BAKEMONOGATARI (manga), volume 1

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 29 Oct 2019

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I tried to get into this book, but I just couldn't. It's just too slow of a start and I didn't feel any real attachment to the story or characters.
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I don't think I fully understood the concept of this one...

Not for me. The random oversexualization, the storyline...none of it was geared towards me as a reader.
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I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. This has no influence on the content of my review.

This is an odd one to review. Most manga/anime is strange in one form or another, but this one definitely ups the ante on the strange factor. For the most part, I enjoyed the story and I absolutely love the art style. The main heroine's personality is extremely brash and oversexualized to the point I was actually kind of uncomfortable. There are some references to pedophilia that I don't think were necessary in the least and could seriously prove detrimental to the series and I'm hoping they turn out to be nothing more than some passing comments that came from poor judgment.

I absolutely love the hero of the book. He reminds me a bit of Bakugo from My Hero Academia. I'm hoping he'll get stronger and more self-assured as the series continues. 

All in all, I enjoyed the book but at this moment, I'm unsure if I'll continue reading it. I would probably enjoy an anime much more than the manga, but we'll see :)
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This book is something very different from what I've read. The story is about a girl who loses 9/10 of her weight to a crab god and a boy who gets bit by a vampire (if I'm not wrong) The story was a bit confusing and I didn't know what to make of it in the start, but eventually i got the hang of it. I don't think it is appropriate for young readers and the adult side of it took me by surprise too, I found that part of the book extremely weird. If you don't acknowledge that part, overall it was a fun and interesting read. I loved the fantasy elements and i am looking forward to where the story will take us. The illustrations were outstanding and had amazing depth to it.
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I went through this manga without having previously read the light novels that kicked off the Monogatari series, nor I watched the anime adaptation, so I didn’t have a proper knowledge of what this was all about. However, a look at the gorgeous cover, the catchy synopsis, and NisiOisiN’s name—also known for his literary adaptation of the Death Note manga—made me grab this volume without hesitation. And wasn’t my instinct right?

The artwork is mesmerizing and makes the reading experience even more fascinating—Bravo, Oh!Great. The plot is odd and intriguing, perhaps confusing at the beginning, but things get a bit clearer after reaching a certain point and I started putting a few pieces of the puzzle together that show something quite dark and deep. Although there are humorous moments in it, it’s to be noted that the subject is intense, and I’m quite curious to see where it all leads. For now, my mind won’t stop quoting: “Monsters don’t come to you. They are there from the start.” I am blown away.

Strange, dark, and most certainly unique. Manga and Japanese folklore lovers, you may wanna try Bakemonogatari, you might find it weirdly captivating!
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I haven't seen the anime or read any light novel of the same story, so this is my first impression of the whole series. And I loved it! The art is incredible. I love the dark blacks and shadows surrounding them of their "curses." It's incredible story with incredible art. I also really liked Oshino, he's hilarious and I want to know more about his backstory. And what's with Shinobu?! There's a lot that I want for a second part and I'm looking forward to reading it for SURE. Highly recommend!
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So I came in to this manga super intrigued in how this would adapt my favorite light novel series of all time. What makes the Monogatari series so great is how wonderfully timed, humorous, and quick-witted the banter between characters seems, as well as the super interesting characters and supernatural events. 

So is the manga able to maintain what makes the light novel so good? Sadly it loses a lot from this adaptation. The witter banter is scaled back significantly, even more so than the anime, which at least left in enough to not feel as empty. Don't get me wrong here, as the manga has some really good sequences, and nails jokes at a decent pace. It's just due to the structure of manga and panels, if you've delved in to this world before, you know it has sacrificed a lot. Due to said structure it has no choice, but to edit out so much of the conversations, which left it feeling not quite whole.

Thankfully the plot itself doesn't suffer in the manga, so if you prefer a more straight forward nature in this style, it does its job. The artwork is fantastic, and I really enjoyed the effort the artist put in here. Characters look, act, and feel as they should. Another nice thing the artist has done, is give their own touch to the characters. The characters of course follow the original designs, but it is done without looking like straight copies of the light novel art, or the anime. 

I think in the end, this manga may please some who may not have checked out the light novels or the anime first. It's not a terrible starting point in that regard, yet even then I recommend people consume this in either of its other media forms as to not miss out on what truly makes this series amazing in the first place. As for anyone that has consumed this series in another format, there isn't any reason I can recommend needing to check this out, unless you want it for your collection. 

I'd give it a 2.5 out of 5 if I could, but rounding it up to a 3 since it isn't an option.
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgally for providing me with an advance copy of this work in exchange for an honest review. 

Really interesting idea, love the mix of fantasy with the contemporary. The graphics were awesome and I kinda loved the characters even when they were almost killing each other.
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The idea of this manga is pretty intriguing, but I don't think it was executed very well. The art was good and the overall idea was good, but the dialogue and personalities of the characters were so weird and inconsistent. I still don't know anything about the characters because of these inconsistencies. Which is quite a pity since this had so much potential.

