The Opposite of Falling Apart

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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an advance copy of this novel!

This was a 3 star read for me. It wasn't among my favorites, but it really wasn't bad, and I was mostly entertained throughout reading this book! However, I did not always feel very connected with the characters the entire time. What I LOVED about this book was the representation. Both characters had their own struggles, and I thought that was really nice. The book was however a bit predictable, and it reminded me a lot of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. While this is not a bad thing, I had hoped to read a bit more originality. I liked the book, but I don't think I would read it again anytime soon!

The cover is super cute though! So kudos to that.
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I did not enjoy the book because of its writing style. There were also some things in the beginning that did not make sense.
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(I received an eARC from Netgalley for a voluntary and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

Book review: The opposite of falling apart by Micah Good (3 stars)

The opposite of falling apart by Micah Good
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 3/5 stars


(DISCLAIMER: All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

I related to Brennan SO MUCH because she has anxiety too and I just- I just really related because her anxiety is so similar to mine. I liked the conflict between her and Jonas, who is frustrated about his leg that he lost to a car accident.

Unfortunately, I did find it very slow paced and because of that, I was bored (I’m a bigger fan of fast paced books) by 50% and ended up speed reading through the book.

I would totally read the book Brennan is writing (the author should totally write it!)

I really found myself relating to Brennan, but the pacing threw me off so much that it didn’t manage to continue holding my attention.
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This book has very good anxiety and PTSD representation. Unfortunately for me, it read like a story from somebody on watpad. The characters were nicely developed and relatable, the representation is there, but it didn't continue to capture my attention throughout the story. I was finding myself reading just to be done with it, and skimming over most parts that I was getting bored of.
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This book was so sweet, and well done. There were many times in the book that I felt frustrated with the main characters, but what I  love is, I felt like I gained genuine insight on what it can feel like to have an anxiety disorder, or PTSD. I think some of the inner dialogue was repetitive at times and could have been pared down, but the way the characters' friendship developed was paced well and felt authentic.
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This book is wonderful. It's heartfelt, charming and inspiring. I laughed, I got mad and I might have even teared up at parts. Jonas and Brennan were so broken and beautiful I wanted to wrap them up and hug them.
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Brennan has anxiety. Like, a lot of it. She is terrified with the idea of going to college, everything unfamiliar and new. She isn't certain she can handle it--worse, she's not certain her family does either.

Jonas has one and a half legs and a chip on his shoulder. He can't wait to get out of town and have a fresh start at college, where no one knows him or anything about the accident that took his leg.

When a fender bender brings Brennan and Jonas together, neither have any idea the effect that they will have on each other, or how that one small incident is the first of many ways the universe keeps throwing them together. They each need a friend. But what if that friendship leads to much more than either can imagine?

Perfect for fans of "Eliza and Her Monsters", "The Opposite of Falling Apart" is a story about two imperfect people who feel like they're always falling apart, find themselves falling for someone who makes them feel like they're whole. A wonderful story about what happens "after" life feels derailed, adjusting to college life, and figuring out life in general.
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Wonderful story about falling and getting back up again, stronger than before. I loved the characters. They were unique, were well developed, and were super likeable. Their joint journey towards growing up and moving forward kept me engaged from beginning to end.
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The Opposite of Falling Apart" is the tender story of Jonas, a guy who's eighteen and sadly lost one of his legs in a car accident, and Brennan, a girl of the same age who suffers of chronic anxiety. They meet in the summer before both of them have to leave for college and they change each other lives in more ways than one.

I have to admit I was really surprised by this book. I expected to like it, but not as much as I did. Sometimes I found that these kinds of YA stories are basically all the same, but this one really stood out to me. Most of all because of Brennan's anxiety's representation. Sadly, anxiety is a feeling I know very well, and sometimes in the book I recognized Brennan's thoughts as my own. The difficulty of living your life with this pathology was really well explained and this aspect certainly elevated the book for me.
I also loved how Brennan and Jonas started as strangers, then friends and then something more, without make them fall in love right at the beginning or at first sight. I thought that, because of their concerns and their lifestyles, that would have been a little bit out of character.

I also really liked Jonas's character arc, and how at the end he totally accepts himself for who he is, and he also accepts the tragedy that happened to him. I loved how both of them lifted each other up, and even though they were scared as hell of suffering again, they let themselves go with each other.

The only think I didn't like so much was that I felt like the book dragged a little bit too much in certain parts and it repeated the same concepts over and over again, while I found the end and the resolution to be a little bit too rushed.
But other than that I really enjoyed this sweet story, and I really recommend it if you're a fan of contemporary and YA books.
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Following Jonas and Brennan through their unlikely first meet, and onto the friendship they form is one of the cutest and most frustrating things ever.

