The Strangers We Know

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Pip Drysdale has written another compelling story that gets hold of you and doesn’t let you go!  We initially meet Charlie Carter having broken up with her boyfriend and is being cheered up by her friend Tess, when she meets Oliver. It doesn’t take long but soon they are together and even married. However, things become complicated when Charlie sees her husband on a dating app. Things turn crazy as she follows up on this by joining the dating app herself.
The story takes many twists and turns that keep you intrigued and captivated! Murder and criminal activities add complexity and depth to the story. 

Highly recommended read.

Thank you to Netgalley and publisher Simon & Schuster for a copy to read and review
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Just who can you trust?  A twisty modern day thriller!

Charlie notices her husband’s photo on a dating app her friends are swiping through, in fact she even took that photo on their honeymoon!  She’s in shock and thinks she must be mistaken as she has the perfect marriage, hasn’t she?  Her suspicions are now aroused and as she casts her mind back things start beginning to add up.

Charlie shamelessly decides to sign up to the dating app herself as a blonde she’s invented named Annabella with a few random photos she’s downloaded off the web of an attractive woman.  She intends to catch him out but she discovers it’s so much worse than she could possibly imagine and she is overcome with confusion.  When she confronts her husband Oliver, her life changes forever!

Charlie flees the house leaving Oliver and becomes involved in a tangled web of deceit, a police investigation and murder.

Wow the deeper you get into this story the more the plot thickens! A fast paced modern thriller where nothing is what it appears to be.  An entertaining read!
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I received an e-arc from Simon & Schuster Australia courtesy of Netgalley. That does not effect my review of this book.

The Strangers We Know is Pip Drysdale's sophomore novel, she has grown in her writing and it has shown!

The Strangers We Know had twists and turns that I did not see coming and I could not put the book down! I had to know how it ended! I really enjoyed the narration of this novel, Charlie is an aspiring actress so she recounts the days in a script like way.

I gave this book 4/5 stars and I highly recommend.
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Pip Drysdale - you have done it again!  When I read The Sunday Girl last year I was instantly a fan and could not wait to get my hands on copy of The Strangers We Know.  And again I stayed up way past my bedtime to read this book.  And it was absolutely worth all the lost sleep as I could not get enough.  This book is headed straight to the top of the bestsellers chart - it is brilliant!  I will be recommending The Strangers We Know to anybody that will listen to me!!

Imagine seeing a photo that you took of your own husband on your honeymoon on a dating app!  This is what happens to Charlie when she is out with the girls on night in London.  She keeps telling herself that she is imagining it, but at the same time she can't forget about it.  The more she thinks about it, the more signs she finds that Oliver to betraying her.  Up until this point she believe that they had the most perfect of lives. So Charlie does what any woman would do - she joins the app in an attempt to catch him in the act.  

Little does she know that this is start of her entire life crumbling, and not knowing who to trust or believe.  Her picture perfect life is over and she now has to find out who her husband really is. Charlie is thrown into a world that she did not even know existed and has to separate fact from fiction.  There are so many twists and red herrings that you will not know how it is all going to end.

The story is told from Charlies point of view, in both the past and the present.  We learn more about her life with Oliver and her past as the chapters go on.  Pip Drysdale is very clever at not giving anything away too soo, and making you think you know exactly what is happening before giving you whiplash when it twists again.

A very big thank you to Simon and Schuster and Netgalley for my advanced copy of this fantastic book to read.  All opinions are my own and are in no way biased.
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This is a very twisty thriller indeed!

Charlie Carter thinks she has the perfect marriage to Oliver, a handsome, considerate man, so different to her previous partner Josh. But when she spots his photo on her friend's dating app she starts to have her doubts that he's not who she thought he was. And then she is implicated in a murder and must use all her smarts to work out what has been going on before the police catch up with her.

This is very compelling reading, because like Charlie, you just need to know what Oliver was up to and who can be trusted, but Pip Drysdale with keep us guessing to the end. Heart-racingly good!
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I read Pip Drysdale's other novel, THE SUNDAY GIRL and I wasn't it's biggest fan but I was hoping her newest book would change my mind. It didn't. It almost felt like too much of the same. I didn't connect with the main character and I felt like it was a little slow moving. I like my thrillers to be fast paced and from the synopsis, that's what I thought I'd get.

