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This well paced story is one that blew me away!! This magical story was wonderful!  I loved how the author did all the magical powers without making it overly complicated/hard to follow, as well as making it so that it didn't get repetitive.  This story held a lot of secrets when it started and they are all laid bare for the heroine by the last page. I loved how everything unfolded and how this one ended.  Although it is a duology it was well done and if this was the end of the story I would be happy with it.  

The characters in this one were great!! I loved how they all played their part in the story and how everything worked out.  As each one joining the crew they bloomed and I fell in love with each of them.  I would love to have a side story about the mermaid. (sorry her name completely escaped me).  

The pacing was done well for the most part.  There were a few parts where I felt that the story was kind on the slow side. But as soon as I felt that, something would happen and it would zoom off again.  All in all I think that the slow parts really worked for the overall pacing of the story.  And I don't think I would change it.  

If you are looking for a new adventure with high seas, sea monsters, mysteries and lies, magic, and a cast of characters to fall for then look for this one!
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I am in a conundrum as to how exactly do I put into the words, the way the book left me feeling – and that, for me is a very new thing. Okay let me try.

I had been so enthralled by the blurb of the book; pirates, magic and a princess on the run – it has the makings of a brilliant start to a new fantasy series. And don’t get me wrong, i did enjoy the book; but I wasn’t as wowed by it, as I was expecting to be.

Princess Amora needs to demonstrate her control over her magic to prove that she is ready to the leader her kingdom needs her to be, even if that means a marriage of convenience – but when her demonstration goes awry; she is imprisoned for losing control over her dangerous magic.

With prison sentence looming over her, she makes a dangerous choice to escape, and does so with the help of a pirate, her own fiancé and a mermaid (EEEEPPPP!!!)– the start of what she knows has to be a journey to prove herself to her kingdom, becomes far more when she realises that her kingdom is in danger that no one seems to be wise to!

Now, this description sounds quite exciting doesn’t it? And yes, to an extent it is – I absolutely adored how strong and brilliant the character growth is in the book – and it certainly helps that the plot of the book is on solid ground. Yet somehow there were times, when I ended up losing the interest in the plot; I have no particular reason as to why – I just know that I would be all in, even to the point of binge reading the book – and end up losing steam and interest in it.

Does this mean that I wasn’t invested in the “crew” and their mission? I was all in, from the moment the crew was introduced to the reader – and with the way the book ended, I am really rooting for the sequel of the book to come out soon; so that my need for each of the characters to have their HEA would be fulfilled!
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I don't read much high fantasy, but this book was so worth the hype! A total thrilling escape from these difficult times we're living in - can't wait for the next one!
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A wild ride from start to finish. All the Stars and Teeth is brimming with characters that leap from the pages as if flung from the waves. Prepare to lose yourself in the adventures, romance, and completely ingenious world!
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Adventure on the high seas! Oh, I do love me a good pirate book...

This book is about empowerment and truth, and how you choose to deal with life when you learn that everything you thought you knew is a lie. There are princesses and pirates and magic and sea monsters, and they are all used to the absolute best advantage. 

Amora - the princess - is anything but a debutante. She throws aside all the stereotypes and makes her own way, braving danger to save her kingdom.

This was an immensely enjoyable read, and I am looking forward to the second installment in the series.
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The writing is good, but the pacing drags quite a bit in the middle despite an engaging beginning and end, but it's one of the better pirate books that came out this year.
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“It’s as though it whispers to me: ‘We can get out of here. All we have to do is kill him. Aren’t you hungry, Amora?’

And gods, I’m starving.” 

– All the Stars and Teeth, Adalyn Grace

The whole time I was reading Adalyn Grace’s All the Stars and Teeth, I had to keep reminding myself it was a debut novel. Not because I was being pulled out of the text, but because Grace kept pulling me in. All I could think was: This is Adalyn Grace and y’all better watch out. She’s just getting started. 

