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I struggled with this book at first but what really captured my attention was the world building and the synopsis that made me want to read more. I really loved the overall design of the book, the magic, the kingdoms, the mermaids, the pirates. The plot overall is what gives this book it’s four star rating from me. I loved the concept of the book and found that after about 50 or so pages I was hooked. The characters too, I fell in love with, I really enjoyed Amora and the development of her character. I highly recommend this book to any fantasy lover, especially those who love mermaids/pirates.

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This book started off slow but once the rudimentary worked building was over, I was really into it. It’s a pirate fantasy with plenty of magical elements. I think how this first book was structured in interesting and unique. I’m invested in this story and I want to know what happens next

Update: it's been a couple of weeks and I'm STILL thinking about this story.

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I am such a sucker for anything pirate and when I heard that this book was coming out I was so excited. It also didn't hurt that this is one of my favorite covers and I am a true cover snob. Not only does All The Stars and Teeth have pirates, but we have all kinds of magic (including some crazy death torture magic as well as fun happy magic), court intrigue, regrowing limbs and dissections, betrayal, lies, sirens, romance, fantastic sea beasties, more death, and SO MUCH ACTION!

One thing that I found different about this story compared to anything else was the fact that the main character had the darkest, most scary magic possible- the ability to torture and kill. In a world where there are all kinds of magics possible and you can choose what you want to have, the main character was forced into having death magic as a very young child in a terrible way (on purpose) so that way she could be next in line to the throne. In any other story, having this dark ability would make a character a villain, but here she was a princess, the champion for her people. And she was pretty kick ass, just saying.

I loved everything that was this book/world, I would not change a thing and I will try to keep my cool until the next book in the series (yep, this is a series) is released because the ending hurt my heart! Know going into the story that you will not want to put it down, blink and you might miss something, so set aside some time to just read and become fully immersed in this lush, detailed, dangerous and magical world. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes magic, court politics and battles for power as well as fierce heroines with a true moral compass.

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Thank you so much to the author and publisher for the book in exchange for an honest review! I am also a part of the street team!

Wow, this book was a wild ride! I really enjoyed the world building, including all the different kinds of magic and the kingdom islands.

My favourite parts include the mermaid, the sea monster battle, and the encounters with cursed objects. I also really liked the interesting storyline of the kingdom, and the flashbacks were well written. I also liked how the romance wasn't the main part of the story, and was a mild enemies-to-lovers, slow burn type romance.

However, I'm not going to lie– a couple of Amora's character traits annoyed me. It did drop a star rating because of it. This book was also a little slow for me in the middle for a bit, but the last 100 or so pages were very action packed!

Overall, I give this novel 4/5 stars! I hear it's being made into a duology! I recommend it to you if you're looking for action and adventure or if you like books with magic, pirates, mermaids or sea monsters!

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**Thank you to Imprint and NetGalley for providing me with an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

“I can see it in your eyes. A kingdom is too small for you, Princess. You should be ruler of the entire sea.”

This was such a fun, unique read! Adalyn created such a lush, imaginative world with an amazing magic system. I live for books where a bunch of misfits assemble to achieve a common goal, so this bad boy was right up my alley! I didn’t care much for the protagonist, Amora, but the other characters more than make up for her haughty, brash nature. Ferrick is such a cinnamon roll, Vataea is the fierce bad ass, and Bastian? He ought to change his name to SASSTIAN. He made me laugh SO much.

I really loved the whole, “everything is not what it seems” thing. I like when a book is able to keep me on my toes for as long as possible. I am really curious to see where the story goes from here. Most of everything was wrapped up with a nice little bow by the end, so it will be interesting to see where Amora and her crew go from here!

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Carve out some time and dive straight into this amazing adventure story full of magic and twists around every turn! This epic quests takes along with Amora Montana, princess of the island kingdom of Visidia as she struggles and fights to prove her rightful place. With the help of Bastian, a mysterious and fantastic pirate, Amora must navigate the darkest perils that stand in her way of securing her place as heir to the throne. I couldn't put this book down as it built a world as mysterious, dark, and fantastic that I have ever seen. Who doesn't love vengeance-enacting mermaids and danger lurking beneath the seas? I eagerly anticipate installment #2 in this series and give my highest recommendation to enjoying this dynamic and engaging tale!

