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Futaribeya Manga Volume 6 (English)

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I haven't read the previous volumes of this manga, but it's pretty easy to pick up on what's going on. You have two college roommates who have known each other and been roommates since high school, with plenty of hints that their feelings for each other are stronger than friendship. It's presented very sweetly, and it gives you all the cute young love feels, they're really an adorable couple! The book is filled with short slice-of-life stories, highlighting the girls' lives together- going to school, work, out with friends, dealing with everyday stuff like cooking and housework, and settling into becoming an adult. The artwork is luminescent; it just glows with youthful aspirations!

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Whimsical romance follows two couples through elementary school and college. There are many short stories within this volume, all are written beautifully and the graphics are clean and precise. You will have questions about their future. Will they wed? Will they break up?  A quick read to cleanse your mind palate.
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