The Third to Die

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Allison Brennan has crafted an engrossing page turner of a read in The Third to Die. Well worth the read!
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The first mystery in the Mobile Response Team series, The Third to Die by Allison Brennan is a clever law enforcement procedural.

  Los Angeles Police Detective Kara Quinn is on administrative leave in her hometown when she stumbles across a dead body. The murder immediately attracts the attention of a newly formed FBI unit and Special Agent in Charge Mathias “Matt” Costa and his team are rapidly deployed from DC to investigate the case.  They are certain this recent death is the work of an elusive serial killer dubbed the Triple Killer. Working quickly to try to prevent the next murder, Kara, Matt, local police officer Andy Knolls and several police agencies are putting in long hours to try to identify the next victim and the killer.

  Kara is an undercover detective whose last case resulted in her being put on administrative leave. Chafing at the bit to get back to work, she  does not hesitate to lend her expertise during the intense investigation into the  Triple Killer. Despite her sometimes brusque manner, Kara is a sharp detective with keen instincts. She proves to be invaluable to Matt and his squad as they narrow down their victim pool as they work quickly to protect suspected victims while trying to find find the killer.

  While making progress with the victim list, a suspect proves to be elusive.  There are several elements of the killer’s murders that are a known quantity.  Despite the lack of leads, Matt is certain these latest killings and the murderer are connected to the area. He is also sure the victims are somehow linked, but finding the connection is frustratingly elusive.

  The mystery element is intriguing and the cast of characters is appealing. However, the vast quantity of characters is confusing and difficult to keep up with.  Savvy readers will most likely pick up on clues long before Kara, Matt or other law enforcement officers. The plot is  interesting but the story gets bogged down with too many characters, lack of character development and  references to an event that took place prior to the current case.

  The Third to Die is a tension-filled mystery with a fascinating crime to solve. Kara and Matt are likable and relatively well-developed. The investigation moves in fits and starts but it really picks up steam for the last quarter of the novel. Allison Brennan brings to the novel to explosive, action-packed conclusion. Despite a bit of a bumpy start, the Mobile Response Team series promises to be an adrenaline laced and unique crime fighting series.
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An unusual serial killer with a complicated pattern and an unknowable goal, a workaholic FBI SAC of a brand-new not yet fully constituted mobile unit, an undercover feisty LAPD officer,  and a quiet Pacific Northwest community: the combination makes for a tense nonstop week as law enforcement mobilizes to stop the next killing,  none realizing how close is the killer to completing his silent vendetta, never guessing his identity.
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I absolutely love Allison Brennan’s Lucy Kincaid and Max Revere series, so when I got a chance to read this first book in her new series, I snapped it up!  What a wild and exhilarating ride!  The main characters are the ambitious and on so intuitive FBI special agent Matt Costas, the leader of the new Mobile Response Team, and a detective on vacation who discovers the dead body, Kara Quinn.  The interactions between the two of them was electric and their dialogue was mesmerizing.  The story begins when Kara discovers a dead body at Liberty Lake, in a rural community.  The MRT is mobilized to assist since the murder may be the work of the Triple Killer, a serial killer who comes out of hiding every three years and kills victims on March 3rd, 6th and 9th.  The story was fascinating and uniquely Brennan, with a fast pace and a complicated story that drew me into its web and wouldn’t let me go.  The suspense was ratcheted up throughout the story and the book was an action-packed thriller that did not let me down in my expectations.  My favorite characters were Catherine, the profiler, and Ryder, the techie.  Catherine has a mystery in her past dealing with her dead sister Beth and I really want to know more about that and her.  Ryder seems to be a young, highly intelligent geek who was raised to respect his superiors and is a perfect addition to the team.  Again, I look forward to learning more about him.  In short, I look forward to more, more Allison Brennan for sure and the next MRT book will be on my TBR list as soon as I hear about it.  I loved this book and cannot recommend it highly enough for fans of suspense thrillers!
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Engaging characters and detailed investigations into a serial killer had me captivated. Not only captivated, but when I reached the ending I was ready to jump into the next book! 

The dynamic between all the characters, but especially Matt and Kara was fantastic. Having both of their POV showed who they were and who they allowed others to see. The idea behind an undercover cop and her personality was unique and the writing superb. I felt as though I was solving the case with them and I enjoyed the back and forth with the rest of the mobile team as they were developed and the love and loyalty from people in Kara’s life has me excited to see how her role in this series develops.  Along with the two main characters the remaining characters were quite vivid and I though their development was on point as it helped see the role of this new team and how specialized it will be. Ryder cracked me up with the “sir” and GQ sounds like he may be a team favorite. Em is sweet and showed up at the perfect times to provide balance to all the violence of the case. The ending was a bit bittersweet, but also nifty in how it provided an answer for the working dynamic in upcoming books.

