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The Opposite of Falling Apart

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This book even though is for teens it rather felt like middle grade.
The characters were likeable and I enjoyed the book overall but it was an average read for me.
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I liked the messages in this book, including the anxiety ones, but unfortunately, I did not feel like this was a book for me and did not finish it. It might be something I return to in the future though.
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This story was so relatable on a personal level. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression I really related to Brennan’s experience with her anxiety and how it effected her and all her personal relationships. I definitely recommend this story to anyone it’s an awesome read overall.
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This story was so cute and refreshing. I love how the characters met and how their relationship developed. As someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, I really appreciated and related to Brennan’s experience with her anxiety and how it effected her and all her relationships. I definitely recommend this story to everyone.
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Micah Good's The Opposite of Falling Apart is a fantastic read. 
It's smart, emotional, and absolutely riveting. 
It discusses anxiety and PTSD in a knowledge  and careful manner. 
I love the characters and their storyline. They will consume you and have you feeling every moment along with them. I love the way they break down their walls for one another, and in doing so, each picks the other up. 
The Opposite of Falling Apart is a great read the next time you are looking for a good YA read.
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I enjoyed reading several aspects of this book! The pacing was wonderful, characters were well drawn, and the reading experience on the whole was delightful.
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Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sending me an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

The Opposite of Falling Apart follows the story of two teenagers - Jonas Avery, a boy who is suffering from PTSD from a traumatic accident where he lost a leg, and Brennan Davis, a girl with severe anxiety disorder. The story is so heartfelt and beautifully written - it is more than a typical romance. It goes into depth about trauma, emotions and self acceptance. You see two unique characters dealing with their situations, fighting their inner demons and making peace with it. It was beautiful to see Brennan and Jonas overcoming their fears and being completely vulnerable around each other. I love how the author dealt with the characters' anxiety and PTSD. It was very accurate and felt real. 

However, this book could have been shorter. The ending felt rushed and the characters actions kinda contradicted themselves. 

I would give this book 3.5 stars.
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I enjoyed this book. More than just a young adult romance, Brennan and Jonas learn to expose their vulnerabilities and open up to each other despite their mental health struggles. The only downside to the book is that it goes on a bit long - I think it could have been cut down a lot, but it’s still well worth a read.
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Very interesting characters. One dealing with the aftermath of losing a leg and the other dealing with anxiety. Such a sweet and deep read.
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The Opposite of Falling Apart was a cute, enjoyable read with characters that you will root for despite their flaws. Following two teens in their first year after high school, it's a story about grieving the past, making peace with the present, and finding hope for the future. It's real. It's raw. And though it has issues with pacing and structure at the end, the characters radiate sincerity in an utterly charming way.

The main characters are the shining stars of this story. Micah Good really digs into what makes Jonas and Brennan tick, all their hopes and their insecurities. Jonas was fantastic, despite his flaws. You're really given the time to understand how the accident and subsequent amputation affected him. And despite that, he's still able to find compassion and understanding when it comes to Brennan. Everyone needs a Jonas in their life. When we get to Brennan, her anxiety was palpable, you’re taken inside what she is feeling. It felt real and resonated with my own worries about other people’s perception of me. Also, despite the focus on Brennan and Jonas and their inner struggles, Good manages to introduce side characters that make an impression. We don't get much time with them, this isn't a book rife with family scenes and friends hanging out, but when they do appear they deepen our understanding of the mains and drive the story forward. I especially loved the glimpses we get at the difference between how Jonas' family treats his trauma and how Brennan's family reacts to hers.

The plot was solid for the most part. Jonas & Brennan's relationship builds at a believable pace and Good manages to make their paths collide in an organic way. There wasn't a lot of urgency to this plot, but I wasn't bored. However, things felt rushed and fell apart for me at the end. Part of that was because there one character’s attitude shifted so quickly it felt forced. And part of that was because we reach the big emotional climax of the novel and then it just ends. I felt like we just needed a little more time given to character motivation in the last few chapters and then maybe one last chapter to give us a more satisfying resolution. 

Though this isn't a new favorite, I really did enjoy reading it. It wasn't a book that demanded my attention, but it still rewarded the time I gave to it. If you're looking for a contemporary that balances thought-provoking moments with cute, fluffy ones, then I recommend this book.
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I was wary of The Opposite of Falling Apart by Micah Good because it is a wattpad book. I have read a few novels in the past that are wattpad books but the only one I truly enjoyed was First and this is on the same level. The raw in-depth look at the parts of ourselves that make us both human and unique was heartbreaking, beautiful and a true emotional rollercoaster. Highly recommended.
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The Opposite of Falling Apart is a great contemporary story about two individuals who are both struggling with things in their lives, but become friends and challenge each other. I loved reading about both of the main characters, specifically Brennan. I found the descriptions of how she struggled with anxiety to be very realistic and at some points a bit triggering for me, but a great way of showing how debilitating anxiety can be and how many people don't understand how to deal with it. 

