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There are over 120 biographies written about Tiger Woods. This one is a really interesting look at Tiger Wood's career, with an emphasis on the last 7 years or so of "comeback" time for Tiger. I think the author did an excellent job of writing- the narrative was both informative and entertaining.
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Roaring Back
Curt Sampson written about Tiger Woods at various junctures Tiger’s career.  
This is an even handed look at the resurgent Tiger.   The first part of the book takes us through Tiger’s issues requiring a comeback and the effort Tiger put into the effort. 
The remainder of the book is spent mostly chronicling the  2019 Masters day by day with all the ups and downs amongst the leaders. 
A great read for golf enthusiasts and interesting for students of human nature.
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It isn’t too big a stretch to consider the victory by Tiger Woods at the 2019 Masters tournament to be considered the greatest comeback in the history of sports – any sport.  While that claim can be debated, no one will consider that comeback by a man whose many physical issues and personal problems were put on public display as one of the best stories of recent years.  Long time golf writer Curt Sampson tells the story of Woods’ epic win and something that is hard for any golf journalist to obtain or discuss – some insight into Tiger Woods the man. 

If a reader is looking for a lot of salacious details about the very public affairs of Woods that led to his divorce and subsequent treatment for sex addiction, the reader will have to look elsewhere.  Sampson rarely mentions these in the book and when he does, he calls the infamous night in which Woods’ wife learned of the affairs as the “Revelation” as in Woods won the Masters nearly 10 years after the Revelation.  This reviewer appreciated this as the book focused more on other aspects of Woods’ life such as his warrior demeanor - the section on his desire to be a Navy SEAL was very interesting reading. 

Sampson writes about several people who were close in Woods’ inner circle during his best days in golf but are no longer a part of the circle, such as Steve Williams, Butch Harmon and of course his late father.  These insights, most of which have been told in other publications or media, seemed fresh in this context and will help a reader understand the complex man that is Woods.

Sampson doesn’t leave his good writing only about Woods. His passages about the Augusta National course, especially those about the par three 12th hole during the last round of the 2019 tourney when three of the four men who were within two shots of the lead were battling to take control of the final round. Woods was the only one of the foursome (Brooks Koepka, Tony Finau and Francis Molinari were the other three) who avoided Rae’s Creek on that infamous hole of Amen Corner. It should also be noted that the reader will learn more about and actually feel a little sorry for these three excellent golfers who succumbed to Woods on that Sunday. 

Finally, the ending of the book is also quite good as Sampson reminds the reader that while they are closing the book, the book on Tiger Woods’ career is not closed yet and it will be one of the great mysteries in sports to see how this develops.  Will he regain that form that made him the best player in the game for nearly a decade and one that many consider to be the greatest in the history of golf, or will the 2019 Masters be a once-in-a-lifetime comeback for him?  If one wants to learn more about this comeback and the complete story, this is the book to get. 

I wish to thank Diversion Books for providing a copy of the book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This was an exquisite entry into the unknown world behind the scenes and out on the course.
The problem I had is I'm a mom of three who only plays miniature golf for fun not a golf pro so I was lost at time with all the stats, the expert knowledge of the game, and or the end results.
In all honesty the reason I read this was for the stardom factor and the title Roaring Back.
With the latter being focused on the come back kid and how he overcame so many obstacles not just personally but professionally and medically.
Having suffered from spinal stenosis all my life being told I have DDD in my late 40's left me pondering why I wasn't diagnosed till my legs buckled and was near paralysis with pinching on spinal nerves from severe foraminal narrowing.
Turns out a simple procedure but costly answered what I always suspected it wasn't just 'normal wear and tear' that the doctors and physical therapist tried to convince me of and in fact I had torn disks and numerous other issues requiring fusion much like Tiger.
I was aware of Tiger's upbringing with his extremely fierce, loyal, and critical father Earl but knew very little about his family, his mother, his children, or the affairs.
I heard gossip mills running rampant for many years with his lack of media talks and on and off the golf course antics but his affairs really set the tone for my dislike.
I eventually lost interest and refused to listen to anything he had to say. Until the day I was in so much pain I couldn't sit without my legs going numb and tingling and the discussion on the much needed spinal surgery with the end talk on heavy pain meds.
I never did get the surgery because of my fear over the opiods and strong pain killers prescribed to previous back patients and I knew Tiger had multiple repeated surgeries to keep correcting past work and limit extensive pain. So I do empathize with him in this regard as his car crash was more than just mixing pain meds it was a deep humiliation.
I feel this book was well written but not for a novice more a professional.
While I was able to connect on some levels I had hopes of connecting on a deeper level and for that reason I wasn't able to give a higher rating.
As the author noted there's no denying the combat did wonders for the golfing community.
Many are cautious to see where it all goes from here on out.
Thank you to Curt, the publisher, NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.
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