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The thing that I adore: mix up a big batch of intrigue with lots of seedy characters, in South America with CIA, seedy underworld characters, human traffickers, kidnappers, and a few good guys. Mix it all up in a well-plotted, fast-paced thriller that will have you missing meals to read.
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Justice by Joseph Badal– 5 Stars
Publisher: Suspense Publishing
ISBN: 9780578559285
I hesitated reading this third book in the series before reading the previous two, but I never sought any more information than within. All characters were fully developed and the story didn’t disappoint. As a matter of fact, not only did I get what was expected, an exciting adventure about Matt and Renee Curtis, but also other exciting events involving a CIA cover-up involving a corrupt Bulgarian informant still participating in human trafficking, senators with their own agendas and using the cover-up to their advantage, a CIA agent Parnell thrust into a suicide mission, a hit man, really a women, under contract with the informant on a kill mission, a General Moreland capable of directing missile launches on targets, and a band of retired military special force personnel supporting Matt deep in the forests of Nicaragua . In other words, the action never slows down and who’s out to get who is surprising. Matt’s arch enemy Jackson, aka Lorca, who hunts Matt and Renee becomes the main focus and his hideaway a target of destruction. Mr. Badal’s book was superbly written.

I also enjoyed the summary’s of the author’s other books at the end and convinced to now add Joseph Badal to one of my favorite authors. I shall be pulling his list and begin the reading.

Reviewer: Rich
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