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Review: 3 Stars

When I first saw the cover of this novel and read it’s blurb I was very excited. The hype for this book grew and I started to worry if it would live up to my expectations. There were so many aspects of All the Stars and Teeth that I had such high hopes for and in many ways I was pleased with how this one turned out, but there were also some aspects that fell very short of my expectations, I had hoped that this could be a 5 star read, but as the book went on I found it easier and easier to set it down.

All the Stars and Teeth had island and ocean settings that I really loved. The story was filled with pirates, royalty, magic and mermaids, all of which were described in detail. The world building was done really well, helping the reader form a vivid picture of this magical world surrounded by the sea. I also really enjoyed the writing. Adalyn Grace knows how to show a reader things rather than tell them plainly. Her writing easily captured feelings that are impossible to describe like freedom, love and loyalty. When I was about halfway into All the Stars and Teeth I felt as if the book could turn out to be a 5 star read for me.

But then the book took a turn for the worse. A little over halfway through the book I started steadily losing interest. The plot felt as if it was falling apart and by the end I didn’t care what happened at all. The evils that Amora was fighting against didn’t feel real and the truth and the lies about magic and the history of the world became convoluted. I felt like the author was trying to pull off this big twist and somewhere in there I lost interest. The beginning of the book was so great and I tore right through it, but the second half really dragged for me and I couldn’t make myself care about the plot anymore. The first half was fun and entertaining, but the second half felt muddled with politics and a twist that just didn’t work for me.

Overall I’m disappointed. I think I will check out the next book that Adalyn Grace comes out with, because her writing really has potential, but this book fell short of what it could have been. I enjoyed a lot of this book, but I also dragged myself through about half of it. I really wanted to love this book, but All the Stars and Teeth was a big disappointment for me.

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One of the best books I’ve read involving a new magic system and mermaids and pirates! Ugh i loved this book so much and I had the pleasure of meeting Adalyn who was so much more amazing!

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I really enjoyed this book. I’ve been looking for a great story with pirates and mermaids for a while! I didn’t expect to like this so much given the latest track record of books. I really enjoyed the world and the characters! It was fun and exciting!

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I finished! I enjoyed the book, but it isn’t my favorite book. It ends on a cliffhanger, sort of. Issues are unresolved at the end.

I’m not sure all the blood and violence was necessary but it was a good read.

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I really enjoyed All the Stars and Teeth - much more than I initially thought I would (mostly because I don't usually read books with mermaids, however, for this one I made an exception). I enjoyed the world building, the history of the island and its people and their powers. I love that I read so many fantasy books and all have such unique worlds and uses of magic and power. My favorite part of the story is the role family and legacy play and how your parents are not always the people you believe or want them to be.
The end of the book is not unlike many I've read before (again I read A LOT of fantasy), but with an interesting twist and I am excited to see how it plays out in the next book.

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I loved this story. The world was imaginative and the characters interesting.

I believe it really should have been a duology or a series, I think it was wrapped up too quickly. I wanted to see more of the adventure and friendship of the crew grow and find out more of their backstories. She spent a lot of time diving into Amora's story and then went quickly though the others and all of the action and story.

I look forward to her future books.

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All the Stars and Teeth sails perfectly on the waves of a princess determined to save her kingdom, a handsome pirate, astonishing curses, loads of magic, and a romance that makes the characters stronger in their hearts and weaker in their knees. With a complex magic system and several mysteries waiting to be unravelled, the story plays its aces at the right time. Myths, legends, and the truth are all intertwined, which makes all of it more grey than simply distinguishable as black or white. Excitement, action, emotions, and some predictability is what this book offers. A definitive recommendation for those who wish to follow a strong headed princess on an epic sea adventure!

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What an adventure! I was looking forward to more mermaids but I loved all the characters and how dark it got by the end. The locations were immersive and I found myself rooting for Amora at every turn! Can’t wait for the sequel!

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4.75/5 stars

There's a lot to like about this book! It's fast-paced and filled with adventure, and the cast of characters is fully fleshed out and exciting. The magic system is intricate (sometimes a little too much, but ultimately it's understandable) and fresh, and the setting, on a pirate's ship sailing to multiple of the different islands in one kingdom, is really interesting.

