Silent Knit, Deadly Knit

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It's almost Christmas, and Pamela's daughter, Penny is home from college.  Bettina has just traded a hand knit red and green scarf to Millicent, owner of the craft store, for a beautiful blue and violet vase.   A man came into the craft store and was very angry when Millicent wouldn't sell his  wares.  Millicent then leaves the store.  Shortly thereafter, Penny calls her Mom.  She has just found a body in the Nature Preserve, and has called the police.  

Pamela and Bettina go to the Preserve, and find the dead woman is their friend Millicent.  She is not wearing the scarf they saw her wearing when she left her shop.  Millicent is a very wealthy woman with a younger husband, Pierre, which might make Pierre a good suspect.  Pamela and Bettina have other suspects as well, particularly the  handsome young man seen wearing the scarf who then begins dating Penny.  The inspiration for Pamela's suddenly figuring out the murderer comes almost at the end with an exciting finish.

The Christmas celebrations continue while the murder is not solved.  I found that the descriptions of cooking the goodies were a little longer than necessary.  However, the plot was very good..  There is both a recipe and a pattern for knitting fingerless gloves at the end of the book.
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I received a free copy of SILENT KNIT, DEADLY KNIT (Book 4 of the Knit & Nibble Mysteries) by Peggy Ehrhart in exchange for an honest review.  Pamela is enjoying having her daughter Penny home from college for the holidays.  Pamela’s happily helping her best friend create tasty nibbles for their knitting meeting.  As they work, Pamela and her friend discuss the generosity of the local craft store owner Millicent Farthingale.  Millicent is a wealthy woman known to be generous to her friends and family.  Millicent even opened the craft store just to provide one of her friends with a job.  Pamela’s gaiety is interrupted when Penny calls to tell Pamela that Penny found a body.  The victim is Millicent Farthingale.  Apparently, not everyone surrounding Millicent was worthy of her generosity.  When it seems like law enforcement loses interest in the investigation in favor of holiday festivities, Pamela tries to collect as much information about Millicent as she can.  Will Pamela’s investigation stall or will she be able to wrap up the murderer in a pretty Christmas bow?

I enjoyed this book and this series.  I look forward to the next tale.  A lot of this book is the tale of Pamela’s life rather than just the pursuit of a killer.  I recommend this book to fans of cozy mysteries with elements relating to knitting, cats, knitting groups, holiday parties, and murder.

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This is the fourth book in the Knit & Nibble Mystery series by Peggy Ehrhart. What drew me to this book was the cover and the description.  Somehow, I have missed books 2 and 3.

This was an easy read. This book should be read as part of the series.  Picking up the book out of sequence will leave you wondering who the characters are and how they are a part of the overall story for about half of the book length.

The mystery seemed to take a back seat to everything else.  This was light on mystery investigation and seemed more of a page filler.  I like my mysteries with a little more rigorous investigation than a happenstance solution.

I would actually rate this book 3.5 but there are no .5s in the rating scheme so I rounded up.

I was given an advanced copy by Netgalley.  I am not required to leave a positive review.
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I enjoy reading the Knit & Nibble series of cozy mysteries.  The characters are fun and there's a nice sprinkling of cat characters as well.  Plus there's usually a recipe or two and a knitting pattern to top it off!  Not a bad deal!  This mystery involves the death of a woman who owns a craft shop and, of course the knitters get involved in solving the case.  An easy, fun read!
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I loved it! Well worth the read. Energetic, just the right pace and very clever. 5/5 stars for a new favorite mystery novel.
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An enjoyable knitting cozy with appealing characters, cooking, and plenty of guesses to keep it interesting.
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A light and and fast reading Christmas book with a tinge of mystery is the fourth book of the Knot and Nibbles series. A Good one to curl put on Christmas songs and enjoy the season. I was disappointed with the book. I did not enjoy the descriptions of how to cook a recipe entirely, I how the protagonist, Pamela treated her nineteen year daughter, Penny was not correct. The cats did not really access to the story as it seems they were included to add words for the story. The scence in the Manson did not do much for me. 
Penny finds the body of Millicent Farthingale, a wealthy craft owner 
 in the Wildlife Reserve and Pamela and Bettina attempt to find the killer. Will the success before joining Millicent in death at Wildlife Refuge.
I had enjoy this series previous books. I recommend this book.
A knitting pattern and a recipe are included.

