If It's Only Love

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*I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

I’ve read all the books in this series, so Lexi Ryan was definitely not a new author for me. When I got my hands on this baby early, I was really excited. I’ve been waiting for Shay’s story for a while. She’s such enamoring character. I love how Shay and Easton’s relationship started - the pushing and pulling. I love it when relationships don’t come easily. It makes them so much more real. All in all, this was a great book. Not the best I’ve ever read, but a good read nevertheless.
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"You try to keep hating me, but you lose your grip on it when I get close, so I wonder what would happen if I got closer." 

I recently discovered the word wizardry of Lexi Ryan. So, even though this is the 6th book in The Boys of Jackson Harbor series, I read it as a standalone. And in case you are wondering, yes, after meeting the other characters I want to read their stories as well. I really loved the big family dynamic and the sibling banter is very entertaining.

The author tells the story in an alternating past/present style that really pulled me in. I saw them fall for each other as kids who were unable to do anything about their feelings. They were drawn to each other and developed a strong friendship that lasted years, but the desire for more was something they kept to themselves... along with the pain. 

Is there such a thing as a third-chance-romance? Yeah, Easton blows it with Shay more than once. I don't blame her for giving him the cold shoulder when he eventually comes back and tries to win her over after breaking her heart twice before. But, that chemistry between them is as strong as ever. "Why is that? Why do I feel him when he's around, even after all these years?" 

I can't deny that I enjoyed the hell out of their decade long love-hate relationship. You know what they say about that fine line, right? I was their virtual cheerleader, hoping for them to finally see the light, tempted to throw my pom-pom upside their heads a time or two as I waited for the stars to align. It was exhausting and exhilarating as I yearned for their love to find a way in spite of all the obstacles life kept throwing at them. I disagreed that, "—it's only love, and that's never been enough." I gnawed my nails to nubs, but turned the last page with a smile on my face.
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I’ve read some of this series and have enjoyed it. This is shay and Easton’s book. It was very angsty and there was lots of drama. But it was all family based and had a lot of heart. Thank you to netgalley for the ARC.
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I love a good second chance book. I flew trough this book in an afternoon. This story has so much heart that shows it’s important to fight for what you want even if it might not always be easy. Easton was the perfect love interest for Shay, that had me fighting for this couple from the beginning. The only reason why I gave 4 stars is I didn’t like the twist towards the end. Overall, I loved this book as well as every other in the series. Strongly recommend. 
Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC
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If It's Only Love is the Sixth book in the Boys of Jackson Harbor, after all her brothers it's finally Shay's romance. I really enjoyed it, Shay and Easton are a second, pardon third chance love and oh boy, all the angst and tension between us was top tier. Blood isn't family and this book was a proof of that. You don't need to be biologically bonded to someone to actually be family, which is 100000% true and beautiful.
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This was exactly the kind of book I needed to end my summer! It was juicy and delicious, ANGSTY and sexy, the push and pull was EVERYTHING, and ooooh my word was it SWEET. I adore this series, adore these characters, adore this world Lexi Ryan has so seamlessly crafted around this family that I can't get enough of. Together, Shay and Easton are one perfectly complicated mess and I loved their story to bits.

Is their story a perfect one? Absolutely not. This couple has YEARS of baggage behind them, a boatload of complicated heartache between them, and a road of impossibility ahead of them. Their history SLICED and DICED my heartstrings and things only get harder when the former NFL player moves home to Jackson Harbor, to his hometown, to his old friends, to his best friend's little sister, the one that got away. But through it all their longing, their devotion, their desperation is a palpable entity that reaches right out and suffocates the reader. There's so many feelings, so many twists in their story and it's the sweetest form of agony watching it all play out. This story was RELENTLESS in its emotional barrage to the heart. Just when things seem like MAYBE they can finally fall into place, they instead fall apart. It hurt so good and I wanted to devour every single delicious bit of angsty goodness. 

This series is a must read. Each Jackson sibling has their own complicated story to tell, but within each interconnected standalone there's this undeniable common denominator: that family is EVERYTHING. Shay and Easton take that message and ratchet it up several notches by proving that it's not blood that makes a family but unconditional love, steadfast commitment and selfless sacrifice. It's so beautiful, often heartbreaking, sometimes infuriating, but always WORTH IT. This series and this book are a MUST!
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This book is okay.
I haven't read all the previous books in the series so I would say you don't have to have read the series in order, that said there are previous characters and couples from previous books who appear and they all are attending a wedding so it would make sense to read the series in order.
The story for me has too much drama, I'm a fan of second chance romance and couples overcoming issues to be together but there are so many things going on it felt like it was too much.
I'll list some later so that's why I've marked this review as having spoilers.

The original troupe is best friends little sister so this means they are in each other lives before they get together.
The heroine initially as she is younger has to witness his various girlfriends.
Later they are both with several other people before they get together when the heroine is 30.
The Hero is famous so some of his relationships are in the tabloids.
The Hero hears news of the heroine when he visits family or see her brother, his friend.
They also text each other, see each other across the years and have conversations at times about progress of relationships etc.
That said there is no intimate details of anyone other than the Hero and heroine.
Now and then chapters, flashback.
The heroine has a sort of boyfriend when the Hero returns, the Hero kisses her, she pushes him away, the Hero didn't know at that point.

Now for the drama...

Spoilers below.....

The heroine is the sister of the Hero's friend. Forbidden territory.
The heroine finds out the man she is dating is married and she's the 'other woman.'
I thought this was a shame, why did he have to be a cheat, why couldn't she just have felt it wasn't going to work.
The Hero finds out his girlfriend, not the heroine is pregnant with his baby. He doesn't want his child growing up without a dad in it's life.
Turns out the baby isn t his.
They don't divorce as they find out the child has cancer.
The heroine finds out she's pregnant and it's not the Hero's, it's the cheating ex's.

During their history they are at the pinnacle of getting together but one of these mega drama things happens and it stops them.
One or two would have worked but with the deck stacked so high maybe they are doomed to be apart.

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