Grace’s language is beautifully crisp and entrancing, describing a fantasy world so immersive that I could breathe it in like the briny air of Visidia. She let me see the eel-bone crown, its jaws unhinged and symbolically ready to devour its wearer—the fate of every monarch before Princess Amora Montara. The soul magic of the Montara bloodline fights for control the moment it awakens and a weak host will have their soul eaten by it. It’s time for Amora to prove herself as the next High Animancer, a reader and executor of souls. After all, everything she has done has been to protect her kingdom from being destroyed by magics. But when her trial goes horribly wrong, there’s only terror in her people’s eyes and Amora—too dangerous to be kept free or alive—must escape and figure out how to save her kingdom. Only a journey to the cursed island of Zudoh with a handsome pirate, a bloodthirsty mermaid, and her spurned fiancé can unveil the real history of soul magic and what dark shapes it’s being twisted into––making people live their lives with only half a soul. 

The reader sails through the different islands of Visidia alongside Amora, watching Grace’s world building unfold through the fabrics people wear, what each island considers a delicacy, and whether the architecture is glossy marble or towering sandstone. As a fashionista, I adored following the fashion trends of Mornute and getting an intimate look inside the handsome pirate’s wardrobe. Some readers might want fewer descriptions of fine stitching, but to me, they only added to the detailed world of Visidia. 

But it’s the main character, not world building, where this story stole my heart. Since I read All the Stars and Teeth, I’ve been trying to put into words the complexities of Princess Amora. There’s an edge of ruthlessness to her, tempered by her conviction and dedication to truth. While she does have moments of self-doubt, it was refreshing to have a young woman as a protagonist who is so self-assured. Amora has spent her entire life fortifying her soul against a magic that chips away at her nonetheless and it shows: she has learned to turn her fears into momentum. Her foundation may be shaken, but she looks an uncertain future in the eye and is determined to protect her people––no matter if they fear her, no matter the mistakes and lies of her family. Even as royalty, Amora never felt conceited to me, and even if she did, I would just think, Amora can have all the swagger she wants. Her confidence is balanced with setting right the wrongs of her bloodline; she sees through the crown’s empty gestures toward its people and demands action. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Adalyn Grace a week after her debut, and I wasn’t surprised to hear she’d set out to make Amora a different sort of YA heroine. I also wasn’t surprised by her thoughts on the secondary characters, because while reading, I often had the sense they were obscured in Amora’s shadow. I wanted more of Vatea, the mermaid displaced by poachers, who’d decided it was time to live on land. I wanted more of her journey and hardships, which I hope will play a key role in the sequel. And then there was Ferrick, the healer and rejected fiancé. Grace admitted that she often wasn’t sure what to do with Ferrick, except to poke fun at him through the other characters. He has a small arc where he reconciles with Amora, but ultimately, I wasn’t invested in him as a crew member. 

While the pacing was much more consistent than what I’m used to seeing in debuts, the final climax felt like it came crashing down on me. The plot twists are exciting and the journey to the past is a fascinating inclusion, but it happens all at once. Personally, I’m a bigger fan of a slow backstory reveal. A steady buildup can feel more rewarding. However, I do give props to Grace, because ripping away the veil leaves the reader feeling just as unanchored as Amora does in that moment. Everything we’ve learned about the kingdom is based on a lie—Amora’s worldview shatters all at once. 

The romantic subplot is where All the Stars and Teeth falls firmly into young adult romance tropes. The love interest was glaringly obvious from the start: A fiancé she could never love? A mysterious, attractive stranger who saves her life? Ooh-la-la. I’ve always found it unrealistic that two strangers burdened with saving all of humanity would have any mental energy to develop romantic feelings. Maybe it’s the adrenaline? The tension of being together on a small ship in the middle of the ocean? Regardless, Bastian the Handsome, Cursed Pirate ended up growing on me. The make out scenes felt spicy. The danger, the romantic tension––and even if his role as the male love interest was predictable, Bastian’s tragic backstory and quest for redemption pulled me in. What I truly appreciated by the end, though, was Amora’s ability to set boundaries for herself and Bastian––emotional and physical. This romantic subplot directly addresses consent, unlike the many questionable YA books of a by-gone era (i.e., the early 2000s).

