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A story of trying to deny your nature and fate but having duty thrust at you. It was an interesting take on a few old troupes that fell just short of being great.
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Hands down, the best thing about this book is the concept of these supernatural begins and Dragonlike-demigods being in the human realm, the concept of between realms and soul identities(?!! so cool). Moreover, the fact that the characters are mainly made up of people of color and African descent with this blended incorporation of contemporary and older cultural traditions in the story represented mainly with one of the main protagonists, Shola.

All in all, it was definitely something new to me in terms of context and creativity but a lot of the time the book seemed hard to follow because key details were revealed in spotty locations or broken up by Theo and Shola’s clearly palpable, however, oddly random, sexual attraction for one another.

Romance books are still a bit of a learning curve for myself in terms of breaking down the ratio of how much context/story there tends to be in terms of the attention put towards the main couple's relationship.  This is why I have been trying to read more of them lol,  but the attempt at these two establishing a connection that quickly with just glances felt rushed every time. If it stemmed from general curiosity or a mutual appreciation for the other’s fighter instinct perspective, for instance, then I might have been on board, but the ship seemed to sail without me.


While I liked the mixed elements of the supernatural world and beings coming into play within this story, by the end of the book I did not think the mixing of magic, vampires and Dragonlike-demigods/beings worked well together.

I understood Theo’s worry to reveal too much of himself and his team to Shola but why was he so hesitant when he was sure she wasn’t just a regular human? All the time wasted keeping that secret affected his team in the end. Sure, tension and obstacles to keep the story consistent but the reader isn't given enough background details that actually support his worries or hesitation.

Another piece of the story that I didn’t understand was the fact that his character was originally built up to be the only one of his kind at his security company while everyone else was human, but a quarter of the way through the book we are told that those in his inner circle and members of the company were just like him? I am aware that I was given an arc to read so maybe this bit was changed but it didn’t make things any clearer.
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Next in line for the Drakon throne, Theo Masters is the most powerful half human, half dragon in the world. Royal power is the last thing he wants, however. He lives as a human and runs the Legion Security Company. But his new client—a mysterious, beautiful human from a small African village—and the unknown danger she faces may forever change the quiet life that he’s chosen. Shola N’Gara exists to kill the dark spirit that is attempting to demolish her people. It’s her purpose and her destiny. The gorgeous protector who taunts her with his sexy voice and body is not—especially after he shifts into a magnificent black dragon with turquoise eyes. 
A rise in demon activity and the brutal murders Theo’s agents have been reporting start to add up. Someone is making a play, and it’s big enough to change the course of the world as they know it. Now Shola must choose between her destiny and her heart. And Theo must decide if standing by the woman he’s fallen in love with is worth facing his father in a battle to the death.
This was a pretty good book. The story was well paced. I really liked both characters. I hadn’t read this author before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I highly recommend. 
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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The problem with this novel is that the author doesn’t explain the universe she imagined but lets us discover it as the story goes. But hence there are things we don’t really understand: for example at the beginning the couple is attacked by “demonics” and we learn they are attracted by people’s power but we don’t know anything else. Other example we also learn the hero comes from a parallel realm, then very late we learn there are in fact several parallel realms. It’s quite disturbing to be in the dark.

The rest is a quite classical story: we have a powerful alpha hero, surrounded by his friends just like him, and all seem to have a special and distinct power but that’s not really used in the novel. The dragon inside him (that we don’t see much by the way) feels a strong attraction to the heroine but Theo suppresses it for diverse reasons not always very clear.
The heroine is more unusual: she comes in this town from her African village to marry a man she’s never seen to fulfill a pact done by her father, but she’s got the secret mission to kill this man in order to save her people. There again it’s revealed bit by bit and we wait long to have the full story. She has the annoying tendency not to listen to those charged with her security because “she’s strong and know what she have to do”. She also feels quickly an attraction for the hero, but she tries to stay focused on her mission and fights her desire.

