The Body Painter

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Brilliant!!! Loved loved loved much .. the characters felt so real & I just had to keep reading to find out what had happened... couldn’t get enough of this book can’t wait for book
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[Thanks Netgalley for the ebook. This review is my honest opinion but just another opinion, you should read this book and judge it by yourself 😊]
Well, I really don't know what to say about this book. I think it's more a dark romance and a trigger warning is needed for all the readers to know what they're going to read (*SPOILER: there's a disgusting teenager rape). I don't know if I'd read it knowing that information. Although I've read dark romances and liked them, I need to know that I'm going to read one. 
Also, this book if part of a duet and itsn't mentioned in the book description. I've read it once I have both books in my Kindle but only by pure chance.
I have mixed feelings with this book. When I read, I go wherever the writer wants me to go, so I enjoy or suffer if the MC are enjoying or suffering. In The Living Canvas I had to distance myself from them because everything felt too much. There's so much we don't know, so much anger and sadness (and totally unexpected for me) that I was afraid of reading but I couldn't put the book down.
I've struggled with the writing, which I found very repetitive, and with Olin and Gil. I understand their love and their sadness but I didn't like at all the toxic relationship between them in the present (yeah, I know that Giles is hurting and I can even understand his behaviour but it something I don't like to read). Also, I didn't like Olin's reaction toward Gil. I know she loves him but I hated she had so little selfrespect. Love never come first if it's a hurting one.
Howhever, as I said before, I couldn't put it down, I was terribly hooked by the story and I needed to know Gil's secret, which it's revealed at the end of the book. It ends in cliffhanger but, lucky me, I have The Living Canvas ready in my Kindle!
So you can see, it's been an up and downs story for me, with a lot of things I don't like but with an overall story that kept me hooked. So I guess 3 stars is the best rating I can give.
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Trigger warning, rape. Gil and Olin protect each other and fall in love. A teacher destroys this and they fall apart. Years later they meet up again and becomes his canvas. Will their passion burn them? In the midst of their drawn out month with each other, murders are occurring. Is Gil the killer? The book ends on a cliffhanger so be prepared,
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DNF @ 29 %.

Before I start with my review I should probably mention two things.
1) This was my first book by this author. I had no idea what was I in for.
2) This book is a part of a duet. I didn't know that at the time I was requesting this book on NetGalley (I also think this very important piece of information for me wasn't mentioned on the page) otherwise I would avoid reading it because if you follow me for a while then you probably know I hate cliffhangers, duets and trilogies.

So when I started reading it the first thing that bothered me was this hot and cold attitude of the MCs.

One time she's like ''Oh, I am gonna stay away from the hero, he doesn't want me'' the next second ''but I should GO, he's hurting''. And then of course, she goes to him.
As for him, he is pushing her away. Or as mentioned before, trying to. I only read a close third of the book but I hated how he treated the heroine, how he didn't treat her as a person. But what really triggered me was the underlying tone of violence. I am not (or should I say until now I can't really say I have read dark romance) a fan of dark romance which this obviously is. But at the same time, I can't also call it romance because so far there were absolutely no romantic activities of any kind. I mean mutual feelings of love because there was kissing involved...
I came to a part where the hero took the beating from an unknown person who obviously means something to him. He took it willingly with the heroine watching and while she was shouting for him to fight back because he was so much stronger than the other person. But he didn't.

Now I don't know why he would do that and I would hate to guess but as far as reading goes, this book is just not for me.
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I don’t think I will ever get enough of Pepper Winters books, and after having read The Body Painter-it confirms that for me. 

In this book, her “norm” is all there; the story unfolding in this mesmerizing way that sucks you in, the unique plots she comes up with beautifully crafted worlds and characters that you love and sometimes hate at the same time.

The Body Painter is part one of Gil and Olin’s story. It’s about a love that shouldn’t be but somehow is. And of course, when you are in a world that Pepper Winters creates, the characters never have it easy. Instead, they have to work for it all.

This book is no different and is filled with all the angst, tension, mystery, decadent erotically charged scenes with a dark veil embracing it all....and I couldn’t get enough!!

This book delivers on so many levels and the cliffhanger will blow you away. 

I would recommend this book and any other book by this author.
I can’t wait for book #2!!
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I didnt hate it but I didnt love it either.  It was just a meh for me.  I found the first 40% so repeadative I wanted to give up.  I'm glad I didnt but with saying that Im.not sure I will read book 2.  

I have always loved Peppers books but lately I find they are alot of filler.  Just give us the story word count is not that important to us.
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Thank you to the publisher for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 
I truly love Pepper Winter's writing so this time is no different as usual. Her story is beautifully written. Although the start of the story is a bit dull but I still love it till the end.
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Another fabulous read from pepper winters love her books! Read this in one sitting definitely recommend! Thankyou to netgalley for the arc!
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Wow what the 🤐 do I begin with this amazing book by Pepper Winters?!?!

The Body Painter was amazing! Olin and Gil’s vicious cycle of giving to much and not giving anything was so frustrating but in the best way possible.  And then the mystery behind everyone’s behavior was epic. Now that I brought up the word epic let’s discuss the ending..... I seriously tossed my kindle at the end. That cliff hanger has me NEEDING the next book so badly! 

Pepper Winters is a sure thing for me and I’m very seriously Body Painter was amazing and I have a feeling this series is going to be epic!
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Wow. The suspense alone had me turning the pages. 

Gilbert (Gil) Clarke comes from a terrible upbringing. He is awaiting his chance to get out of school and make some changes. Feeling undeserving of everything, Olin changes his perception. Slowly he starts to let her in; see his vulnerabilities. But then he abruptly leaves and leaves Olin heartbroken.

