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The Reality Game

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The widespread use of Internet technologies and data to manipulate people and, in fact, what we consider to be reality is a current threat to much of our society and way of life. This book is a well-organized, well-written examination of the many technologies currently being used as digital propaganda tools (social media, images and videos, chat bots in social media spaces among others) as well as a look at upcoming technologies (AR, VR, XR, sophisticated AI) and their potential for similar exploitation. 

Punctuated by actual events and speculative scenarios, this book is captivating, thought-provoking and, at times, horrifying. 

Timely and fascinating, I think this book should be read by anyone interested in how companies and “bad actors” are using technologies and data to influence our thinking and actions. It’s a sobering experience but the author offers concrete ways to address many problems. This is such an important topic and a great overview of the many issues we face with emerging technologies.
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A thought provoking piece about where our society is going, and one that should sound as a warning for both those in the tech industry and those who are interested in any form of social media. We all need to be more conscious of what we're reading, and the impacts of how easy advertising is, because no one knows what's out there that could be influencing your opinions. Woolley's deep dissection of how humans view AI and how VR affects our senses is such an informative and intriguing viewpoint, and I'd recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more about cyber propaganda.
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