All the Stars and Teeth was a delight of a debut. “Just one more chapter” became a mantra while reading––it was so difficult to put down. Visidia is a kingdom that is both beautiful and, at times, gruesome. Emotions ran hot, but the characters were never frustratingly reckless, as teen protagonists are wont to be. Amora is passionate, but steady at the helm; she thinks like a leader, whether she’s promising to right the wrongs of her family or initiating an intimate conversation with Bastian about trust. I imagine the sequel will have to address the issue of reparations, which will require much more of Amora as a ruler than going on a quest as an individual. I’m sure Amora and Adalyn Grace are up to the task. Visidia is brimming with potential and I’m raptly awaiting Adalyn Grace’s next novel.
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Very fast-paced after the first couple chapters. I loved Amora; she wasn't necessarily "likable" in the traditional sense, but I loved that about her. She is not your stereotypical heroine and has no qualms about doing whatever it takes to get what she wants. I'm always going to be a sucker for pirates, so Bastian was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise tumultuous storyline fraught with danger. Pirates, mermaids and magic are always going to be a go-to summer read for me.
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The cover is what made me fall for this book and then reading the summary I was pretty much hooked. All The Stars and Teeth started out strong, but about half way through it began to lag and no longer felt compelled to want to finish the story. I am glad I did, but I am dissapointed since it fell short on a few things. I'm hoping the sequel will be better
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Unlike anything I’ve read before, this book struck all the right notes, balancing an interesting world, magic, grit, and darkness.
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This book was predictable and filled with a lot of the same things. However, the adventure that this book took me on was very enjoyable and is the best part of it.
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Sadly I just could not get into this story. I tried numerous times but to no avail. This obviously just wasn't meant for me.
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*I received a digital copy from this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

This book is definitely an action-packed fantasy! The story follows Amora, who comes from a long line of rulers imbued with the morbid soul magic. However, at the ceremony designed to accept her as heir, Amora's magic takes a turn from the worst. Forced to flee with a mysterious pirate, Amora finds out more truths to the land her family rules and must make tough decisions for the betterment of her people. I really enjoyed this one!
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What a fun story! There were so many elements to this story and the surprises just kept coming. I never would of guessed the story would have ended up the way it did, very engaging and addictive read. 

There are several levels to this story that keep you intrigued throughout. I love a good adventure story and this one starts off immediately and just keeps going. After Amora flees she travels the seas to different islands throughout her kingdom. There are interesting creatures, people, magic systems, unexpected romance and twist after twist just kept coming. I really enjoyed this story and the world that I was drawn into. 

Amora is being chased by her own guards as well as those who want to rage war against the kingdom. She has to learn to trust others as well as hold their trust. A heroine that is both empathetic and true to her word. A person that you really want to see win in the end.
Highly recommend if you enjoy high fantasy YA.
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Two words: vicious mermaids. I absolutely adored the world that Adalyn Grace created. I love every book about mermaids, and this novel did not disappoint! This book had all of the bone-chilling, goosebump plot points you needed to stay engaged. I cannot wait to see what else this author does.
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I was given an early e-copy from the publisher, and I was so excited to dive into this world and its story! Right off the bat, Amora felt like a real person—someone I could be friends with and root for at the same time. I sympathized with her and felt her desire to do good by Visidia in my bones.

Bastian was so much fun. I loved their banter, and I loved his ship. Ferrick was also so sweet! They had me laughing out loud so many different times.

Vataea was such a good character. She’s fiery and feisty and powerful, but she’s also not invincible, which I really appreciated.

I truly enjoyed this story and the characters, and will definitely be picking up the sequel when it comes out! Adalyn has delivered a mesmerizing tale full of magic and adventure!
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The cover for this book is absolutely gorgeous and I went into it with high hopes. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy it as much as I was hoping I would. I can't really put my finger onto why. The characters and story line just didn't pull me in. I will say that the magic system was interesting. I don't think I'll read the sequel. 2.5/5 stars
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I received a digital ARC as a part of Adalyn Grace's street team.  There is so much to love about All the Stars and Teeth (ASTAT): blood magic, pirates, mermaids, the high seas adventures, a race to save the kingdom.  Grace does an excellent job of creating a vividly unique world and magic system.  The jeweled islands fit perfectly within the YA realm, and the feat of creating a culture and magic unique to each one was impressive for a debut novel.

