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This is such an amazing book! It is based on the author's own experience with California wildfires and the resulting problems with lost vegetation and mudslides. Bybee has managed to blend the uncertainty of where and what wildfires will go and do, the emotional aspect of it including the fear, information about what happens after a fire with a sweet story of family survival and a surprising romance. I could not turn the pages fast enough! My Way to You is a fantastic read!
I was given a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley. All thoughts are my own.
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My Way to You is the start of a new series by Catherine Bybee. I've really enjoyed other books I've read by her and will definitely be reading more of her backlist but this one wasn't a hit for me.

Parker had to grow up quickly - going from a 22 year old party girl who couldn't choose a college major to raising her teenage brother and sister after their parents died in an accident. And now a wildfire has threatened their home. In the aftermath of the fire, rain and mudslides are the next big risk. Colin works for the county and is there to help figure out the best way to protect her house and their neighbors.

This was much more of a domestic fiction (women's fiction) story than a romance. There was a LOT of detail about what was done to the property (A LOT). I learned a lot but definitely would have been okay with learning a little less about the water pipes at Parker's house. 

I also don't love the way some things were handled with Piper & Colin. No spoilers but there is a major conflict between them that I feel was just brushed aside and not really addressed before the ending and the epilogue was not a satisfying ending to me. I will probably still try the next book in this series when it comes out but this one wasn't my favorite. 

Thank you to Montlake Romance, Brilliance Audio and Netgalley for the advance reading and listening copies to review.
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My Way to You is the story of a young woman, Parker, who went away to college and then got the horrific call to come home, her parents were in an accident.   She puts her life on hold, moves back home to raise her younger sister and brother, and figure out how to keep their lives afloat.    A fire ravaged the area around her house and other environmental issues come to light.  Enter the man, Collin, who is going to keep her house safe and help to keep her community from being washed out.    Of course, the man is hot, single, and interested in Parker.   

I love the romance and the family values within the story.    The attraction of Parker and Collin was fun to watch develop.  I was thrilled that Parker stayed true to herself while Collin pushed her just enough to step outside of her comfort zone.    Both Parker and Collin’s families played a large roll in their relationship.    Of course, Parker is the primary caretaker of her brother and sister made her have responsibilities that most women her age do not have yet.   Collin’s family embraced Parker and also kept Collin from moving too fast.  

The environmental stuff was not so much fun for me.   I tended to skip over some of the parts where it talked about what the workers were doing to Parker’s yard and how the weather was affecting her community.   Some of that part of the story had to be included so that Collin would keep showing up but some of it was beyond what I needed to know to enjoy the romance.   

Catherine Bybee is an author that I read often and I always find myself lost her in books not wanted to put them down.   My Way to You is the first book in the Canyon Creek Series and I am excited to read more.
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Catherine Bybee is an author that I go into her books expecting to enjoy them and while My Way To You is different than her previous work, the enjoyment factor is definitely there.

Ms Bybee leans on her own personal experience here to craft a story that emphasize perseverance, strength of character, and finding a figurative port in the storm in an unlikely place.

Parker is a female lead that you can’t help but root for. She is young in years, but has an amazing strength of character that has served her and her siblings well. Colin was the perfect pair for her as he appreciated her strengths and had the maturity to listen and let her lead when needed.

This is a well written book that covers a lot of ground in addition to having a core romantic story. We see great sibling relationships and friendships surround this family that once felt like an island. The supporting cast is fairly small, but that just means I am that much more curious about what happens next in a Canyon Creek. I am hopeful that there will be more books about this group - and a big part of that is wanting to know what comes next for Parker and Colin.
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A powerful story of one woman's struggle to not only keep what is left of her family together but also fight against the ravages of mother nature and save her family's California home.  The author did an amazing job of bringing you right to the front lines as these characters fight wildfires, mudslides, and floods.  The writing is wonderfully descriptive making you feel as if you are right there.  The characters feel so genuine and real that your heart can't help but cheer each time they find a way to survive.   Put this on the top of the must read list.  No one should miss it.
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This story was a bit different and quite interesting.  The author gives a good view into the lives of those whose homes have been threatened by wildfires and/or mudslides that have resulted from the fires.  It’s very obvious from the way the story is written that she is pulling from her own experiences.  While I found the personal relationships touching and wonderful, sometimes the details of the other things got in the way.  Never for too long, never to the extent they took me out of the story, but enough that I would find myself skimming.

