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The Little Book of Drawing Dragons & Fantasy Characters

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Would of loved this is it would of downloaded on my kindle fire...
 I really wanted this to teach my niece to draw
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This book has a great breakdown of simple steps to draw the figures.
The description and visuals are very helpful to learning the basics.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I'm definitely buying it in hard copy so I can practice the techniques.
Straightforward and fairly easy. Good explanation and descriptions. I loved the variety of dragons! I've looked at several drawing books on dragons and this one is my favorite!
Thank you Michael Dobrzycki, NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group for the Advanced Reader Copy. All opinions are my own and were not persuaded by anyone else.
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This is a great book for adults and experienced teens. I found it a bit too complicated for myself (complete beginner) and wished there were more in between steps as I had to look very carefully to see what the differences were for each step given. I liked how they did include some colouring ones as well as I feel that those might help me with other drawings.

I received this book in exchange for my honest review.
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This book provided helpful instructions for drawing dragons and fantasy creatures. While I had a difficult time viewing it on my kindle, it seemed like it would be very beneficial as a print copy to help artists young and old expand their cast of characters created. I would not hesitate to buy a copy for myself or as a gift for a friend.
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The Little Book of Drawing Dragons & Fantasy Characters is a collection of guides to help artists of all different experience levels dive into a world they love so much: the world of fantasy. If you take a moment to look at the cover of this book, you’ll get a good idea for the art style and guides that can be found within these pages.
	This book contains within it fifteen unique step-by-step guides, covering all sorts of creatures of legend and lore. This book includes instructions for all types of dragons, hydras, centaurs, fairies, and so much more. I was extremely impressed with the variety included here. 
The guides themselves are quite helpful, and are admittedly striking to look at as well. I personally really enjoyed the artistic style shown, which is always a nice confidence boost when trying to find a good guide to learn from.
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I really wanted to review this book with my son who loves dragons.  I could not get the book to open at all therefore we were never able to view it.
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This was an easy to use guide on how  to draw fantastical characters, there were plenty to go at and the majority of the guides were easy to follow. Some of the later steps did seem to jump quite a bit in terms of intricate drawing but this wasn't the case with too many. A decent book which has aided me in my new found hobby of drawing (my level is still beginner to give you an idea of the books level)
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I love drawing mythological beasts and figured this would be a great start.  There were fantastic drawings to copy and I loved the linework. However, and this is a problem I find with many of these books, they give you steps 1-5 of how to draw the basic creature and then their next drawing is fully coloured in with shading and scales and your drawing looks nothing like the finished product. I would love to have a step by step on shading and making your drawing look realistic. There was quite a large chunk at the start about choosing the right materials which was a little too big in my opinion but there was a large variety of different types of dragon and other mythological creatures so I was happy with the choice.
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A look at the beautifully shaded drawings on the cover is enough to tell me this is above my drawing level, but I thought I would give it a try anyway and see if my perspective might improve.

Like many drawing books, it goes over tools and materials first. I noted the inclusion of tortillions, used for smudge shading. This is followed by a section on shading techniques, so a lot of possibility there for improving my skills. Then we get to the construction of creatures using basic shapes. They make it look so easy!

The creating textures section goes into more detail than I've seen in a lot of books. I can see this becoming the key, along with the shading, to making the drawings have that detailed finished look. The details on claws, horns and especially wing positions was extremely well done.

The creatures shown in the instructions include the western dragon, eastern dragon, wyvern (perhaps a good starting project as it has fewer fiddly bits), wyrm, water dragon, hydra, sui riu (Japanese rain dragon), centaur, fairy, minotaur, satyr, griffin and unicorn. The fact that it's weighted towards dragon-related creatures is part of the appeal of the book to me.

There is another section on tools and materials, this time for adding colour. This goes into using marker for an alternative dragon design, a pegasus in pencil and marker and another fairy in coloured pencil. Then a detailed drawing of a wisteria fairy is provided for working in water colour, though there are no instructions for drawing this one.