Another thing that bothered me was the tone. I was not sure what this was trying to be. That and the weird dialogue really contributed to me not being able to get into this. It just doesn't make much sense.
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*~.Book Analysis.~*
Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader :)

Rating: 2 stars
Reading period: Oct. 15th, 2019
Format: ebook
Source: NetGalley – I have received this copy in exchange for an honest review.
Release date: Oct. 1st, 2019

I chose to read this title because its art caught my attention. It seemed like I knew the artist behind its drawings, so I gave it a shot. I wasn't wrong about the artistic aspect of this work, as it is beautifully done in detail.

Unfortunately, this story line disappointed me to no end. I can deal with the ecchi contents even though I'm not a fan, I really loved the art, but I just hated the plot. Unnecessary gore, comes and goes without much logic for a good part of the volume and poor characters that made me roll my eyes so much that they hurt. I'm a fan of Kodansha Comics' work and even have a few physical volumes from them even though I'm from Brazil and it's tough to find their volumes around here, so I'm disappointed that they chose to bring such a poor title to their amazing catalogue.

As the cover drawn me to read it, I guess it did its job! LOL

Ecchi, action and horror manga lovers.
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Um, WHAT?! This story was so fragmented and weird. It was broken up in the worst way and so hard to put together. I see it has pretty good reviews and I honestly don't understand. I don't even know what was trying to happen here. I did not like this one at all.
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I received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

To be honest, the story went over my head. I mean, I get the gist of it but that’s only after trying very hard to piece it together. It was a very weird, fragmented story. I’m sure you’d have to read this several times to really “get it.”  

This wasn’t for me.
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I received a reviewer copy of Bakemonogatari through NetGallery. 

I've heard about this series long before this release of the English Version of the manga. The memory of the clips with the weightless girl and the infinite number of weaponized stationary has stuck with me over the years.

Bakemonogatari or Monster's story is a manga adaptation of a light novel of the same name by NISIOISIN.  It is labelled as a horror comic but it falls under mystery, urban fantasy, and it could be easily a slice of life story.

It follows Koyomi Araragi as he helps his female classmates deal with fairly recent brushes with the supernatural. Araragi himself was attacked by a vampire over the two week school break before the manga starts.

Volume one follows Hitagi Senjougahara who has been rendered virtually weightless by a stone crab for two years. Hitagi used to be a track star but she stopped and no longer participates in any school sports.

Araragi becomes interested in her after she slips on a banana peel and he catches her as she falls down the stairs and uncovers her secret. 

I won't get into too much more due to spoilers but this is a dialogue heavy manga with very few action scenes which is contrary to OH! Great's series, Tenjou Tenge, which might be disappointing to fans expecting something similar. There is some light cheesecake type of shonen panels and mild sexual humor but the subject is heavy.

This issue's overall theme is acceptance. What would you be willing to sacrifice to alleviate an emotional burden? 

I like the reoccurring tagline of "Monsters don't come to you. They are there from the start." It sets the tone as you read through. It is a strange story but it is just a start of what sounds like is episodic stories dealing with a central emotional theme. It is a breath of fresh air from the countless fighting, dsytopian future and isekai mangas that have become popular recently. 

This warrants more than one read through to really get.
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Confusing to say the least. I almost didn't get the point of the story. It was just a bunch of characters, scenes and dialogues with no sense of order or pacing. I liked a bit how it all ended, but I never got to understand what was happening.
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'Bakemonogatari, Vol. 1' by NisOisiN with art by Oh! Great is a manga about the monsters all around us and the weird ways they manifest.  

This book had a somewhat confusing start, but it's basically about a guy named Koyomi Araragi trying to help a girl named Hitagi Senjougahara.  Her problem is that she weighs hardly anything and her weight has been stolen by a monster crab.  Koyomi has a strange friend that is good at helping, so he is taking Hitagi to him for help.

This story had some coherence problems.  I like the idea of this, but things jumped around to other stories and things were not explained.  I don't know why it's important that Koyomi is a virgin.  I don't know why the class president storyline is even in this book.

What I did really like is the art.  I really liked the style of art and the way panels were laid out.  From an art and design standpoint, this was great. 

I received a review copy of this manga from Vertical Comics, Kodansha Comics, and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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A unique take on the concept of monsters from folklore in the modern world, Bakemonogatari boasts a dramatic storyline and awesome artwork. Like, the first thing to catch your eye about this manga would be the artwork style - it is evocative, and the storyboard is impressive. It plays with angles and shadows to give the story that extra punch of mystique, which elevates the plot to a more intriguing level. The story is about these high school teens who are bound to monsters, with Araragi as the protagonist who helps out his classmate whose weight has been taken by a monster. Since he himself has had an encounter with a monster, he takes her to the person who helped him and they all perform an exorcism of sorts, which then reveals the nature of the bond.