Colin and his whole family are wonderful people.  So are Parker and her family, for that matter.  As a person who is a bit type A and used to keeping control of situations, I could totally sympathize with Parker.  While there were times I thought she was keeping a bit too tight of a rein, I could also be real with myself and know I would be acting quite similarly to her.

There’s a great connection between Parker and Colin.  I never felt a burning fire, but I definitely felt some heat.  Now, his brother and her tenant are a different story.  There’s some great chemistry there and I’m excited to read their story.  The link Colin and Parker have is more about comfort, but that’s what they both need.  Not that they don’t have a yearning for one another, but the overwhelming need they both have at this point in life is comfort and love.

I’m not sure how many books will be in this series, but there are so many stories I would love to read from these families.
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Wow!  This was a roller coaster of emotions.  Parker first has to deal with her parents death and having to drop out of school to take care of her siblings and then with the drought fire season comes and so does the fire. The fire was devastating but the house was left standing but soon the rains would come and so would the rain and Colin Hudson's job is to prevent further loss.  Little did he know he would also find the love of his life. Watching these two come to grips during this turmoil was not something beautiful and one of the reasons I keep coming back to this author no matter what she writes!  Definitely a keeper and so glad it is the start of a series!!

**Received this ARC for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
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New book in a new series. My way to you is all about strength and renewal.
A story of living your life.
Parker Sinclair steps up and takes responsibility. When a wildfire occurs, things become more serious as more responsibility has to be taken for those surrounding. Colin aka TDH is present to supervise work that needs to be done to prevent further destruction.
Obstacles occur in the form of control as Parker looks to preserve.
As in life one must look forward, go forth, let go, and live your life. Be strong.
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Colin has the hero mentality. Rush in and get things done. Take care of the job. With the devastating fires and the projected torrential rains and floods, he has a lot of work to do. Never did he imagine his job would lead him to the most amazing woman he had ever met. 
Parker has been glue holding her family together since their parents death. Taking care of her brother and sister, shouldering all the burdens. And she has had noone to lean on. All she knows is she can depend on herself but she is barely holding it together. Then she meets Colin and her world changes. She feels like a woman again. And she hasn't felt like that in a very long time. 
Colin is such a sweetheart. The way he wants to take care of Parker and shoulder her burdens. But he must realize he can't do everything for her. He has to let her be herself. Be the strong woman that she is but be there for her when she needs him. And that is hard for him. Their chemistry and passions are undeniable.  Can they grow into more? 
Parker needs to learn to need someone. To let someone else shoulder some of her problems. Live her life and be the big sister again.  
As things intensify between them, questions arise that may throw them completely off. Will they navigate their way back to one another? 
Cannot wait for more of this series!!
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I have long been a fan of Catherine Bybee's writing. When I knew this book was coming, I looked forward to how it handled the fire and flooding based on what she herself had lived through. I had watched all the videos she shared as the events unfolded, to the point my husband learned to recognize her voice. Our heroine, Parker, has been through a lot before the story even unfolds. After her parents died, she's been the one to raise her younger sister and brother. She has a not-so-fabulous job that is barely covering their bills. Then Mother Nature decides to throw her a wicked curveball in the form of first fires and then torrential rains and mudslides all surrounding her home, the last piece she has left from her parents. Enter our hero, Colin. He's a public works supervisor set to handle the enormous task of overseeing the building of structures meant to help lessen the damage from the rains and flooding. He's got a tight time-frame to work in. During the course of it all, the two meet. She's strong-willed and a bit stubborn and he just wants to help her in every way he can. There is also a strong supporting cast that we come to know and love and I look forward to the next installment in the series.  Do yourself a favor and visit Catherine's facebook page and view for yourself the videos of the events in the story. This book will long go down as one of my favorites of Ms. Bybee's books.
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This new series begins with a young twenty-four-year-old woman, Parker Sinclair. Parker is the oldest of three children. With her last year of college looming before her, she still has no idea what she wants to do in the future. But life has a way of putting us on a path we least expect.