Overall I think the book is wonderful, but it's going to take some real practice to get to a level that looks as good as the pictures provided.
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This is a great book for people who like fantasy and drawing. The techniques are explained really well and it's nice you get some blank pages where you can practice. The drawings are absolutely beautiful!

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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The Little Book of Drawing Dragons and Fantasy Characters is a excellent book for beginners and art classes. It gives valuable information and techniques.
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3.5 stars.

I'm not a big fan of this type of an artstyle but it did have some very good tips in the beginning. I really liked the texture and creature features tips and they looked really good.

There's enough practice areas for whoever buys the book and at the last few drawings, the book teaches you coloring too. The last 3 drawings were the only ones that I liked since it's closer to what artstyle I usually love to see.

Overall, I think it's helpful for anyone who's starting out on drawing fantasy creatures but as I mentioned before, the artstyle is not for me.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with the digital copy for an honest review.
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Whilst the book does have several creative exercises and tips to create mythical creatures. However, I was hoping for more in-depth explanation on how to create the elements. It leapt from sketching to the creation and so I battled to follow the steps. I also anticipated ore friendly looking creatures. The sketching elements are really well done though.
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What an excellent book. Detailed images and excellent explanations.
Really love the simplicity of this book and yet it offers so much detail.
The drawings are wonderful and so much useful information is given to help guide you.
One of the best books I have seen
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Art "how-to" books are difficult things. Often they either don't show the basic steps at all, or they show several basic steps and then presto! a finished piece! I think this book did a pretty decent job of showing the basic line-art steps for the creatures without overdoing it much in either direction; however, this book has a feel of being a very beginner's basic type, and as such I think they shirked on providing proper details for shading. The beginning does have some examples of how to do textures with pencil, but in a book on the basics at least one intro page or later step in the figures is needed to demonstrate highlights/shadows and how to properly utilize them. Also, the last few figures of the book, once it switches to using color, suddenly lose the basic line-art and assume you're suddenly an experienced artist, it's like a completely different book. 
That said, I think this is a decent resource for beginners looking to draw dragons/fantasy creatures.
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Thank you, NetGalley and the author for a preview of this eBook. 

The Little Book of Drawing Dragons & Fantasy Characters is filled with easy step by step instructions to draw all sorts of fantasy creatures. I cannot wait to try out some of the illustrations.
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This little book contains introductory sections of materials, drawing and shading techniques, how to create textures with them. Then comes the construction of the dragon bodies from basic forms, the various features like hairs, horns, claws, wings, etc., next there are step by step intructions for drawing different types of dragons and other creatures. In the end some projects are coloured too. Very simple but user-friendly little book for those who want to draw some dragons with minimal effort.
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The Little Book of Drawing Dragons & Fantasy Characters is indeed little, but it has a lot of useful information and inspiration in it. The step-by-step instructions are clear and extremely helpful, and the characters themselves, however few they may be, offer great inspiration to people interested in drawing fantasy creatures. Although, the book should be a few hundred pages longer to include every possible hobgoblin imaginable, but the selection of critters chosen for this book covers the main dragon-y ones as well as the most commonly known mythological creatures and characters.

The only note I would have is about proportions and faces: If a beginner wishes to start with this book, it won't be an easy first guide book to follow. There should be perhaps a tiny section about how to measure proportions for a character or how to draw a face, but I suppose such things can be found in other tomes.

Also, perhaps the empty pages left for practicing could have been replaced by a few more example drawings, seeing as most people will possibly use their own notebooks for drawing. (Just a thought, there.)

All in all, it was an enjoyable and inspiring read, which definitely will make the reader want to pick up a pencil and start sketching.
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If you’re a big fan of fantasy creatures – and I know certain TV shows have made that more mainstream – and you either draw or want to learn to draw, I think this book would be a good find.  The instructions are easy to understand.  If you already know how to draw, I think the creatures presented here would be fun to create.  If you don’t know how to draw, I think this approach is good.  Not only do they give you step-by-step instructions spread over several pages on each subject, but they also present a small example of the many tools of the trade.  I like how they leave it for you to finish exactly as they show or add your own details.
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