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Silent Knit, Deadly Knit

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4 Stars 

This is the fourth book in the A Knit & Nibble mystery series by Peggy Ehrhart.

This book throws a whole new spin on things when it isn’t Pamela who finds the body but her daughter, Penny. Millicent Farthingale is an influencer in the crafting community but not for all the right reasons. Pamela finds that a red scarf with green ends is an important clue and they do a very good jig around the storyline trying to find out how it is connected to the murder.

I thought this was okay. It kept my interest to a point but I have had a lot of other things on my mind lately so I am not holding this book responsible for my lack of focus. The knitting parts were super interesting but I wish there had been some crochet love thrown in there too. I am a crochet girl.

If you are a knitter, there are some great tips at the end plus some great recipes to boot!

If you love a good cozy mystery, definitely check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

I received this as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) in return for an honest review. I thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title.
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Silent Knit, Deadly Knit

by Peggy Ehrhart

Various cozy mystery series stand out for special strengths. The strong point might be humor, breathtaking setting, fast pace, intricate plot, or interesting characters. Peggy Ehrhart's Knit & Nibble Mystery Series is different from most in its genre. The main character, Pamela, is calmer. The pace is slower. The descriptions of everyday life are more detailed. And somehow the combination works. Ehrhart's latest mystery, Silent Knit, Deadly Knit, is no exception. Set in the Christmas season, we get to join Pamela, her daughter Penny who is home from college, and their friends and neighbors as they celebrate the Christmas season while trying to discover who murdered their friend.

Silent Knit, Deadly Knit provides a nice break from the overly sweet seasonal romances. The characters are not depicted as saints. Pamela  struggles with letting her daughter gain her independence. Bettina pushes her friend Pamela to make a connection with a single neighbor. The plot does not get lost in all the character interaction, however. There are deadly doings in little Arborville, and Pamela and her friends are caught up in the action. My favorite character is Bettina’s retired husband, Wilfred—always a helpful gentleman, but never stuffy.

As the crime is being solved, Pamela and the reader work through various theories. When the character who appears to be the murderer is found murdered, the investigation takes a whole new direction resulting in a surprise ending.

I would like to extend my thanks to and to Kensington Books for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5

Category: Mystery

Notes:  1.  #4 in the Knit & Nibble Mystery Series, but is excellent as a standalone!
	   2. At the end of the book, there is a recipe for a poppy seed cake and directions for knitting fingerless gloves.

Publication:   October 29, 2019—Kensington Books

Memorable Lines:

A soft form stirred at her feet, migrated up the side of her leg, and inched its way delicately across her torso. It eased its head out from under the down comforter that Pamela used on chilly winter nights. Two amber eyes stared at her from a heart-shaped face covered with silky jet-black fur.

Pamela was a kind person, but she occasionally enjoyed the slight feeling of power that came from having a secret to share. Bettina’s lips, which today were a shade of deep orange that matched her coat, curved into a tiny smile that acknowledged she knew she was being strung along.

It was tempting, especially at holidays, to imagine a past in which joy had been unalloyed. But Pamela knew she’d been happy about some things, worried about others then too, just like now.
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This book and the series have so much potential.  My problem is that the book is overrun will filler.  Pages do not need to be dedicated to making deviled eggs and poppy seed loaf.  Some sections went on long enough that I forgot what was going on in the book.  The characters and mystery are wonderful.  I just do not need all of the extra fluff.
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Silent Knit, Deadly Knit is the fourth book in this series.  It is a good cozy series that has well developed characters  who knit and solve mysteries.  I liked the mystery although a bit predictable.  Overall I liked this Christmas Cozy mystery.
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Pamela prepares for Christmas. Penny finds a dead body and embroils them all in a murder investigation. Penny meets a cute guy who has the scarf Bettina made for the dead woman. The Christmas festivities ensue. When I no longer cared who the murderer was, Pamela connects the dots and lures out the killer. 
288 pages was more than this story needed in my opinion. The domesticity and festivities went on too long to keep the story interesting.
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Pamela and her daughter Penny are planning a quiet Christmas at home since Penny is on break from college.  But a murder puts a damper on their Christmas plans.  Pamela has to solve the murder with the help of the knit and nibblers in order to get back to holiday plans with her daughter. I enjoyed this fun Christmas cozy mystery.
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Silent Knit, Deadly Knit is the 4th book in the Knit and Nibble mystery series.  This was such a fun read!!  The story is a fun cozy mystery that focuses on Pamela and her Knit and Nibble club.  Despite this being the fourth book in the series, I had no problem catching up with the characters and this could be a stand-alone story.

I love Pamela’s neighbor Bettina, who is her best friend and investigating partner.  In this story, Pamela’s daughter Penny is home from college.  While hiking and sketching in a local park, Penny discovers a dead body.  The body turns out to be Bettina’s friend Millicent, a local craft store owner. 

