the type. The other characters also don't feel as well-developed as her, but I almost feel it is a stretch to call her well-developed. 

It's fun if you don't take it too seriously and keep your expectations in check.

The cover is absolutely gorgeous by the way. 

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an e-ARC of this novel, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Peter Pan story remake. It was really good.! Although there are some moments that am logging off with the story, it still proves to be interesting. I just hope the second book was good.
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This was a really enjoyable and unique Peter Pan retelling, and I loved every second of it!
It's definitely a very light-hearted book that puts you in a good mood and the characters were all very loveable! 
Will definitely be picking up the next one.
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I really enjoyed this book! It was a bit hard to get into at first, not sure why, but when I saw that this is Wendy/Peter Pan with a twist, I was like what?!?! And OMG, this book is amazing! Definitely keen for the second one. 
Thank you #NetGalley & #INscribe Digital for letting me read this amazing Peter Pan retelling!
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I really enjoyed this book and thought it was a fresh and interesting take on the story of Peter Pan. I felt myself drawn to the character of Wendy and loved how smart and tenacious she was about what she believed in. This book just sort of ended at the beginning of Wendy's adventure at sea so I cannot wait to read the second book to see what happens to her and Michael and John (and Nana of course!)
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I have always loved the story of Peter Pan and enjoy retellings of this fun classic. This book looks specifically at Wendy Darling and what she'd be doing when she grew up and ventured out into the world on her own. What would be her dream career, for instance? Why, a captain of a ship, of course, and we follow along as she tries to work her way into one of the few spots available for women in the Royal Navy. I couldn't contain my excitement for this book when I first learned of it, but that excitement quickly dwindled. The story was fun and very pro-women, but it dragged and wasn't as interesting as I hoped it would be. *Advance copy provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.
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*I received a free copy of this ebook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

This book drew me in pretty quickly. The writing held a kind of humor different from a lot of YA books, and I enjoyed it. I liked Wendy's determination and her unwillingness to be told she couldn't do or be something merely because she was a girl. I appreciate when a retelling uses the source material as inspiration but doesn't simply rewrite it in a different setting, so that was good. (For example, John and Michael are her brothers-in-arms rather than her actual brothers.)

But I admit after my initial enjoyment, it kind of fizzled out. It just didn't feel like very much happened. Not many characters were well developed aside from Wendy and Hook. In fact, I think Hook is the most interesting character in this book, as he seems to have the most depth. (To be honest, sometimes I thought it might be quite interesting if Wendy and Hook were to become romantically involved. He's only 6 or 7 years older than she is, btw.)

This is very much a "girl power" book. I don't have a problem with strong female characters; in fact, I love them. However, what I don't like is when men are made to look weak or incompetent so that women can shine. And, unfortunately, this book suffers from that failing. Wendy is constantly told she can't do things (being female), and proves them (the men) wrong every time. She has no interest in romance, but pretty much every male character displays some kind of attraction to or infatuation with her. Men underestimate her; she shows them up. Repeat, recycle, whatever.

And what is it with the "secret kiss" frequently mentioned when her smile is described? Is it a dimple?

Peter Pan (and his crew) behaved in a way that was pretty true to the characters in the Disney movie. I mean, their level of maturity, that is. But considering that Peter is older than Wendy, this honestly felt weird. I don't know why it never feels weird when watching the cartoon (maybe because it's a cartoon?), but imagining a man who is probably about 19-20 acting with the maturity and understanding of probably a 6-8 year old was just . . . odd.

I have the second book from Netgalley, so I will read it. I'm just not as excited about it anymore.

Note: Nothing bad.
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I enjoyed this book at times but felt it may have been missing a few key explanations. I think combining this and the next series may have been a good move as it feels quite unfinished and needs more to it. I will likely read that one even though I wasn’t thrilled on it
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Listen, Peter Pan and me have some problems. That sounds a bit dramatic, but the truth is, I never really cared for his story in particular. I´ve read the original book, I´ve seen the Disney version (and the sequel, but seriously, nobody really counts that as canon), but that was the extend of my care for this particular story. So when I requested this book on netgalley it was purely to fulfil a challenge for the retelling reading challenge I undertook this year. I didn´t get in with high expectations.