The relationship that blooms as the story progresses was my absolute favorite. I found it to be very realistic and relatable. Although, this is not my typical genre, I really enjoyed this story.
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I loved the message behind this book a lot. It showed the problems both Jonas and Brennan have in a very honest way.
The only think I had a problem with was the slow pace of the story. I couldn't get through it as fast as I would have wanted to.
Overall, I did love it!
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The author did a great job writing about anxiety and PTSD, at least from what I understand of the conditions (I was a psych minor, so my knowledge is limited). The story was fleshed out well and I was satisfied with the growth of the characters throughout the book.
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The start of the book is a bit slow, so if you like fast paced books then, you will to wait a bit for the story. The writing was well done. The characters problem were showcased so well. It felt like they were real. So enjoy reading this story.
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This review is going to take a slightly different pattern than all my other reviews, because I don't think I can structure it the same way.

The Opposite of Falling Apart follows teenagers, Jonas and Brenan, as they meet in a minor car accident the summer before college and through their first year in college and develop a friendship helping each other through that blooms to a romance while also working on their individual challenges.

The Opposite of Falling Apart was a book that dealt with heavier themes and I thought it handled them well.

When I first came across this book on Netgalley, the synopsis got interested in it, coupled with the fact that when I remember someone recommending the Wattpad version of this book to me when it still was still on Wattpad and when l used the site actively. I had high expectations for this book, and I can say it didn't disappoint.

The Opposite of Falling Apart gave a candid look on it's like to live with a mental illness and a disability. While I can't say much for the disability or PTSD rep, the anxiety rep was really good.

One of the main characters, Brennan suffers from general anxiety disorder, while my anxiety isn't as severe as hers, Brennan was one of the most relatable characters I've ever read. I understood her. Her reactions, her insecurities and that constant negative voice in her head. The way it seemed her own mind was against her. Everything. In some ways, reading about Brennan helped me discover some anxious traits in myself that I didn't really think on.

While Brennan was a girl scared of the world, Jonas on the other hand was a boy angry at it. I really don't know anything about being an amputee, but Good was able to capture Jonas' emotions wonderfully . Jonas' world has become divided between before and after. The Jonas he was before the accident and getting used to the new reality that's his after. His anger about losing his leg, at people for trying too hard to treat him the way they think they should — like he was fragile and helpless and his mixed feelings about his family's new dynamics. Jonas was caught up in his own tangle of grief of the person he was and the alternate version of a Jonas without The Accident.

I loved seeing Jonas and Brennan's  characters develop. Jonas, on his own part, coming to terms with how his life had changed, his new reality and coming to a sort of closure with the accident that changed; and Brennan learning how to take chances and that while her anxiety was a part of her, it wasn't all of her. The romance between them was also nice. It was real, messy and sweet too.

My one problem with this book was its pacing, which ultimately affected my reading experience. The pacing in my opinion was too slow and the book seemed to drag on forever. I found it so bad that I was scared to open the book. Reading a book with an anxious character and where her emotions are fully explored, while it made me feel understood, it was like revisiting all my personal anxiety.

Ultimately, it was a good book.
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It feels very weird to have finished this book. It’s been a constant in my life for so long... Like, every time I had a book hangover and didn’t want to start a new book, I could just read a chapter of this. But now I am finished. And it is sort of relieving and sad at the same time.

I’m sure you can tell that this book wasn’t that great, since it took me five months to read. I just can’t understand Brennan’s anxiety. I don’t understand what can make a person so nervous to be around people.

There were great moments, though. (Or should I say perfect moments?😂😂) I especially found myself enjoying the book towards the end. Brennan and Jonas made a good couple.

The book was sweet, but I don’t know that I’d recommend it. Thanks for listening to my opinion and happy reading!
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This took me so long to read. Every time I tried to pick this book up, I'd immediately set it down after a few pages because it could not for the life of me hold my attention. I know I am older than the characters but they felt very young, even for the age they were supposed to be. I couldn't connect to them..Jonah's PTSD was one of the few things I felt were handled very well but I just couldn't get into the story at large.
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This book is about Brennan and Jonas. Two teens entering college who are struggling with anxiety and PTSD. The author did a tremendous job of writing about anxiety and PTSD. It was fleshed out well, and really shed a light on those disorders, in a way that did not in any way diminish the importance of them. I found the growth of these characters very satisfying, and I'm glad I was able to read their story.
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Unfortunately this book did not connect with me, so I DNF'd it. I think the main problem was that I am quite a bit older than the characters and therefore felt unattached to them. 

I do think that teens would like this book, and the fact that it is written by someone who started on Wattpad is a good inspiration starting point for aspiring writers. I'd be interested to read what teens have thought about this book, to see whether it is my age that is not on my side!
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