I loved that this book kept me guessing until nearly the end.  I love the holiday setting and enjoy the way the story was written.  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a fun holiday cozy mystery.  As a bonus, the book includes a pattern for fingerless gloves and a recipe for poppy seed cake!

Thanks to #NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Silent Knit, Deadly Knit - Christmas Cheer has been muffled in Arborville, NJ when Millicent Farthingale, a wealthy craft shop-owner is found murdered. Millicent was surrounded by schemers and scammers due to her fortune. Pamela and the Knit and Nibblers had to get busy solving the crime before someone else got hurt. The plot was good but I found the author got carried away with details at times to the point the murder was not the main focus of the book. A little too much fluff. Mentioned thrifty and rummage sales over 12 times throughout the book. Multiple pages were dedicated to making coffee and meatloaf. Some of these scenes pulled me out of the actual plot but cute story overall.
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Silent Knit, Deadly Knit is a cozy mystery that involves a knitting group, the Knit and Nibble Knitters. Not only do they knit, but they solve mysteries. Pamela, a member of the group, gets involved in a murder when her daughter Penny comes home from college. When an heiress is found dead, they must solve the murder with the clue of a knitted scarf. 
This mystery was challenging to solve, and I didn’t figure it out. Ehrhart features some interesting characters along with the fun of Christmas. This is the fourth book in this series.
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Silent Knit, Deadly Knit by Peggy Ehrhart is the fourth book in the cozy A Knit & Nibble Mystery series. Each book in this series has it’s own mystery to be solved, so they can be read as stand alone stories. The main character is Pamela Paterson who is a more mature protagonist. Pamela found herself with an empty nest when her daughter headed off to college so she joined the Knit and Nibble knitting group. She and her best friend Bettina, often find themselves investigating mysteries and murder around town. In this story Pamela's daughter, Penny comes home from college for a visit. While out, Penny finds the most current victim in town, Millicent Farthingale, a friend and acquaintance of Bettina. The one clue, a red scarf that her friend made for Millicent, keeps showing up around town. Is the murderer wearing the scarf? Why was Millicent murdered? Who is the stranger in town and why is she there?

The "Knit and Nibble" members are a fun, diverse group, with their own quirks. They come together to create knitted items, eat delicious snacks and snoop into the latest crime or death that has taken place in their fine town. Each story gives us more detail about these characters, as well as introducing new ones. They are usually suspects and we learn more about them as clues are dropped along the way during the investigation. My one complaint with this series and this book is that they are overly descriptive. The author describes how to make something they are creating or eating, what the characters are wearing, who is doing what etc. This bogs down the mystery for me, and seems like a lot of filler. This book seemed to be more about the Knit and Nibble members than the murder. Having said that, if you enjoy a cozy series where you love spending a lot of time with the characters and their lives, then you will enjoy this one. The mystery itself was a bit hard to solve, but the red herrings were well done and confused this reader. The reveal was well written and is the main reading I keep reading this series. I am hoping that as the series continues, the murders take up more of the story.
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Great book.  This has become one of my favorite cozy mystery series.  The writing seems to get better with every book.  The main character is fantastic.  I like all the supporting characters as well.  The mystery was a good one too.  I can't wait for the next in the series.  Plus, the male neighbor relationship is fun to follow.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to read this book!

I have read a number of this series already, and I always enjoy the mysteries and the characters. I am getting a little tired of the skirting around the romance angle- it's been four books already and nothing is happening in that department. That wouldn't be a problem if the books didn't make it seem like something WAS about to happen every five minutes and then pfft it fizzles out again. Will book five finally see some closure?

This is the christmas edition obviously, and it follows the Christmas theme as well as keeping up with the knitting group. When they come together to knit and gossip is probably my favorite parts of the book, especially Roland. The sweater he made for Melanie was cute too!

This is a generally fun, easy to read cozy. My only gripe is the romantic tension, but hopefully Pamela changes that soon. Four stars.
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Silent Knit, Deadly Knit is the 4th instalment in the “ A Knit & Nibble” Mystery by Peggy Ehrhart. I like this series and enjoyed this book.

When murder silences the Christmas cheer in charming Arborville, New Jersey, Pamela and her Knit and Nibble pals must unravel the most bone-chilling mystery this side of the North Pole . . .
Pamela has been in merry spirits since her artsy daughter Penny returned home from college for the holidays. But their mother-daughter bonding time gets cut short when a terrified Penny stumbles upon the dumped body of Millicent Farthingale, a wealthy craft shop owner who was popular for all the wrong reasons. From a scheming business partner to a seedy husband several years her junior, Millicent attracted scammers so in love with her assets, they’d toss her down a chimney to get their paws on them. Now, with only a hand-knit red scarf connecting the killer to the crime, Pamela and the Knit and Nibblers could use some extra creativity as they find out who’s really naughty or nice in Arborville—because going up against a looming culprit is DIY or die!

