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3 Stars!

I absolutely fell in love with the premise of the story and the fun way of delivering the narrative with blog posts, a magazine interview, and a police interrogation. 

The first half of the story was awesome. Kelly Trozzo, former child star turned musician, tweets about an unknown author and draws him into her world. I loved the rich people drama, it's one of my favorite topics to read about....unfortunately, this went too much into the drugs and the flashbacks and the Greek mythology theme that's woven throughout and Kelly's obsession with Andromeda. I found myself zoning out and not enjoying the story as much.

I look forward to seeing what else Kyle Rutkin comes out with next.

A special thank you to NetGalley, Greater Path LLC, and Kyle Rutkin for proving me with a reader copy.
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This one was good! It was A Star is Born mixed with Daisy Jones. The format was super easy to read and felt like reading a tell all about a celebrity. I breezed through it in a couple of hours
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The headline read: “Hollywood Superstar Kelly Trozzo Found Dead.” With no suspect in custody, authorities turn their attention to best-selling author Kaleb Reed, whose obsessive relationship with the star has been followed by social media and tabloids alike.
I don’t even know where to begin with this book. There was just too much drugs, egoism, everything. I didn’t see anything about the 2 characters that I liked enough that could compel me to finish it. It just wasn’t for me.
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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Not the typical book I read but it sounded interesting. I enjoyed reading it and plan on buying a copy for a friend.
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I really enjoyed this book.I loved parts of the book were interviews and news post. Great characters, fast paced book. Loved the drama this is the book for you.
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The headline read: “Hollywood Superstar Kelly Trozzo Found Dead.” 

With no suspect in custody, authorities turn their attention to best-selling author Kaleb Reed, whose obsessive relationship with the star has been followed by social media and tabloids alike. 

In his online confession, Reed claims that his relationship with Trozzo began with a tweet, an unexpected endorsement from the pop star herself. Almost overnight, Reed’s novel garners national attention, and the reclusive writer is thrust into the spotlight. But according to Reed, the endorsement came with a price. 

In the days that follow, Reed is invited to Trozzo’s Los Angeles mansion, where he is solicited to write her memoir. Lured by her physical appeal and charisma, Reed delves further and further into Trozzo’s fantasy world, ensnared by a twisted story of betrayal and vengeance. 

On the night of Trozzo’s death, Reed finally discovers his true role in this story, as well as the pop star’s alternative ending to his famous novel—one that leads to his arrest. 

Set in Hollywood, She Died Famous is an innovative thriller that exposes the dark side of fame and obsession in today’s digital landscape. The story’s shocking twists and unreliable narrator will have every reader asking: Who killed Kelly Trozzo? 

This book was written in a style that is very apt to our current digital age. There was a series of blogs and other social media extracts,. 

This book was gripping edgy and suspenseful and proved to be a great read. 

I would highly recommend this book
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I absolutely loved the concept of this book and the first half had me completely wrapped into the story, however the second half felt a little flat to me. I didn’t develop any real feelings for any of the characters and therefore didn’t really care who killed Trozzo. I also felt like the ending wasn’t very clear. My preference for a thriller is to have all of the information presented to me, so that I should have been able to figure out “who dunnit” but I felt that the authors approach here was to confuse the reader so that the ending would be a surprise. Sadly, this book just wasn’t for me.
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Wow. Just wow.
It is very rare that I can't conceive what's to come in a book.
At the very least I usually have an inkling mere pages before it's revealed.

"Without sacrifice, their love and affection were just empty words."

Kyle Rutkin surprised the hell out of me with this one!!!
Right down to the end.
I will follow you into any dark abyss you decide to write Sir.
Much love to NetGalley and Greater Path LLC for my DRC.
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Normally I don't leave low star reviews, but I really really hated this book. The story was irritating, the characters insufferable, and the writing was mediocre. I know that others have really loved it, so it must be me personally that it wasn't right for.
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I was excited to be approved for this book as I loved the idea of it and the way it was written. Anything written as letters, emails or a diary is right up my alley. Unfortunately this particular book was just not for me. I didn't really like any of the characters and while I do still enjoy books where the characters are purposely written unlikeable, this one just didn't do it for me. I ended up dnf'ing it. Thanks to #netgalley for the advance readers copy in exchange for a honest review.
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How amazing is the cover and title?! It instantly captured my attention and the storyline was fantastic. Go read!
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Pretentious. That’s the one word that came to mind about this clever idea that was written so weakly and pretentious that at times I felt embarrassed to be reading about these two selfish main characters. Not for me.
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I really enjoyed this book! I liked the differing points of view throughout and how you heard different sides of the story from the people involved. I'm also a big fan of the unreliable narrator, which is big in this book. The book was well-written, easy to read, and I found myself rooting for Kaleb to pull it together. I would definitely recommend this to my friends! 