I will add, though, that the brilliance of the plotline is undercut by the fact that this manga also indulges fanservice - like, are you really asking me to believe that this guy's hands just lands on her private parts not once, but twice? There are a couple of other instances where unnecessarily panels are devoted to make suggestive scenes. Also, I never understood how a girl who finds it difficult to even change clothes because it is much heavier for her, carries around practically an entire stationery shop of sharp objects with her? Like, I get it - the scenes with her displaying that array are pretty cool, and detailed well, but it is just a glaring plot hole, or an excuse to have him help her dress, so either way I am calling bull.

Short version: brilliant story, and expressive artwork, but pointless panty shots ruin it somewhat.
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Bakemonogatari is a story about a high-school student Koyomi Araragi who catches a girl named Hitagi Senjougahara when she trips. He quickly notices that she weighs almost nothing because of a paranormal encounter with a crab who stole it. 

I enjoyed the story line and mythology of this manga as well as the Fullmetal Alchemist/Alchemy references. The main character Koyomi is endearing even though a little nerdy and easily irritated. I'm always a sucker for a good vampire boy.

Some things that lowered my rating were the unnecessary fan service shots, the story pace, and the translation. I always find that most nudity in manga is there for the male gaze and can get old very quickly. I don't believe this story benefited from it. The story at first seemed too rushed and then at the end was almost all over the place. The translation can't always be helped but I found Ko Ransom's grammar to be a little confusing.

This is something I may personally read but not something I'd recommend for my library's collection.
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If you'd like to see a few panels' worth of the art, visit my blog, The Grimoire Reliquary.

ALRIGHT, I’M APPARENTLY BRANCHING OUT INTO MANGA — first time for everything. I was looking through NetGalley a few days ago, searching for something new and intriguing and what do I come across but the first Volume of a manga adaptation to something I’m familiar with? I saw the Bakemonogatari anime years ago, and was struck by how unique its visual style was — on par only with the eeriness, the sheer bloody strangeness, of its story.

THE ART IS PRAISE-WORTHY. Oh!Great’s art consists of clear lines, which was a relief since I often struggle with the visual overload so frequently present in a lot of manga art. It properly communicates the moods of characters and their intentions. The writer-artist is enormously talented with the pencil, that’s for sure, and I am looking forward to how this looks on paper as compared to digital. The few double-spreads in this first volume showcased the kind of art I’d put in a frame on the wall, and looking at them cut in half in a .pdf file felt very wrong indeed.

Onto the bad…or at least the mildly, wildly annoying bits. There’s a fair amount of fan-service here, which works great for my sixteen-year-old self but at twenty-four comes across as gratuitous and unnecessary. Pretty art, sure, but I could do without the panty-shots and several even more over-sexualized elements included inside.

It doesn’t quite capture the quirky nature of the story as presented in the anime. It doesn’t have to – they’re two different adaptations of the same core material but this operates in a different medium entirely and it’s a good way to reacquaint myself with a franchise I never got to explore in full.

THE STORY, ALAS, LACKS CLARITY. Some will find it difficult to comprehend, which is where my familiarity came in use. I had at least some knowledge about what was going on, and I’m not entirely sure the dialogue succeeded in recapturing the eery feel of the light novel as much as it was confusing. It gets clearer about midway through.

If you like manga, if you’ve heard about the Monogatari franchise but prefer this medium to anime — I’d say, GO FOR IT! The release is in October — my personal score is 3.25 stars out of 5, or a 6.5 out of 10. It lacks that extra something to give it a score of 3.5/5; as it is, the art pushes it to a level just above the utter averageness of most 3-stars.

Thanks, NetGalley, for providing me with a review copy.
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Loved the artwork and loved the story. Both were in true manga style. The story was original and I would highly recommend this title to friends and family.
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Monogatari series is one of the most well known anime series out there, following complicated story line with bunch of characters. It's also beloved for its magnificent and breathtaking art style. That's why I was surprised there was no translation of manga, up until now. I was planning to dive into the series in the anime format but I haven't yet. Is it worth it? First volume of Bakemonogatari convinced me that it is.

First of all, I'd like to talk about artstyle. It is truly beautiful and eventhough it might not be everyone's taste, I was mesmerized. Eventhough some say it has its ecchi moments, I would disagree. Sure, there are some, but original artstyle and the beauty of the moment turn it into something else. It's not lewd at all... Second of all, storyline. This one was a little bit confusing. At least for me. I was not entirely sure what was happening in the beginning, but I caught up in the end. At least on some level. A lot of stuff is still a mystery to me, but I am pretty sure we'll get to that later. I am a big fan of any yokai/monster elements in my manga/anime, meaning I was sold immediately. Third of all, characters. I am pretty sure whole series is pretty character driven. From what I've seen so far, we get bunch of diversity. In a good way. My favorite one was Senjougahara - her weapons made me love her immediately.

Would I recommend Bakemonogatari to everyone? No. I think it's one of those series you either love or hate. It is a little bit confusing in the beginning and if you don't know about whole complicated structure, you might get lost. On the other hand, art style is totally worth it.
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