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North Korea has sought the respect of the world for decades. At the same time, it has lacked the resources to make that happen. Now all that is about to change with the recruitment of just one man: nanotechnology specialist Peter Nampo. He is the one man that can give North Korea the one thing 
they want most of all: nuclear weapons capable of hitting the West. Former Marine-turned-lawyer William Parker, as one of the few that could identify Nampo, is tasked with finding Nampo and putting a stop to North Korea’s nuclear aspirations. The fate of the world could rest on the success or failure of his mission.

Northern Thunder by Anderson Harp is a riveting novel that draws on current events to pull the reader in and keep them interested. As with most authors of the genre, Harper has a military background that has taken him across the globe and thus provides him with plenty of material for his novels. The main character, Will Parker, has been well-crafted and is very believable. In addition, the North Korean characters line up well with what we know of their leadership. I plan to read Harper’s other Will Parker novels and give it 4/5 stars.

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How prescient was Harp to write this highly topical novel about North Korea?  This is a reissue which somehow didn't lose a step since it was first published.  Our hero Will Parker has what seems like an impossible task- to infiltrate North Korea and find and stop Peter Nampo, the evil genius behind the North Korean missile program.  Parts of this might seem implausible (or are they?) but it's action oriented.  It will definitely make you think about the advances North Korea has made for real in its weapons program in recent years.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  It's a page turner.
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Anderson Harp's novel "Northern Thunder" was first published in 2017 concerning a covert mission into North Korea.  It is just as exciting today as when written but the salient facts about that rogue nation have changed somewhat since that time.  Will Parker, a protagonist in several of Mr Harp's books is enjoying life as a civilian in his home town when he is called upon by the U.S. government to reenter service in order to handle a very important mission.  He will be tasked with infiltrating North Korea in order to snap a picture of Peter Nampo a top scientist who is developing technology for that country.  His technology would be used to destroy enemy satellites most obviously those placed into orbit by the United States.  
     Will is given the impression that all he has to do is take the picture in order for other people to hunt down and kill Nampo.  Although not so readily he accepts the mission with the provisos that he can use his own team to assist him and set the training sequences necessary to handle the job and the frigid weather that he will face in North Korea.
     The novel is replete with action from one end to the other.  Will finds that not only is he faced with the almost impossible task of sneaking into North Korea and finding Nampo but the high probability that he must contend with problems presented by members of his own government.  An all night draw - of course, but in spite of some facts being dated the book is still one to draw in readers to the novels of Mr Harp anxiously awaiting future stories from this author.
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