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I am aware that poetry can come from either; intense awareness of experiences or be an emotional response that’s specifically arranged for its meaning, sound, and rhythm. At times I feel I can understand and really appreciate what the poet is trying to convey. Other times I can only appreciate that someone took their time, experience, and energy to express it openly to the world. I find I am in the second group on this poetry collection. So I have purchased the poet’s audiobook that is read by K.Y. Robinson, herself. I feel I will get more out of a second reading while listening to the creator read her own poems in her own voice. I will update later when I get to listen/read for the second time.

Submerge was kindly provided by NetGalley. The audio-book from Audible will be available on the book's release date Oct. 8, 2019.

Update Nov 15th, 2019: My second reading, I listened to K.Y. Robinson's voice as I read along. The audiobook formed a rhythm that came more alive with her voice. I did enjoy my second reading a little more, for the audiobook added another layer to my senses
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I’d never heard of the poet before and now I’ve discovered an exciting new poet to obsess over and consume. Yeah! I completely related to all of the poems in this fantastic collection. At times it felt like the poet could read my mind and had used my inner thoughts and feelings as inspiration. The poems in Submerge made some of my best and saddest memories resurface; old lovers, times when my feelings overwhelmed me and I couldn’t breathe and the joy and pain of love, often at the same time. There were a few poems that didn’t speak to me but these were few and far between. On the whole, every poem resonated.
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Submerge wasn’t what I expected, but I really liked what it was. This powerful little collection using an interesting structure throughout the book, utilizing water in all of her metaphors, especially in the three thematic parts to her book: Immerse, Drown, and Emerge. Submerge feels like a journey to read, a journey through birth and beginnings, trauma and loss, and then healing and gratitude. I really enjoyed it. K.Y. Robinson does a great job of using imagery to pack her poems with power and her honesty shines through everything. I can safely say that I will recommend.
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Reading Submerge made me mourn old boyfriends, reminisce on stolen kisses, and recall times I’ve drowned in feelings much too deep to describe with words. Sometimes short and sweet, other times longer and more complicated, these poems gave me all the feels. 

I struggled with a rating for this one because I wade in the middle. There are poems I read that didn’t affect me as deeply as I’d hoped. And there are others that moved me more than I’d expected. All in all, I must say I appreciate the journey Submerge took me on. 

I witnessed the makings of a woman, complete with her desires, her hopes, and her need to be loved. Then I watched her drown in all the emotions that come with these things, overtaking her in waves. And as the last section of the book came to a close, this same woman emerged offering bits of hope, not only for herself, but for other women who share similar experiences. So I’d like to believe I was moved by the poems that were meant for me and the same will be true for others who read.

Thank you K.Y. Robinson for sharing these parts of yourself with us readers. Never stop lending your voice to the often voiceless. 

Special thanks to Netgalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for the ARC of Submerge in exchange for an honest review. 

3.5 Stars
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Done reading this one yesterday and I liked it so much. I have read the other book from K.Y.Robinson, and this one was just as good as their debut poetry book. I could literally feel some emotion while digging into it. Yet it was pretty relatable to my surroundings. Recommended!!
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In Submerge, K.Y. Robinson explores the struggles and trauma she has faced throughout her life and how she has grown through them to become who she is.
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''as i got older the daydreams came to an end. i saw the magic my parents weaved whenever they made something out of nothing. i learned to count my blessings and stopped wishing for someone else's life.''

I have got so many favorites in this collection that it's really difficult for me to pick up a particular set of lines to quote. 

This collection talks about a disturbed childhood, first love, desire, friendship, womanhood, longing in the first section.

The second section talks about breakup, puppy love, racism, a hurricane disaster, on losing a loved one, mental illness, online dating, depression, loneliness.

The third section talks about writing, knowing own self, acceptance, gratitude, fight, hope, mental illness, forgiveness, healing, 

I love this one so much!!!!

Thank you so much for providing me this copy of #Submerge  #NetGalley

I sure would love to reread this collection.
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This collection of poems took me by storm. The author pulls us adrift through an ocean of love grief and healing. the theme of water washes at misery and joy through nostalgia and growth The poems bring up some trigger topics such as suicide, sexual assault, trauma, and mental health. There is a warning at the beginning of the book which I appreciated given that more than one of these topics resonates with me. It also hits on love lasting and fleeting, on handed down faith and questioning, and friendship true and blooming. I found myself submerged until the very end. I loved how she carried the theme of water throughout. I plan on buying this the day it's released it will be a great addition to my poetry shelf.
Thank you, NetGalley for the arc for review.
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Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an advanced copy.