The cast of characters are likable and I enjoy the friendship between Pamela and her neighbours Wilfred and Bettina.  The mystery seemed to not be the main focus of this book but rather on the characters.  The mystery was good, lots of twists and turns and red herrings which kept me guessing till the end. I wouldn't say this is a fast read like some of the cozies I read but one I read over several days.

I look forward to reading the next installment.

I requested and received an Advanced Reader Copy from Kensington Books via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
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Silent Knit, Deadly Knit was a charming cozy mystery. The characters are well developed and interesting. The storyline is entertaining.
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In the middle of decorating holiday cookies for refreshments for the next get together of her Knit and Nibble group, Pamela Paterson receives a frantic phone call. It’s her daughter, Penny, who is home on winter break from college, calling to report that she just discovered a body while out hiking in a nearby park. Turns out the victim is a local craft shop owner, Millicent Farthingale - also a member of the Nibblers. Using a hand knit scarf, made by Pamela and gifted to Millicent, as a clue, the Nibblers set out to solve the case.

The fourth in the series, A Knit & Nibble Mystery, Silent Knit, Deadly Knit was my introduction to this series of cozies as well as author Peggy Ehrhart. As a knitter and a mystery lover, I was looking for an entertaining story with a holiday setting to read as the season approaches. Silent Knit… did not disappoint on three of the four fronts. Unfortunately, the story gets bogged down in details and descriptions which over shadowed the story line for this reader thus a three star rating.

FYI - I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Princess Fuzzypants here:  It’s the holiday season, daughter Penny is home from college and Pamela’s hopes for a happy and safe Christmas vanish when Penny stumbles across the body of the very wealthy owner of a local craft store.  Pamela and her friends find mysteries irresistible especially when someone they love is involved.
It seems the victim was a magnet for those who wanted to partake in her fortune from a mousy business partner to a philandering husband to a long lost and until now unknown sister.  Did any of them have sufficient reason to shoot her with a homemade bullet?  It is a puzzler that Pamela cannot leave alone.  And then, when Penny starts dating a possible suspect, even more is at stake.  She is smart albeit reckless at times.  She is finally able to stitch it all together but not without doing some harebrained things.  She does not slip into the too stupid to live category but she skirts close to the edge.
It is not enough to ruin my enjoyment.  The story was entertaining and there were enough sleight of hands in the plot that the villain and the motive were a surprise,  Four purrs and two paws up.
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I love the characters in this series. This book had a good mystery but it also focused on the stories of the various characters.  I am a knitter and I would love to belong to their group. This was a very entertaining read and I loved the holiday theme.  
Many thanks to Kensington Books and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Silent Knit, Deadly Knit by Peggy Ehrhart is the fourth A Knit & Nibble Mystery.  Pamela, Wilfred, Bettina and the knitting group are back.  They are gearing up for Christmas by finishing last minute gifts and enjoying Christmas cookies.  Pamela is happy to have her daughter, Penny home for the winter holidays. I like the diverse group of people that make up the knitting group. They are friendly bunch who get together to create beautifully knit items while they chat and eat items that they have made.  Of course, when there is a murder to solve, they brainstorm and snoop.  I like that we get to learn more about Pamela as well as the knitting members in each story.  We also get to catch up on the lives of the kittens who love to chase yarn and get into mischief.  There are some lovely yarn descriptions that had me wanting to add to my stash (which consists of six large totes at the moment).  Pamela and the knitting group get involved in the death of Millicent Farthingale.  Millicent is a woman of means who is married to Pierre, a French Canadian and owns a local craft store.  The mystery was not the primary focus of the book.  Pamela was focused on decorating for the holidays, making cookies, and spending time with Penny.  There are a couple of suspects in Millicent’s death, but the killer can be pegged in the first quarter of the book.  I wish the mystery had been the focus and that it had been more complex.  I am glad that the romance between Pamela and Richard is not being rushed.  However, I believe it is time to move forward and for them to actually go out (they have been acting juvenile for two mature adults).  Silent Knit, Deadly Knit is nicely written, and the story moved along at a nice pace.  It can be read as a standalone for those new to the series.  There are lovely cozy moments and some humor sprinkled throughout.  Silent Knit, Deadly Knit is a merry cozy mystery with scrumptious cookies, yummy yarn, fun felines, Christmas carols, and a meddlesome murder.
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This book is 4th installment in the “A Knit and Nibble” mystery series. Silent Knit, Deadly Knit, is a holiday cozy written by Peggy Ehrhart. That saying the characters are fun and interesting and yes a murder happen that needs to be solved but other than that the book is filled with a lot of fluff. And not the good stuff . If you love this series read it -if you have a friend whose a knitter buy it as a gift or better yet -check it out at the Library
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I am giving up on this one at 20% Talk about over descriptions to the 9th degree. I don't need pages devoted to making coffee, buttering toast, what every single person is wearing every single time they show up in the book!
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