One summer evening, Parker received a phone call which changed her life forever. In one breath, the sudden death of her parents propelled her into a world of adulthood, full of responsibilities. She had to leave school to care for her younger sister and brother, and to maintain the family home and property.

Fast forward two-years. We find Parker and her siblings learning to function and cope without their parents. But the glue holding this family together is about to be tested. Will they persevere the natural disasters headed their way?

Meanwhile, our other featured character, Colin Hudson, a Public Works supervisor has his dragons to slay. Being the youngest supervisor in his department, at age 33, he needs to prove he deserves his recent promotion.

After a severe summer of California fires, Parker and her neighbors struggle to recover from the damage incurred before they encounter the winter weather headed their way. There are predictions of heavy rains and mudslides in the forecasts.

Trying to get ahead of the disaster, the Public Works department gives a huge task to Colin and his crew. Colin must convince Parker and her neighbors to give them access to their property to install drains to help prevent flooding and mudslides expected. To prove his worth, Colin needs to succeed at the job before him. Will he gain the community’s trust? Will he gain Parker’s trust? Only time will tell.

The reader will love this story. The strong personalities and wills of Parker and Colin keep the pages turning. However, as much as I liked this story, I found it lacking in the romance department. The one thing that made this story more entertaining was the introduction of a new character. Erin. She’s sweet and mild-mannered. But it's the shroud of secrecy and mystery that has the reader begging for more. I can hardly wait for the publication of book 2.

“My Way to You” is different from the usual Bybee stories. If this book is your first Catherine Bybee book, I highly recommend reading some of her previous works to have a better idea of her writing style. Personally, I don’t feel this novel is a true representation of the many books she’s written. However, I did enjoy the book and highly recommend it. There are many entertaining and touching moments throughout. Once again, thank you, Catherine, for another good read!  

 I want to thank the author for an ARC via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.
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A wonderful start  to a new series, I had a hard time putting it down, knowing that the author had lived through these environmental tragedies herself. This story is more than a romance but what a strong person, Parker is.

Parker is raising her two younger siblings after her parents die tragically. After they barely survive the wild fires and are now dealing the flooding in the Canyon, she meets Colin, who works for the public works department to protect Parker's property. As they work together to save the property, their hearts open up to each other too. 

Loved Parker, a very strong female figure but also a control freak. Loved Colin, who not give up on Parker. Everyone needs Colin's mom!!  I can't wait to learn more about Erin, she has so many secrets. I highly recommend this book.
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My Way to You is a wonderful new series from Catherine Bybee. Catherine is one of my favorite authors to read. I was a little nervous about starting this series because I know it is a deeply personal book, she does a wonderful job describing the wild fires and how they affect several families.  and overcome.  I totally feel for them.
There were many times when I was reading this book I could hardly catch my breath.  

After Parker's parent’s fatal accident, she drops out of college to care for her younger sister and brother.Colin is just an amazing Hero.

Mother Nature steps in and their relationship takes off.  I love how it all comes together. The secondary characters are great, I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

I received an ARC for my honest feedback.
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This book was so good.  I read it in one sitting, stopping only to fix dinner.  Parker was a young woman that really didn't know what she wanted to be when she grew up.  She was in her early 20's and couldn't decide.  After her parents told her it was time to settle down, she buckled down and said she would .  Then she got a call that changed her life forever. She found she was strong and brave.   I loved all the characters except the principal of the school that she worked at.  That woman had no sympathy for what she was going through!.  The love story in the book grew slowly, but steadily.  It was very sweet.   I would love a sequel maybe 5 years down the road to see what everyone is doing.  Austin has turned out to be a good kid and has a great personaility.  