I've got to say, I think the best thing about this book is Amora, the main character. She's definitely prickly and absolutely the kind that some might call "unlikable" — she's bold and she takes what she wants and she fights people a lot, and she has this magic that's really problematic but she wields it believing it's for the best for her people. I didn't always agree with her choices, in fact I rarely did, but I understood her motivations and was on board with them from the get-go.

I also really liked the pirate, but then I like those types of characters ;)

The twist at the ending did a great job of taking me by surprise and left open enough questions for the sequel(s?) to answer, and I'm excited to see where the rest of this series goes!

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DNF at 21%. The premise was intriguing but unfortunately the writing style is not at all my jam. I’m really struggling to continue or find reasons to be invested in the characters. YMMV, so try an excerpt and read other reviews.

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"The world doesn't work only with your eyes princess, there's truth in more than you can see.."
Mermaids, Pirates, Magic, Kingdom that needs saving, Rebellions, High sea voyages; this book has everything you need plus it has things you didn't know you needed.
All the stars and Teeth by Adalyn Grace is a epic sea adventure fantasy written with a little bit of Magic. The writing, the adventure, the journey is what kept me hooked. The crew was all mad and lovable at the same time. I don't know what kept me turning pages after pages, the adventure or the bond or the magic.
"We've shared an experience only a few people will understand, and its marked our souls. The sea is a beast more fearsome than even the Lusca"

The only thing that kept it in the back burner for me is that it was a tiny bit predictable. And the way Amora treated Ferrick was bit disappointing.

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"But even our idols - even those we want to love and trust more than anything - can let us down"

A rich debut fantasy with a vulnerable yet cut-throat cast of characters.

The royal Montara bloodline has been both blessed and cursed with dangerous soul magic. Every generation, the crown heir must prove control over their magic in order to be accepted as the new High Animancer, or face death.
Amora has been training all her life to ascend the throne and claim her rightful place as High Animancer. But when her magic demonstration goes awry she is forced to flee and make a deal with the mysterious pirate, Bastian.
However, as Amora sails the kingdom, she finds out that secrets have been kept from her. Amora must make difficult choices and chose between those she loves and the survival of her kingdom.

First, I want to state that I was a part of Adalyn Grace's street team for ATSAT. This was my first time being part of a street team and it was such a wonderful and welcoming experience.

I will admit, I was a little disappointed. I fully expected this book to a 5-star read, and the fact that it wasn't makes me sad. I think that the reason for this is because I was so busy with my life that I had to put this book down and read it every couple of days. This hindered my experience and I wish that I had waited to read it until I could fully immerse myself in the vivid world Adalyn Grace created.

ATSAT is such a lush novel, full of magical lore and politics. I adored getting to see all the different kingdoms and the magic that resided at each one. It was a cool concept to have each kingdom dedicated to certain magic, because it made each island unique and fun to learn about.

Amora. Man, did she annoy me in the beginning. Despite being unlikable, I understood her. Imagine being confined to a palace your entire life and made to practice deadly magic day-and-night. Sprinkle that with being told your country reveres your magic and that they depend on you... it isn't a surprise that Amora starts off the novel haughty as hell. However, I am in awe of the phenomenal character development Amora underwent. You watch as she channels her thirst for power into raw determination. Amora, at her core, is just a girl who wants the best for her kingdom - no matter the cost to herself. She is so fierce, and I grew to love her unapologetic nature. As the novel progresses, you grow to truly believe that she would make the perfect High Animancer.

I want to quickly touch of the other three characters we follow throughout this journey.
Our Keel Haul Captain, Bastian, is every bit the sassy pirate you want him to be. He was swoon-worthy, and so much fun. I loved seeing him open up throughout the progression of this novel and am intrigued to see how he will fair in the sequel.
Our soft-boy, Ferrick, who is Amora's arranged fiance. Ferrick grows in strength not only physically but mentally. His confidence evolves from his fierce need to protect those around him, and his powers are pretty darn cool.
Our viciously beautiful mermaid, Vataea, is a character I could read an entire novel about. I freaking loved her and want so much more her badass powers and sultry personality.

