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This is an amazing story that Catherine Bybee has written. Closely paralleling her own experience with wildfires and flooding, she takes that experience and puts strong characters in her place that make the story really come alive. Parker is one of the more interesting characters I’ve been introduced to in a long time and the way she handles tragedies and life, in general, is admirable. It is hard to imagine having to take care of her siblings and the kind of property described in the book at such a young age with no one to help guide her. Colin is less complex but no less likable of a character and a true hero that Parker isn’t necessarily looking for but needs. The story is face-paced and the type of book you don’t want to put down until the end. I recommend to anyone who loves women’s fiction or romance.
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MY WAY TO YOU (Canyon Creek Series Book #1) by Catherine Bybee is the first book in a new contemporary romance series that is a powerful and engaging emotional read. I have enjoyed many books by this author, but this one grabbed me and would not let go.

Parker Sinclair had to grow up fast. Her parents were killed in an accident which meant she had to drop out of college and return home to finish raising her two younger siblings. After two years of a job that barely pays the bills, Parker is managing to keep the family property up in Canyon Creek, but it takes everything out of her. 

When a wildfire strikes and burns all of the outbuildings and vegetation on the surrounding hills, Parker knows she is lucky to have had the house survive, but now with the rainy season coming Parker has to worry about mudslides that can destroy everything she has worked hard to save.

Colin Hudson is the county public works supervisor sent to evaluate Parker’s property for mud slides. He is struck by the tenacious and strong young woman shouldering such a large burden. Colin and Parker butt heads due to Parker not willing to give up control, but Colin is the is willing to work hard for Parker’s trust.

Can Parker and Colin work together to save her home and neighborhood?

I absolutely fell in love with Colin and the way he treated Parker. I know how hard it is to give up control even when you feel like you are drowning and I could relate with Parker. Ms. Bybee gave the couple witty banter and realistic dialogue. The sex scenes were explicit, but not gratuitous and did not overshadow the tenderness of the romance. I will be thinking of these two H/h’s for a long time to come. This story also has a third major character in Mother Nature and the destruction that she can bring. All the secondary characters are fully fleshed and are completely believable. 

I highly recommend this emotional contemporary romance! I am now anxiously waiting for more books in this series.
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ARC for honest review with no compensation  received from NetGalley, Montlake

My Way to You is book 1 in the new series Creek Canyon by Catherine Bybee.
What an amazing book!  This book deserves more than 5 stars!!

Parker Sinclair drops out of college to raise her siblings after their parents are killed in an accident.  She is determined to keep her family together but when the California wild fires come to their back yard they could lose it all..with the help of Colin Hudson, Public Works supervisor and his crew they will do whatever it takes to safe the Sinclair homestead and the surrounding homes.

Mixing the author’s life events into this story keeps you on an emotional rollercoaster and sometimes thinking the ride must end soon but more is right around the next bend. Words really can’t describe the impact this book has...looking forward to the next book in the series.
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Thank you NetGalley and Montlake Publishing for this ARC.

My reason to request this copy was quiet simple. This book had a very high rating. I wanted to see what was the fuss about since it was my first Bybee book and I had no idea what I was in for. I was so glad that I got to read it early. It was a great story with engaging banter and ever better characters. I literally couldn't put it down and finished it in one go. Highly recommend book.
Happy reading.
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Despite the fact that Catherine Bybee is a best-selling author, she was a new-to-me author when I picked up My Way to You. Anyone who has ever followed or read any of my reviews knows I’m always up for trying new authors because there are so many good ones out there. Most of the time I’m really glad I took a chance, and this was certainly one of those times.

This story is based on the author’s own experience and to say that the story packed an emotional punch is putting it lightly. I live on the East Coast so besides watching the horrifying mudslides California faces from time to time on tv, I have never had to think much about what people have to fight and have to go through. My Way to You was certainly eye-opening in that respect. But it’s also a story about loss and grief, family, and rebuilding your life when it has all crumbled around you. And it all unfolds under dramatic circumstances. 