All in all I had trouble being really interested in the story, and if I appreciate its resolution I was never really grabbed in spite of real qualities. Too bad.
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Awaken the Dragon is the first in the new paranormal series The Legion, by A.C. Arthur. I have read books by this author in the past and been captured by her easy writing style and the world she creates for her unique characters. And while this first story shows promise of things to come, I felt the world building was somewhat lacking. The concept of the storyline was good, and Theo was a likeable character too, but the chemistry for me was a mild burn, rather than a combustible attraction, and Shola had a tendency to be annoying. There were some interesting side characters, who will hopefully star in future books, and overall it was a decent book, but the author has definitely written better.
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It’s here! A new series from the Queen of Paranormal Romance. A.C.Arthur introduces her latest launch into the paranormal with AWAKEN THE DRAGON. Now, I know that this genre is not for everybody, but those of us who follow this author, have come to love these unconventional romance stories. Theo Masters is the complicated owner of the Legion Security Company. Complicated? Yes! He is half human and half dragon, a Drakon, who lives as a human. Theo has been hired to escort and protect Shola N’Gara, a  beautiful and equally complicated regal African woman who hales from a village located along the Niger River, is betrothed to marry a vampire.

The storyline follows the preternatural journey of Theo and Shola as they battle against dark spirits, demons and vampires, Oh  my! Why has fate chosen these two highly skilled warriors to save the world as they know it? No spoilers here.  You will discover the reason behind the reason Theo and Shola are the chosen ones. It’s a doozy of a story, and it will have you turning pages to witness the final outcome. 

For those of you who like a challenge and a different type of romance narrative, then I highly recommend AWAKEN THE DRAGON. You can thank me later.
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I’m always interested in reading shifter romances but especially when the leads are both characters of color. There was a lot I enjoyed about this one—Shola’s Yoruba heritage, Theo’s mysterious origins as a dragon now dwelling on the human plane, Theo’s Drakon team. I’m especially interested in reading follow up stories for Theo’s team. 

Alas, this story also included the villain’s POV and it always felt so heavy handed and over the top for me. The story would have been so much stronger and more compelling had it stood on its own. As it was, I lost interest in reading about halfway through and eventually circled back around to finish, just so I could see Shola rule the day. Which, she absolutely did. Shola’s actions didn’t always make a whole of sense to me, especially when she would argue with her security team or go off on her own when people are clearly trying to kill her. And I didn’t love that Theo kept a sizable secret from Shola. But I did enjoy them together and I’m sure they’ll continue to be a force to reckon with.

CW: violence, attempted murder, killing, kidnapping
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I have to admit that I'm quite partial to a dragon shifter novel. Awaken the Dragon is the first in a series, I assume that the other books in the series will involve the other dragons shifters that we met in this one. Theo is the leader of a group of dragons who have left their realm and are living on earth. He has been here for two hundred years and in that time he has repressed the dragon side of his nature, choosing instead to live as a man and run his security business. When he meets Shola he finally finds someone who might be worth risking everything for and allow him to finally become himself once again.
There is a lot going on here and being the first in the series there's a lot to explain. A lot of time isn't spent on world-building, but we still manage to get most of the gist of the world in which they live as the story unfolds. I think that future books in the series might be able to build on this and so will be in a stronger position, as we become more accustomed to the setting.
The romance between Theo and Shola moves quite quickly once they fully acknowledge their blossoming feelings. For me, it didn't quite work as well as it might. The chemistry between them just wasn't quite sparking properly and so things felt a little rushed. I also felt that Shola's character was kept in shadow a little too much, particularly at the beginning of the book, which didn't really help with the growing romance. I still enjoyed the book, but if I'd just brought into the chemistry a little more or there had been a little bit more of a build-up between them it would have been even better. I'd be certainly keen to read more in the series, especially as I suspect that this might be one of those that improve with each book.
I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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This is a finely crafted tale that has you falling into another realm.  The steam between Shola and Theo is enough to wings your eyes.  I loved it!  I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley and freely leave this honest review.
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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Highly recommend this book to everyone. Can't wat to read more from this author.
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A.C. Arthur is another new author for me. I’m always looking for good ones when it comes to the paranormal romance sub genre. This lady has a good track record with another shifter series so I decided to start at the beginning with first book in her new Legion series, Awaken the Dragon. This one has lots of action, several different paranormal characters and a very strong lead couple. It’s a good start to the series. We will see where this one goes.

