The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs

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This book is fantastic.  This book is a lovely resource on herbs. There are  witchy uses for herbs, the history, medicinal and culinary uses of herbs, as I well as growing and harvesting the herbs. This book is too good not to have as a resource on your shelf. As a practicing green witch even I learned some new things.
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Incorporate herbs into spells, rituals, and divination with this all-inclusive guide to the benefits of using herbal magic in witchcraft.

From creating potions to using dried herbs in rituals, herbal magic is a natural way to practice witchcraft. Herbs can be used in many different ways to help set the intention through every part of a witch’s process.

In The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs, learn everything you need to use the most powerful herbs and use them as an essential part of your practice. Including information on which herbs are best for what kinds of spells, how to use herbs in divination and rituals, and step-by-step guides to making herbal bundles, potions, and sprays, this guidebook has all the important facts to make your herbal witchcraft a success.

Jam-packed with herbal ideas, this guide is perfect for both beginners and experienced witches looking to incorporate more herbs into their practice. Beautiful and functional, it is easy to navigate and offers a detailed guide to herbal magic!

What I thought) A witch always needs a good guide on herbs and this is a really good one. :)
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I really loved this, I'm trying to use more natural ingredients and to even grow some of my own herbs.  I love the more modern take on it as well
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Herbs have long been used to perform "magic".  From chewing mint leaves for stomach ache to chamomile to calm, our mothers and grandmothers did not have access to drug stores so they used what was available and learned from their mothers and grandmothers how to keep their family healthy and happy.  I had never seen a book focused on how modern witchcraft utilizes herbs in their craft so this was a look into another use for my home grown herbs.  This book will stay in my kitchen while I experiment and learn.  Judy Ann Nock deserves more than 5 stars but that's all they give us!
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I am all about the herbs and this one is a great detailed list to add to your collection. I loved the layout as well as the attention to detail.
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This book is a wonderful resource as to the different magickal herbs, their properties and their uses in a witchcraft practice. I enjoyed that the author went into a history of the use of herbs as well as the descriptions of each. The book features pictures of each of the herbs as well as the properties which is helpful and makes this book a vital resource for the fledgling witch. 

The book also includes different rituals, spells, potions, etc. that can be made using the herbs detailed in the book. This is helpful as a starting off point for a new witch as well as giving more experienced practitioner ideas on how to expand their practice.  I enjoyed this book immensely and will be using it as a reference text in my practice in the future.
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This book is utterly fantastic. What a wonderful guide to using herbs with magick. This will be a staple on my shelf with my other similar books. Would highly recommend it.
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The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs is a interesting book on herbs. The written is good and There is some good information on herbs.
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This is recommended to those who have an interest in Kitchen/green witchcraft. I am not a practitioner, but I do enjoy reading and learning about the craft. This book is full of information on herbs, their association and ways to incorporate them into everyday life. Focusing on the history of herbalism, the herbs themselves and rituals and spells this is an excellent source for anyone discovering herbs for the first time. 

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I always fancied myself as a bit of a wich and now I have the book to guide me. A fascinating tale into the world of herbs. A very insightful and informative read.
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Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley for the opportunity. 
My review opinion is my own.  I highly recommend this book.

This is a must read for all who practice their magic with herbs and all who want to learn more about herbal use, the history of and the magical properties of herbs. I found this extraordinarily helpful in my personal limited knowledge of basic herb use. This will expand your education for witches and non witches alike. 

The author has given the reader the scope of the history of herbs which is critical knowledge for all of us who practice with herbs.  I enjoyed learning so much more then I ever imagined.  You will find yourself incorporating new herbs and new spells with this knowledge.  You may even be planning a new spring garden. She has included the basics of using herbs with wonderful receipes  i found very fun and helpful to my personal practice.  The book then delves into magical and medicinal properties.  To summarize I found this extraordinary in scope and very useful for my personal use. I highly recommend this book,
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Lovely resource not just on the witchy ways of herbs, but on the history, medicinal and culinary uses, and growing/harvesting as well. Nock is a good writer and infuses this book with lovely descriptions and sentiments, as well as a handful of ideas for rituals, potions and magical objects.
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This is definitely one of the best and most useful craft-related books I’ve picked up thus far, and I really recommend it to anyone interested in green and/or kitchen witchcraft! It details pretty heavily on both, as herbal magic is incredibly important in both walks of life (and to be fair, many green witches are also hearth/kitchen witches, and vice-versa). The other most notable thing I appreciate is that this isn’t a book for beginners or seasoned witches; it fits both quite easily and I think anyone could find something worth learning or considering here.

