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I have read most of this author’s work before and this book was like picking up right where I left off.  It ties in the characters from other books and brings a bit more life to them.  This book is a sequel to Shades of Light but can stand alone and does not have to be read with the others in order to follow it.  It sure is a nice addition.  My favorite parts are the Spiritual Direction/Retreat sections.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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I loved how this book integrated creativity in healing from grief and depression. The story was wonderfully woven , and the paintings were absolutely gorgeous! I'll be using this one for a long time to come!
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For me, reading this book was an experience like no other. I experienced empathy on an intimate level for Wren and for Kit, companions in sorrow. In the past, Kit had experienced debilitating sorrow, grief and depression. Wren was currently in the depths of great sadness, depression and deep grief. Kit became the best person to walk along beside and help Wren. She cared for her with extraordinary compassion and deep loving kindness. I so loved their relationship.

I was profoundly affected by a passage in chapter 5 where the author shared her deep and powerful thoughts about when Peter had denied Jesus, not once , but three times. Now, whenever I think of Peter and his failures, I will envision Jesus praying for Peter. As I ponder my own failures and those of close loved ones, I choose to picture Jesus praying for us, even and especially in the midst of our own poor choices and corresponding consequences.

I loved how Wren, a gifted artist, worked on a series of paintings to represent the stations of the cross. This was an incredible and enlightening journey of healing for her. What’s more? Wren’s beautiful and heartfelt paintings then ministered to others who viewed them in contemplation.

Reading this book was like going on a spiritual retreat with fellow, trusted believers who had deaths to mourn and brokenness to heal, all the while guided by a compassionate, wise and God-led spiritual director. I loved this book!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from InterVarsity Press through NetGalley and I also purchased my own hard cover copy. Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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‘Remember Me’ is the sequel to the book ‘Shades of Light’. Wren is coming to terms with the loss of her best friend, Casey, whilst at the same time trying to manage her poor mental health.

Once again it is her faith in God, her love of art, particularly the work of Vincent van Gogh, and her Father’s Aunt Kit with whom she is staying, which helps her on her journey.

Wren has been commissioned by Aunt Kit to produce artwork for the period of Lent at the Retreat Centre where her Aunt works. Through her painting, Wren is reminded of Christ as one who has also suffered, and she finds comfort in this and in knowing Jesus understands her suffering.

In this book, we learn more about Kit’s past and the loss she experienced as a mother and a wife. Wren’s journey of grief triggers Kit’s grief and Kit realises that she needs to go through her own journey of grief and healing once more. She shares her story and journey with Wren through the letters she writes her. These letters are not only healing for Kit herself, but they also help Wren’s healing.

I love the spiritual insights in Sharon Garlough Brown's book, "Remember Me". Her book helped me to better understand Jesus' journey to the cross. It also helped me to learn more about myself and my own journey of faith. 

At the end of the book is a Reflection Guide in which the reader is invited to explore the eight prayer stations and Journey to the Cross with Jesus. This is a wonderful resource which can be used by individuals, small groups or by a whole church.

If you have read any of Sharon’s books and enjoyed them, then you won’t be disappointed by her latest one. 

I recommend this book to anyone who suffers themselves with poor mental health or has someone close to them who suffers. If you are someone who is interested in not just reading a book but someone who looks for a book which will change you and encourage your spiritual growth, then this book is also for you.
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Thanks netgalley for and advanced ebook copy of before publication date.

3 stars - Apologies as I did not complete the read of this book. DNF @ p.32.

I enjoyed the premise of a story centred around overcoming a hard situation with others and through it all, seeing Jesus in all situations. 

I did not realise until later when going over the synopsis and thinking of the review I'd provide closer to release date, that this is a story following on from the characters' (Kit) situation that she continually reflects back onto. Not having read the first story, I do not know how much of the storyline I have missed out on, but I feel that it had been throughly discussed with the situation of helping the other character (Wren) in this story. 

Sometimes we don't gel with the story we have chosen to review and read, but in all circumstances it can show us what we prefer in our reading habits, likes and dislikes.
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“Remember Me” reconnects us with the characters from “Shades of Light,” including Wren and Katherine. This book picks up right where “Shades” left off, so I would encourage readers to start there first.

I loved getting to learn more from these character’s stories, especially hearing more from Katherine. Katherine writes letters to Wren throughout the book, sharing her pain and hope, as well as processing her own grief. I deeply appreciated the topics of suffering and loss, as well as struggles with mental health issues. I appreciated the sensitivity to the long road of healing, and how hard the journey of life is for so many. This book is tender and true.
“Remember Me” would be such a lovely companion for the Lent season. Highly recommended!

Thank you NetGalley for providing me with an advance copy. All opinions are my own.
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Following the book “Shades of Light”, this second novel follows Wren and Katherine’s journey through loss, grief and restoration. The story is told mostly in letters written by Katherine to Wren, which makes you stop and ponder the very seriousness of loss in our lives and how we can get to a place of hope. This walk of faith is one that we all have walked in one form or another, so most of us can relate to the story. The author shows us that there is always light after the darkness.

As an artist, I love how Wren journals her grief through her art. I also loved how at the end of the book you get to see the art and also read through devotions based on the Stations of the Cross. I think I will read through that part again during the Easter season. I love this new series by Sharon Garlough Brown as she brings a cherished character from the Sensible Shoes series into a new light. I have read all of her books and this one touches yet another part of my heart. Thank you so much to InterVarsity Press, Sharon Garlough Brown and NetGalley for an advanced copy to read and review.
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In August I read Shades of Light by Sharon Garlough Brown. Her soon to be released book Remember Me picks up with Wren and Kit in a briefer novella.

