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The Little Book of Big Feelings

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This is a quick and sweet read that starts with the question ‘How are you?’

The answer is split up into sections on different emotions, each one with a series of comics to illustrate the theme.
For me, the appeal of this book is that the artist is an introvert and perfectly illustrates the different facets of emotions experienced by introverts – I had loads of ‘same!’ moments which is always fun. I’m not sure how well this would tie in with the extrovert’s experience, so I’d be curious to know how they get on!

There are some useful tips on how to manage some of the more difficult emotions and a nice reminder that all emotions are healthy and normal in moderation, which gave the book an extra dimension of insight I wasn’t expecting from a book of sweet and simple cartoons.
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Hi everyone!
This is a very city collection of comics about emotions and how to deal with them.
The illustrations are adorable and relatable, but they contain important messages as well. The author shows us that all emotions are valid and we shouldn’t be afraid to fully experience them.
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The Little Book of Big Feelings by Maureen Marzi Wilson is one of those books that I found relatable, but didn't really serve as much of a teachable sort of book. I think the usefulness of this book in terms of educating its readers really depends on who is picking up the book. Ultimately, I don't really see it as a book for adults in that sense, but perhaps teenagers or those who have struggled to understand and deal with their own emotions.

I did genuinely enjoy flipping through this book. It was a quick read with many moments that were easy to find a connection with. Part of me does feel that it was simple and I personally did not learn anything new from reading it. In general, the book showed a variety of ways that the author recognizes and deals with her emotions. It ended up being more relatable than anything else, something that I had recognized in myself prior to reading.

The illustrations were simple and adorable. In its own way, this book seems more beneficial in selling the author's artwork than it is in dealing with any sort of complex emotions. And in this, the book does quite well.

While, I see this as potentially beneficial for those who have struggled to manage either or both of those in their lives it ended up making this book one that was fun to read but that I wouldn't ever bother buying.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This book was very interesting to read and it gives a lot of inside information about emotions that you may be feeling and never really express. The words are clear and easy to follow. The author did a great job on this book without over explaining things or making you feel like your being told the same thing over and over with a different wording.
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I enjoy reading Introvert Doodles online and this little book was really enjoyable. It's definitely worth buying and reading as a collection rather than looking at individual comics online. It's fun, funny and reassuring to read. Children and adults alike would enjoy this book about positive mental health.
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Whew this was a great little book!  In cute, colorful cartoons, Marzi Wilson takes us through all the emotions (curious, annoyed, embarrassed, loved, overwhelmed, anticipation, misunderstood, joyful, scared, empathy, angry, grateful, peaceful, sad, confident, and hopeful) and shows us that all of these emotions are not only valid, but that everyone is experiencing them and we should let ourselves fully experience them too!  So many of the cartoons I related to hard, and many were just brilliant with the way she looks at things (the one comparing types of water to types of anger was so genius!)  I laughed, I felt all the feels, I emoted just by reading her comics.  Best of all it's always great to know we're not alone in feeling all the things.
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I've followed Marzi on Instagram for quite a while, but this is the first of her books that I have read. Her cartoons are always cute and appealing in an artist type of way. But actually reading the text that accompanied each of the emotion chapters, I wasn't enjoying it. I felt there was advice I couldn't use, friends I didn't have, etc. It wasn't until I stopped looking for answers in this little book that I began to enjoy it. 

I'll continue to follow Marzi on Instagram. I like seeing her thoughts and drawings on a regular basis instead of in one big chunk. And that it is okay to feel how I'm feeling. 

Thanks to NetGalley for the Kindle ARC copy.

Three out of five stars.
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Author: Maureen Marzi Wilson
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781507212080
Publisher: Adams Media
Goodreads Rating: 5/5 Stars
Content Warnings: None
Purchased or Received Copy: Recieved copy from Netgalley

The Little Book of Big Feelings was my first experience with Maureen Marzi Wilson’s work, but now I think I want to read more of her comics. She describes her own emotions, finding a balance between validating and coping with them. That is to say, she reminds the reader that it’s okay not to be okay, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to feel better if you’re not okay.

Upon reading The Little Book of Big Feelings I mainly felt validated in my own feelings. This book would be great for anybody that needs a little emotional validation. This is a great all-ages graphic novel, both for children learning about their own feelings and adults that need a little reminder that whatever you’re feeling, it’s okay to feel that way.
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Oh I loved this book!

The illustrations are so appealing as they are colourful and simple, yet convey exactly what the illustrator wants the reader to see. I hate when a page has so much on it that you almost don't know where to look. This graphic novel avoids that feeling of too much information yet manages to show a lot.