The book kicks off with a bit of history into the art of herbal magic and some basic definitions of different types of herbs, the difference between herbs and spices, and so forth. There’s a whole section on gardening and giving back to the earth, including a super informative how-to guide on building your own indoor or outdoor compost! There’s also a healthy amount of information on the history of how different cultures have approached herbal magic, whether it’s the Ayurvedic route, Traditional Chinese Medicine, or even Culpeper (considered by many to be the first general practitioner) and the ways he merged herbs with science.

For the aspects on kitchen craft, there are some great general tips as well as ideas for ways you can make teas, tonics, etc. Part II features an index of 100 herbs with illustrations, correspondences, and uses, before moving on to Part III, which features a long line of spells split into chapters related to their purposes such as divination, luck, etc. (including a chapter on dangerous herbs to avoid).

The only complaint I have about this entire book is that the beginning focuses a fair bit on “the law of three”, which if you’re unfamiliar with it, states that everything we do returns to us threefold, so we must only put positivity and light out into the universe. While that’s a major facet of the Wiccan belief system, this isn’t marketed as a Wiccan book (to my knowledge), and many non-Wiccan witches such as myself don’t necessarily abide by the law of three. I’m not particularly bothered by its inclusion, but I thought it was worth mentioning in this review! Honestly, though, like I said: this is one of my favorite books on witchcraft I’ve ever read, and I’ll definitely be grabbing myself a physical copy to flip through for referencing and spells in the future!

Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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Blog: Flying the Hedge
Posted on: December 5, 2019
Review: "Time for another book review witches and I am so excited to share this one with you! I just finished The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs by Judy Ann Nock and I am in love! This is one of the best witchcraft herbal books I have ever read in all of my life. Yes, it's better than Cunningham. Blasphemy, I know.

Nock begins the book by breaking down common uses of herbs, from medicine to gardening to cooking, with magical correspondences sprinkled throughout. I absolutely loved all the little historical asides, myths, and folklore on the different herbs or uses she was discussing. These asides offer a glimpse into the past and offer a deeper understanding of how magical traditions regarding plants developed over time and why we have many of the magical correspondences we do today. To add to my love, Nock also takes a scientific approach to herbs, advising readers to be aware of reactions and always consult a physician or herbalist when using herbs.

In the section on gardening, which is one of my favorites, Nock introduces "sacred sustainability," or the idea that we should live and harvest sustainably and that this act is sacred in and of itself. This resonated with me as an environmental science teacher and as a witch. She discusses creating your own magical garden as well as how to create your own compost with a magical spin. Her discussion of compost and how creating it is a magical act tied to the Wheel of the Year, the Elements, and the Triple Goddess was deeply profound. I honestly had never thought about compost as being magical, but after reading her explanation, I'm converted. If anything, she taught me at that moment to recognize the magic in even the most mundane of acts. She evens offers an amazing composting ritual to do when you begin your gardening journey. I've never been so excited to create compost in my entire life. Haha!

She follows up with a great section on kitchen witchery, which, while short, introduces the idea that cooking is a magical act. This section could have been longer, but there are lots of great books on the topic out there and I believe Nock was just trying to briefly introduce the subject to peak interest. The following chapter covers herbs in wellness. Here, she breaks down the different schools of thought on treating disease. I was thankful she pointed out some of the flaws of homeopathy but would have liked to have seen more in this section explaining the controversy behind it. Homeopathy is based on the idea that like cures like and through dilution we make a cure more powerful. There is ZERO, and I mean ZERO, scientific evidence to support homeopathy, which is very different from naturopathy and other holistic forms of medicine. But I digress. This is definitely an argument for another time.

