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This was a winner for me! LOVED IT!

I was captivated by the world of HEARTS which is an all women Private Investigation Agency. This being the first book in a promising series that contains a mixture of police action, drama, thriller, suspense, and some pretty sexy romance - what a great start!

Looking forward to reading the other books in this series!

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for my complimentary ARC in exchange for an honest review. Please excuse my tardiness in posting my review as my TBR continuously grows and I keep finding so many book with so little time!

So much gratitude for this copy shared with me, always xo
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Love military/ex military heroines! Loved the pace of this book and the action! Looking forward to more from Marci Bolden!
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Hidden Hearts is the first in the Women of Hearts series by Marci Bolden. Former Army Sergeant Holly runs the Hearts team of women investigators. When two local women go missing, Holly teams with Detective Jack to solve the mysteries and determine if there  is a connection between the two. Things heat up between Holly and Jack, leading to the romantic aspect of the story, intertwined with the suspense. Bolden writes well, has a good plot, and keeps the reader engaged. This book does contain steamy sex scenes and explicit language, which would not suit the preferences of some readers who enjoy crime fiction and romance.
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Hidden Hearts  by Marci Bolden

 A well written fast paced book. 

The characters were quirky mostly likeable some you will loathe. 

The book has a Fabulous storyline though some may find this upsetting in parts. There is intrigue, laughter and a few steamy moments. 

A very well rounded book I absolutely loved it and look forward to the next book in the series. 

Very well down Marci
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This is the frost book in the series so we are meeting Holly for the first time. She is a physically and mentally strong woman who learned self defence as a child after witnessing her mother’s murder. She went on to join the Army and serve two tours in Iraq. She can’t get rid of the guilt she feels over the death of the people she loves or worked with.  She creates a kick ass Detective agency with a group of women who are all strong and fearless.  It is one of their cases that this frost book is centred on.  

I like that the characters are strong independent women and that they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.  The romantic interest in this book appears because of their mutual cases and they quickly develop a physical relationship. I found the sex to be a bit graphic and drawn out and I didn’t feel the story needed this much sex. It takes away from the crime part of the story.  I believe the author could have spent more time in describing some of the Crimean parts and less on the sex.  Therefore, this was more of a romance than a mystery.
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Hidden Hearts by Marci Bolden is a tough mystery sprinkled with delightfully humorous scenes. Holly Austin runs a detective agency of women operatives. The women are smart and tough, but very loving and lovable. Police detective, Jack Tarek, asks for their after having been slammed to the floor by Holly. This is a good mystery and an enjoyable romance. It is an excellent read.
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Thank you NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.   

Hidden Hearts is the first book in a new series, "Heart."
I'd say this is more of a romantic suspense genre.

This is a well-written, fast-paced book.    Great character development and great storyline.

I'll definitely be looking out for other work by this author.
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One Sentence Summary: Former Army Sergeant Holly Austin is hired to find a missing woman but things get more complicated when Detective Jack Tarek comes to her with a related case.

Hidden Hearts was really great and I enjoyed both the suspense and the romance in this one. Holly is a strong women who has no issue taking care of herself but she's also afraid to let other people close, even the other women who work at HEARTS. She's a hard shell to crack but as she starts working with Jake she slowly begins to trust him and share things with him that no one else knows. Jake was a really great hero who's protective but doesn't get in Holly's way (at least not after the first time) and he respects and even adores how strong she is. In fact, Holly is definitely the dominant one in the relationship, especially in the bedroom, and I looooved their dynamic.

In addition to Holly and Jake, we also learn a little bit about the other HEARTS women and I thought it was really cool that it was an all female investigative agency. They all have their quirks and their baggage and I'm excited to read their stories next.

**Reader Safety**
Holly's mother was attacked, raped, and murder in front of Holly when she was a child; references to racism against Muslims, trauma from military warfare, kidnapping, and workplace sexual harassment.
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Highly entertaining, emotionally thrilling and action packed adventure filled with danger, intrigue and heart racing twists. Really enjoyed all the witty and engaging charters and exciting moments.
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I would like to thank the Netgalley website and the Pink Sand Press who allowed me to read this book which is the first of the series: "The women of Hearts".

It features Sergeant Holly Austin who is part of the HEARTS agency, who will find the police at their doorstep, they who had never had the opportunity to do business with her. For weeks, a woman from the neighborhood has been missing, and now a second woman has also gone missing. Jack Tarek was not investigating the first disappearance until now, now with this second missing woman, he is making it a personal investigation. Holly is going to investigate with Jack. It will turn out that every lead they have will be a dead end, and by the time they have something to go on, an inspector will disappear as well. The HEARTS team is not going to have much time to solve this investigation or they will lose one of their own.

A book read in one go, so much so that I hooked into the story, so captivating, addictive, full of suspense and twists and turns with endearing characters. Can't wait to see what happens next.
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This book was a really great read.   I am a huge fan of the author and I madly encourage everyone to give her a chance.
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While Holly was working a case involving the disappearance of a woman, another one goes missing. Holly was ex-military and never forgot her training. She was a fearless woman. Holly, along with the ladies at the HEARTS Agency, was headstrong and self-reliant. 