Olin helps everyone, sees the good in everyone. 7 years since she last saw Gil, as though fate has brought them back together. The attraction is still just as strong but Olin wants answers on why he just left.

Here we enter a vicious circle of Olin selflessly giving herself to Gil, Gil frustratingly won't answer anything, remaining shrouded in mystery but unable to keep Olin at bay.

The ending will throw you for a loop.... its a cliff hanger. Can't wait for the second book. Definitely one click this now.
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This book had put me on edge in every meaning! Ms. Winters had created a story that was twisted on so many levels that when I thought I had it, something happened and BAM - I know nothing once again. I love this kind of book where I suspect something constantly and everything is destroyed one by one in one chapter.
I needed a little longer time to get into the story as it was moving from the present to the past and again without giving a lot of information.
Olin is a woman that had loved once. But the love of her life had broken her in High School. It was sudden, unexpected and for sure heartbreaking. Yet she got up from it and started being the maker of her own life.
Gilbert (Gil) is so shattered character that was broken on so many levels that I can't count it. He's dark, broken, tainted, ready to devour every person. Don't let his beginning make your idea about him unchangeable as Ms. Winters had blown up such a bomb that I was rereading it a few times.
Those two characters tangled from HS will be ready to start once again or this advert that brought them together once again will tear them apart again?
I hope book two (The Living Canvas) wilL be even better.
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This book was very different than books I normally read. but I loved every detailed minute of it! It was dark and intense. I couldn’t put it put it down!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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I looked forward to this book forever.  Sadly I was disappointed. I didn’t hate it, I just didn’t like it nor enjoy it. I was expecting more. Maybe it was me?
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TW: domestic abuse, rape (Peppers Winters books are considered Dark Erotica, a lot of themes, scenarios may not be for you)

"The headline caught my attention......The second line piqued my curiosity....The third made me scowl....The fourth made me shudder....The final made my heart race....i should've clicked on any other job where i got to keep my clothes on. But I didn't. I applied. My interview is tomorrow..."

This book, took my heart and RIPPED IT OUT. 

Gil is such a complex character with a heartbreaking background story of abuse, he finds friendship and love with Olin, a kindhearted girl who is selfless in every extent of the word. Events happen which cause our main characters to lose touch via a horrible breakup and now as fate would have it, they reconnect.

OBVIOUSLY i'm leaving a TON of spoilery things out, so you can read it AND SUFFER WITH ME. (luckily its not for long, the next book comes out in a week)

THEIR CHEMISTRY THO!!! i was staring at my kindle screaming "PLEASE JUST GET IT ON ALREADY!" thankfully, Mrs Pepper Winters ALWAYS delivers!!! 

i cant wait to continue this duet, im sitting here counting down the days until i get the next one.
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I really enjoyed this book. I would probably say that this is more of a dark romance. It had some dark moments and angst and grit that I really enjoyed. I'm not sure if it's one of my favorite books by Pepper but still worth the read. This book does end on a cliffhanger so beware.

Thank you Netgalley, the author and publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This story is gripping, emotional, gritty, uncomfortable, dark at times and very well written. There might be triggers for some and there is quite a lot of anguish and angst within this twisted on/off relationship. Also a warning that it is number one in a duet - so you will have to read book two (not out to date). Set in Birmingham England. Olin and Gil reconnect accidentally after seven years when Olin applies for a job as a body painters (Gil) model. She is destitute and needs the work. They are still drawn to each other but both try to deny their feelings from the past until it's impossible to any longer. There's lots of blood, lots of body paint and lots of desperation. Many steamy, descriptive and sizzling romance scenes (after quite a few slow burn chapters), that are not on the gentle side by any means. This isn't hearts flowers and kisses, so be warned. The chapters flit between scenes in the past when the H/h are at high school and the present. Written from both points of view. I'm torn between 4 and 5 stars, because at times the romance/sex scenes just keep going and going and the push/pull of the romance starts to get a bit irritating after a while. I do recommend this book if you like edgy, different romances. Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC, in return for my honest opinion. I look forward to reading the second book.
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Thank you NetGalley for providing a copy of this novel.

I have mixed feelings about this novel. This is definitely more in the realm of dark romance. I find it hard to like the lead male. There are also plenty of moments that make me dislike the female lead as well. The relationship is push-pull and at times (especially at the beginning) was very repetitive and little depth was given to the relationship. I found myself losing interest towards the middle, but then the story really picked up after that. I enjoyed the premise for this book and I wanted to see how this story would end, which happens to be with a big cliff hanger! Overall, I like the direction of the plot and very interested how the next book will finish out, but I find it difficult to root for this couple. Honestly, they should go separate ways.

Also, be warned there is abuse, violence, and rape in this novel - so if that can be a trigger you may not want to read this one.
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Let me start by saying I love Pepper Winters writing. I think she is brilliant. I like the passion that Gil and Olin have for each other. The story is dark and perplexing, which is fine, but it seemed to drag to me and was repetitive. I just want them to work everything out and be happy but who knows if that's in the cards. The ending is a big cliff hanger leading to the next book which has me wanting to read it badly.
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This is dark romance at its very best. Olin and Gil were teenage sweethearts until something happened to drive Gil away suddenly and unexpectedly. Olin was devastated by his betrayal and never got over him. Several years later, Gil advertises for a living canvas and Olin, desperate for work, applies not knowing it's Gil. Then all hell breaks loose. The plot involves murder, dysfunctional families, kidnapping, dark sex, lies, deceit, etc. etc. I loved the characters, two extremely stubborn people butting heads. I really enjoyed reading this book and look forward to the conclusion.
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At the heart of this novel is a compelling story however I felt pulled away from the main story arc by the repetition. It was entirely too wordy and detailed.
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