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Disappointingly this book ran out of steam for me by the last few chapters. A very good premise. The author takes us to a virtual bar where all these innovators are gathered to talk and discuss innovation here in the US and he breaks it down by themes: Mechanization, Mass Production, Consumerism, Sustainability and Digitization. Sadly the last two themes are boring as all get out and suffer because most all of the people he discusses in those two sections are not your typical innovators and have created little and really have not "made" anything. Each section has the innovator "talking" to us about their product or idea and then doing a brief biography. Some of the most fascinating chapters deal with Willis Carrier and Stephen Mather. But there are probably many better people and innovations that he could cover instead of those last 8 or so which are a real stretch and for me have really not innovated a whole lot. But the concept and first 60% of the book was really good. I only wished he either had better chosen the last two topics of innovation or found better people to discuss. Nonetheless thanks to NetGalley for this free book
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I received an ARC of this new work from NetGalley.

I really enjoyed this new book about the history of innovation. It was packed with meaningful insights. Worth reading for anyone interested in history/technology...etc. Definitely recommend. I will buy some copies for my work team.
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.We needed hero very time some problem stood firm.
Science came to rescue.
Wars advanced scientific pursuit for destruction which after wars ended, did usher some blessings.
Each time somebody stood firm and took leadership. That particular hero riding on his innovation captured the opportunity that new technology provided.

This book is about such heroes.
It starts with Manufacturing of cotton gin which revolutionized cotton industry and high quality muskets and shovels.
And then all prominent entrepreneurs of USA are described with particular focus on their struggles and how they overcame them.

It is heartening to see a lot of ladies in that list. And also black entrepreneurs as development of human race is not focal but it is due to contribution of every community.

I liked parts on Gillete who made steel blades, Carrier who invented Air conditioning and Mary Elizabeth who made candy industry.

In last part present entrepreneur are described with special focus on people working on environmental preservation and cybersecurity.

Overall, holistic book giving place to all significant pioneers and covering every business without particular bias.
I didn't like concept of these people walking in a bar and discussing. There are lots of titles where people walk into the bar.
Read this book to feel the circumstances which tried to defeat these great people but with great perseverance were overcome by them; for general benefit of mankind.
Writing is fluent and engaging with excellent research of the history of particular event.
Thanks netgalley and publisher for review copy.
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What I like about this book from the perspective of a teacher is the fact that knowing something can be done -- like the inspiring stories in this book -- makes it so much more likely to happen (like running a 4-minute mile).  This book shows that if others can do it, maybe readers can, too!
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Innovation on Tap is a fantastic view of innovators and entrepreneurs throughout the years. This book is well written and has great insights.
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I love how this book takes you into the past, giving you the ever evolving face of entrepreneurship over the decades in American history. Indeed, all good stories start from somewhere and though there are many new innovations, systems and places- one thing that this book brought out is that, people are the constant element in all this. And successful entrepreneurs have never stopped looking for better ways to involve people in whatever it is they create.
Thanks Netgalley for the link- I am not a fan of make-up but reading Chapter 9 on Elizabeth Arden's journey was quite remarkable.
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I can call this book a history of innovation. Interesting insights and stories of entrepreneurs, innovators and creative minds from different times. We can lead a lot from the past to focus on our future.
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