Besos de sol, abrazos de luna

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A very sweet book, letting children know they are loved no matter how far away their loved one is. I think the story would work well for children whose parents are separated or divorced, grandparents or other relatives who don't live close by, or as a story to help children deal with the death of a loved one. The artwork is sweet and lovely, bright and richly colored, filled with detail, and suits the text very well.

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My thanks to Inner Flower Child Books for a temporary digital edition via NetGalley of ‘Besos de sol, abrazos de Luna’, written by Susan Schaefer Bernardo and illustrated by Courtenay Fletcher, in exchange for an honest review.

This short picture book is a Spanish-English bilingual version of ‘Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs’, a beautiful picture book with a simple but powerful message: love lasts forever. 

This story was first published in 2013 and is intended to reassure children that when loved ones are away that their presence can be felt through a deep connection to nature.

The illustrations are lovely and bright. The text while simple is very powerful. The intention of this book and others in their catalogue is to provide comfort to children who are going through difficult times that may be overwhelming them. 

It is a book brimming with love and kindness with a powerful message about nature. It brought tears to my eyes while reading. 

Highly recommended as a bedtime book.
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This beautifully illustrated, bilingual message of love should be high on everyone’s gift giving list.
It is the perfect book for children dealing with separation from, or loss of, a loved one. The artwork is clean and bright, with hearts aplenty. Highly recommend you add this to your child’s bookshelf.
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Besos de sol, abrazos de luna/ Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs is a story that although childish has got me and greatly moved. Perhaps that’s due to the warmth and love that come from the illustrations or the text that is direct, simple but enveloping. They make it a very nice and pleasant read altogether.  That conveys a very hopeful message.

This story addresses separation from a kinder and lighter perspective. It is explained to children, in a very special way, using analogies they can understand, what love is. How, if it is strong and sincere they can give and receive it always, regardless of distance or the moment and it will accompany them wherever they are so they can feel loved and protected by the people who love them even if they can’t see them.

It gives an encouraging message

Besos de sol, abrazos de luna/ Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs is a beautiful book and very useful applicable to different scenarios, be it death, an illness or separation. Any traumatic situation that is difficult to address or dealing especially with children. 

And the fact that it’s written in both English and Spanish, with an excellent translation, make it more than recommended.

Besos de sol, abrazos de luna/ Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs es una historia que aunque infantil, me ha llegado dentro y conmovido mucho. Quizás se deba a la calidez y al amor que desprenden las ilustraciones o al texto que es directo, sencillo pero envolvente. Hacen que en conjunto sea una lectura muy bonita y placentera. Que transmite un mensaje muy esperanzador. 

Esta historia aborda la separación desde una perspectiva más amable y bonita. Se explica a los niños, de forma muy especial, empleando analogías que puedan entender, lo que es el amor. Cómo  si este es fuerte y sincero pueden darlo y recibirlo siempre, sin importar la distancia ni el momento y que les acompañará allí donde estén para que puedan sentirse queridos y arropados por las personas que los quieren, aunque no siempre las puedan ver.

Transmite un mensaje esperanzador

Besos de sol, abrazos de luna/ Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs es un libro precioso y muy útil aplicable a diferentes situaciones, ya sea la muerte, una enfermedad o una separación. Cualquier situación traumática o que resulta difícil de abordar o tratar sobre todo con los niños.

Y el hecho de que esté escrito en inglés y español a la vez, con una traducción excelente, lo hace más que recomendable.
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Beautiful book about a parents love to a child. This is the kind of books I like to see. The illustrations were beautiful and the translation flawless. I will keep using this to help my daughter practice her Spanish.
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A pleasant and visually attractive comfort rag for young audiences and the adults reading this with them.  It starts with the whole shtick about looking at the moon, and if we're doing it at the same time then wherever we are we know we're being thought of.  It then applies the same to the sun, and then generally rounds everything up – snowflakes, rainbows, wind, trees – and makes every element of the natural world almost become a token of love from parent to child and vice versa.  It boils down to "how do I know you love me?" "everything's a sign, everything", "the end", but of course without padding that out we don't have a book.  The poetic writing doesn't stick to any one rhyming scheme, and it would appear the Spanish text that is first on each page has not been put into rhymes, but all told this is a gentle peck of a book.
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Short but cute, this story is a love letter between people who have been separated. The illustrations are simple but full of energy and I really like how (usually) the words aren't just pasted over the images but that they mimic some of the actions. A really nice message of being together even when people aren't physically there
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Another wonderful collaboration from the duo, author, Susan Bernardo and illustrator, Courtenay Fletcher. 
A children’s book in both Spanish and English text. The writing is beautifully lyrical and uplifting and well supported by bright and colourful pictures.
The theme is how both the sun and moon are constants in someone’s life. People separated by time and distance can regard both day and night, the sun or the moon. 
The notion here is that the moon that controls the tides has ‘arms’ that can embrace you with hugs and kisses. Similarly the sun can remind each of their shares love and kisses. Furthermore, wherever you go the sun is out, even if hidden by a cloud. The moon shines and remains there even if in it’s cycle you can not see it. It influence remains and it is this sense of permanence regardless of perception restores and rationalises this quality of shares love.
I loved the book. It promotes a positive message that will delight and encourage our young children.
A book that is a delight to read and share, a book that will stir the hearts and imaginations of youngsters as they see familiar things and hear of the bounds of love.
Day and night we are loved and appreciated.
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Enchanting book, beautifully written in both English and Spanish.  Message Love is always there.  Lyrical, lovely, good message for children who can't be with a loved one.
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It's a very sweet, emotional and perfect book for the little ones at bedtime. It is special for those who are suffering pain and anxiety when there is a separation from a parent for divorce, illness and even death. The words are full of love and joy with beautiful and charming illustrations. ❤
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Besos de sol, abrazos de luna, is a bilingual (Spanish-English) version of children's book Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs. I liked everything about this book: beautiful verses about love and gorgeous illustrations. A book that every child should have on the shelf.
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Thank you netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Beautifully written bilingual storybook with poetic verses that expresses a mother's love for her child throughout the day and night. Enchanting.
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