Dead to Her

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Thank you NetGalley for an advanced read in exchange for this review.  This book was hard to get through, which is unfortunate as I am a Pinborough fan.  I just didn't want to read about spoiled, rich people and their problems.  Oh well, next time!
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This was quite the read. It will twist you around many times making it a challenge to guess the spoilers. The book is centered around the social elite in Savannah, Georgia which is one of the reasons this book drew me into it. I know this area well enough to relate to much of the descriptions and locations from personal experience. The two main couples are both deeply flawed in many ways. There are Jason and Marcie who are the good looking couple who both have messy past histories and who wed after an affair that rocked Savannah society. The other couple is William and Keisha, he is a wealthy widower who barely mourned his wife's passing before finding a new wife in the UK with stunning Keisha. There are issues with her as well of course because she is much younger than William, from a different country and also is black. This is all shocking to the Country Clubbers who don't even yet allow the wives/women to hold primary membership . 
There are twists and turns throughout and there are components of magical thinking with voodoo playing a role in the theme. Overall, I enjoyed the story and plot. The characters seemed flat at times and were all unlikable. Only a few of the supporting characters seemed to be written as decent people. The pacing also was great at the start and the end but lagged in the middle stretch.
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Thank you to NetGalley, William Morrow, and Sarah Pinborough for an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

This book was just okay to me. All of the main characters were spoiled and not likeable. The aspect of voodoo and some graphic sex scenes were over-the-top. There were a few times I almost stopped reading the book because I just wanted the story to end. It did get more interesting towards the end which I feel saved the book from being a waste of time. I do think the author has a lot of potential to be a very good writer but this book lacked a lot.
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I unfortunately really did not like this one. I really didn't enjoy reading about rich people and their problems. It just wasn't enjoyable. I felt like literally every thriller trope was in it and I didn't care about what was going on with any of the characters.
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Pinborough’s latest takes us to Savannah, Georgia, where the elite live, work and play hard. I like how these very flawed characters committed unconventional and unanticipated acts throughout. This created a great deal of entertainment and suspense. An overall fast, fun read.

Many thanks to Netgalley, William Morrow and Sarah Pinborough for my complimentary e-copy ARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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This was a wild one! I really enjoy this author and this book. It had lots of entertainment like the wealthy, second wives, aging first wives, mansions, social clubs and of course back stabbing! There were characters you love to hate and ones you wonder about. The first half of book was impossible to put down. The second was good, but did get a bit convoluted. There were many twists and turns I did not guess the ending. A recommended read.
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Thanks to Netgalley for the advanced reader copy of Dead to Her. 

This book wasn’t really what I expected when I started. It’s not that much of a thriller and more a tangled love web. It has had themes of Voodoo which was unexpected. I wish there had been more to the thriller side of this. Not her best work, but I enjoyed her writing.
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Marcie Maddox is lawyer Jason's second wife, she helped break up his first marriage by having an affair with him. She comes from humble beginnings and works hard to fit in with her new wealthy and elite Savannah social set.
When Jason's boss, recently widowed William Radford returns home from a vacation in London with a younger new wife on his arm, Marcie is concerned.
The new Mrs. Radford is a stunning and sexy young black woman named Keisha and Jason can't stay away from her.
When Marcie befriends Keisha to keep an eye on things, she starts to realize not everything is what it seems.
This twisty domestic psychological thriller doesn't have particularly likable characters, but they were intriguing enough to keep me interested. There was an abundance of sex and sexual situations, but it wasn't too explicit and I didn't find it offensive.
Throw in some voodoo and dark magic and the craziness ramps up!
This was an entertaining and exciting read.
Getting towards the end I thought I had figured out what happens and was feeling disappointed and then there were more unexpected occurrences and I was completely surprised!
Thank you to HarperCollins Publishers William Morrow for the e-ARC via NetGalley.
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“His eyes were shining as he came and took her hand, his palms sweaty despite the AC, and she couldn’t stop herself suddenly picturing his damp, salty crotch, and the line of wet skin under the overhang of his belly.” I just couldn’t continue. This book is too Real Housewives of Savannah for me. I am really not the intended audience. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.
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I was really looking forward to this book. I have heard so much about this author, I actually have her other books and haven't read them yet. I couldn't wait to dig into this one. This is going to be a weird review for me, I had so many different "feels" on this one. I can literally break it down into sections....

The first 25% I am really liking it...I am thinking that this is the foundation for a great thriller. The older rich man snagging a younger poor wife. The country club all in a tizzy and gossiping. A potential affair in the making...yes! I was reeled in and ready...