I was pleased to find the MC, Amora, not your typical pretty princess.  She is raw and flawed, loyal and fierce.  The fact that so many find her downright scary is definitely a plus in my book.  The supporting cast of characters were adequately developed for a the first of a YA series.  I found myself intrigued by the beautiful and fearsome mermaid, charmed by the pirate scoundrel, and empathizing with the jaded lover.  I'm hoping to get to know them more as the series progresses.

While I enjoyed this book, it wasn't love for me.  This stems from my inability to connect to the writing.  For the entirety of the book, I felt as though something was missing to give this book an edge over other YAs of the time.  At times the writing comes across as flowery, contrived, and even corny at times.  Anyone that knows me, knows I love cheesy lines, but this fell short for me.  There also lacked a sense of urgency in the writing style, which the plotting demanded.  It's predictable.  This being a high-stakes, on-the-run adventure, I expected to be on the edge of my seat and sorely missed the rush.

In the end, I was entertained reading it and intrigued enough to read the next book.  I recommend this for YA fantasy readers who enjoy pirates or high seas adventure.  Similar reads would be To Kill A Kingdom, Daughter of a Pirate King, and Ash Princess.
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I really wanted to like this. Pirates! Magic! Mermaids! I love all those things -- and I've seen them a million times before, and there was nothing that felt new or interesting about them in this book. If this were my first swashbuckling YA pirate novel, I'd probably still be annoyed by the insta-romance-just-add-water, but I'd also probably think it was a fun ride. As it wasn't my first pirate adventure, it just felt like a ride I'd been on too many times before.
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All The Stars and Teeth by Adalyn Grace is a YA Fantasy novel that is full of magic and exciting yet dangerous sea adventures.

The novel is about Amora, a princess who was forced to flee from her kingdom after failing the test of becoming the High Animancer. When a mysterious, charming pirate offered her a second chance to redeem herself and prove that she could protect and fit to rule the kingdom, she desperately jumped to the offer. So they went to a mission to save a vanished and long-forgotten island that once part of the kingdom from a rotten curse that now surrounded the whole island.

I couldn’t believe it myself that I was able to finish this novel for only two sittings. My bookish friends know how slow I read books, especially fantasy ones. Devouring this book so fast just meant I truly enjoyed this novel that I couldn’t put it down. There were a lot of things I like about this novel.

First, the world-building. I liked how vibrant and full of magic it was. The kingdom was consist of seven islands, and these islands were represented by a jewel and the type of magic the people practiced. The people knew that they could only practice one magic which they chose because practicing two or more would corrupt their soul or worse they could die. Although this kind of magic system is already familiar, the author still managed to make it fresh and unique.

Second, the plot. I haven’t read many books about the sea. Maybe that’s why I really liked the plot. Pirates, mermaids, legendary sea creatures, curses, princesses, treachery — this book had all of them. It is fast-paced, bloody, and action-packed. There were twists and turns that were surprising. The book also included some heavy topics like sexism, sexual assaults, and abusive relationships. The author handled these sensitive topics really well.

Third, the characters. I swore all the characters in this novel were well-written and intriguing. I love the crew. They consisted of a pirate, a beautiful and dangerous mermaid, a kind-hearted healer, and a fierce princess. At first, I couldn’t root for the main protagonist since I found her quite annoying and a spoiled brat the way she treated her fiance. However, over time she grew on me. My favorite was definitely none other than the pirate. He was mysterious and way too charming. He kind of reminded me of Captain Hook on Once Upon A Time series.

Lastly, the romance. I liked how the romance is completely different yet still part of the plot. The banters were funny and enjoyable. I could feel the dynamics and chemist of the love interests to each other.
Overall, All The Stars and Teeth is such a fast and enjoyable read. I recommend this novel!

4.5/5 stars!
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