It is nicely organised with an emotion, followed by an explanation of that emotion and then pages of examples as to how it applies in real life. The examples are obviously personal to the author but they are so familiar to me that I know that many others will relate and smile as they say 'ahhhhh I feel that way too' or 'I have experienced that!'

I have already ordered a copy for my school library as the pupils will love it.

I am delighted to have received an advanced copy of this courtesy of Netgalley and the publisher.
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This book was so relatable. It was a little hard to read on a Kindle, so I switched to IPad. Lovely illustrations and relatable content. Recommended for all introverts out there
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I loved this! The doodles are cute, it fits perfectly with the quarter life crisis times but can be relevant to people of all ages! 

I would even use part of this in primary school to help encourage emotional expression and understanding their feelings.

I’d love a physical copy to keep going back to.
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A great book of funny comics and deeper insights to help with conversations about handling emotions and allowing yourself to be human! Fitting for children or adults alike. It feels like a portable therapy session but with plenty of jokes.
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Have you ever saw a book that you knew you were going to love? When I saw this little book offered on NetGalley, I knew that I HAD to read it. I was so excited when I was finally able to sit down and dive in. Now imagine my surprise when I realized quickly that I just did not like this book. Everything pointed to this being the perfect book for me, but unfortunately, this was just not that good. 

 The drawings and cartoons were adorable, though, the low resolution of the book made it almost impossible to read some of the sketches. 

The self-help portion of this book was weird and almost preachy in ways I can't quite put my finger on. I almost thought an extraverted friend was advising me on how their one friend deals with her introversion. It also felt like being an introvert has to be corrected, which didn't sit well with me.  I think that was my main issue. There is nothing wrong with being an introvert, and I HATE that this book made me feel that there was. Honestly, all I can think is that this will be the book that extroverts everywhere buy to "help" an introverted friend.  

All in all, the drawings were adorable, and at times I could relate, but I would not recommend this to anyone. If you want a book to gift that special introvert in your life, I highly recommend Quiet Girl in a Noisy World by Debbie Tung.
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I really enjoyed this book. Some parts really hit the nail on the head for how I feel somedays. Being introverted, sometimes it's hard to put these emotions into words but Marzi does this quite well. I think this would also be good for teenagers and maybe even tweens to see that they aren't alone and others feel like them, 

Enjoyable and quick read!
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Marzi (full name Maureen Marzi Wilson) will be familiar to many for her Insta account @introvertdoodles where she chronicles the trials, tribulations, benefits and comforts of an introverted life. 

I related massively to her writing and comics in her second publication, The Little Book of Big Feelings: An Illustrated Exploration of Life's Many Emotions.  

It seems that there's probably a big overlap in the Venn diagram of being introverted, highly sensitive and autistic, and at times I wondered if Marzi had been watching my life. 

Amusing but also validating, I can highly recommend this lovely book for the quieter person in your life.
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I loved this book! I know so many people who are introverts and I know that they would enjoy this book as much as I did. It is the perfect combination of pictures and wording that make it so easy to read!
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What a wonderful surprise! I thought the book might be a topical, cutesy, 80-page gift book, but “The Little Book of Big Feelings” is much, much more. Maureen Marzi Wilson has deftly portrayed and explored more than a dozen emotions with her signature quirky-but-relatable thoughts and illustrations. Five stars!
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A whimsical look at the struggles of being an introvert. I have been following Marzi for a while and have always found her introvert doodles adorable and relatable, and this book is the same. Anyone can relate to some of these feelings in some way, so this book can connect with a bunch of people.
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2.5 stars? Only because Kindle isn’t the best way to read this book. It should be, like almost picture books, be hard cover, hard pages, physical book. After all, it is a picture book for adults.

And it’s interesting! The book talks about those big feelings that we aren’t quite prepared for while in the middle of adulting. Situations are more complicated, consequences have bigger impact, and our lives a little harder than we thought it would be.

At least that’s the gist of what I got. I couldn’t read the illustrations and the comics very well on my kindle. Mostly too small. So what a waste of a promising book this is. I can say I really read it so I’ve rated it halfway.

Thank you @adams_media for the arc of the book. Next time I think I’ll download the pdf to better read books like this one. Or just offer pdf?
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Thank you to Adams Media and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I had never heard of this author, but the description captured my interest - and I really enjoyed the very personal way the author approached the question "How are you?". Her drawings and thoughts may appear simple, but there is a lot of profound truth to be found in the clear and direct emotions that she explores.
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