Jonas (who I keep accidentally calling Jonah) has unfortunately ended up in a car accident that stole him of his leg and of his hopes and dreams. He's not the same person he once was, the idea of hopping in a car, let alone driving one, scares him half to death. 

Then there's Brennan. A writer and reader that suffers from an anxiety disorder and finds more comfort in her bedroom than anywhere else. With both of these teens struggling to find a grasp on themselves, it takes time and patience to bring them together to help one another out.

I actually found this book to be quite realistic, especially given that it was originally a Wattpad story. The illnesses listed within the book felt real, as well as the interaction amongst the pair. It wasn't an instant friendship, which I appreciated (given their personalities). Actually, the characterisation was close to spot on and thoroughly enjoyable. There's one character that's introduced that vanishes throughout the story, and I can't help but be pleased with that outcome. I know that sounds harsh, but it's the reality of life. (I'm not listing which character in hopes to preserve the 'spoiler-free' part of this review)

Another thing that I loved about this book (and a reason why I love Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell so much), is that it doesn't sit still. It isn't all in one place, following one thing, and that's all. There's depth to the characters. Jonas wants to be a doctor, and Brennan isn't really sure but she's trying. They have their friends and their families. Plus it isn't them staying at home, twiddling their thumbs waiting for something to happen, their lives go on. It sounds so obvious, but so many books keep the plot in one spot as it goes through the motions, I really appreciated the plot and development in this one.
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The Opposite of Falling Apart is the opposite of what I expected of this novel. I loved it! There's raw characters you want to root for. Refreshing to read a book with REAL characters.
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This book is a must read for anyone who feels inferior due to personal limitations of some kind - basically all of us. It reminds us of the strength we get from those who believe in us, our friends and loved ones.
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Really cute novel about two main characters; Jonas who can’t wait to start over and go to college and then Brennan who has such bad anxiety she'd like to just stay at home. They develop a sweet relationship but their own individual stories are really great too. I'd recommend this book!
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The Opposite of Falling Apart by Micah Good, 352 pages.
Wattpad Books, 2020. $18.
Language: PG13 (25 swears, 0 “f”); Mature Content: PG; Violence: PG13
As 18-year-olds the summer before starting college, Jonas and Brennan should be excitedly anticipating the transition to freedom away from home. Instead, both of these teens are struggling -- one with adjusting to life as an amputee and one with anxiety. After meeting due to yet more unfortunate and embarrassing situations in their lives, an unlikely friendship starts to form, giving both Jonas and Brennan hope to hold onto -- if they let themselves.
Being able to read from alternating points of view throughout this story brilliantly illustrated what I found to be the message from Good: everyone has insecurities. I loved being able to read the overwhelming and debilitating thoughts from both Jonas’s and Brennan’s points of view because I felt understood as I did. While I may not have the same issues as these characters, I have other issues that I feel vulnerable about sharing and that I try to hide. And I am not alone. I’m not the only one who overthinks and has hard days and doesn’t know how to handle a situation. It is okay that I don’t only have good days. Being able to relate to Jonas and Brennan and then read their happy ending gives hope to readers that our struggles can also be overcome to find our own happy endings.
Reviewer: Carolina Herdegen
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I went into The Opposite of Falling Apart expecting what I always expect from wattpad, a messy badly-written quick read that goes back and forth and ultimately drives me to DNFing it. But this book is the opposite of that, pun intended. The Opposite of Falling Apart is the best thing that's come from wattpad and I've had the pleasure of reading.
It's written really well, even with the heavy subject matter, the paragraphs don't feel densely packed. I really enjoyed the way it was structured, and though I think that the time jumps could've been executed a bit better, it still worked for me. I thought the characters were really good, and though I wish the side characters had a bit more 'screen time', I feel like they were all presented realistically. There was a bit of going back and forth with the development, but with the characteristics given to the characters, it was understandable why it wasn't a straight line up.
The best part of it all, I have to note, was the way anxiety was portrayed in the book.  The conversations the two characters have about anxiety were candid, the way they process it is so close to how I do, and I couldn't help but enjoy those parts, as some of my feelings were being put into words.
Overall, The Opposite of Falling Apart is a solid YA romance read. It was right up my alley, and I really enjoyed it.
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I don't know. I love this book's portrayal of the struggles that each of the MCs had to face, the mental and physical battles that they were subjected to. It made everything feel so personal, earnest, engaged.

However, I really don't know if I liked the main pairing much at all? It's great that Brennan and Jonas both leaned on each other and had open dialogue when it mattered, but I feel like they mean so much more as people that helped one another get back up than people who found each other attractive.