And listen, this book single handily turned me into a Peter Pan fan!

The narration is spot on, a perfect recreation of the voice and humour of the original book, in a completely new story. The characters come alive in new ways, their relationships are re-examined and I just couldn´t stop reading. I repeat, this was a Peter Pan retelling I just couldn´t put down. That never happens!

There is a deep and noticeable love for the original book noticeable in every sentence, mixed with a good knowledge of history, and a plot that really captures you. I loved how historical figures like Alexandre Dumas got included, and I really loved Wendy. She is a great character, full of passion and ideals, and really, nobody who tries to cross her has any idea with whom they are dealing. The dogs always recognising that she´s the new management in every household she enters is a running gag and it works really well. Not even Hook stands a chance against her.

And I adored her dynamic with Peter (yes, I know on which side in the shipping debate I come down, sorry). Their discussions are so funny to read, and I love how they teach each other more about their worlds, despite being on enemy sides (thought Peter being Peter of course, see this not as a war, but a game). Peter himself is a delight. I´ll be honest, I like the character Peter Pan, but I don´t really like him personally much, if that makes any kind of sense. Here I was actively rooting for this trickster.

I fell in love with the book, the story, the world. And I´m definitely going to read the sequel. So if you need any convincing to read this book, let it be this: It made me love the Peter Pan story. And that´s the greatest recommendation I can give a book.
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This was the first book I've read from this author and it was just okay. It was hard for me to get into and the characters didn't keep my attention.
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I just began my journey of Peter Pan retellings and have been looking for more when I stumbled upon this story and was excited once I got approved for it.

I enjoyed the way the story was told from Wendy's perspective and we got a new twist to her life, one that is very different from the beloved Disney version, but I really loved it. I loved Wendy's character and how headstrong, almost stubborn at times and brave she was especially when faced with Captain Hook. She always stood her ground and I loved how determined she was to reach what she wanted.
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This one is very much the first book in a series in many ways. We get reintroduced to a familiar story told in a really cool and unusual way. The relationship between the magical and mundane (and how Wendy Darling fits so neatly in the middle) is rather fascinating. Plus the feminist tone of the book made it fun and empowering as Wendy overcomes obstacles.

At some points, the perspective felt a little odd - trying to imitate the way, say, a TV show captures glances between other characters. Also the sheer number of times an eyebrow is personified is a little weird. The ending was abrupt and didn't feel conclusive. It felt like you should have been able to turn the page and start the next chapter but it was over. There was no sense of resolution.

I'm not super familiar with the original story of Peter Pan, so if there were a lot of references to the original, I probably missed them. But I did generally enjoy the story.
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Peter Pan retellings are my favourite and this book was quite an enjoyable read! 

I liked how this tale was told from Wendy's perspective and I absolutely loved the historical twist on this, though it also gave me a bit of steampunk vibes from the cover aesthetics. The plot pacing was also quite alright and I definitely loved Wendy's personality as headstrong and brave as she is. 

I also got approved for its sequel, The Navigator, and I am super thrilled to start on it, too soon!
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"Poppy was perfectly happy for Wendy to go wherever she liked, especially if she could ride along in the carriage. She was a bit irked at Hook anyway for failing to understand that he was no longer in charge."

The Wendy sat on my wishlist for forever, so imagine my hapiness, when NetGalley offered the first book in a celebration for the release of the second one!

And I loved it! I know, it doesn't seem like it, since I read it back in September, and am only just reviewing it now, but I really liked it.
Wendy was a great main character, headstrong and brave, and not as annoying as many other protagonists become when they're headstrong to the point of being idiotic. She was very likeable, and, to be quite honest, I loved how every animal that met her immediately assumed she was in charge, because she was. Even with the way how this works in a historical context (it is set back in 1789), she is never set back because of her sex. 
Even Hook accepted that she's a bamf. 