Lastly, the romance.
The romance. The romance. The romance.
I loved it! It was the perfect build-up and I one-hundred-percent swooned during the first kiss scene.

Overall, I am highly impressed with this debut novel. I cannot wait for the sequel and believe that Adalyn Grace is an author everyone should have on their radar.

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To start, the best bit of this book is the matter of fact way in which the gender of the main character has no bearing on the succession of rule in the story. The next in line for the throne happens to be a girl, and the narrative makes no big deal about it. It is not pointed out that she is a girl or that there are any “unjust” laws of male succession or that she is the only one left that can ascend the throne and because of this she is allowed to do so and be a girl. She’s just next up. That’s it.
The magic system story is immensely convoluted and struggles greatly, in my opinion, to establish itself well without having to compensate for the abundance of explanation owed to the reader to get him or her introduced to the world in the narrative. It contains many incorporations of other magical systems in some derivative way; some from Garth Nix’s Abhorsen, some from Victoria Schwab’s Monsters of Verity, others from other places that would be too much work to catalog in a review. It lagged immensely in the beginning because of this. I should have had the book read before the release date, but could not bring myself to even pick it up from sheer avoidance of boredom.
There are quite a few more things annoying about this book, first and namely the glamorization of smoking, which is asinine considering the massive problem we’re having with teenagers and young people and their failing lungs due to early smoking and vaping. Additionally, the MC starts her period on the run and gets peeved when who she’s running with acts concerned about the iron levels in her blood and catch her a flipping fish to help. As if women don’t lose blood iron when they bleed and have to replenish their levels every now and then. And when men act considerate about it instead of berating a woman for it, it’s still bad. Pick one and be angry about it. Otherwise, shut up already. Good grief, it’s atrocious.
Perhaps the most annoying bit of the book is the not-so-subtle and vehemently persistent preaching, both in dialogue and narrative, of the MC. Everything is explained as either right or wrong according to her own morality, but the morality is not linked in any way to the foundation character or the way she was brought up. It is simply asserted that it is the de facto setting for how a situation should be resolved or how a person should be treated and why. And though I may agree with some parts of it, it feels like an invasive extenuation of the outside world of today demanding people think and feel this way or that way. I don’t read fantasy books (or any books) for that and I don’t like, as a reader or a person, being told how to think or what to feel. Unfortunately, this book is not catered toward adults but children (under 18, or YA, are children), so I will be sure to point out these facts when asked questions about the book by students or their parents.
It may be that I hardly ever come across a book that is just a good story ever again. Well, crap.

My thanks to NetGalley for the ARC, for which I give my own opinion.

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When the cover for ALL THE STARS AND TEETH was revealed, I was immediately enthralled and intrigued. After reading the synopsis, I was in!!! A seafaring adventure with pirates, mermaids and magic? SIGN.ME.UP! I read the book over the course of a week during a very difficult time in my personal life. It was the perfect mental break and distraction. I do think I want to do a reread when I'm in a different state of mind to fully absorb everything.

I love when a book has a sassy character like Bastian. His humor and snark are everything I look for in a book boyfriend! Plus he's a pirate, swoooon. Amora, the Princess, is a little lost and has a lot to learn. But her magic was something I've never seen before and I found the details of how it works fascinating. Ferrick, the stowaway, has so much heart and reminds me a lot of myself. He wants to help everyone but ends up in some tricky situations. Vataea, the mermaid, ... where to even begin with her. She is bad a$$ and never does what you expect!  The whole Sea Crew of Keel Haul (that's the ship) was just a joy to read. I really don't know if I could choose a favorite if you made me.

The book doesn't start out with extensive world building, I felt like I was just kind of thrown into it. Honestly? I kind of loved that! I feel that sometimes the world building aspects of a book can be very long and drawn out. ALL THE STARS AND TEETH is set in a world that's been divided by war. There are several islands each with their own form of magic. It took me a bit to remember what was what and who could do what sorts of magic. Overall I like how Adalyn set up her world. The plot starts out quick and the adventure never really stops. I'm really excited to see where this ends! It's going to be a long year waiting for book 2, but I can't wait.

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