Disclosure: Thanks to Kensington Books for a copy through NetGalley. The opinions expressed are my own.
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Number four in the series was a delightful Christmas themed cozy.
I am not usually a fan of "knitting" cozies, but I quite enjoy this one.
The characters are appealing,  and the whodunit kept me guessing until the final reveal (I did not guess correctly!)
I look forward to reading the next in the series.
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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This is the 4th installment in the Knit and Nibble mystery series.  Pamela Paterson is a widow who is the founder of the Knit and Nibble knitting club who meet weekly and is excited that her daughter Penny is home from college for the holidays.  Penny is out at a local nature preserve sketching when she finds the body of a wealthy local craft shop and art store.  The knit and nibble group know Millicent and it appears there were many people who may have wanted her dead.  The husband is always a suspect as well as a unknown sister who appears.  Nicely paced mystery and you don't who it is until the author reveals it.  This book also put me in the holiday mood (so hard to believe it is that time of year again!).  Looking forward to the next in this series.
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This is a great series!  I love the characters and the mysteries keep me guessing until the end.  The Christmas theme was great and added to the story very well.  I love the covers too!  Can't wait until the next one is out!
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This is quickly becoming my favorite series. Each installment gets better and better and this book had me glued to the pages. 
Between the characters, the food, the town and a mystery that will have you guessing till the very end this is one book that shouldn't be missed.
5+ stars!
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I just don't understand Pamela.  She is so awkward, and continues in her unkindness to Richard.  There is a detachment about her that is so unappealing to me, even in her communications with her daughter Penny.  That being said the mystery in Peggy Ehrhart's latest A Knit & Nibble Mystery series was well done and kept me guessing.  Plenty of suspects were offered and I was surprised by the ending.  I didn't appreciate the detailed references to everyday activities, like food preparation, shopping and eating.  I kept expecting this to have relevance and it just ended up being mundane filler.  I am invested in the people of 'Silent Knit, Deadly Knit' so I will look forward to more, but with little anticipation.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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I enjoyed this addition to the Knit & Nibble mystery series. I love the idea of a group of knitting friends that get together weekly, and the sense of community is probably my favorite part of this book, along with all the animal friends. I look forward to making the recipe at the end of the book, and perhaps even trying my hand at the knitting pattern. However, I felt like too much of the book was devoted to descriptions instead of action. There was not enough focus on the mystery for me. I will keep reading this series, and I enjoyed the book, but it won’t be out on my favorites list. 
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC of this book.
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Nothing like the holidays and the folks from the Knit and Nibble.  Always warm and friendly and then comes a crime to solve.  Everyone should have a group like this.  Knitting, food and crime.  What more can you want in a book,
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Another trip to Arborville, this time during the Christmas holidays, finds Pamela, Bettina and Penny trying to solve a murder of an acquaintance while preparing for the holidays, family visits and falling in love.  

As always, with this series,  I enjoyed the mystery and how the author tied all the clues together and I couldn't figure out " whodunit" until the murderer was revealed.   I love the cozy setting and I find myself making a cup of tea and grabbing a pastry when I read this series.  The description of the food and knitting projects are a perfect balance to the mystery.  The relationships Pamela has with her daughter, friends and neighbors are fun to read because they are relatable.  The new family additions,  kittens, made the book even more cozy!

The book put me in the holiday mood and I didn't want it to end.  I'll have to impatiently wait for the next adventure!

I received an ARC from NetGalley for a fair and honest review of this book.
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Silent Knit, Deadly Knit by Peggy Ehrhart 4 stars

I have been dying to try one of the Knit n Nibbles Mysteries and Netgalley gave me a wonderful opportunity to try it out.  I will say that starting the series at Book #4 is not the way to go.  This might be one of those series that if you didn't start at the first book the relationships between characters don't make a lot of sense at first.  I was about a third of the way into the book when I finally got all the members of the group straight. Pamela is the main sleuth and her insights help solve the mystery.  

Penny, Pamela's daughter finds a body while she is sketching in the nature preserve..  The victim is Millicent, a wealthy art gallery owner that showcased handmade crafts.  The mystery had plenty of suspects and the identity of the killer did surprise me.  What I really enjoyed was the Nibble portion of the book.  The food descriptions were fabulous and made me wish for Christmas early.  I intend to go back and get a copy of the first book "Murder She Knit".  I think that will increase my enjoyment when Book #5 comes out.

Thank you Netgalley and Kensington Books for this ARC.
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Overall, I liked this book, but must admit it took a little to get into the story. Also, a lot of red herrings, and the killer at the end was revealed too quickly, and I didn't see a build up to the reason why. Pamela is the main character, and her daughter Penny is home from college for Christmas, and finds a body in the woods. When circumstances keep popping up clues Pamela goes into sleuth mode. The basics are great, but felt like several of the characters are not fully developed, or there is an expectation that readers have read about them in other books. First I've read in the series, so that may be why I struggled a bit. Would still recommend, as it is a good Christmas cozy mystery.
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I had a hard time getting into this book. There are a lot of characters and there's no real explanation of who they all are. It took almost to the middle of the book before I'd figured out the placement of most of them. I did enjoy the mystery although it felt like the investigating wasn't really intense. The ending was satisfying and I adored the cats. #SilentKnitDeadlyKnit #NetGalley
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Another lovely meeting of the Knit and Knibble group.  Pamela and her neighbor a busy getting ready for Christmas when Pamela's daughter Penny find a dead body.  The body is their art store friend and recipient of a beautiful scarf knit by Bettina.  As the busy holiday season unfolds they chase after the missing scarf and talk to family and colleagues of the dead woman.  It's a very cozy story with great characters, yummy food, and knitting.
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Pamela’s daughter Penny is home from college and they are enjoying the Christmas season. When Penny discovers a body while sketching in the nature preserve, Pamela is worried about her daughter. The dead woman is a friend and known to the Knit and Nibble group, so Pamela and her best friend Bettina begin to look into the case. A wealthy woman, the husband and his girlfriend are suspects. Or what about the unknown sister who suddenly appears and wants her share of the inheritance? Or could it be someone else? They may be investigating, but they still have time to bake, knit, and enjoy Christmas! This is a good cozy mystery for the holidays.
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