Hidden Hearts

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I enjoyed reading this book. It had everything in it drama , suspense romance and much more. The characters were interesting and strong. The story kept me interested and I do recommend that you read this book. .as it's the first in the series.
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This was the first book I have read by Marci and it was really good. I look forward to reading more by her
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Wow this was an action packed page turner, I loved it! This book has everything - thriller, suspense, action, and romance. The characters are wonderful, love the chemistry between Holly & Jack. This is a great start to a series. Can't wait to read #2!  Thanks to NetGalley and Pink Sand Press for making it available to read this ARC.
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Hidden Hearts is the first book in this series, and it is a very good start to what looks like a very promising series. 

Holly Austin former Army Officer runs HEARTS a Private Investigation Agency solely  run by women. They have a new client Eric Fredrickson who employs the agency to look for his missing wife Julie, who disappeared whilst out shopping.  

The agency teams up with handsome and charismatic Detective Jack Tarek who is investigating the disappearance of his moms neighbour and thinks the 2 cases  are linked. 

Jack and Holly make a great team and soon the sparks are flying as they try to resist each other. Resistance is futile!!!

There are some very strong characters in this book and I look forward to the next book to catch up on Jack and Holly and see what happens next for HEARTS. 

A great suspense book with a sprinkling of romance!!

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review.
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I really enjoyed this fast-paced book. It had a little bit of everything: romance, drama, family, and enough mystery to keep things pumping. I am really looking forward to reading more about the HEART ladies! A delightfully fast-paced read!
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This was an enjoyable read with many elements and the author weaves them all together into a story that you won’t want to end. 
Many thanks to Pink Sand Press and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I was looking forward to this advance copy of a detective mystery, and although I did complete it, I found it quite disappointing. 
With the promise of missing people in the story, I found it odd that so much emphasis was placed on the cliche romance between the two main characters. The supporting characters were so predictable that it was a sleeper for me.
I tried to the end, but you might like to re-consider.
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Hidden Hearts is the first book in Marci Bolden’s new Hearts series. 

Holly is the head of HEARTS agency. An all female agency that works hard to solve their cases as quickly and professionally as possible. When she is hired to look into the disappearance of a woman, things take a turn when a second woman goes missing and she begins to see that there is a definite link between the two, she just can’t pinpoint what it is.

Detective Jack Tarek Comes to see Holly about one of the missing victims who happens to be his mothers neighbor. He knows there has to be some connection to her case but he isn’t sure what it is. Jack inserts himself into the investigation, and offers to share information with Holly.

As the case heats up so do Jack and Holly. Can they solve the case? I love this book and look forward to the rest of the series!!
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this book got me from the beginning and just sucked me right in, only took me 2 days to read  the only reason was I couldn't stay awake anymore to read it.  Really enjoyed this book.
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What a fantastic story.. omg I couldn't put this book down until I finished reading it.
Holly is the owner of Hearts Agency, and all the investigators are women! Strong, brave, kickbutt women.
Holly works alongside Detective Jack Tarek to solve the mystery behind the missing women.
Seriously so happy I got to read this book.. I will definitely be following this series, and the author.
Well worth 5 stars!
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I want to thank Netgalley and the publisher for this arc in return for my honest review.

This was a well worth read, it had me engaged from the start to the end.