Following this introduction to the uses of herbs comes a beautifully illustrated section covering 100 herbs and their history, associations, and magical uses. I would have liked to have seen this section fleshed out a little more, especially regarding the history, but fully understand that to cover each herb in such detail would take many a book. Despite this, the section is great and offers some new information, even for me! I look forward to seeing the illustrations in the physical copy. They are beautiful in the electronic copy I read, so I can only imagine they are even better in person.

Part 2 is all about using herbs in magical workings. Her uses and suggestions are new and inventive and have given me so many ideas for future spells. This is the first time in at least 2 years that I have read through spells and been like, "Oh! How thoughtful and inspiring! I am going to use this!" Her spells cover everything from self-care, luck, love, divination, shadow work, and healing. Nock also offers suggestions on how herbs can be used as magical tools and on your altar. There is mention in this book of the Rule of Three, but it was so brief that it didn't turn me off from the rest of the book. There is so much more to this book than Wicca.

I can't even begin to stress how much I loved this book. In fact, I went ahead and preordered a copy because I just had to have the physical copy to make notes in. If you only purchase one book this year, make sure its this one. It is an absolute must-read for all witches, new or not. The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs by Judy Ann Nock will be available on December 10, 2019, so preorder your copy today!"
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Let me start by saying I've never read a book about herbs and didn't know how this was going to go. I am in love, love, love with this book. Not only does it give you a matter of fact approach, but it breaks everything down into useful tidbits. So if you're reading about a specific herb it breaks down its history, the characteristics of it and then its magickal properties. The author gives you just the right amount of information without it being overwhelming which is a beautiful thing. She gives you information on everything from cultivation, to kitchen witchery, to creating a sacred garden, self-care, and spellwork. Love this book, literally, love everything about it and will be reading it again :)
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The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs is a great addition to one’s reference library. A large part of the book includes information on 100 herbs including a short history, their growing preferences, what remedies they are good for, and their magickal properties. It is a great introduction to the herbs allowing you to see which ones you would like to explore more via other books or courses.

There are also a lot of spells and charms included. Some of the chapters include; Botanicals and Beauty, Aphrodisiacs and Attraction, Fate and Fortune, Omens and Oracles, Belladonna and Bane, Dragon’s Blood and Dreams, and Rites and Rituals.
Nock also includes information on altars, magickal tools, smudging, and more.

It would be a perfect book for someone just beginning to get into witchcraft and herbs. And for those who have been practicing with magickal herbs for awhile, they might find some new information to add to their Book of Shadows or grimoire.
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I was thrilled to include "The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs", by Judy Ann Nock  into my ever growing collection of this series.
 In the 240 wonderfully crafted pages you will find not only about the herbs themselves and their many uses, but also the history behind them. 
 The author includes everything you'll need to know about setting up a magickal herb garden, from the soil to seeding to planting. 
 The common magickal herb section  was very useful in sorting out what herbs should be used for what intention for spellcasting.
In the back of the book you will find illustrations of herbs and their magickal properties as well different ways to incorporate herbs into the Sabbats, herbs for ailments and my favorite, tea use in the art of Tasseomancy. 

The information you will find in "The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs", by Judy Ann Nock is just amazing. I was given a digital copy for my honest review, but I will be buying a copy to add to the rest of the wonderful books in this series. #NetGalley

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Even for those who don't practice or believe in witchcraft, one can't argue that medicinal herbs are highly impactful and helpful. Judy Ann Nock's book gives readers a chance to go through the different herbs, their influence, and to what they may be best applied. I found the guide fascinating and delightful.
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Great for those who want to go into herbs and want a nice starting point. Get a brief introduction to some basic herbs. A decent selection and a starting point of spells one could do.
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This is a well written and informative book that I found engrossing and entertaining.
I learned a lot and was more than happy to learn something new about herbs and witchcraft.
I liked the clear explanations and how the book is organised.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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