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I love World War II-era books. I haven't read many geared toward a younger audience, such as this story is (~ middle school age). It could be a good introduction to WWII. It's a quick, emotional read that is based on a true story.

It's apparent that the author isn't a seasoned writer. The ending felt a bit too perfect, and there wasn't as much growth throughout the story, despite this being a factually based book.
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I was skeptical of how good the story could be at only 100 or so pages but all my skepticism proved wrong. The story is incredibly intense and heartbreaking and made all the more sad by the fact that it is true.
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Hidden Pearl
by J.E. Laufer

Little Egg Publishing Company

Biographies & Memoirs , Teens & YA

Pub Date 22 Aug 2019

I am reviewing a copy of Hidden Pearl through Little Egg Publishing Company and Netgalley:

Hidden Pearl is the incredible story of a Hidden Child,and her family during World War 2.  During these times of desperation, people faced many challenges on a daily basis.  

Hidden Pearl is a story of hope, of courage and resilience of a young girl when it seemed the world around her was falling apart.

I would recommend Hidden Pearl to anyone who is looking for a story of hope against all odds.

Pearl is a remarkable girl, who survived at a time when many adults could not.

This book would make a great teaching tool on the Holocaust, World War 2, and the courage of one young girl and her family.

I give Hidden Pearl five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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Thanks to Little Egg Publishing Company and Netgalley for this ebook! The following thoughts are mine alone. 

The book ‘Hidden Pearl’ demonstrated the courage, strength, fear, tragedy, and perseverance of a Jewish family in Poland during WW2. The author wrote her mother-in-law’s story. Although written for teens & young adults, I believe middle school children could read this. 

After escaping their home and finding shelter in a forest, Pearl’s family realized the best chance for survival would be for some of the children to find work on farms as an “orphan”. Fortunately with blonde hair and blue eyes, Pearl, her sister Jeanette, and brother Bernie, were able to blend in. 

Pearl changed her name to that of a former deceased classmate and learned how to act as a Catholic while holding on to her Jewish traditions and prayers. She managed to hear bits about her family during this time by Leon, a family friend. 

The story, although told simply, was interesting and an enjoyable read.
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A brief novel but it was beyond an interesting read that highlights the racism and prejudice towards Jews in WWII.
Pearl’s experience was one of the more fortunate cases and it’s constantly reflected on within the novel. It was quite heartbreaking, when she lost some family members because other people would have been going through similar experiences. 
I definitely enjoyed reading and it gave me another perspective into WWII and the constant fight Jewish citizens faced at the time.
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I found this book to be a good introduction into what happened during WWII. It is a short story, and feels more geared towards the middle school age.
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This is the heart wrenchingly true story of Pearl and her family on the run from the Nazis. I greatly enjoyed reading this story, as I am fascinated with the history of the Holocaust and political turmoil in Germany during that time. I think it is important that all of the survivors of this tragedy have the opportunity to have their stories heard because Hitler and the Nazis tried so hard to silence them in the past.

The author does a wonderful job of telling her mother-in-law's story of how difficult it was everyday to survive after her family had to flee their home with little more than the clothes on their backs. Although the subject matter might be difficult for some readers, the prose is very straightforward and easy to read. I think everyone needs to learn about the importance of not targeting groups people because of their race, creed, or political affiliation.
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The Hidden Pearl left me wanting more. It was such a heartwarming story;I am glad they never lost hope because that is what kept them going. I felt so bad for the family and everything they had to go through. It was such a big adjustment for them to live hidden lives. I wish I knew more about her family that went missing. A small part of me wanted the whole family to reunite. I am glad Pearl’s voice was heard.
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Excellent true story for school children.  Today so many don't even believe it happened.  The cost of war on the people who survived is a terrible thing and needs to be told.
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I'm going to feel really guilty rating this book down, because while I completely understand that the author wanted a poignant story of one family's survival during the Nazi occupation of Poland - her own family in fact - I just felt like the story was a good first draft that needed to be longer and shaped into a much better, more engaging story. I did not feel like the story added anything new to the many books about this time that are available.

The story suffered from a lot of issues stemming from a clearly inexperienced author that has not quite honed her skill with writing for a particular audience yet. The book has no set up and with 9 family members, they were mentioned, not described. Some parts of the book were over-described, while others needed fleshing out.

I really struggled to believe that this story was realistic, despite the author stating that it was. The ending was too Hallmark and I was distracted by trying to work out what Pearl's age was supposed to be at this point, as they stated that years had passed but didn't state her age, and her voice did not change into someone more adult, with all that experience and war behind them.

(Review posted to Netgalley and Goodreads only, due to rating.)
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I certainly will recommend anyone from the young to old to read Pearl’s story. As I read Pearl’s story I felt many different feelings as she went from a happy childhood helping on the farm to being helpless as a babe in arms. I’m glad to read that she found love and happiness in her life after war. I’m interested in learning more about Pearl.
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I loved this book, and highly recommend it. An emotional insight into the horrors of what happened to families during the Nazi invasion of Poland. My kids are close to the age Pearl was when her family was torn apart and it was painful to image what it must have been like for her. I have to say, I held my own kids a little tighter after finishing the book. 