I have been eagerly awaiting K.Y. Robinson's new release and Submerge did not disappoint. I am not big on collections with one theme, but Robinson constructs such beautiful imagery and metaphor, making all the pieces flow. Some of them do read more like journal pages than poems, but I found that they all work together and many of the words resonate even without poetic structure. I really enjoyed this one.
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This Sunday I was looking for something light to read, something to go with the sun outside and the yummy vanilla eclairs I had to sweeeeeeten my weekend. I went to Netgalley and say the cover for this book, liked it, clicked on it and then Bammmm, it was poetry. Not happy, not happy at all. I took a second to think about it and then decided to give it a try.

I am not MAD AT ALL!

Now, let me tell you, my expectations for contemporary poetry are low. Like… bellow sea-level low, you know… like they go so much on the minus scale that if the universe was a circle, they’d get back to the positive scale. Ya know? I had lovely miss forgot her name, the one who wrote the princess saves herself in this story and the other one with milk and honey to smash all my hope contemporary poetry could be something of quality.

This volume was not exquisite. Some (many) poems were not really poems. They read more like pages of her diary ( which they probably were), others were confessions… They showed fragments of her life that clearly had a great impact on her growing up, on her mental health and overall life, but in all honesty, they weren’t poetry. There was one poem dedicated to her sex toys.. yup, I had to do a double take on that but it really was what I thought it was. I found it funny.

However, there are poems that do have something about them .They either paint some wonderful images or get to transmit feelings in very creative ways.

The book is structured in three parts: Immerse, Drown, Emerge. I especially liked the Emerge part. I loved how full of positivity she was, the advice she gave, how she managed to be empowering without rage and vengeance. I could feel her kindness, her resolve, I could feel she made peace with herself.

This was my favorite poem from this part:

One day

i will become

a river of light

carrying darkness

out to sea.

i will peel the husk

of my insecurities,

soak them in saltwater

and lay them to rest.

i owe this to myself.

Can you feel how lovely this poem is? She writes it with kindness towards herself, with a sense of maturity and responsibility that honestly lacks so much. She talks about putting her insecurities to rest, not killing them, not getting rid of them.. this is the self-love we need.

For better or worse, I have never lived any tormenting, heart breaking, obsession inducing love story so with some of the poems I could not resonate. Reading other reviews, I saw people complaining of the amount of sex talk in the poems. I honestly didn’t find it that obvious or present for that matter. Sure, there was THAT poem but otherwise, every other hint was in the context of her relationship with her loved one, she was absolutely not using it as a theme or as an attention grabber.. or so I felt.

So do I recommend it? Yes, kinda. I won’t go around pushing this in everyone’s face BUT while writing this review I felt like quoting poem after poem. On short, if you are interested in contemporary poetry, if you want to give it a try, if it’s something you read or are curios about, read it. I cannot guarantee zero disappointment, but it won’t be a waste of time either. I read it in like 3 hours or so 🙂
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Submerge was really a beautiful collection of poetry. I was nervous because I knew going in there would be a theme of water, and I was worried a theme would be awkward but I was wrong. K.Y. Robinson spins themes and metaphors like a master. 

Some of these poems made me laugh, tear up, and even have to put the book down once or twice. These are heavy poems, these are deep, vulnerable and so honest. From topics ranging from love, heartache, family, mental health, racial issues, sexual assault and suicide, it can be very triggering for some, so I am thankful for the trigger warnings at the very start of the book, it is a responsible and respectable thing to include.

This book kept me in a certain kind of atmosphere and lead me wherever it wanted to take me. It's enchanting and beautifully written. I can't wait to read more of K.Y. Robinson's work.
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I think the theme of water is very interesting. In many of the poems in 'Submerge' it is used in an interesting way. However, most of the poems did not really resonate with me. They seemed to fall flat, and because they mostly hinted towards sex or masturbation, it became slightly trashy after a while. There's nothing wrong with a bit of trash in poems, but combine it with the flatness, and this collection of poetry sinks into the 'nice, but not nice enough'-realm.
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Content warnings: trauma, sexual trauma, low self-esteem, racism, reference to guns, violence

This was a highly anticipated read for me, but it wasn't as enjoyable as I thought it was going to be. As always, Robinson weaves metaphors beautifully, especially the motif of water. It is not easy to create an entire collection based around a metaphor, and at times, Robinson did it amazingly well, but I think this is where my rating comes from, the fact that there was a lot of repeating metaphors and motifs. After a while, it just didn't impact me as much. 