There was a lot that went on in this book, but I also feel like the pacing didn't really match up with what I would've liked to see either. They met, talked a few times, texted more times, then they transitioned and left for school, somehow falling together at the end I guess. It somehow ended up feeling detached when they weren't actively going through mental battles to me.

In the end, it was nice to get inside the heads of other people, and this was a pretty okay read for me!

Thank you to Netgalley and Wattpad Books for the ARC!
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5 complete STARS ★★★★★
This book is for you if… you possess the means to consume books in any form: digital, physical, auditive. It features an underrepresented part of society that has wrongly been forced to be ashamed for way too long.

⤐ Overall.
If you don't like this book we can't be friends. It's as simple as that. This book, you guys, it's perfect. I literally want to devour this book so the happy feels never leave my body. THIS is what makes reading great. Everybody go read this book.

It makes you cry, and laugh, and smirk, and eye-roll, and everything else that makes reading this great thing. It's such a dreamy book. Without downplaying the topics of anxiety and PTSD, Micah managed to brew a potent potion that will keep its readers glued to the pages without even noticing. I can all but keep myself from doing lapses on the freezing streets.

I read the blurb no less than three months ago and instantly knew that this book has a lot of potential. Why did it take you 3 months to read it, then? Well, I'm a mess, okay? I've totally overestimated my abilities to write a thesis, read books I already got and committing to arcs. But, this. book. It's fantastic! It absolutely lived up to the expectations I head and even recovered from the slow start that made me doubt my instincts.

Characters you wanna hug. Seriously! Not because I pitied them but because they were so stinking cute in their ways and feelings towards each other. They were unique and well-drawn out and although their struggles are nothing I can relate to personally, I could relate to them still. That's everything one can ask with books like this.

Effortless world(-building). Falling into this universe was like falling into bed on a cosy Sunday morning with a cuppa in your hand. You do it with the full intent of enjoying every minute of it. This is what reading this book feels like.

The arch of suspense. Apart from the slow start, which probably served the purpose of getting a feel for the MCs, this was perfect in every way. The closer they got the more obvious their feelings became and the denser the happenings in the plot got.

P.S. Since this book didn't destroy me, I now consider myself invincible.

⤐ What’s happening.
‘He’d chosen to wear the prosthetic leg – he’d been wearing it more and more lately because he’d become almost addicted to the visual representation of having two legs.’

Jonas can't believe how much a car accident can change a person. Not only is he missing part of his leg, he's also missing part of himself. He doesn't see how anything will bee good ever again. Until Brennan.
‘You know, the one who had to walk ahead or behind when the sidewalk wasn’t wide enough for three people.’

That's the most Brennan ever got out of a friendship. Eversince her brain became more and more of an enemy, Brennan doesn't have any friends at all. Until Jonas.

‘Three and a half perfect legs.’

⇢ trauma and anxiety can be paralysing
⇢ communication is hard
⇢ afraid to get heard
⇢ new friend means new perspective
⇢ finally feels like somebody is actually listening
⇢ finally feel good again

writing quality + easy of reading = 5*

pace = 4.5*

plot/story in general = 5*

plot development = 5*

characters = 5*

enjoyability = 5*

insightfulness = 5*
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Thanks netgalley and publisher for sending me an ARC of this!
MAN! What an emotional rollercoaster this was!
I'm still processing the whole story. I finished it last night and it was 3 stars for me but when i woke up today and thought about it I fell in love with this book. I can't stop thinking about it. The author did an amazing job. The plot and character building are just one of the few things I loved about it. I think I'll re read it next month because I want to feel the rush of emotions again. I'll definitely recommend this and would love to read more books by Micah!
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Jonas was in a serious car accident and has anxiety about being different with is prosthetic.  Brennan has a severe case of anxiety and is doing her best to cope while preparing to leave for college.  When these two unlikely characters make a connection, it is a rollercoaster of emotions as we listen to what is happening inside their minds.  It really was exhausting at times, and that made it completely believable. I like how we watched them try to overcome their hardships and it gave me a better appreciation on how to best be around those with anxiety.  For that reason I give it 4 stars.  

Thank you NetGalley for an ARC of this book for my honest opinion.
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I had a little trouble getting into this book when I started (about the first 10 chapters or so), but after the author started to really develop the characters a bit better and their relationship started to form, I was hooked on the book and finished it pretty quickly. I like that it was a YA book that talked about both overcoming both physical disabilities as well as anxiety. I feel that not enough stories explore either of these character attributes, so it's awesome to see an author include the struggles these characters face in this story. I think it will help many teens who are facing issues or feel alone. I loved the romance aspect of this book and was definitely rooting for them the entire time!
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