Jack came to Holly when his mother was concerned with the disappearance of her neighbor. They began working together privately. 

After spending time together, things began to heat up between the two. With Holly doing things her way, can they continue to work together to solve the cases? 

The story captured my attention from the beginning to the end. Just know you will find suspense and intense chemistry.
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I am pleasantly surprised by this first book in the Hearts series.  Marci Bolton does what few authors accomplish; launch a series with a fully fleshed out novel.  Hidden Hearts has strong character profiles, both the PI Heroine and the Hero Detective are engaging, layered and interesting. I really appreciated the introduction of secondary characters that are fully dimensional, and I am anticipating their presence in future n\book. 
The plot of Hidden Hearts is well woven, there are enough twists and turns to keep one reading, and the romantic scenes are well placed and move the story along.  I look forward to the rest of the series. 
I received my copy through NetGalley under no obligation.
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I really enjoyed this book and this author.  The characters had strength and all contributed to the overall story.  The author approached things up front (example:  recognized the name of the agency was a bit cheesy) which made the characters even more plausible.  The romance aspect was well done.  I would recommend and I would read another by this author.
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The HEARTS agency deals with a myriad of domestic problems - cheating husbands, small time crimes but when two women go missing and there is no apparent link between the two, other than a close physical similarity, Holly and her team must dig deep to find out what is it that they cannot see.

When the Police Department in the form of Detective Jack enters the scene, a kind of romance enters the story and though I went into this thinking it was just a mystery murder sort of read, the romance did not detract from the story.

The story was serious - two missing women finally turning up dead and the third escaping at the last minute but at the same time the romance sizzling between Holly and Jack was reminiscent of Miss. Fisher in the TV series!
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Former Army Sergeant Holly Austin and her team at the HEARTS agency don’t normally find the police at their door. But it’s been weeks since a local woman vanished into thin air...and now there’s a second victim. Police Detective Jack Tarek wasn’t officially working the Julia Frederickson case until a second victim made the matter personal. Holly is willing to cooperate with Jack “unofficially,” but she quickly becomes a distraction he can’t resist. The leads on their cases might be running cold, but the attraction between the investigators is sizzling hot. With every lead a dead end, those close to the investigation grow increasingly impatient for answers. Just as hidden secrets come to light, one of the investigators vanishes without a trace. The HEARTS team has just hours to solve the case—or risk losing one of their own.
This was a pretty good book. The story was well paced. The main characters were really exciting to follow on their journey. I hadn’t read this author before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was not disappointed!
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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In Hidden Hearts Ms Bolden weaves a good mystery into the journey of Holly and Jack falling in love. Holly is a tough former Army soldier who has opened a private investigation firm, HEARTS, where she has hired other women who are evolving into good friends. The whole concept of close friendships seems almost foreign to Holly but she's learning. Jack is a police detective whose first meeting with Holly is almost comedic, but one that he handles with grace. Jack and Holly are separately working the cases of different missing women. There are similarities in their cases and Jack seeks out Holly and her agency to ask her if she's interested in working together. He handles her alpha-ness with gentle care and respect.

Over the course of the book, the reader is introduced to people who may, or may not, be the "bad guy". It kept me guessing. We get to know both Holly's and Jack's back-stories as he patiently nudges her into the realizations that not everything is in her control and that they're a good team personally and professionally. The bedroom scenes are really well done (hot) and the reader can feel the connection between Jack and Holly, both physically and emotionally. In addition to the leads, there are a handful of secondary characters who add value while not getting in the way. These include the other women at HEART, Jack's mom, and a detective colleague of Jack's. There were a couple of loose ends (for instance, a call from Holly's dad near the end of the book) but they don't detract from the overall story. Highly recommend.

(I thank NetGalley for gifting me a copy of Hidden Hearts in exchange for an honest review. My honest opinion is: where has this author been all of my life?? I'll buy this book in order to support a new favorite.)
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A nice balance  between the mystery and the romance.  The suspense builds up well both in whether they will solve the case and save the victims and whether they acknowledge the romantic tension building between them.  The main characters are well rounded enough to make you care about them, and even the secondary characters are quirky without going overboard.
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One missing woman. A coincidence. Two missing women. Is it still a coincidence, or are they connected? Dive into this mystery to decide for yourself. Enjoy the journey of a strong woman uncovering the mystery and struggling with issues of her own. Hidden Hearts is a great read with lots of wonderful details. I couldn't put it down and finished it in less than a day! Definitely exited to read the second book in the collection!
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This book had me hooked from the start, it was action-packed, filled with drama, police action, a great thriller filled with plenty of suspense. I absolutely loved that the author mixed so much into one book, she made a woman the total badass of the story. 

Thank you for the chance to read this book.
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