I got this book from NetGalley for an honest review.  This book is very worth reading.  I highly recommend.
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Two years ago, Parker Sinclair was enjoying a privileged life, attending college, and still trying to decide what course her future should take.  The sudden death of her parents changed everything.  She had to become the adult to take care of her two younger siblings, one of them still in high school.  With a tight financial situation, Parker dropped out of college so that there would be sufficient funds for her brother and sister to attend.  Now, as they are finally starting to recover, disaster strikes again, this time in the form of a wildfire in their area.  Though their home is spared, all around them is dead vegetation, ash, and no plant growth to keep the land in place.  If the drought ends, and there is sufficient rain, they are now in danger of becoming a victim of a mudslide.

Colin Hudson is a supervisor at LA County Public Works, and one of his new assignments will be to shore up the fire devastated area in order to prevent another catastrophe when the rains start.  As he surveys the area, he realizes that he’s going to need access to Parker’s land.  It’s going to be for a substantial amount of time, and it’s not going to be pretty.  Colin spies Parker during his initial assessment, and decides to approach her unofficially before she’s called in to the office by the bigwigs.

In the past two years, and especially since the fire, Parker has grown very cautious about her somewhat secluded location.  She has a security fence, and a gun, and is not afraid to warn trespassers away from her property.  While initially suspicious of Colin, she soon realizes that he’s on the level, and potentially agrees to allow the crew onto her land, with some specific conditions.  Colin is impressed with the way she holds her ground at the office meeting, and later by the way she treats his crew, and how she’s managed to take care of her home and siblings.

Parker and Colin see a lot of each other, and it’s obvious that they’re very attracted.  Soon Parker goes out on her first date in what seems like forever.  Colin is so smitten with Parker, and he’s constantly coming up with ways to try to help her.  While Parker accepts some help, she stubbornly refuses on certain things, determined to handle them by herself.  Otherwise, this couple seems ideally suited for each other, and they begin a genuine relationship with plenty of steam and fun.

MY WAY TO YOU is a contemporary love story with two strong, caring, but determined people.  Aside from the romance and the family issues, there is a lot of detail involving what actually happens in California with the fires, droughts, rains, and mudslides – some of it technical.  (This is a true part of the author’s life, so I understand her passionate interest.)  While Parker and Colin appear about to embark on a truly committed relationship, it seems that they have a difference of opinion in what they want for their own futures, and it’s a significant goal, one with the potential to tear them apart.  I truly liked this couple, as well as admired them, and I was rooting for them to find a way to make a future together.  MY WAY TO YOU makes for a compelling read.  The great characters and their strength in continually battling the setbacks they encounter makes it a hard book to put down.
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Parker Sinclair was a happy-go-lucky college student turned into a parental figure overnight. Caring for her 2 younger siblings as their guardian while taking care of her parents' property is no small task. The story is set in California where wildfires can cause catastrophic damage to people's homes and the basis behind all of that is derived from facts and true experiences. Colin Hudson is the supervisor who is overseeing the work being done on Parker's property in hopes of preventing future damage for the neighboring homes. Colin has his job cut out for him in terms of capturing Parker's attention. This girl is so independent and resourceful, she can handle just about anything on her own and I loved that about her. She comes off as fearless and strong because she has no other choice. But that doesn't dissuade Colin because he wants to be a shoulder for her to lean on and he really does step it up to prove it to her. The romance aspect was a slow build with a lot of the story's focus on the relationship and their character growth as a couple together and not so much steam and heat. I did enjoy reading this and getting to know both Colin's and Parker's families because it was a great introduction to a series of more characters to become familiar with in future books. I also wouldn't mind reading more about Parker and Colin, too.
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I adore Catherine Bybee’s writing style. Her storytelling flows and all the countless character details feel effortless. My Way to You, the first in an all new Creek Canyon series is no exception. It is beautifully written. I adored these characters, each one moving the plot along and playing with my emotions. 