This is a great start to a new series and I am excited and already ready for more! Thank you NetGalley and Mira for the chance to read the book and share my opinions!
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The mind of a killer and the way it's detailed in this book is off the chart. This author truly has a way with bringing out that part of her character and it made this read that much more appealing. Kara on vacation, a forced one at that, is sucked into a murder investigation. It just happens to be a serial killer which in turn brings out a newly formed FBI Mobile Response Team. This is the first book in the series and my first read by this author. The mystery/thriller part of the read is beautifully done, includes suspense and yeah the killers pov is part of the mix and what keeps things interesting. This author also includes a ton of detail on the team itself and at times I found myself stretched to remember how they all fit into the story. Then of course the romance is thrown in and while there isn't a cliffhanger it is clear it's a lead to the series. While I enjoyed the story I have to agree with other reviewers that said it felt familiar, not in it being copied just that it wasn't unique. I would like to see where she takes the series and probably will read more of her work.
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I always will stop for an Allison Brennan book. She always knows how to establish characters you cheer on alongside thrill a minute action. Seeing that this is a first book in a series makes me want the next book immediately.
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Allison Brennan introduces a new series and characters. I'm all in on the new characters and new story line. Kara Quinn an undercover cop on leave from the LAPD. finds herself involved with the FBI and it's new mobile response team lead by Mathias Costa. Now the FBI Quinn is not a favorite of to say the least but her abilities of observation is quickly put to use by the team to help in solving strange murders that have come to roost in her Grandmother's town just outside of Spokane. How strange is it to have murders occurring in threes between the 3rd, 6th, and 9th  of the month? Much discussion, profiling, action, and research follows in narrowing down the who, what, where when, and why to find a serial murderer. Brennan does a fine job of filling out the personalities of her lead characters as well as those who have joined the new FBI team. They are not perfect characters but their abilities in working together to bring down an insane individual makes it a solid police procedural thriller. I look forward to the next book in her series as I do each and every book she writes!
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Absolutely riveting! I couldn't put this down, literally read in less than a day.  I really liked the two MC's, how they think and how they interact with others.  The ending was a bit abrupt but that just made me want to get my hands on the next book even more :)

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Thrillers are one of my favorite genres, and this one certainly didn't disappoint. I loved Kara and Mathias, and felt like that have good chemistry between them. This is the first book in a new series by Allison Brennan, and I and sure it will be as good as all her previous series. I look forward to reading more in this series, I would certainly recommend it to others.

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher and this is my fair and honest opinion of the book
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This book caught my interest right from the start and kept me reading until the end. A new FBI Mobile Response Unit is sent to Spokane, Washington to investigate a brutal murder that is linked to a serial killer called the Triple Killer. He kills on March 3, 6 and 9 every three years, so the team has a very short time to capture him. The witness who discovers the first body is a rebel undercover detective from LA, home on forced leave. The action and tension is kept at a finely-tuned level throughout the book and the story moves quickly. The identities of the killer is revealed as law enforcement and a top profiler zero in on his identity. Allison Brennan is beginnings new series with this book, and I am eagerly waiting for the next story.
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Detective Kara Quinn is on administrative leave from the LAPD. Something she calls “vacation”.  She is in the small town of Liberty Lake, Washington (near Spokane) visiting her grandma when she stumbles across a body.  A serial killer is on the loose and she quickly joins the local police force as well as the FBI in their investigation.  From there it’s a fast paced read from start to finish.  Pages fly by as we are privy to the investigation.  Little by little the identity of the killer is revealed and he has one last victim before he is finished, will they stop him in time?  A whirlwind of a book that you will find difficult to put down.  With Detective Quinn’s future up in the air in LA, it looks like we will be seeing more of her in the future.  I, for one, hope it’s much more!
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Rating:  4.5 Stars
Expected Publication Date: February 4, 2020

As many of you know, I'm a huge suspense- thriller fan. It was initially one of the first genres I started reading adamantly when I started to read for pleasure and not for academic purposes.

I've recently discovered Allison Brennan's writing over the last couple of years, and I now look forward to her book releases because she usually delivers an interesting, engaging story.

"The Third to Die" is no exception.
This was an engaging, well written and wonderfully developed story.

The characters were smart, insightful, courageous, believable and likable.
I liked the dynamics of the primary and secondary characters. The story flowed smoothly and was consistent without being predictable.

This is the first book in the "Mobile Response Team" series and it's an excellent beginning for a series.

The only problem I had with the story is that a previous case is mentioned throughout the story that involved Catherine (the team's profiler) and Matt (the Special Agent in Charge).
I think readers (I) would have gotten a little bit more out of the story if the author would have done a brief recap of what happened in the previous case and what happened to Beth (Catherine's sister). I think this would have enhanced the story especially if a person hasn't read all Ms. Brennan's previous books or if they've just newly discovered her writing.