Please take the time and put this on your reading list, it will not disappoint.
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An all.women investigation agency get involved with the police in searching for a missing woman, to slow for me ....
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I really liked how well the characters were fleshed out.  The story was pretty formulaic however the characters chemistry drove the story and it was an enjoyable read.
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Fall in love with a new romantic suspense series:
What a great start to what looks like is going to be a fabulous series. It grabbed my attention from the very beginning and I had to hold on for a past paced and action filled read. It was engaging and intense, with twists and turns that had me turning the pages as fast as I could and gasping at what transpired. The chemistry and connection between Tarek and Holly felt authentic and intense. They were both flawed characters but I liked that they were real and that they were able to address some of their issues through the course of the book. I also like that they were both highly dedicated to their work and were determined to find and bring the perpetrators to justice.The ladies at HEARTS all seem like real characters and I can't wait to get to know them through upcoming books in the series.
I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.
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A great missing person's story, great detective and a fabulous start to a new series.  I can't wait to read more from the Hearts Agency!
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Another, book involving the HEARTS detective agency. Holly and Jack are the hero,/heroine. 
One girl vanishes which is concerning, then another is missing.. now looking for patterns.Jack shows up at the agency because it's now personal.
Griping,. suspenseful, and.thrilling
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I haven't gotten very far in this book, and I won't be finishing it.  Unfortunately I found myself wondering what the author was thinking w/some of the choices.  The stereotypical flighty/unprofessional/disrespectful receptionist and the sergeant that didn't hear someone enter the office (because the receptionist didn't announce them) right off the bat I was scratching my head.   I continued to be perplexed w/some of the internal dialog :"didn't falsely enhance her beauty with makeup" or the main character trusting the dt after one encounter.  It just doesn't fit.  I stopped reading after the cheeseburger conversation that included  "I like my women butch" in the actual dialog.  I'm sorry to say this book irritated me more than it intrigued me... and there were definite parts that intrigued me, just not enough to keep me reading.
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Marci Bolden has a way with words that grip you at the throat and don't let you go. This story is captivating with suspense, mystery, and romance thrown in. Jack and Holly have a lot going against them but they are dedicated to solving the case. But along the way there are secrets and twists and turns you don't see coming. I was on the edge trying to get to the end.
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This has to be the most resilient heroine that I have ever read.  She was kicking butt from left to right and didn't apologize for it neither.  Anyways, welcome to my review of Hidden Hearts which is a thriller, romance about a PI and a hot detective on the hunt for two missing women.  The PI is a hot headed blonde by the name of Holly and she is on the hunt for a woman who has been missing for weeks.  The hot detective that I mentioned earlier is Jack and he is also on the hunt for a woman who has come up missing, but his situation is a little bit personal.  After finding himself on his back due to being flipped by Holly because of his ninja moves, Jack teams up with her after finding out that their two victims may have been taken by the same man.  Holly and Jack find themselves falling in love in the midst of searching for these missing women and we are left with two people learning to love and trust again.

First off, I was genuinely invested in the story and I really wanted Jack and Holly to find the maniac that took these women.  What a task that the author took on by writing a thriller and inputting some romance to keep me satisfied.  Honestly, thriller romances are not my Mo, but I took a chance on this book because I had recently read a book by this author and it was awesome.!! I thought to myself, "Why not take a chance?"', so I did and I am proud of my decision. Holly, as a character, was interesting and I loved how the author mentioned her past and connecting it to the present.  She was dealt a bad hand during her childhood and those experiences have shaped her into the fierce goddess that she is now.  I really felt for Holly because her past was tragic and she had the insane super hero complex and took loss really hard.  I really liked the flip when he came the Holly and Jack's relationship.  Holly is a female character who was broody and those are usually the characteristics of the hero in military books.  I enjoyed that switch when it came to the hero and the heroine.  Jack was the cool and collected character in the story and he balanced Holly out big time. He had such a huge heart and he was willing to put everything on the line for Holly and the case.  There were some side characters and they contributed to the story in an important way and I always appreciate it when an author does not spend too much time on the side characters.

I really do not have any negative besides how infuriating Holly could be at times.  She was very tough and stubborn on top of that. Holly spent half of the story fighting her feelings for Jack and fighting her demons as well.  I'm really just nitpicking here because the book was great. In contrast, there was little bit of a pacing issue, but it added to the thrill of the story.

There was a race of finding these women and the story had so many layers .  When the truth is revealed, it is dramatic, surprising, and a page turner for sure.  I loved the characters and I loved how the story unfolded. I recommend this story with some tea and blanket. Go pick it up.!!
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I liked this action filled story.  The tense search for missing women was well done.  
Holly was such a honor bound woman, was had become a fearless leader.  At least when it came to her work.  She pretty much kept her personal life off-limits; keeping people from getting too close.  

Jack wasn't intimidated by people but I also found it interesting that he treated Holly like an equal.  He didn't try to force her into the usual normal image that most people would try to do. That also got him extra points with Holly when she found out he meant it.  He wasn't intimidated by her but he was a whole lot intrigued by her.   I had to smile at some of their conversions when she made sure she was in charge of a situation. Even the fact that she always HAD to drive the car added to the smiles. Jack even observes that she had one of the toughest exteriors that he'd ever seen but he also began to see below that surface. 
Her team of women in her investigative business were not only highly skilled but quirky in their own ways.  Part of her main team are people named, Eva, Alexa, Rene, Tika and Sam.
 Oh.  I'm sure people want to know if there will be sex in the story and the answer is yes there will be.  At least several different times. 
 I just have to mention that one of the people that I suspected was "the one" didn't even come up as a suspect.  I was sure that they were missing him but to my surprise he was NOT the one.  Good red herring on the author's part.
The author did a great job of keeping the mystery of who the "baddie" was throughout the story. Had me going in circles more than once.  I could almost feel the frustration that they were feeling as they raced the clock.  
 And as the story roars towards the end more things happen that cause them to race against the clock again.  Twists and surprises will reign.

 “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
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