My Way to You made me heart melt. It centers around family, love, loss and sacrifice. Parker and Colin are magic together. Their chemistry is undeniable. I cannot wait to read the next in the series.
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More like 4.5 stars. This was my first book from this author and it won't be the last. One thing what I liked about this book are characters. Both Parker and Colin were great and I really liked both of them. I especially liked Colin's family because they were so great. I liked Parker because she was strong and she knew what to do on their situation.
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Thanks goes to the publisher and Net-Galley for providing me an advance reader copy. I appreciate the chance to read and review Catherine Bybee’s newest novel, My Way to You. My opinions are my own and are not influenced by the complimentary copy.

My Way to You is an emotional novel set in southern California in the aftermath of a horrific wildfire that almost takes the heroine’s family home. To add insult to injury, she is now in danger of losing her house to mudslides from the torrential rains. As I always expect with Ms. Bybee, the writing is stellar, the pacing is perfect, and her flawed characters are realistic.

Parker Sinclair’s character is under a tremendous amount of stress. She’s not only dealing with her parent’s deaths, but she’s raising her siblings on top of dealing with wildfires and mudslides. She has an indominable spirit and is determined to succeed against all odds. While at times, she frustrated me with her insecurities, I did really like her character. She loves deeply, but she has lots of fear which keeps her closed off.

Colin Hudson is a fantastic hero with all the characteristics I most admire. He’s willing to go way above and beyond to help the stressed Parker when he meets her while trying to save her neighborhood. His attraction to her is instantaneous, and he doesn’t allow Parker’s insecurities to push him away. He is determined to win her heart.

The Chemistry between Parker and Colin is combustible. He is perfect for her because he refuses to let her push him away. I truly wanted them to find their happy ending. Parker doesn’t make it easy for him.

If you enjoy contemporary romance with plenty of heart and a bit of angst, then you’ll love My Way to You as much as I did. This is the first book in MS. Bybee’s new series, and I can’t wait to read the next one. Happy reading!
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CONTENT WARNING: Lots and lots of gushing ahead about this amazing, amazing, amazing story!

Since losing her parents two years ago, 26 year old Parker Sinclair has been doing a damn good job juggling all the flaming swords in her life: a 20 year old sister in college, her 17 year old brother who’s finishing up high school, a lousy part-time job that barely helps pay the bills, and an aging home on a large piece of property in the valley of Santa Clarita, California. When wildfires destroy the valley one July day, they survive with their lives and the destroyed property, however the main house, along with a small guesthouse, is intact and mostly unscathed.

But just because the house is still there doesn’t mean their worries are over. Without all the plants and trees in the valley to absorb rainfall and hold soil in place, the coming months of rain in the late fall and winter are a grave concern - not just for the Sinclairs, but for everyone in the valley below them.

Colin Hudson’s job with the LA County Public Works Department is to minimize the destruction of mudslides - it’s not a matter of if they’ll come, it’s when, how often, and how bad. From his initial interaction with Parker, he’s impressed with her grasp of the gravity of her situation and her can-do attitude about doing whatever it takes to care for and protect the home her parents left her and her siblings. He’s also impressed with her selflessness, willing to inconvenience herself and her family for the sake of helping everyone who lives downhill from her property. It doesn’t take long for Colin to fall in love with the woman who is kind and strong and resilient.

Now let the gushing commence...

I should have known better than to pick up a Catherine Bybee book right before bed (I had to wait for the heated mattress pad to get my side of the sheets warm!). But the last two books I’d read were not good and it hadn’t been a problem to just read a chapter or two before turning in. However, next thing I knew I had finished eight chapters and was in danger of reading through most of the night. And that’s because...