What I liked:

Theo is a Drakon.... never heard of that before? Me either. That’s half dragon, half human. He lives as a human and has his own security business. He is also next in line for the Drakon throne which gives him even more power. Theo is a total alpha male. He’s strong, he’s determined and formidable. Oftentimes with paranormal romance you get a powerful hero but the heroine isn’t quite up to the challenge. Not in this book! Arthur really comes through by giving Theo a love interest that is in every way his equal. This bad boy deserved a great leading lady. 

In the course of his daily business, Theo and his agents are tasked with protecting, Shola N’Gara of the river tribe. Shola has a specific destiny. She may not be a black dragon with gorgeous turquoise eyes like Theo but she is every bit as dangerous. I loved her spirit and her take no crap attitude. She could stand toe to toe with any of those dragons. I like a heroine who knows her own mind and can stand with her hero no matter what comes against them.

The paranormal aspect of the series was interesting and well developed. You had dragons, vampires, demigods and other assorted paranormal characters. Shifters of any kind are my favorite but dragon shifters were really cool in this world. The world itself was teeming with mystery. 

There was a bit of mystery and tons of action in this one. It was a fast paced ride and didn’t slow down much. Pitting Theo against his father provides some serious conflict. Making the choice between your family and the person you love is tough no matter what the reason is or who is in the right. I thought the author did a great job with that part of the story.

What I didn’t:

The reader is dropped right into this world from the first page of the book. There isn’t a lot of backstory in the beginning and I feel like some readers may be a little overwhelmed. If you stick with it, it does get better and explains more. If you’re new to the sub genre it might not be your best choice to start out with primarily because first impressions are everything when you are trying to hook a reader.

Bottom Line:

This was a good first book. The lead couple was great and the side characters were really interesting. I’m sure we will see more of them as the series continues. I liked the Drakon” half human, half dragon concept. I’ll definitely be reading book two.
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Theo is a Drakon living in the human world. His company has been asked as security for Shola N Gara of the River tribe who is to marry Warrick Camden a pact made by her parents before her birth. Their first meeting will produce sparks. Throw in Demons and Vampires and secrets long buried will be revealed. There is good chemistry between Theo and Shola and you really connect with all the characters and wish to follow them in future stories.
I was given an ARC of this book by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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Utterly adore this book very much it has everything a paranormal romance needs I hope to read more definitely 5*
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Short Review: This book was a DNF and it was purely because of the characters. They lacked in personality as well a development. I was half way through the book when I put it down and what ended it for me was the game Theo and Shola was playing with each other. The game of I am hiding a secret that could kill you and at the same time you are someone I shouldn't fall for but do anything, so I am just going to be vague and a rude around you. 

It got tiresome; extremely fast. If Theo and Shola were better written I would have enjoyed this read.
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A big thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin/Carina Press for the ARC. I am voluntarily reviewing this book. This is the first in a series. I don't think I've read this author before.  I was a bit lost, felt I was lacking pertinent background information.  I liked the main characters they are different and interesting.  The storyline is ok.  Seemed almost anticlimactic at the end, but overall a fun read.  I rate it a 3.5.
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Awaken the Dragon brings together the powerful shapeshifter Theo and the African demigoddess Shola. Theo runs Legion Security and protects his clients and the people in his city. He is hired to protect Shola until her wedding. But her groom-to-be is actually an evil vampire. Shola has trained all her life in secret to be able to kill the evil vampire and she doesn’t need Theo interfering. This shapeshifter romance is sexy hot and thrilling with a satisfying explosive ending.
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