The Wife and the Widow

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3.5 stars for me. Set in Australia, with two intersecting storylines centering around female protagonists, family secrets, shame, and hidden selves. There’s some cleverness with timelines that creates a twist. I was in for the vaguely unsympathetic but interesting and evolving characters of Abby and Kate. And I didn’t predict the denouement. But: the amateur taxidermy—! I just couldn’t get over it.

I was provided with an advance copy of this book by St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This was a meticulously, brilliantly-crafted story. With acidic prose, abrupt segues between story lines, and an unflinching honesty, a tale had been created that was as beautiful as it was bleak.

Gripping. Riveting. Haunting. 

This story may not warm your heart but it will seep into your bones. 

'The Wife and the Widow' just reset the bar for my opinion of a great psychological mystery and thriller. Unfortunately, all I've got is 5 stars to give and it is not nearly enough. This book was too good to be real.

Thank you to NetGalley, St. Martin's Press, and Christian White for an ARC of 'The Wife and the Widow' in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.
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I absolutely loved this book. I loved how there was a moment about three quarters of the way in where I had to stop and have a ‘huh’ moment before returning to the book. The author describes the characters splendid lyrics so you’re rooting for everyone even though you know you wouldn’t normally. This is the first book I’ve read by this author but I’d love to read more.
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The Wife and The Widow is a psychological thriller not to miss. A twisted story of a murder 20 years ago and a current day missing person case. The story the unites 2 families, in the worst possible way. Past and present. Chilling twists and turns. It’s a wild and surprising ride. Well written, with an unexpected ending. 4 stars.
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I was a huge fan of The Nowhere Child so I was excited to get this second stand alone book as an ARC.
Kate is a widow who is learning that her dead husband held many secrets and Abby is confronting evidence of her husband's guilt. Set on an island in the winter, this atmospheric thriller keeps you wanting more as these two women connect and set out to find the truth.
I don't want to give much more info because the less you know the more shocked you will be. This will probably be one of my favorite books of the coming year. 
The writing is flawless and draws you in with plot twists and eerie things that there is noway you could see coming. Get this book when it comes out, you won't be disappointed.
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This was great! The island setting was so atmospheric, and this is the kind of book that's perfect for a dark and stormy night. All kinds of secrets and surprises I didn't see coming at all. Would definitely recommend to all fans of mysteries/thrillers
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I cannot wait for this book to hit the shelves so other people can read it. I was on the edge of my seat so often, it nearly tipped over. Good thing I have acrylics or I wouldn't have fingernails left.

This is the classic domestic thriller that has gotten more and more popular lately and I think it'll appeal to fans of Gillian Flynn and Paula Hawkins.

Things I loved about this book:
-creepy isolated island! When a mystery is set on an isolated island, you know shit is going to go down and there will be many secrets woven through the people.
-husband goes missing, is found dead, we find out he has been keeping secrets from his wife! We all know that never turns out well
-another wife who is slowly finding out that her husband is also keeping secrets from her! But why? and what?
-the dual perspectives! As soon as I thought we were going to get an answer, the POV would switch and I'd curse at the author because NOW I'M LATE FOR WORK BECAUSE I HAVE TO READ THIS CHAPTER TOO.
-the red herrings! There were multiple times I was convinced I knew what was going on. I kept thinking to myself "HA You can't fool ME, Christian White!!!" but uhhh, yeah I was very wrong about that one. Multiple times.
-the plot twist!! I truly did not see this coming. You could give me 10 tries to guess this twist and I highly doubt I would have. I'd love to reread this and see if there were any guesses or anything I missed that would have made it more obvious.

So basically, I enjoyed every minute of this and I do want to reread it again, even though I know the ending, just to experience the characters and the island again.
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This another amazing thriller! A very strong 4 stars! If you like thrillers that ACTUALLY keep you guessing until the end, this is for you. I thought I had the twist figured out early on and was a little bummed, but I was so wrong! I can't wait to read more by this author. I'll post a full, more detailed review soon! 

I received an ARC of this novel from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I was really surprised by the twists and turns in this book! It was a quick and engaging read that left me pretty dumbfounded- which is always a good thing. I will definitely be reading more from this author, as this was my first. This definitely feels like one of those novels that anyone who likes a solid thriller/mystery would enjoy.
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A solid thriller written with an engaging style and plot. With many helpful reviews already available, I'll just recommend this for mystery fans seeking a good read.

I really appreciate the ARC for review!!
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"We all have things that ought to stay buried, things a person should keep to well can you really know anyone?"