I'd recommend this to anyone just starting out in the crime/thriller genre.
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I LOVED this book!!! I had read another of Pip Drysdales books and was a little disappointed so when I finished this one, I was so glad that was amazing!!!! The twist at the end which I wasn’t expecting. I kinda had an idea of what was going to happen but when it all came together at the end… so good!!! Didn’t want to put this one down!!!! Thank you so much for letting me read it!!!!!
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Gripping and full of twists.  Found it hard to put down and devoured in 2 days.  Will be hand selling to all Sunday Girl fans
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You think you have a happy marriage....then you find your husband has a profile on a dating set up your own fake profile to find out more about what your husband is doing behind your back. Lucky you have supportive girlfriends you can lean on during this time. Just when you think your life can't get any worse you are now a suspect in your husband's murder. All is not as it seems. My first time reading a Pip Drysdale book and what an introduction for me! It was a great read a page turner that kept me guessing with unpredictable twists which make for an enjoyable read in the thriller genre in my opinion. Definitely going to add her other books to my tbr pile. Thanks to #netgalley for the ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. #netgalley #pipdrysdale #tea_sipping_bookworm #litsy #bookstagram #simonandschuster  #amazon#kindle
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Imagine seeing your loving husband on a dating app. Now imagine that’s the best thing to happen to you all week…

When Charlie sees a man that is the spitting image of her husband on a dating app, her world is flipped upside down. Suddenly other signs of betrayal begin to add up and so Charlie does the only thing she can think of to defend her position – she signs up to the app to catch Oliver in the act.

Pip Drysdale is just getting better! I didn’t mind her first book, The Sunday Girl, but this one captured me even more! It’s the perfect thriller for those who don’t love thrillers. It’s a little bit slower and a little less creepy. It’s written beautifully, with flashbacks to her time with Oliver, as she searches for clues. With an ending that is a little surprising (I say a little because I know some may find it predictable). Was a big fan of this one!
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4* Who Can You Trust Stars

I was excited when I saw that Pip Drysdale was releasing her second novel as I thoroughly enjoyed her debut novel The Sunday Girl. The Strangers we know did not disappoint and once I started reading it, I could not put it down as I had to know what would happen next.

When Charlie recognises her husband on a dating app her whole perfect world and marriage implodes. The lengths she goes to find out more is nail biting as everything around her unravels with dire consequences.

This is a fast-paced thrilling read with very interesting characters. Just when she thinks she can trust someone nothing seems as it should be and fear and paranoia sets in.

There a few twists and turns which keep you on your toes until the last page is read. I enjoyed it and look forward to reading whatever Pip brings us next.

Many thanks to Simon & Schuster (Australia) and NetGalley for  my copy to read and review.
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Charlie and Oliver have the perfect marriage  #charlieandollieforever, and then one day it all just implodes. She sees the photo of her husband on a dating app and she knows it’s him because she took that photo. Everything Charlie knows and has experienced about Oliver is the opposite of what she’s seeing here. Things start to unravel quickly at this point - she can’t keep her fears in check, and things start adding up and then everything seems to point to his betrayal being real. Charlie is trying to make sense of everything that’s happening because what started with a shock discovery is now a tsunami of unexpected events. Nothing and no one is as they seem...

I really liked this book and I read it in one sitting because I just had to keep reading and get to the bottom of it all. Loved the plot twists that I didn’t see coming!
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“None of us are who we appear to be.”*

Truer words could not be spoken in regards to the spectrum we know as the human condition. Every single one of us is a multifaceted, 3-Dimensional being, capable of, and disposed to, altering ourselves slightly, depending on the company we find ourselves in. 

What Pip Drysdale has managed to capture in this stand-alone follow up to her excellent debut novel The Sunday Girl, is that humans are complicated and that sometimes we are each of us the goody AND the baddy. Some people more so than others. 

The Strangers We Know is a quick read that begins simply enough; when hanging out with friends, Charlie sees her husband’s profile on a dating app, feels hurt, betrayed and angry, and decides to play a cat and mouse game to catch him out. Seems totally normal, subject of many-a-drama story in the past. But no, Drysdale wrote a sly, cunning, fox into this story; landing our heroine as a Gingerbread man in her own life. 

The thrills were...thrilling, and it became very difficult to set down once the story took hold. Additionally, the breaking of the 4th wall is a very engaging writing style. But, as much as I enjoyed the story, I can’t help but feel a little let down, like maybe something was missing. I wasn’t able to connect with it or the characters and so this detracted from my overall enjoyment. 

Thank you to Pip Drysdale, Simon & Schuster Australia, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

*quote taken from an advanced reading copy and may not reflect the final published version.
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My first book by Pip Drysdale and won't be the last.

Thoroughly entertaining read. It shows you that you never quite know someone and that things are not always as the appear to be. Never assume. The first half of the book pretty much sets everything up and the last half really delivers. This is full of twists and turns that will keep you thinking.
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Thankyou to NetGalley,  Simon and Schuster Australia and the author,  Pip Drysdale,  for the opportunity to read an advanced readers copy of The Strangers We Know in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion. 
I was very excited to receive a copy of this author's new book. I was lucky enough to review her debut novel, The Sunday Girl. I was astonished at the calibre of the writing and found it very hard to believe it was her debut into writing.  Was a 5 star quality read. I couldn't wait to see how her second book would turn out. 
This author is amazingly good. I was not disappointed. 
The Strangers We Know is a heartracing, intriguing read. I couldn't put it down.  Was definitely worth the sleep deprivation it caused reading into the early hours of the morning.  
I honestly couldn't imagine that Pip Drysdale could ramp up the suspense with her second novel, but she certainly did.  
This is definitely an author to watch and a this book, definitely worth a read.
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