Cold Falling White

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Thank you to Netgalley and Simmons & Schuster Canada for an advance reader copy of this book .

3 ⭐️ 

Things I liked about this book - the overall concept and plot .. .the characters 

Things I didn’t like about this book -  I found it quite slow and long .

I do like the author’s  general writing style so would definitely consider other books by her . And I do think there’s a real audience for this book, I just prefer more fast paced books when I’m reading this genre.

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I read the first book in this series, Zero Repeat Forever, back in 2017 and absolutely loved it (you can read my five-star review here)! I’ve also been waiting for the sequel ever since. And the wait was a bit longer than is usual between books (i.e. 2+ years rather than 6 months to 1 year) and it drove me just a little bit crazy. Especially considering how the first book ended, I needed Cold Falling White ASAP so that I could see what was going to happen next. And let me tell you, once I did get my hands on Cold Falling White, I was surprised by the turn events…

There was a bit of a disconnect between the end of the first book and the start of the second and I wasn’t sure if it was because the wait was a bit longer between books and I just couldn’t properly remember what happened at the end of Zero Repeat Forever…but I checked a summary of what happened and it turns out that it was the choice of the author to start the second book how and where she did. Once I figured that out, I was better able to immerse myself in the story. And by the end of the book, I did realize that Zero Repeat Forever is still my favourite, but that I found the way the story developed to be very interesting and that I’m still committed to the story and the series as a whole!
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"Humans. Clones. Aliens. No one is safe anymore. It’s the end of the world."

Oh, how the Canadians get me every time. I have to admit that I didn't know this was the second installment of a series so some of my connections to the book may have been a little delayed or simply not there, but I am such a sucker for Sci-Fi that I inhaled the story anyway. I will be going back to buy the first book right after I finish this. 

It was such a long book and the plot seemed to drag a bit but in the right mood, it was easy to get into. Since it's told through two points of view the world-building from the first book spilled over into this one. I will say I'm a little sad this is just a duology, it feels slightly rushed but it's probably for the reason I listed above. But I ended up with some unanswered questions though it did end up being a good finale. 

I think I'll be adding this author to my auto-buy list and using it as a birthday present or two this year.
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3.5 stars
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the first novel Zero Repeat Forever, could the location have swayed me a but, yes. But I will say even though the location is till located in Canada I didn't enjoy Cold Falling White near as much. One reason I believed it was too long and I found myself taking huge breaks from the book. I also found that I didn't connect to the characters like I did with the first novel. that could also be entirely my fault as I thought this book was going to feature the same two MC's as the first and didn't realize their would be two different characters being featured, Now despite that I did still find Cold Falling White to have the same action and intensity as the first novel. We do gets some of our questions answered from the first book and we do learn more about the Nahx and where they came from. which can make the length of this book worth it just to get some answers, (spoilers) since Zero Repeat Forever left on a huge cliff hanger and reveal. 

Overall Cold Falling White was a little bit of a let down character wise but if your anything like me and need to know the answers you will still enjoy the book.
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Thank you to Simon & Schuster and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Okay let me start by saying that I LOVED Zero Repeat Forever!!!  
I couldn't wait to read Cold Falling White. Unfortunately this one just didn't grab my attention as strongly as the first installment of the series. There is still lots of action in this volume but I found myself less connected to the story. In this second book of the series we learn more about the Nahx and the motive behind their invasion of earth. Our human survivors are going through many changes while learning more about the Nahx. Even becoming friends with their invaders. In all honesty my disconnect with this book could have to do with the fact that I read Zero Repeat Forever two years ago, so it wasn't fresh in my mind. I think that if I had gone right into the second book after reading the first there might have been more of a feeling of continuity which probably would have helped me like the book more. I will be looking for the next book on the series because I have to know how it all ends.
In all this is a good adventure series for a younger reader with strong characters. 
Still love the fact that the story takes place in my home country of Canada!

I'm giving this book a 3.5 star rating.
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3.8 / 5

Cold Falling White by G. S. Prendergast is a continuation of Zero Repeat Forever. Set in the harsh winter of western Canada, this novel deals with themes of identity, love, friendship, racism/specism, and most of all, humanity. 

I enjoy Prendergast’s writing style. Very succinct, and very descriptive. Although sometimes I had to read some sentences twice as there was a lot of motion in few words. There are a few perspectives in this novel and I think Prendergast does a great job in keeping thought processes and emotions separate. I think the weaving of the stories was fun and really well done. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t really get truly invested in the story until a certain someone appeared... which was halfway through this almost 600 page book. I also felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster ride in what spanned maybe 3-5 chapters. A lot happens really fast in the book which really threw me for a loop. 

The world-building expanded in this novel and we got to see/hear a lot more of how other people/places dealt with the Nahx invasion. The issue of humanity in crisis was really interesting and I thought that a lot of humans’ nature was explored through every perspective shown. My favourite aspect of this novel was the weaving of stories, of characters’ journeys and creating this expansive, complex universe in which I hope to learn even more about in the future. 

Overall, I am excited to see how the story ends in the next (possibly last?) book. If it’s anything like this one, I am sure to enjoy it.
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It’s always a treat when a sequel is even better than the first book, and that’s what happened with Cold Falling White. It was nonstop action, stress, terror and intrigue.

I found the overall pacing and chapter POVs worked better than it did in Zero Repeat Forever. So I really liked that. I also found having Xander’s POV to be quite special and unexpected.

