The Body Painter

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This was heartbreaking, all-consuming and addictive. I am an emotional wreck after reading this. How will I wait for the sequel? Ms. Winters, you must be a sadist to let us wait for the part two 🙂

Gil was Olin’s soulmate. Her rock, her tormentor, her everything and then he just left and pushed her away. After a few years, she accidentally runs upon him and the intense chemistry is still there. But he changed. There are new secrets, new tormentor and new heartache. How much can she take? Everything, because he is still the one and only.

This is not a happy story, it is dark, passionate, unfair, intense, emotional and cruel. It is also a love story. And in every love story, people hurt and bleed and tear up their heart that the pain is almost physical. I went through the roller coaster with this story, I cried with unfairness for a young boy, got angry toward people cruelty and wielding they power, I wanted to smack them and shake them, but most of all I felt for both of them. So much happened because of other people selfishness and the life they were put in, so much hurt because they just wanted to protect each other. I was wondering how much more can she take? I guess with our soulmates, we can take everything!

There is such strong chemistry between them, but his secrets are killing both of them. I had my suspicions about Olive when more of the past was revealed and I understood his reasoning but still…couldn’t he just confide in her and maybe, just maybe there would be some light. I missed just a little bit of happiness, one pure moment when things could be ok for them, there is none in the whole book, so I really hope they have their HEA in the second book.
I literally can’t wait to see the outcome!
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One of the most anticipated release, The Body Painter is intense and heart bounding bone chilling scary. 
Gil secret is lurking darkness. 
Oling persevere and love for him is a disaster
It hurt watching her keeping pushing for him to accept them. 
It scarry to wait Gil secret unravel. 
Their dance of push and pull just... I can't stop reading from the first page. 
The Body Painter is all consuming. 
Brilliant Ms. Winters. Another epic and gripping story telling!
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I don't know what the writer was going for here but it missed the mark for me. I am a huge fan and I mean HUGE...but this book was all Criminal Minds without the resolution that we come to love about that show and I found myself not caring to read on to see about the resolution. I just didn't get this or connect with the characters and I'll probably be in the minority on this. I love a good thriller, VF Mason does these books really great but I just kept reading to finish. Never did I think I'd say that about a Pepper Winters book.
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The body painter is about a painter named Gil and a girl called Olin. The pair have history together and dated when they were teenagers. Olin responds to an advert to be a model for a body painter, not knowing Gil will be the artist. So they meet again but Gil is reluctant to start anything again with her and is keeping secrets. 

I was shocked to find I actually didn’t enjoy this book as much as I have adored everything Pepper Winters has written in the past. Unfortunately I found this relationship was one I couldn’t get behind it seemed toxic and I just wanted the pair to go their separate ways which really made me dislike reading.  I still love Winters story telling ability and the sex scenes were still written well. This one wasn’t for me due to the fact I didn’t like the romance. 

Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for sending me this in exchange for an honest review.
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I have so many questions and a fierce need for book 2! Dark and sexy. Unlike anything I’ve read lately. I really enjoyed this. Hopefully don’t have to wait long for the next one. Entertaining and well done.
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This story is a bit intense. There's a lot of mystery involved between the characters. It is a darker read with no happy ending in sight. Some of the mystery is revealed at the end, but it only brought more questions. He is not just damaged, he's totally broken. It does end in a cliffhanger, so you'll need to read book two to see how it ends. She is damaged as well, but is fighting for the both of them. Fighting a endless battle. It's got a beautiful quality about it. Though the story was intriguing and curiosity driven, there was a lot of repetition. I felt like so much of the conversations were just repeated over and over, causing this to be a more time consuming read.

*I received a copy of this book through Netgalley.
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Well this was quite an interesting read indeed. I liked this book but there were somethings that just didn't sit well. I found it slow going and just ended up with a lot of questions. The dynamic between Olin and Gil was cringeworthy at times but then other times was ok. Overall I liked it enough to want to know the ending so I'm definitely looking forward to book 2. I'm hoping it redeems this duet.

**Received copy through NetGalley. Voluntarily reviewed **
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Pepper Winters has a way of writing the darkest, sickest, most disturbing plots and making them feel as romantic as they are compelling.  The Body Painter was no exception.  

The romance in this series differs from the "Debt Inheritance" and "Dollar" series, where the primary couples are strangers to each other; instead, in The Body Painter, GIl and Olin reunite after years and years of estrangement.  What's got greater pull than a first true love?  Not much, and Winters made sure to take excellent advantage of that in this book.  I love this plot device.

This book is told in two perspectives: Olin in the present and GIl in the past.  The dual narration and dual time periods enhance the reader's experience.  Gil tells the tale of the undeniable bond he shared with Olin, while Olin describes the heartbreak she feels in the present.  Where Gil was once an emotionally vulnerable and open teenager, he's now a guarded, secretive, tortured soul.  Where Olin was once a youthfully enthusiastic romantic, she's now bitter and downtrodden.  

