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The Courage to Be Happy

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The Courage to Be Happy follows on the success of the international best-selling The Courage to Be Disliked. In their first book, psychologist Ichiro Kishimi and writer Fumitake Koga introduced audiences to the psychology of Alfred Adler. Less well known than his contemporary Sigmund Freud, Adler is still ranked among the most eminent psychologists of the 20th century.

Though a companion to the first book, The Courage to Be Happy stands on its own. The authors review Adlerian thought, bringing us up to speed, and then explore his happiness theory. Their writing style brings heady topics down to a level the layperson can easily comprehend.

It may have been more engaging for readers if the authors had presented the actual discussion they maintained on these topics, according to the Afterword. The Socratic dialogue approach between a philosopher and his student is effective, but the colloquial style can begin to feel repetitive.

Still, Adler’s view of individuals and social interest—living in a way that contributes to the welfare of others—is laudable and much needed in society today. Kishimi and Koga summarize Adler’s life philosophy as “Love, be self-reliant, and choose life.” That reminder alone makes this a worthwhile read. 

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