A good conclusion to an exhilarating duology... and yet it leaves wishing for more. Maybe Prendergast will indulge her fans and bless us with a book 3 to wrap everything up.
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First off, I would like to thank Simon & Schuster Canada for letting me read this arc. However, I goofed big time and did not realize that you need to read the first book in order to understand what is going on in the second book. The writing is interesting. but I got lost after the first chapter because I have a feeling it picks up after something that happens in the first book.
If you have read the first book you will probably like this book, but if you are like me probably read the first book before this one.

3 out of 5 stars.

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I have owned Zero Repeat Forever for a long time but never read it. When I saw this, I read it as fast as I could and oh boy, that ending. The whole book was amazing.

Now this book, what a roller coaster. August is my all time favourite, I am all Team August and not so much Team Tucker. I won't fault you if you're TT, but we all know how TT ends.

This book is strong in different ways than Zero Repeat Forever. Raven is different, she's stronger (mentally and physically), so it's interesting seeing how she grows in this book. Without spoiling the first book, I'll say it's really good to see her team up with a lot of the gang again. Xander becomes such an interesting character, I am so thankful and excited to read his parts! Sometimes in a second instalment the introduction of new POVs don't work, but this book really makes it work. GS Prendergast is a strong writer and this book showcases that.

The idea of the Snowflakes (LOL) is so interesting. It's similar to The 5th Wave in some ways, but I love both of these books regardless. It's still a battle between humans and Nahx but now we get to see it from a new perspective. We have the same enemies, but they're new in ways too. 

Cold Falling White is about survival. The Snowflakes have to fight a war for their enemy. But why? Who are the Nahx afraid of? But is also about the survival of humanity, of the human race and also the humanity of a person. Raven is not human anymore, but she isn't a Nahx either. So many things she believed were true, turn out to be false in this book. This causes her to constantly grow, to change, to adapt, to see things in a new way. It's beautiful, it's tough, it's sad. It's life. She's trying to find her place in this new world order, with herself as a new person, and among her friends who are in the same situation and others who are not. Do these people survive? Do these friendships survive? Does humanity survive?

I love when books talk about one thing, and bring it up in the next book.. This book is full of little bits that make you so excited if you read the first book BUT you do not have to! You can easily read this book right off the shelf, she has artfully woven the backstory into Cold White in a way that is not obnoxious and will help new readers understand or even help you remember if it's been a long time! Honestly, it's beautifully done.

The characters keep growing. Xander is fun and cute. Topher is Topher, but there's still interesting things to learn about him. August grows and changes, but he's still my number one. Raven is stronger, braver, but still human despite everything that's happened to her.

This book talks about some really good topics that I haven't seen addressed in books before. It's refreshing and exciting. I am so glad I got to read this book. It belongs on the shelves of many. I didn't find it disappointing as some second books are. I might have liked the first one better (that ending was perfect), but Cold Falling White has so many good parts in it, you will love it for a million other reasons. I am excited for the next one! 

Thank you NetGalley for the arc!
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Real rating more like 3.8

thank you netgalley and publisher for the arc. 

I have to confess, this review took me a while to write because I had missed the part in the netgalley description that Cold Falling White was a sequel (noticed in other reviews that I wasn't the only one so that makes me feel better). So naturally I had to go and read up on the first installment, Zero Repeat Forever. Let me just say, I don't often go into the sci-fi realm of books- but when I do I'm glad when it's a book like the ones Prendergast has written.

I liked both Xander and Raven, but Raven is hands down my fav. I live for bad-ass females so it really wasn't that hard to sway me- but it's also where this book lost points for me, since I wasn't as much as a fan of Xanders POV. It was still good and I'm happy the author switched it up, but I do prefer Raven. 

I found this book a bit faster than the first one, but still quite a slow boil, so do be prepared for that. 

I wont be buying it for my collection as I don't own the first copy. Therefore I wont be recommending it through readers advisory (because we don't own it). I will consider acquiring it though. 

Sci-fi lovers will appreciate this one. 

(just remember, its a sequel!)
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ARC Copy...a slow boiler yet exciting trip of a narrative like previous one with some rather SHOCKING discoveries involving "aliens", a portion which is "OWW my stomach" turning (giving gruesome meaning to 8th and the previous novel's title) and felt more like an adult sci-fi fiction in a good way.
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First of all, I love Canadian books. As soon as I read a reference to Canada my heart gets all warm and fuzzy, like a kid in a candy store. Wholesome patriotism, if you will.

When I saw this book on NetGalley, I was immediately intrigued. The cover looks super cool and the synopsis— though generally not something I’d usually pick up— sounded great. My biggest issue (which eventually branched off into other, more detrimental issues) was that there was nothing on the NetGalley page that indicated this was the second instalment of a duology. If there had been, I wouldn’t have chosen to read this. I enjoyed the writing and there was enough information to keep me from being *too* confused, but I couldn’t really connect with the characters or the world. I feel like the first instalment of a sci-fi series is where most of the world-building occurs, so it’s pretty vital to understanding what’s happening, and I think the author assumed you already had a relationship with the characters so there isn't much information on them.

I also felt like it was a tad long and hard to get into, but that’s probably for the same reason I listed above. Not a bad book overall, but I won’t be rating it publicly on Goodreads or bookstores just because my judgement is a bit unfair since I went into it unprepared.
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