I found the book slightly more frustrating than the other Pepper Winters' books I've read.  In both series, there's a physical reason the captives can't escape, seek help, etc.  In this book, Gil's past (and present?) captivity wasn't as strong.  I kept yelling at him to just TELL SOMEONE what was going on.  I couldn't latch on to his dilemma as much as I should have.  Perhaps in the second book Winters will reveal more of a compelling reason for Gil to have made the choice he did.  The other thing I disliked was the constant back-and-forth between Gil and Olin.  How many times did I have to read that he wanted her/love her but couldn't be with her?  It was too many times to be realistic.  I think Winters went too far with their parabolic relationship.  

Overall, this was a solid Pepper Winters book, and I CANNOT WAIT to read the second book in this series.  

From a scale of 1 to 10 (this is a rating of how present these components were, NOT how good or bad they were):
Romance - 8 (ahhh, young love) 
Smut - 10 (She always brings it, and I'm here for it)
Humor - 0 
Cat and Mouse - 10 (multiple variations of this element)
Rich woman / Poor man theme - 5 
Sexy setting - 10 (ummm, it's Pepper Winters.  You knew she was going to put those body paints to good use)

I thank NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for the free copy I received in exchange for my honest review.
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Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  

This was a difficult book for me to read.  Definitely a dark romance, which is not something I shy away from, but I could not get into it.  It was drawn out and had a very basic and boring storyline.  I understand that this was the first book in a duet and that may be why it's been drawn out.  In short, it wasn't something that held my attention and I had a hard time not DNF the book.
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I already surprised myself in chosing this book but when it hooked it's claws into me was when the shock took over. This is a gut-wrenching, heartbreak of a story that takes a dark turn. Never have been interested in this type of story but found myself glued to each page. The crazy way this story straddles a love story that takes a really bad turn is one of the things that really took me by surprise. Also how the sex scenes are so hot and intense you find yourself not prepared to be out in public as a bead of sweat appears out of nowhere. The whole story is a build up to the intense cliffhanger that we have to endure until the next part is finally available and when hopefully everything is revealed. Can't wait....
I received an advanced copy of this book from Netgalley for my honest review.
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I wanted to love this book. Knowing it was part romance, part thriller, I was excited to read something different in the genre. The story dragged much more than I would have liked, which made since once I got to the end and realized it was a cliffhanger. The characters were very unlikeable, which is something that makes it more interesting because you have to look at the story as a whole to appreciate the details. I was riveted as I turned the the pages and was fully invested in these poor characters and their messed up, twisted lives. While I can't wait to read the second book to see where the story leads, when it comes to this one...I liked it but didn't love it.
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Thanks to the publisher for an ARC to read and give my honest opinion.

Olin starts the book off by answering an ad for a living canvas body model when she discovers she knows the artist. Gil, the lead male has tortured soul down to a T and just about kills us with how many times he tells Olin... no or gtfo. Book has a huge elephant in the room but author doesn’t give an inch. 

What did I like? I liked Gil in his younger years but adult Gil is anything but good. Since he tells Olin to GTFO eight million times I guess we can really say that she only has herself to blame. We get it, you loved Gil in high school and he needed fixing so Olin charges to the rescue but adult Olin is a freaking doormat. The ping pong relationship that Gil and Olin have is bordering on insanity on both their parts. It was truly annoying to watch them go back and forth about a giant elephant that nobody knows what the hell is going on.

Would I buy this book? Clearly my low rating is a downer and I love it when the author drags a tortured soul out for us to find some redemption but Olin and Gil had zero chemistry. I’m just shocked the author stayed this route because if it was torture to read, it had to be torture to write. I mean if I want frustration I have other avenues to get it. 

Thoughts for the author? I wanted to quit this book through pretty much all of it. Even more so after that teacher chapter. I don’t even want part two. I have some love/hate relationship with your books but this one was definitely a hate.
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3.5 stars

This is a story seeped in mystery and half truths, as a young couple fight the directions their lives have taken in hopes of finding their way back to one another.

I'll be honest, it took me a while to understand the direction of the story.  Told in past and present, from two POVs, the author only feeds the reader bits and pieces as to why the H and h, Olin Moss and Gilbert "Gil" Clark, were no longer together.  We don't actually get the answer until almost two-thirds of the way through, and the reason why is worse than I expected.

In the past, Olin and Gil are two young teenagers that form an unlikely friendship.  Olin is popular.  Gil is not.  But it is Olin's kind heart that opens up to Gil and gives him comfort from his horrid home-life and not so stellar school-life.  A friendship is formed, and there are hints that they want to take things further.  But something gets in the way that spoils that chance.  

In the present, Olin and Gil reunite as their worlds are falling apart.  Olin's promising dance career has come to a tragic end and she's struggling financially.  Gil may be having more success professionally as a talented body painter, but his personal life is a disaster.  The frustrating part here is we don't know why.