Other than that this was a great story, and
I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

"I voluntarily read an ARC of this book which was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review."
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The Third to Die is a suspenseful page-turner about a small FBI team sent to Eastern Washington to catch a serial killer who has just struck again.  LAPD undercover detective, Kara Quinn, happens to find the body soon after the murder, giving the FBI a chance of solving the case before two more people die – because this killer strikes in 3s, three days apart, starting on March 3rd every three years.  After he kills the third person, he disappears and doesn't emerge again for three more years, which has made it challenging to discover the identity of the killer – until maybe now.

What I Loved

Usually, my "favorite character" section would be here, but this time what I loved about this novel and my favorite character are the same.  Kara Quinn is a character for which I will happily read this series for many years to come.  She is complicated with such a  level of depth and dimension that I feel like I can anticipate her reaction to things beyond even the story.

Kara is focused and determined with an intelligence and a keen eye that make bosses love her, and others hate her simply because they aren't her.  They resent her natural abilities, which they could only hope to have, and the fact that many others sing her praises.  In spite of this, she can blend in undercover and catch the lowest of low criminals.

She loves her job, and she knows she is good at it.  She doesn't care what other people think as long as she is happy with her performance.  She doesn't live to please others; she lives to help people by catching the bad guys and bringing them to justice.  She is a wonderful character, and the reason I gave this story 4-stars.

What Else Did I Like

The story has odious police chiefs and even a very hateful FBI agent in LA, but I liked that they only had small parts in the story.  I tend to get annoyed with a story when I have to spend lengths of time with this type of character, but luckily they just had appearances now and again.

I also really liked the plot, even if it is predictable, and wanted more when I reached the end.  The amount of times I tapped the screen to turn the page when there were no more pages to turn to is a testament to this fact.  

To Read or Not to Read
It is a suspenseful thrill-ride made more intense by interspersed chapters written from the serial killer's perspective – a must read!

Thank you to NetGalley and MIRA books for granting me an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Also, a special thank you to Justine Sha and Harlequin Trade for organizing this blog tour and for giving me a spot on the tour.
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I really wanted to like this because I'm part of the blog tour for this book, but I disliked the protagonist as soon as I started reading her. I understand that not every protagonist is going to be likeable, but she gave off "not like other girls" vibes, and I just couldn't engage with that.
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Great start to a new series!  I really liked both Kara Quinn and Matt Costa in this one. The storyline was filled with both action and suspense, and I liked the backdrop of the newly formed unit of the FBI, the Mobile Response Team. I enjoyed the way everything played out in the storyline, and I'm already waiting for more in this new series!
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In The Third to Die Kara Quinn, the prodigal (grand)daughter and big city undercover cop, returns to her small hometown and stumbles right into a high-profile serial killer investigation. 

I really liked the way the book switched perspective between the characters. It really helped to keep up the brisk pacing and gave the reader a window into everyone's heads. No boring procedural here. 

I look forward to reading more in the Mobile Response Team series. At times this book felt like the first act in a larger work and I am looking forward to seeing where Brennan goes with this overall. 

I would recommend this book to fans of thrillers, serial killer books, and anyone who loves an irascible female detective.
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I read the first paragraph and new what my day would entail.  Reading this book!   A one sitting read.  I have to be upfront here, I love Allison Brennan I got hooked on her  Fear No Evil and then devoured every book.  When I heard about the new series I immediately waved my hand and begged for Net Galley , aka the publishers to please, please let me read.  I am so grateful they did.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and were unsolicited.  Starts with blood on page one and ends with wondering if Kara knows who she is.  Yes!  Costas (Matt or Matthias your choice) was easy to love.  I instantly fell for his character.  Kara is not easy to love, because you feel for her.  I  felt all the edgy and I was immediately wound up tight.  This is a great psychological thriller, police procedural action packed either emotionally or physically.  I so want Thornton handed his a**  .  I cannot wait for book 2.  This has all the bells and whistles for me.
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I'm so glad to see a new series from this favored author!  Can't wait to read the next! Kara is a strong character and I can't wait to see those glimpses of vulnerability peeking through. She's a character I want to get to know.
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The start of a new series has the newly formed FBI Mobile Response Team tracking down a serial killer before he kills again. Lots of focus on the procedural aspect of police work that give readers an inside view of what it takes to track a suspect. Getting inside the head of a serial killer by using profiling was enlightening. I liked that the author didn't paint all law officers the same. Some were very professional while others were jerks. LA Detective Kara Quinn and FBI Special Agent in Charge Matt Costa were unconventional in some ways but worked well together.
This is the first in the series but I felt a lot of information was missing which made it seem like a second or third book. I wanted to know more about Catherine and her sister, Beth. What happened between Beth and Matt? Since this is a new author for me, maybe this was a spin-off of another series?
Also, the foul language is a big turn off for me. If network television can do without all the f bombs, I'm sure that authors could too.
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