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I really struggled to get into this book.  Flat characterisation (which isn't bad, but they didn't really seem to....evolve as the book went on) and though the storyline was interesting, there were so many places that I felt it was let down.  It was an OK book, and I'd be happy to read the next ones in the series if I had nothing else on, but I won't be rushing to grab them.  They're not so bad that I wouldn't read more, but they're not so compelling that I have to have them, unlike others I've seen on here.
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Criminal Beware is my first book by Joseph Stone. Though I liked the premise of this book some things were missing for me.
1. The process of becoming a Lycan is only very vaguely explained. It definitely need some serious explaining because these Lycans seem very interesting and something new.
2. Character development: well I couldn’t detect any. The main character Daniel seems nice but that is all. Gabrielle has potential, she must have some pretty crazy past but only bits are revealed in the first book.
3. The description says the story focuses on a couple of murders, a city gripped by terror but these murders were only in the background, the prepetrator and the cause explained awyay in a couple of sentences. Instead there were chapters upon chapters about what Daniel does during his days and his pining for Gabrielle. 

All in all ths way an okay story and could get better later in the series.

Thank you to NeGalley and the publisher for my copy. All opinions are my own.
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