Kate Keddie, a stay at home mom, lived in an elegant Victorian home in Caulfield. She was married to John, a physician at Trinity Health Centre for Palliative Care. As our story unfolds, Kate and ten year old daughter Mia, await John's return from a two week conference in London. As passengers deplane at Melbourne International Airport, he is not among them. In fact, John never flew to London to attend the palliative care seminar. John and Kate own a holiday house on Belport Island, a wedding gift from John's parents, Fisher and Pam Keddie. John dislikes the island. Fisher is not impressed with John's choice of wife. Kate is "passive to the point of invisible...".

Abby Gilpin, long time Belport Island resident, lived with husband Ray and two kids in a small weatherboard beach house with "groaning floorboards, the constant pop of settling wood...". Abby worked shifts at the "Buy and Bye" Food Market. She was an amateur taxidermist and stored various chemical supplies in a work station in her garage. The supplies included tanning solutions and luminol. In the cold months, Ray ran Island Care, "a caretaking business focusing on maintaining unoccupied holiday houses across the island."

In alternating voices, Kate and Abby share their stories. Quiet, mousy Kate comes into her own. She doesn't know her own strength until John dies on Belport Island. Why was he there when he stated that he was at a conference? Why was he no longer an employee of Trinity Health Centre? Abby discovers work boots and a grey work shirt with the logo Island Care in an overturned garbage bin. She decides to test the suspiciously stained items using luminol. What might Ray have done?

"The Wife and the Widow" by Christian White is a psychological thriller filled with lies and deception. Author White keeps the reader guessing. The many twists and turns, past and present, create an eerie island atmosphere filled with many unexpected reveals. This sophomore crime thriller is one I highly recommend.

Thank you St. Martin's Press, Minotaur Books and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review "The Wife and the Widow".
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When you are blessed enough to find a book that keeps you guessing, you are in book heaven!  I just couldn't put this one down.  I stayed up all night reading just to find out who was who and what exactly happened.  The story came together beautifully and was masterfully written.   It was an "edge of your seat" plot with a surprising ending.  It is a definite must read for people who enjoy thrillers!  I highly recommend this book!  :)
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Wow! This book kept me on the edge of my seat from the very first page! Just when I thought I had some things figured out, NOPE! Not even close. This is my first book by this author but you can bet I’ll be reading many more from Christian White. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this book for my honest review.
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I received an ARC of this novel from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

This novel is told from the point of view of a widow and the wife in the family responsible for his death.  Interesting plot twist.  I enjoyed the novel.
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I received an Arc from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. “If we don’t talk about the monsters in this world, we won’t be ready for them when they jump out from under the bed.” My first time reading this author an it will not be my last. An excellent thriller with some dark twists. Totally original, tightly woven plot that brought many surprises. The story revolves around 2 women- the widow Kate who is trying to find out why her dead husband had a hidden life an why he had so many secrets and the wife Abbey. So many secrets and lies. I was captivated and could not put it down.
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Told from two perspectives: Kate the widow, and Abby the wife, this thriller/mystery had me hooked not only from the first chapter but the writing as well.

I won’t go into too much detail as I don’t want to give anything away and I think you will get the most out of this book by going in blind. I got to a point where I wanted to throw my kindle against the wall while furiously going back trying to figure out if I missed something along the way. After reading the authors notes (do not read them before starting the book) I realized that this is exactly what he was hoping for……guilty, but at least I’m not crazy. Although I had a tiny inkling of where this was going I was no where near to where it actually went. 4.5 ⭐️
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This is one of the best thrillers I’ve read in a year! I love how the captivating plot follows two women, Kate and Abby as they uncover lies, secrets and deception. As the details unfold, the timelines and the women’s past and present come together in a shocking conclusion and the secrets of their husbands are finally revealed. This is a great book!  It has a mind bending twist that almost blew me away. I had to stop and think it through before I could continue reading. This is a book you won’t want to put down. I highly recommend it! My thanks to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for an advance copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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The Wife and the Widow  is a wonderful, dark and incredibly rich mystery/thriller novel, so well built and fast paced that I wasn't able to put it down till I reached the end. I was absolutely captivated by the atmosphere and characters.
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This book took me awhile to get into but once I did I enjoyed it. I loved the alternating voices and the mystery behind it all. Shocking ending I didn’t see coming! Thanks to Netgalley for my advanced ebook copy!
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**4.5 stars, rounded up**

Wowzas, that twist!

This one will be hard to review without spoiling anything, but I'll give it a shot!

Set in Belport, a small island town that comes to life during the summer months for tourist season, Abby, a local woman discovers that she doesn't know her husband as well as she had thought. Kate, whose family owns a summer house in Belport, goes to meet her husband at the airport after a business trip only to discover that he never got on the plane returning from London.

Told in alternating points of view from those two women, The Wife and the Widow will cause you to question how well you can ever really know anyone else. This is a masterfully crafted story that left my head spinning.
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