Then the middle...the next 50%...I started to wonder..hmm should I DNF this? What is the plot? Is the plot sex? It read more like a steamy, romance novel (which is not what I was bargaining for when I picked this up). People were having sex- here, there and everywhere! Yeah not for me...I want the "killer thriller".

Then the last 25% well...things start getting more interesting..and then the last couple chapters, I am thinking YES! This is what I expected, full on thriller, twisted, evil...YES!! Except I had to wait for about 90% of the book to get to this point.

Honestly this is just my opinion. I have seen some great reviews out there. Just not kind of read. If I could just rate the last couple of chapters, well they were 5 star worthy for sure.
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I wanted to like this one! The premise was great and I liked the southern gothic setting.  However, none of the characters were compelling or likable and the weird voodoo subplots felt forced.  This wasn't the domestic thriller I was hoping for.
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Not my favorite book of hers. Unlikable characters. Kind of all over the place. Just wasn't as good as her others. Will still grab her books in the future though cause she can be really good. This one was just not it.
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On the oof meter this book would be on the ooooooooof end. Like a run-out-of-breath type oof. The oofiest of all the oofs.

Ok let's start out with the Pros:

And now to the Cons:
The plot is sloppy
Utterly undeveloped and unlikable characters
No thrills
No chills
No mystery
Sex scenes that make EL James look like a Booker Prize winner


** Thank you to the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review **
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“Dead to Her” by Sarah Pinborough tells a troubled story of two complicated women. They meet at a company party in Savannah, Georgia. Marcie is watching her husband Jason flirt with Keisha, the boss’s new wife and thinking about the splintering of their marriage. Kiesha is from London, and the second Mrs. William Radford IV, the new wife, the black second wife, the  ravishing young wife. Pinborough unravels the tragic stories of these two women.

Marcie feels betrayed, used. And yet, she had always had a wild streak and nothing could change that. She is Jason’s second wife, and she is determined not to be beaten. She also has secrets, ones that are suddenly unraveling little by little.Keisha is worried; she is isolated, and filled with  anxiety and dark muddled thinking. She had hit the jackpot with William, a rich lonely American widower, well respected, and powerful. William wants to get a new life insurance policy and change his will, but there is another legal arrangement as well; she knows when he dies she will not get everything, but she will get enough.

The plot is conversation driven. There are little  society gatherings, and lunches,  trips to museums, and historic cemeteries. Then, Pinborough unravels that little society world of Savannah.  Everything comes tumbling down. There is a wrecked business, a troubled partnership, and missed business opportunities. Murders are attempted and murders are covered up. Co-conspirators are everywhere, and everyone has a part to play. 

“Dead to Her” is a story of betrayal, unlikely alliances, buried secrets, treachery, and voodoo. I received a review copy of “Dead to Her” from Sarah Pinborough and William Morrow Publishing. There is a lot of power in a dying wish, and there are some fates worse than death.
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Unfortunately, this one just didn't work for me. I was so excited to read the newest Pinborough novel, as I loved Behind Her Eyes and really enjoyed Cross Her Heart. I felt like this book suffered from a lack of focus. There were several minor plotlines happening in the book, and many of them didn't feel relevant. Even after finishing the book and understanding why they were included, I just felt like the payoff wasn't there. 

The twists in this book felt minor, and it really wasn't what I was expecting when I picked it up. This was focused less on murder (which was mentioned in the blurb) and read more like a domestic drama, with some aspects of voodoo. There was also an orgy. Why? WHO KNOWS. It felt thrown in, rather than an intentional way to drive the plot forward. 

Lastly, the characters were all horrible people. Look, not all thrillers have likable characters, but I want to feel like I'm rooting for *someone*, but with this one, I felt like no one deserved to win, so that made it harder for me to get invested. 

All in all, I can't say I loved this one, but I do look forward to seeing what Pinborough writes next, considering I did enjoy her previous two books.
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Ooof, this book was not what I was expecting. The story of this book was all over the place and was more of a smut read than a thriller read. This book is a domestic thriller involving prestigious families, black voodoo magic, a female female romance, and just a whole host of unlikable characters. If you want to hear my full review, I have a Spoiler Reading Vlog on my Youtube Channel:
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I wasn't familiar with the author before reading this, but I enjoyed this book and tore through it in a day. Hated the twist!
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This just wasn't as good as her previous thrillers. The characters were unlikeable and the plot was uninteresting. The reveal was lackluster for me. Maybe I'll enjoy her next one better.
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This book has it all, the perfect hot steamy setting of Savannah, sexy beautiful people, lies, deceit, secrets, betrayal and mysterious characters
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Oh Sarah, I love how you surprise me with your dark twisted mind f*cks. The Voodoo element added an extra cherry on top of a fantastic story of sweet southern ladies and their larger than life husbands.
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