While we're talking about Hook: Is it bad that I'm rooting for him instead of Peter? Because since I watched that one season of Once Upon a Time, I have a hard time sympathizing with Peter. Even in this (very good) retelling, he's kinda one-dimensional, especially since Wendy spends most of the time away from him. 
But maybe that'll change with the second book, maybe Peter gets much more likeable, we'll see. (Or, I saw, because I read the second book right after the first, but for the sake of this review, let's pretend I didn't)

All in all, a fantastic retelling of Peter Pan, with very likeable characters and great dogs!

Thanks to NetGalley and the authors for providing this ARC!
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The cover is quite appealing. I really like the golden Title. Also Wendy with her sword is quite impressing.
The writing style of the book was fluent and easy to read. It also suited the setting in the 18th century. The story is written from the view of the author, also often the feelings and thoughts of Wendy are included.

Wendy is a stubborn girl (and later woman) in this book. She does not want to be like every other girl of this time and tries to find her own path. However, this path is not often easy. She comes across a view quite interesting other characters. It was nice, that she got her own gang, which was having her back no matter what. I also liked the characterization of Hook in this book. Certainly quite different then in the original, but nevertheless fascinating. It was nice to see the contrast of Peter's and Hook's view on Wendy. The authors included in this fairy-tale now also a quite political part, which makes you think about patriarchism and your point on the topic. Also the description of this opinions was quite suitable to the time, the story was set in. Peter was also a interesting character. The authors kept his arrogance and self-confidence, which was quite funny to read (but also sometimes a little bit annoying). However, it still felt like, he is one of the good guys.
Which is actually quite interesting, if I think about what creature he is in this book. Although - as it is discovered - not all things are like most people think and not every monster bites.

The accurate research of the authors made the historical setting quite realistic. Also the adaptation of the fairy-tale was very nicely and quite refreshing. Further, the political part was quite challenging. So over all, this different elements fit together really good and made in total a very interesting story.

The end of the book was also quite adventorous and surprising. It is quite open and makes you want to read the second novel.

Nice composition of politics, historical setting and fairy-tale-adaptation. I give the book 4 out of 5 stars :)
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I really wanted to like this book because I'm always searching for Peter pan retellings. This was a slightly more historical take on the classic tale with more high fantasy elements woven in as well. However, the story was stretched to take on these new elements but it wasn't fully expanded to allow for more depth or richness. The characters felt flat and the dialogue stilted. Peter Pan was delightful but as the character we already know, without much backstory given to show us new sides to him, or any of the other characters. They had slightly different roles than I was used to but they didn't have complex personalities or ambitions. I was ultimately disappointed but still kept reading for the fun adventure plot. I was happy to see how Wendy ended up, even if I wish I could get to know the characters better.
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What a marvelous retelling of Peter Pan. The most extraordinary thing about this novel was the tone and voice of the novel. The third-person omniscient voice had such a beautiful tone, filled with nostalgia and warmth that it fills the reader with joy. It was so reminiscent of JM Barrie’s classic work and even captured some of the levity found in the movies. The tone works so well with the pacing of the novel to grab and captivate the reader. It is not a very fast-paced novel as it focuses on building up the new origins of Wendy Darling and the world she is in, so that tone is essential for the storytelling to keep the reader engaged. 

As far as character development goes, Wendy was exceptional. The author was able to capture Barrie’s essence of Wendy, that mature seriousness as well as that love of adventure that makes her such a great character. Wendy faces many hurdles in this novel, and everything together pushes her. As a woman, her dreams seem unattainable, and yet nothing breaks her spirit. Oh, the cleverness of these authors to make Wendy oh so very clever, it makes her such a joy to read and follow on this adventure.

The way the authors also thought to bring in the other characters was quite ingenious. They fit into the story perfectly and balance each other out quite well. From Hook to John and Michael to Peter and Tinker Bell, these characters were developed so well and balance each other out wonderfully. There is such fun and powerful imagination that went into constructing and adapting these characters to this novel.

The Wendy is a steadily paced novel with such a wonderful atmosphere to it as well as great character dynamics.
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*e-arc received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

I have not read many Peter Pan retellings but this is by far my favorite of the ones I have. Wendy was such a wonderful character to read about. She was very smart, strong, and over all a kick butt character!

Overall this book felt like a very original retelling and was very entertaining to read.
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