The reunion between the two is far from pleasant, and there are pages and pages of the two fighting and ignoring the other's feelings.  I could have done without these parts, especially when they are repeated so frequently within.

There are two huge twists in the book the explain why the couple were driven apart and what threatens them now.  I actually figured out both before they were revealed, not sure if that was the author's intention.  Either way . . . . *gags* . . . so disturbing.  What I haven't figured out is the crime element of the story, which is brought up in small doses throughout the story.  We aren't given much to this part of the storyline other than assuming Gil is somehow involved.  How that plays out, along with the twist revealed at the end (yes, this ends in a cliffy), should be interesting.

I'm intrigued enough to continue the duet, but hope the back and forth bickering between this struggling couple, comes to an end.
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The Body Painter was an expected hit for me. I wasn't sure what I was going to think of it, because Pepper Winters books can be dark at times. But, she really nailed these characters and their story!

This story has despair and agony, utter love and passion. But, WARNING- it does end in a cliff hanger, so be ready to wait for book 2!
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This blurb gave me an idea of a cliché erotica to come in this book. Prologue was everything that can pique your interest and keep it there. It let you know that this book was much more than your usual erotica. I was prepared for a gripping tale of romance, passion and darkness to come.

Olin responded to an advertisement requiring a model for a body painting project, description of which is given in the blurb. She was almost broke and was grabbing at straws when this job opportunity came up. Here’s when she met Gil, a tortured, injured but extremely talented body painter and the source of the advertisement. Gil and Olin had a troubled history with high school romance filled with stolen touches, deep caresses and intense feelings. Their relation ended abruptly for some inexplicable reasons but Olin’s love for Gil never died. 
When faced with the demons of Gil’s past in the face of Olin, he was intent on saving her from brutality of his present. There was too much pain and too much history between them and the monsters in Gil’s closet didn’t do him any favors. 

You can fault Pepper Winters for anything but her writing. She is flawless in expressing her characters. She’ll force you to live with them, feel them and entirely new world. This was a cliffhanger and we’ll continue with Gil and Olin’s journey in the second installment of the series. This book left us with too many questioned unanswered, too many puzzled unsolved and too many secrets unrevealed. Shadows will be illuminated, bonds will be tested, mysteries will be unraveled and an unknown future will unfold in the conclusion of this story.
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This is my first pepper winters book. My first impression began with the cover, it just drew me in. I had heard so much about this book I was so excited to get it from netgalley. 
A second chance darker romance is a little different of a read for me. It was a really good book it had angst  and suspense, I didn’t liked some of the repetition, I felt like I was reading in circles at times.  

The emotions and actions of both Olin and Gil were very complex and I really enjoyed that.  And oh my just when you can’t put it down, BOOM cliffhanger,!

Thank you pepper winters and netgalley I can’t wait for book two in Master of Trickery Duet
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4 1/2 Stars! A dark romance!

Olin was Gil's only friend in high school while Olin was a rich popular girl with many friends. As their friendship went on, Olin became more attached to Gil and was broken-hearted when he broke up with her. This break-up would change both their lives and when they accidentally meet again 7 years later their worlds will explode.

I really didn't know what to expect from this book because Ms. Winter's books always leave me with a WTF! I really liked it even though I had a big problem with the way that Gil treated Olin. I just wanted to say to her "let that a$$hole go ... he doesn't want you ... get over him!" But as the story went on, I began to feel sorry for Gil because I just knew it was gonna be something big that was making him the way he was. And even though at the end we kinda know what happened to him, I know there is just sooo much more that we will get in the second book. And it's just not fair that now we have to wait till November 15th to find out the answers!

I received a copy courtesy of the author through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
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The Body Painter was so good to read!  It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time and I couldn't put it down.  Their story was both tragic and wonderful and I can't wait to read what happens next!
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ARC provided by Netgalley through Xpresso Book Tours!!

3.50 Stars

Let me start out by saying that Pepper Winters is one author I love to read. This book was one that I found took me awhile to get through it. There was just to much back and forth with the main characters that I would skim over most of their conversations. The idea behind the book was great and heartbreaking. I just couldn't stand that Olin let Gil talk and treat her like that without standing up for herself. The scenes when they are "together" were hot and the times when Gil actually showed emotion for his "O" was amazing. I really want to read the second book( I have a feeling that it might be a lot better than this one) so I can see how these two will end up.
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As she always does, Pepper has created an incredible story of two people meant to be together, yet torn apart by their past and a secret. Olin and Gil have known each other since high school and formed a bond that no one could break. That is until Gil disappears from her life, never to be heard from again and with no explanation as to why.  Fast forward to years later when Olin is desperate for work, applies for a job as a model for a body painter and finds herself face to face with the man who broke her heart all those years ago. Now that she's found him, will she get the answers her heart has been longing for? What she didn't know was that Gil's past is closing in on them and now that she's found him, there is no escape. Left on a major cliffhanger, I can't wait to devour the rest of this dark, yet beautiful story!
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