Mars Colony Agatha

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DNF 55% 

I'm sorry, I don't know how to rate this book because I don't know what it is. I'm confused. Who is the target audience for this book? Netgalley has it tagged as an Adult Science Fiction.
This is definitely not an adult book. 

Is it because of the characters written ages? It may be written that way but I didn't believe for a single second that most of these characters were 30s-40s. They behave as if they are in their late teens to mid 20s at most. 

I got to around the half way mark and wondered if I had gone into this book expecting a YA read, would I have enjoyed it more? Maybe. I would have at least been prepared for the pesky immaturity most YA characters have us endure. I didn't expect it from an adult book.

By the time I realised I should probably be viewing this as if it were intended for a younger audience, it was too late. I just didn't feel committed to the book. Unfortunately I didn't connect with any of the characters, I found their constant clowning around pretty unbearable. Again, I'm on repeat but, it's just not what I was expecting.

Also, I found the school shooting angle problematic (I did not know this book was part of a series). It just kept coming up through out the entire half of the book that I read. Not knowing all the details and making my own assumptions about these 2 characters.. it was uncomfortable. 

I think this book could do quite well if it was marketed as YA.
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Unfortunately I didn't enjoy Mars Colony Agatha.
The story itself was meh, the characters were boring and flat and many scenes felt unnecessary and didn't add anything to the story (the whole VR video they watched with all the music titles for example).
This book doesn't come close to anything like the Expanse series or even Navigating the Stars.
What a bummer.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with an eARC.
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Mars Colony Agatha by Jack Chaucer is scheduled to be released on November  1, 2019. It will be the fourth installment in the Nikki Janicek series, a series that follows the near-death adventures of Nicole Janicek. Thank you NetGalley for giving me this digital ARC in exchange for an honest review

I thought this was a really good adventure book. I haven’t read the rest of the series, so I began feeling slightly lost and confused at the wild stories and crazy adventures Nikki kept describing from her past. However, I enjoyed the mystery element this added and piecing together her backstory. The romance side to the book wasn’t laid on too heavily, something that I appreciate. Something I don’t like is when a romance detracts from the other elements of the plot. Additionally, the storyline itself was interesting and not too predictable, and the base personalities of the characters were easy to relate to. Of course, most of us can't claim to have survived a failed attempt to Mars, but Nikki had a positive mindset and didn’t let this stop her from achieving her biggest dream.

The only complaints I have are about character development and some funky pacing towards the end. Aside from the antagonists, it was hard to tell how much or even if the trip and experience on Mars changed our main characters. From the beginning, they seemed to get along and they are just as close at the end as well.

Overall, I recommend this book, even as a stand-alone! It’s a quick read I think is good for young teens (some mature language) who enjoy adventure novels with slight romance.
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This book did not do it for me. When a story has no conflict, adversity to overcome besides reaching a destination, no character growth, it is hard to read. 
Nikki's dream has always been to travel to space. This book started with that dream realized. She got invited by Elon Musk to travel to Mars after a recent failed attempt. If the book ended here, I would have been happy. However, it continued, and Nikki had no obstacle to overcome. She hopped on a transport vehicle to Mars, got there unscathed, got married and had a baby, the end! Her crew mates had more colourful story, I gave up on Nikki and started rooting for Sunny to overcome cancer. 
Also, some characters that did nothing to move the story forward, Adam, Valentina, Thomas...they took up room on the page but I didn't see why they were part of the story. 
I gave this book a chance and read every page, hoping it will pick up but unfortunately, it did not, it is a 1 star for me.
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This book was my first entry into Nikki's world, thanks to being gifted an ARC of it.
And I adored the story! Mars Colony Agatha, although beloging to a series, can be read as a standalone, and easily. The story started with a screw-up that could have gone really bad, but instead gave Nikki an adventure of a lifetime. 
I loved the characters and going to Mars with them, I adored ”meeting" Elon Musk (I wish) and the mogul’s care for the team, I adored the realness of the connections, of the character stories and relationships, and also of supporting the group in wanting to strike the stupid media with their "Then there were none".
It was a enjoyable read, with comic relief in the right mensure (said by someone whose team uses comic relief in everything on the ambulance), and while I don't read much sci-fi spacey novels, I loved this one, with techical stuff explained but not in a boring-let-me-pass-this-stuff tone, it was like I was there and knew what I was doing. God, the chapter titles made me chuckle so much… Captain Uranus… Mars is a lucky guy. It was a good way to start the book, and make a good creative touch in a novel, a special touch from the author.
The only wish I have is that it was bigger, in two ways: more moments showing the group growth and coesion in space, after the get-together, and what can happen with making a family in Mars, because that’s a hell of a story. 
Still, in unpredictability and tragedies, we get a taste of hope and happiness in the middle of space, and gave me hope that everything can get better, even with tragic pasts.
(ps. trying to be as much spoiler free as I can; review published on goodreads)
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