Modern Manhood

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 26 Nov 2019

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Important stuff here. Stiller knows some of the topics are tricky, but tackles them head on. A lot of the text comes from men in their own thoughts, which allows for some honesty without judging.
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A must-read not necessarily because of any "answers" within, but what it prompts you to ask yourself. 

What should a guy, one who considers himself at least an ally on some level in the middle of this #MeToo movement, do in regards to conducting themselves going forward? How about in front of their friends, colleagues, and family? Since so, so much of this is steeped in a big ole gray area, Stiller, at a minimum, aims to help you get your bearings on these subjects. She does this by distributing testimonials, presenting scientific data, speaking with experts, and summarizing it all to give you something to dig your heels into as you ponder (or come to a decision--your call). What should one think about those we've idolized that are now disgraced for using their position of power? Do you seriously just stop listening to their music or watching their movies? Anyone worth their salt is making attempts to come to answer they feel is the one a "good person" would choose, but, again, gray areas. 

Stiller wants the guys to not only speak up, but to live the not shy away from the movement, lest they get erroneously caught up in a witch hunt-style monsoon of accusations (she addresses the likelihood of this happening), but to approach with an open mind, empathy for those who have lived without equal privilege, an eagerness to listen to improve, and the list surely goes on and on. Trust that this isn't a man-bashing work that's pure wish fulfillment for anyone wronged by dudes along the way, because the title's honest here: Each guy needs to have these conversations, early and often, and some of these, frankly, are going to be tough ones (some more than others, depending on who you are and how you've lived your life). 

There's no judgment here. Just a respectable collection of information to read over and to be considered a gift. Stiller is here to help, not to admonish or sound a battle horn, and her direct-but-understanding technique is why this is a ruby of a book. 

Many thanks to NetGalley and to Tiller Press for the advance read.
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