If you liked The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank you might like this too.
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In 'Hidden Pearl' we meet Pearl and her family. A Jewish family in World War II who had to flee their village. Something they postpone for some time. Just in time, they manage to escape, and then their adventure really starts. Pearl and her family do everything in their power not to get caught by the Germans. This story is true.

I was amazed by this story. I am shocked by the idea that this has happened. After reading stories from the concentration camps, I became increasingly curious about stories about Jews hiding. Something that you will find much less in the bookstore than a story about, for example, Auschwitz. That is why this book appealed to me immediately. I wanted to understand what it was like to go into hiding. So much more is shown in this book. Also how people tried to survive with lies and how Jews remained in society but lived as if they were shadows.
The author knows how to convey the right emotions. There were several times when I had a head in my throat. It touched me emotionally. Not only because of what happened but also specifically this story. Like the way, the mother reacted to all stress and anxiety. The author described very nicely how it became very difficult for her, but especially how she continued to fight for her children. The parents are almost depicted as gods, and I fully understand why the author did this. In situations such as these, parents want to protect their children.
Those protecting parents show something that many Jews did at the time. The parents risked their own lives for that of their children. The safety of the children was much more important than their own safety. Something that has hit me incredibly hard. Small things like this are the reason why this book has made such an impression on me. The author has succeeded in making this story feel so true as if it happened yesterday. Not for a single moment did I doubt that the story was true. I believed the author, the characters, and was simply blown away by what these people had to experience.

"Hidden Pearl" is a very strong non-fiction book about the Jews in World War II. Definitely a book that knows how to make you quiet and emotional. And definitely a book that I will recommend to many in the future!
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Hidden Pearl is a wonderful story of hope and courage in the midst of the worse human tragedy in modern human history, the holocaust.  Pearl is just a young girl living in Poland when the Nazis rolled in and started sending Jews to the concentration camps.  Pearl and her family are forced into impossible choices in order to survive.   This book is not overly dramatic in the sense than it doesn't flood you with graphic visualizations of the atrocities committed but tells of the horrors in a more censored way while not minimizing the tragedy.  Very well written, smooth and flowing story line.
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A very nice, short read. The story flows beautifully, and the details help you transport into the story and see through the eyes of Pearl. This is a more light hearted story, than other WWII stories that you would read. I would recommend this for Middle school and up to introduce themselves into the world of WWII stories. Beautiful and true story of survival. Was able to complete reading, cover to cover, in about a hour.
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I hate how Jews were treated and it truly breaks my heart but what a great story while it was sad it was incredible how courageous 10 year old pearl was.
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**I recieved a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review **

The Hidden Pearl illuminates her story of being of being a hidden child, and the difficult choices families had make in order to survive World War II.
Pearl's story begins with her family, her parents and  brothers and sisters living in the  countryside of Poland when they become face to face with the Gestapo invading their village. They were forced to flee in hopes of surviving. 

It is stories like these that break my heart. Pearl was ten, her childhood stripped away from her and her siblings like many other jewish children. They were forced to grow up and live in constant fear of being discovered, worry about the well being of your family. She was strong and resilient young girl that is for sure. 

I enjoyed that the author stuck soly to Pearl's story. It is tempting to drop a story into context providing details of the war intertwined with the story. I felt like I was listening to her tell her story as she experienced it which I think is important. 

I personally don't enjoy giving ratings to memoirs, as who am I to judge their life, or how they write about their experiences. But I highly recommend this book.
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I was given this ebook by NetGalley in exchange for a review. This was an engaging short story detailing a young girl’s experience hiding from the Nazis during WWII. It was simply written, and would be great for younger readers. It conveyed the girl’s emotions well, and painted a high-level picture of the horrors Jewish people faced, but did not go into detail of the widespread story of the Holocaust.
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When the Nazi's invade, Pearl and her family run for the woods.  Immediately, one of Pearl's brothers is missing, and her grandmother dies.  Although the remaining family finds a rudimentary shelter, they are freezing and starving.  Two of the children set off to find work on a farm.  A few weeks later, Pearl also finds work nearby.  Weeks, months, and years pass, with Pearl hearing very little about her family.

Although this book is listed as young adult, it felt more like a pre-teen or middle grade book.  The book itself could have used more details or description of Pearl's life.  The lack of details made this book feel less than real.  Although this is not a book I would re-read, it is appropriate for a much younger audience.
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Based on the true story of the author's mother-in-law, this middle grade novel describes the severe hardships experienced by families during World War II Poland.  Pearl was witness to the shooting death of her brothers by Nazi soldiers, and then when her remaining family fled they found doors closed to them in every direction.  Fearful of their own deaths, local farmers refused to give shelter or food in spite of the dire and dangerous situation of Pearl's family.  They were finally taken under the wing of a local man, who risked his own life by helping them. Passed off as a Catholic, Pearl was placed in the home of an elderly woman who also turned out to be a Jew-hater, so Pearl had to continue the deception for several years.  She was basically enslaved by her "protector" and treated extremely harshly.  This book will give young readers a glimpse of the inhuman treatment of Jews by Germans and Poles, the life-threatening choices forced on everyone, and the heartache of being separated from family, not even knowing if they were alive.
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