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Every it is somebody. Saha a concept am I right?! This book was fun and interring and historical giggling and you should read it if any of that sounds like you want to read it.
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This was a good read, the characters were interesting and I enjoyed reading this book. I'll be interested to see where the series is going and more from the characters.
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Another enjoyable novel by Beryl Kingston.  Rosie, the female lead, is feisty and indomitable. I couldn't agree with all her choices, but looking at the life she created for herself amidst humble conditions left me cheering for her at every turn (and silently chastising her at times.) Remarkably well-drawn characters and setting will transport you from the present and wanting to know more about the "somebody" that Rosie truly was.  I was drawn in from the intriguing prologue and enjoyed it right until the last chapter.  My only complaint is that the ending felt rushed or incomplete, or perhaps I just wasn't ready to say goodbye to my new friends.
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Everybody's Somebody is a fascinating historical story that was well researched. The reacts are nice and I enjoyed the characters.
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Beryl Kingston enchanted me with this tale of life love families and the harsh reality of WW1. 
Rosie was born and bred in the country into a hard-working family. Once she reached the age of 12 she left home to work as a nursemaid in service to the gentry. She soon discovered the huge divide between the working class and the wealthy aristocrats. 
We follow Rosie and her family through her lifes journey sharing her happiness, sorrow, weddings and births and everything else life puts in her path .
A strong character who has an interesting journey and well worth sharing with us. Looking forward to the next book in this saga.
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What I Loved: This simplicity of this story was wonderful. I loved following this one woman's life.

How I Felt: Rosie made me nervous at times. Her choices were spontaneous and stubborn, but always to better her family. My only complaint about this book is the writing style to show the way the character's speak. When I first started the book, I had a hard time with some of the sentences. It is written as some speaking in a cockney accent. So the words are broken and it makes the sentence jilted. I hand to read many sentences more than once. That said I loved this story.

To Read or Not To Read: This is a To Read. A historical fiction novel covering world war 1 through the beginning of world war 2. It touches on the Wall Street crash as well.

The book starts with a class touring an art museum. A girl asks about a woman in a painting and is told she is no one of consequence. The girl feels that Everybody's Soomeone...and then we time jump to Rosie as a young girl waiting for her Pa to get home.

Rosie lives in the country with a poor family struggling to make it. Rosie is heading to her first job working in a castle. We follow Rosie as she busts her butt to keep stepping up in life; making her life better. She ends up in London where we encounter the artist from the painting. The story unfolds so beautifully going to through highlights in her life. It was a wonderful book and made me smile with happiness many times.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARac in exchange for my honest review.
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This was a very well researched Historical saga. The descriptions of life at Arundel castle at the beginning of the book were interesting., having visited there. Rosie is a very interesting and strong personality. She never gives up on her dreams . There is a lot of information in this book about real figures and events but it became almost like facts are being thrown at you  rather than an actual storyline.  It was well written but I got a little bored by the end.
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Rosie was not just somebody. For the late nineteenth century, she was certainly no pushover. She was not going to be happy or resigned to her lot, which seemed to be the idea of the working lot. They were born to it and there was no choice about bettering themselves. Rosie had ideas and she certainly was not going to let a bit of adversity or hard work get in the way of getting there.

I admired her spunk in the face of so much opposition. It was a time when women did what they were told to do by their parents or their husbands and most of them just buckled under. Rosie first as a maid - an understudy to a nanny made it her business to learn her trade and from there better herself.

After getting married, she ended up as a model for a famous artist, despite her husband's objections. Her first aim was just economic. It paid well and secondly it proved to be a learning experience in love for her. She balanced her career as a model, and on the other a loving mother and a wife admirably.

Set during the beginning of WWI and the ominous beginning of Hitler the story told how these wars affected directly and indirectly the rural population of Britain . It was insidious but a deep rooted effect on the entire population and affected entire generations.
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Having only recently discovered Beryl Kingston, I was thrilled to see she had published another book.

This book charts the story of our strong, feisty heroine, Rosie.  She is a warm, endearing character and I became totally immersed in her story.  Beryl Kingston has a knack for creating vibrant characters that she really brings to life with her dialogue.  No info dumping here!  It isn't just Rosie, it's all the other characters too - her large family, her friends, her employers, they are all beautifully drawn and really enhance the storyline.

