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The first time I heard of we shall overcome was in school assembly songs.

A gripping tale of ambush.
Why limit the lessons to the battle ground? Jason Redman shares how you can tackle life ambush with REACT principles.

One way of being ready with agile reaction is to be prepared and abandoning and controlling panic. Just like to cool down a hot pot of water by mixing cold water in. Bring in the calm.

To become a SEAL is a vision that can make you overcome all the difficulties. How do you find a SEAL? Put them through the training. Everything thats not a SEAL falls off the program.

Your past accomplishments can become your weakness, when you are prevented from achieving that for any reason - injury, age, life stages.  For eg. getting back in shape. The achievement gap in becoming your erstwhile better self. Welcome Discipline. Exit Doubt.

"Press into the discomfort. Find the sweet spot between pain and growth" - Jason Redman.

One more step

In the woodcutter story, he keeps taking one more step to the next better axe. Get greedy for improvement.

The author introduces Over-come Mindset as a way to be ready for the ambush and prevail over it. - "Lead yourself into that discomfort incrementally. Slowly push yourself just a little further. Measure it. Make it a little bit harder. See how long you can last."

"Embrace discomfort and let it make you stronger - one action, one day, one habit at a time". 

Here the author shows how growing the over-come mindset,is a continuous improvement process also referred to as Kaizen. Always eliminating wasteful steps and improving self. 

Iterated in "Stay the course focusing on one evolution at a time". Evolution is an event in seal team training schedule.

He also tells how you need to embrace the rules of change which call for 
   no quitting, 
   no emotional quitting.

If you have done exercise videos, you know the order should be reversed. Its the mind which fails us first and then the body. Same lesson from Ranger school. My solution for this is to keep moving during hiking like an energizer bunny and not stop in the fear of resting inertia.

You might think of Overcome mindset as close-cousin to resilience and might have even read about ways to build it as grit. 

Overcome - Prevail, overpower
Resilience - the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties
Grit - Courage and Resolve

To overcome, you need Resilience and Grit. How do you improve Resilience and Grit? 

In the book, theres a term - Relentless Overcome mindset. Right before that 'adaptation' is introduced as action. But Relentless Adaptation embodies never giving up better.

Willingness to learn shows promise of change. Without learning behaviors, change or adaptation are not feasible.

By training for chaos and change with each evolution, you grow the Overcome Mindset.


"Dont count on Motivation. Count on Discipline" - Jocko Wilink
"Get your head under the boat" transported me to Jocko Wilink's Extreme Ownership book - boat drill.
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This is a book everyone needs to read. It will make you stop and think, and help you get through the hard times. It's not just for people in leadership, it's for everybody. This is a book I will refer back to often. I received a complimentary copy of this book, thank you Center Street via NetGalley, and was not required to write a review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Interesting book that helped me to discover that leadership is everywhere. The examples of leadership in military are very strong and you feel how much the author lived and breathed the events he was describing. Insightful and thought provoking.
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