I also only connected with some of the poems and some lines in the collection, but I think this is because of the personal quality of the poems. I can see Robinson's growth from their debut, The Chaos of Longing, which I adored. I look forward to reading more of their work in the near future.
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⭐⭐ 2 Stars

A collection of heartfelt poetry that sometimes bordered on the line between lyrical and amaturish. 

Although I enjoyed the politically relevant poetry I found some of the shorter poems to just not pack the same kind of punch as the longer ones. It felt like the writer was just trying to fill up space between the longer poems so this could be a book rather than a pamphlet. 

My favourite poems in the collection were about the writer's experiences as a woman of colour and how this has impacted her life personally along with the lives of her family and friends. I would love to read a collection that focussed more on this rather than the female experience as a whole. And I would read K.Y. Robinson work again because it takes a good poet to have an entire book using one motif and for it not to get boring. 

But I only bookmarked 7 poems out of this 160-page collection which summarises my feelings on it as a whole. Not life-changing but not terrible. 

⚠Trigger Warnings⚠: mental illness, sexual trauma, self-harm, racism, and violence.

I received this book as an ARC via NetGalley📚 in exchange for an honest review.
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TRIGGER WARNINGS: Sexual trauma, self-harm, mental illness, violence and racism. 

Last year, around the same month, I read The Chaos of Longing by this same author and I loved it. I think that one thing that really characterizes this author's poetry is that it always feels very personal, and love that about poets.

This work is divided into three main sections called: immerse, drown and emerge. In part conveys the author's journey through some dark moments, but at the same time, it shows how one can heal. And even though it felt a bit repetitive, it also was relatable a lot of times. It had some stunning use of language and just fell in love with it. I hope to read more from this author in the future.
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Any time I pick up a book of poetry, I think of my Irish grandmother, who loved poetry and gave me several poetry books. She died in 2014 and it has been too long since I picked up a collection of poetry. I was provided a free e-book copy of this book by the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Submerge is divided into three parts. It can be easy to fly through a book of poetry. The sections helped me to stop and reflect on the poems I had read. The artwork at each section is beautiful and gives a peak into what to expect in the following poems. 

The theme of water flows throughout the book, making the poems well connected. This is the first poetry book I've read that has kept on theme so well.

Several poems resonated with me. I felt like they were a gift. Poetry most seems like the soul of the poet laid bare. I'll admit sometimes I struggle with poetry to know if it is memoir or fiction. Submerge is telling a story. The poems about depression and bipolar disorder are accurate. She illustrates with words exactly how it feels, better than I've ever read in any prose or poetry.
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wow wow wow. what a breath taking collection of poetry. I never wanted to put it down and was hoping for more when I reached the end. She touches upon love, longing, intimacy, and mental illness. I loved the way she so openly speaks of her struggles of being bipolar without romanticizing it like so many do. She isn't looking for love to be a cure or saying someone else can make her 'better' like so many people do, but she writes of looking for someone to love her as is. Her poem of what things you should and shouldn't say to someone with mental illness was so powerful. This book is a must have for sure.
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I'm not usually a fan of poetry, but I keep reading it anyway in hopes I find something I like and luckily this is one of those times. I don't actually know anything about poetry but I do like how I could emotionally relate to this and how it put some of the thoughts and feelings I have experianced into words, while also putting words the author has personally experianced into my head and giving me a fresh perspective on things. I really enjoyed this and I'll be reading more from this author in the future. Maybe it's more that I like a certain type of poetry and I shouldn't dismiss all poetry. 

- review on my blog and Goodreads to come -
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Okay. This collection of poems blew me away for lack of a better term. I was submerged the whole way through. I laughed, cried and just felt that relatable feeling that you can feel in the core of your soul. The poems bring up some heavy topics ie. Suicide, depression, trauma, and sexual assault. There is a warning in the beginning of the book. I could relate to the writer on so many different levels. Some pages more then others. Even on those pages o couldn't relate; I really felt for the writer and could empathize with her. I plan on buying this the day it's released it will be a great addition to my poetry shelf!
Thank you for letting me review. I appreciate it and am honored. Despite getting to review the advanced ebook through Net Galley, all thoughts are my own and are not influenced by the generosity. I truly and thoroughly enjoyed this book. 
The way Robinson uses water to give us an analogy of.sprts throughout the book is pure genius. It helps you to feel the emotions that are expressed and at times gives you a visual of the depth these situations and circumstances have had on her life. 5/5
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I loved The Chaos of Loving so I thought I would love this one too. The drawings are beautiful and breathtaking but i didn’t feel it as much as the first one.
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