She is back!

I became a fan of Catherine Bybee while reading her Not Quite series, which currently has six books and is filled with sweet, mostly lighthearted stories that are heartwarming and fun to read. So when her latest First Wives series was a bit cynical and edgy, I wasn’t sure what to think at first. I ended up really liking all five books, but had to face the possibility that, due to circumstances in Ms. Bybee’s personal life (she and her husband recently divorced), maybe that’s what she would write now.

Except apparently it isn’t! Because in My Way to You we get a gripping tale about the California wildfires and the aftermath, wrapped around the sweetest, most tender-hearted love story I’ve read in ages. I knew I’d love Colin when he pulled his sister (who is an engineer for the city of Santa Clarita) into a meeting so Parker would feel more comfortable. (You know a guy is going to be great when he has a close relationship with his sister.) Watching Colin and Parker fall for each other was such a delight and warmed my heart, over and over!

”I appreciate you checking on me. I’m pretty sure that’s not in your job description.”
“It could be.”
She paused, not really sure what he meant by that. “I’m not following you.”
“You’re right. As the supervisor on the project, it’s not necessary that I check on you unless it’s raining or something is wrong with the project. But as a man who doesn’t have a wife, checking on a woman who doesn’t have a husband…”

The art of subtle flirting just makes my heart swoon! I can’t even think of the last time a book had me swooning so many times.

“I’m going to leave you to your girls’ night and dream about you when I go to bed.”
She moved closer, enjoyed the feeling of his arms as they circled her back. “All of me, or just my knees?” She lifted her lips.
He bent close, spoke over them. “I haven’t seen all of you.”
“We could probably arrange that.”
“One body part at a time.” He kissed her and stopped her brain from functioning.

These days it seems all we get is insta-love and couples that fall into bed at the snap of their fingers. I love, love, love a relationship that develops slowly and naturally. I love when the heroine is reluctant, but the hero is patient and determined. I loved that Parker was hesitant but didn’t ever push Colin away. Sure, they had some conflict - because all relationships do - but they both dealt with them head on and maturely, without trumped up drama or angst and it was lovely. I loved Colin and Parker SO MUCH and would have loved more of them. Yes, I wish this book had been 800 pages long just so we could get more of Parker doing what needs to be done and Colin being all swoony!

I also loved Parker as a heroine. It is so great to read about a strong, capable young woman. I loved that Parker was willing to do whatever it took to keep her sister and brother on the right path and hold her family together as best she can. But I also loved her vulnerable side, knowing she wants more for her life - yet not sure what that “more” is. I frequently tell people I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up...and I’m an almost 50 year old married woman with three children (two of whom are adults). I could totally relate to Parker doing what needs to be done, but not knowing what is next when she starts the next stage of her life.

As much as I loved the romance in this book, I was enthralled with the Humankind vs Mother Nature storyline. Some readers may find all the details about mud control tedious, but for me it was fascinating. My family has vacationed in California for years, we have family there, we’ve driven through parts of the state with a similar landscape as the location of this story. In the summer of 2017, we were driving through the hills above Malibu and I distinctly remember thinking how awful it would be if there was a fire - it would be hard to get out since there’s only a single, narrow, twisty two-lane road, it would be impossible to defend all the homes, and they would all be destroyed...and a year later that’s exactly what happened. So it wasn’t hard for me to “put myself” into this story. Reading this fictionalized tale about the California wildfires was heart pounding and heart breaking. And I loved every page.

The only thing that wasn’t perfection about this story is that it ended with so much of Colin and Parker’s story remaining. I want to know about their trip to Cabo, I want to be there when Colin proposes and the wedding, I want to see them have more deep discussions about their future, I want to see what Parker does next. I just want more. I can barely wait to get my hands on the next books in this series. I absolutely LOVED My Way to You and am SO looking forward to reading more about the people in Canyon Creek!

* a HUGE thank you to NetGalley and Montlake Romance for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review
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