Wren continues to work through mental illness and to draw consolation from her art. While Wren continues to the a main focal point of the story, Brown turns her attention a bit more to Kit in this title. Kit is helping Wren not only because she is her aunt but because she has struggled with significant mental illness herself. While providing guidance and encouragement to Wren, Kit begins writing letters to Kit that share some of her own story. Her own experiences have helped her to be the spiritual director and wise woman she is today. Reading Kit's story reminded me of the book As I Recall as Kit definitely used and has used her memories and experiences to grow spiritually. Brown does a marvelous job of creating real characters who struggle with raw emotions and experiences. This definitely is not an "everything is coming up roses" typical Christian novel.

As in Shades of Light, using and creating art as part of a spiritual journey continues to be a strong component of Remember Me. In particular, Wren interacts with and creates artwork that will be utilized in the Stations of the Cross. As the story builds up to the traditional Stations of the Cross, it is a wonderful book to read during the Lenten season. The book includes devotional content and artwork that will also help readers in their spiritual preparation.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Remember Me from InterVarsity Press via NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.
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As with all of her books that I have read, this book made me think deeply and challenged me. 

I enjoyed Wren’s journey of growth, yet found it extremely difficult at times as well. Some of the pain is all too familiar and real because it hits close to home. As much as I struggle to understand Wren’s depression, I struggle to understand a loved one’s in my own life. It is so difficult to walk with someone in so much pain. Yet, it does help me to have some insight and better ways to respond. The reminders to LET GO are where I struggle the most. 

I’m thankful the book didn’t end with everything all sewn up nicely like a happy ending in a fairy tale. That is reflective of real life. It’s messy and it’s so hard. Wren progressed. That’s what we want for those struggling. That’s what we want for those of us walking alongside them because we are weary and exhausted. Progression is like the sour wine ion Jesus’s dry mouth. Some day, it will be finished for them and we pray it is victory over depression. 

I hope and pray that I can find such spiritual growth and maturity in my life. In some ways, I feel so inadequate to some of these characters in the book. Yet, we all have our own journey and our own struggles and victories. My journey is not to be compared or contrasted to another’s. Easier said than done though. 

I look forward to having my hard copy of the book and seeing the art. I received an Advanced Reader Copy (to my Kindle) from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.
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I enjoyed this book very much as I have all of the writers' books! 
This one was even better. I actually read a large part of it twice. This 
is one I will keep in my library instead of passing it down! 

Thank you so much, Sharon Garlough Brown, the publisher, and Netgalley
for the chance to read and review this wonderful book!
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Remember Me is a bit different from the other books I have read by Sharon Garlough Brown.  It is a gentle, thoughtful book, following the grief and birthing of hope for both Wren and Katherine.  The book progresses at a very slow rate, and much of the book consists of letters written by Katherine to Wren. While I found it more difficult to stay reading for this reason, its very slowness captured the restful, reflective nature of the theme, like watching a slowly opening flower.  The book is free of clichés about grief and is instead a deep pondering of loss and restoration.  It is a book I would like to return to and leisurely read through more slowly.
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Remember Me
A Novella about Finding Our Way to the Cross

by Sharon Garlough Brown

InterVarsity Press

IVP Books

Christian , Religion & Spirituality

Pub Date 10 Dec 2019

I am reviewing a copy of Remember Me through InterVarsity Press and Netgalley:

Jesus declares It is Finished” is a bold declaration for us to make too. But how can we declare it is finished, when so much seems unfinished? This means that we live hope in two directions, both backwards and forwards. We long for the kingdom to come in fullness even though it has already come. And we trust that he (the good Lord) who began the good work
In us, will complete it.

Remember Me is the sequel to Shades of Light. In this book Katherine Rhodes who is the beloved director of the New Hope Retreat Center, finds her own grief tapped by Wren Crawford’s struggles with depression and loss.

Through a series of letters to Wren, Katherine the meaning of Christ’s suffering and shares her own story of finding hope. How does one begin to live again under the crushing weight of grief? And how can healing come when there’s so much left unresolved? With Katherine as a companion in sorrow, Wren moves forward in her commitment to paint the stations of the cross for a prayer journey at New Hope, discovering along the way a deeper communion with the Man of Sorrows, acquainted with grief.

If you are looking for a powerfully written story that encourages you to find a deeper relationship with the Lord then look no farther than Remember Me.

Five out of five stars!

Happy Reading
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This is a continuation of Wren’s story and her struggle with her friend Casey’s death. To be honest, I thought this book was a bit slow reading. I did enjoy the profound spiritual insights presented, though.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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This is a story about using art and letter writing to help you through depression and grief It is very well written and holds your attention. It is full of hope .that can only be obtained through Jesus. This is a very powerful book. Thank you InterVarsity Press via NetGalley for the ARC copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.
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3.5 stars. Thanks to IVPress and NetGalley for the advanced ecopy of this novel. I really like Sharon Garlough Brown’s novels, with Sensible Shoes series being some of my favorite Christian fiction reads. I really liked Shades of Light, the first in this series. However this one wasn’t my favorite. It follows Wren as she paints the Holy Week stations and shows how Kit and Wren work through their sorrows of loss. Much of the text is letters Kit writes to Wren. It doesn’t seem to really do much more than that. It’s nice that in the Epilogue the author includes the reflections for each of the stations that Wren painted. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mindset for this type of novel, but I wished there had been more interactions, more conflict, more of a definite climax and resolution. I still love the other novels and will definitely read more of Brown’s books.
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