The author does not shy away from difficult subjects, and given the period in which this novel is set, that includes vivid and horrific passages set in the trenches in France.   The scenes are set so skilfully that you can almost see, hear and smell what the boys on the front are experiencing.  This is excellent writing, and obviously well researched.  Other period facts and people are also woven into Rosie's story, which adds extra interest and brings even more realism to the story.

I was sad when this wonderful book came to an end but am heartened to see that there will be a follow up, because I want to know how Rosie, her family, friends and siblings fared during WWII which was just upon them as this book ends.

A compelling, satisfying read that I have no hesitation in recommending fully to lovers of historical fiction. 

I received an eArc from the publisher via Netgalley, but this review is entirely unbiased and the words are my own.
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In Beryl Kingston’s latest novel, we follow the life of Rosie Goodison, from the day she sets out to become a nursemaid at Arundel Castle, at the age of 12. She is told that she is, “nobody of consequence,” but she is a strong independent girl of the early 20th century and she is determined to take on everything she can attain. A few years later she finds a temporary job as housekeeper to two young toffs on holiday from Eton and when one of them gives her a reference to take to the RAC club in Pall Mall, she has no idea that his signature, Anthony Eden, will be of significance in the future.

On her afternoon off she meets Kitty, a young suffragette, whose brother Joe is a docker. Soon Rosie meets them regularly, increasing her political understanding as well as enjoying trips to Music Halls. Romance blossoms as war approaches and both Rosie’s brother, Tommy, and her sweetheart, Joe, become soldiers. There is tragedy and there are life-changing consequences.

But we first meet Rosie in a painting in an art gallery many years later, so how did that happen? While working at the RAC club, Rosie had made the acquaintance of a young artist who wished her to model for him and when she finds herself unemployed at a difficult time in her life, Rosie agrees.

This novel is a superb description of southern England from the turn of the century until 1939. Through the lives of poor families in the countryside and in London, the struggle to succeed and even to survive, despite war, unemployment and hardship, is shown clearly. Rosie’s warm, vibrant character makes each event human and I found myself rooting for her and for her family. She embodies the title, “Everybody’s Somebody.”
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What a lovely story, full of great period descriptions and facts of the era which was told in a compelling way to keep the reader's attention. I really enjoyed it.
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Another well researched on this time in history for this woman to dig down deep and make a difference in,her families,her friends! What a time in history for woman to not to be overlooked anymore and to show that women are just as important as men and just as smart! This story takes you to hard times,sad times and  happy times! Very strong characters that.really stick in your mind and think about later. This is a must read I received from Net Gallery. This could become a series not only books but tv.or movie. You will fall in love!
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Received a copy of this book by Agora publications through NetGalley to give an honest opinion.
Loved this historical novel and Rosie, such a strong character,dealing with all her ups and downs,love, lost struggling to make ends meet.
Taking us from the beginning of the first world war to the start of the second,loved this book highly recommend it.
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Beryl Kingston has written another wonderful historical saga.Rosie is a character I fell in love with strong independent her friends the town drew me right in was sorry to read the last pages. #netgalley#agorabooks
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England 20th century.  The saga of a family growing up in the new changing world.   Rosie started to work at age 12.  A very strong women for her time; no one even her husband could tell what to do or not to do.  Always did what had to be done to keep a roof/food for her family even during bleak times.  
She was a very liberal used even birth control not heard during the early 20th century.
This book was nice and made me feel a part of the journey,  Since this is book 1 I"m looking forward to continue reading about Rosie"s and her family/friend"s futur.
I'd like to thank NetGalley and Agora Books for this advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I enjoyed this story as it was an easy read and I was intrigued by the main protagonist, Rosie’s character. Such a strong character, particularly as it is set in the early 1900’s with lots about the Women’s Movement, many true historical events and two strong relationships between Rosie and her husband Jim and artist Mr de Silva.
I loved the mention of Piccadilly Circus, Pall Mall and knitted bathers which made the story come alive and believable. Rosie had a fortunate life, very lucky but the ending came quickly and I felt it was rushed and left open. Perhaps a sequel is coming?
Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read this beautiful story.
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