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JANE AGAINST THE WORLD by Karen Blumenthal is a new book about the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade and the Fight for Reproductive Rights.  Blumenthal (Let Me Play: The Story of Title IX) is an award winning author of non-fiction and divides this latest work into 4 parts: Restrictions, Reform, Roe v. Wade, and After Roe. Each is filled with photos, quotes, and statistics and the book contains a glossary of legal and medical terms, plus a timeline, and a summary of other relevant court cases as well as an extensive bibliography, notes and an index.
Student researchers will appreciate the detailed information and numerous primary sources (e.g., photo of original receipt from the filing of Roe v. Wade). In addition, Blumenthal presents the personal stories of the plaintiff (Norma McCorvey) and of the young, activist lawyers (like Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington) in a balanced, accessible narrative that will likely offer surprises and intrigue her readers.

Acknowledging Blumenthal's "enduring recognition that reproductive rights restrictions have always been a way for people in power to further racist, classist agendas," Booklist called this work an "essential guide" and gave it a starred review, as did Kirkus who described JANE AGAINST THE WORLD as "gripping reading; necessary for every library serving teens." We will have a copy on our shelves.
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Excellent book, and extremely readable!  Perfect for high school students researching the constitutional and historical (as well as current) issues surrounding the Roe V. Wade decision.
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"Pushed, she said a woman’s constitutional right exists until a child is born, since the Constitution gives rights only once one is born."

A vital and necessary read for any adult of the modern day. There is no more comprehensive history of women's healthcare and reproductive rights than in this book. It's full of important court cases, testimonies and personal opinions on equal rights. This book is informational and is necessary for any women's studies courses. The material is a little dry, which is to be expected of any nonfiction book. The prolonged court cases were difficult to read, but try to stick in there. This history can't afford to be forgotten!

This book reflects on both the past, present and possible future of women's reproductive rights. I have very little critiques, only that I wish there hadn't been a sudden leap from the 1970s to current day. I would've loved more detail on the 1980s, another crucial period. All in all a fantastic and worthwhile read!
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This book looks at the history of abortion and Roe V. Wade. An important book that should be on the shelves in all libraries.  I hope school libraries will be brave enough to purchase this book for their collection.  The battle for women’s rights continues to this day and this piece of work will open discussions that need to be had.  There is much we all need to learn about the subject.
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