*I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in return for my honest opinion.*
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My lingering impression of this book is that all of the characters are a bunch of bastards.

They're all selfish, obsessive and destructive - they burn too bright as they race towards whatever it is they want, regardless of who it hurts. They're masters at rationalising their actions to make them seem less self serving and awful but really, they are just a bunch of bastards.

So many vices, selfish behaviours and untreated mental illnesses that they inflict on each other and thrive on.

I love the format of this book, with the chapters bouncing between time frames, narrators and styles - each one is as unreliable as the last and it's only at the end that you get a taste of the truth.

Kelly Trosso is a celebrity who inspires her fans and demands their complete loyalty - the book opens shortly after her death and we learn that her lover is on the run. We have to wade through all of these accounts to get to the truth of what happened to her and what led to her death.

Though I did find the pacing a little slow, it was a good representation of the self indulgent attitude of the characters. This is by no means a feel-good book, it leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth but at the same time - you can't stop yourself from turning the pages and seeing how the other half lives.
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First, I would like to say how excited I was to be approved to read this book. The premise, the cover and the great marketing of the book made it very intriguing. Unfortunately, it did not live up to the hype. I found myself struggling to get through the pages just hoping to be finished. I felt like I was in a vicious cycle or reading about drugs, sex and mental breakdowns. I went to this book for exciting and suspense and for me it just did not deliver. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of the book in exchange for a review.
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I received this ARC book from Netgalley for honest Review. 
What a great thrill and suspense it was to read. What a great psychological thrill! This novel had everything in it. The thrill, the suspense, the psychological, and the twist is crazy. This novel will keep you thinking and guessing. When you think you right, well let me just say that you might be wrong. This had me all over the place. My heart beating so fast! I couldn't believe what I was reading. If had me in shock. Every page, every chapter was a page turner. I couldn't believe my eyes what I was reading. I highly recommend everybody get this book and read it. It will surprise you in every way. The storyline was very good! The theme and setting was well put together. The characters was well put together in the story. This story will have in a rollercoaster with all the spooky and secrets. Was so well put in the story. Everything all in one book. It was just perfect! I highly recommend everybody get this and read it. What a great read! This had me hooked from the beginning. What a Rollercoaster! The sitting, theme, and the Characters had me pulled so in. Everything was well put together and it was just perfect. This novel would have you guess and thinking all the way to the end. What a great thrill and suspense. I love a great suspense that would have me think and guessing. This novel did just that to me. To the point that am wrong. When the ending comes am on shock. I wouldn't of never believe or guess. Like OMG! Highly recommend everybody get this book and read it. Its so good! Can't wait for her next book.
4.5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫
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I had high hopes for this book! Unfortunately I just could not get into it. The synopsis grabbed me but unfortunately the story didn’t.
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This book and I did not get on. Here are a few reasons why:

The opening jumped from blog, to CNN advert, to newspaper articles, to some Twitter posts and so on. I am still yet to read a book that does this whole modern social media news integrated into a story well.

The characters are unlikeable for various reasons, such as: There is too much going on in their drug induced heads - at times I felt like I was reading ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ again! I found reading what Kelly Trozzo was saying to her ‘KTroops’, both online and at a concert, was tedious  and borderline comical.  

The whole Greek Mythology theme running through the book. I felt this was strange and the fact it became a huge point through the warped mind of superstar Kelly Trozzo was just annoying.

I do not like giving poor reviews but in my honest opinion I would not recommend this book and be giving it 1 star out of 5.
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The writing of this book was good, I just found it to be too slow going for me to enjoy it. Unfortunately not a book for me.
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"You think I'm a monster, don't you?" The detective was right...I was...I am...a a monster. I am capable of terrible things. 
She Died Famous by author Kyle Rutkin is written in a creative format for a thriller about an unsolved murder. This book is not what the blurbs advertised. As I attempted to read this compilation of confused thoughts, drug dreams, and dark imaginings, I felt dirty and repulsed. The CONTENT is NOT creative, interesting, nor does it answer the question of the murder.  
So in the words of the author, " The truth wasn't that simple. My characters are products of my past.", I hope this is not true for the author, Kyle Rutkin. The book is not an interesting work,  but dark ramblings. I could not read all of the book, and I do not consider it a psychological thriller.
Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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