NICUnurse’s Rating: Let me just say that I will be picking up many more books by this author moving forward. There’s a reason she’s a best-selling author and part of that reason is her ability to draw you in from page one and tell a story in such a way you are not going to want to put the book down. There is so, so many wonderful things about this book, and I don’t want to spoil a second of it. Suffice it to say, I think you’ll be glad you took the time to read it!

I give My Way to You by Catherine Bybee 5 out of 5 stars!
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Overall, the story was just okay to me. I really liked Colin, but Parker was a little annoying to me. I don't understand why she was reluctant to accept Colin's help, especially when she really needed it. While I know the whole fire/flooding issue was very personal to the author I felt it sort of took over the story and bogged it down.  Erin and Matt's story next sounds more like my kind of read.
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Parker, a young woman still trying to find her way in adulthood, is hit with a big blow with the death of her parents.  She takes up the mantle of guardian for her two younger siblings and while things are not easy, they are moving along.  Then Mother Nature decides to test her mettle with fires and floods, making Parker either rise above or sink.

My Way To You has romance with Parker meeting public works supervisor, Colin after the fires that raged through her town, but the focus of the book is more about the fight for survival in nature/weather battle-tested California.   Ms. Bybee's details of what a wind-driven fire and then the out-of-control water can do to an area are told in stark relief as her characters pit themselves against nature to save their homes.  She lovingly shows Parker's resolve, strength, and ingenuity as Parker does all that she can to keep her remaining family together, while still maintaining her sanity. The relationship between Colin and Parker is a slow burn (no pun intended) and is secondary to the main story, but adds much need happy scenes to the story.  Both Colin and Parker are well developed, very real feeling people that you can easily root for.
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This is such an amazing book! It is based on the author's own experience with California wildfires and the resulting problems with lost vegetation and mudslides. Bybee has managed to blend the uncertainty of where and what wildfires will go and do, the emotional aspect of it including the fear, information about what happens after a fire with a sweet story of family survival and a surprising romance. I could not turn the pages fast enough! My Way to You is a fantastic read!
I was given a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley. All thoughts are my own.
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My Way to You is the start of a new series by Catherine Bybee. I've really enjoyed other books I've read by her and will definitely be reading more of her backlist but this one wasn't a hit for me.

Parker had to grow up quickly - going from a 22 year old party girl who couldn't choose a college major to raising her teenage brother and sister after their parents died in an accident. And now a wildfire has threatened their home. In the aftermath of the fire, rain and mudslides are the next big risk. Colin works for the county and is there to help figure out the best way to protect her house and their neighbors.

This was much more of a domestic fiction (women's fiction) story than a romance. There was a LOT of detail about what was done to the property (A LOT). I learned a lot but definitely would have been okay with learning a little less about the water pipes at Parker's house. 

I also don't love the way some things were handled with Piper & Colin. No spoilers but there is a major conflict between them that I feel was just brushed aside and not really addressed before the ending and the epilogue was not a satisfying ending to me. I will probably still try the next book in this series when it comes out but this one wasn't my favorite. 

Thank you to Montlake Romance, Brilliance Audio and Netgalley for the advance reading and listening copies to review.
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My Way to You is the story of a young woman, Parker, who went away to college and then got the horrific call to come home, her parents were in an accident.   She puts her life on hold, moves back home to raise her younger sister and brother, and figure out how to keep their lives afloat.    A fire ravaged the area around her house and other environmental issues come to light.  Enter the man, Collin, who is going to keep her house safe and help to keep her community from being washed out.    Of course, the man is hot, single, and interested in Parker.   

I love the romance and the family values within the story.    The attraction of Parker and Collin was fun to watch develop.  I was thrilled that Parker stayed true to herself while Collin pushed her just enough to step outside of her comfort zone.    Both Parker and Collin’s families played a large roll in their relationship.    Of course, Parker is the primary caretaker of her brother and sister made her have responsibilities that most women her age do not have yet.   Collin’s family embraced Parker and also kept Collin from moving too fast.  

The environmental stuff was not so much fun for me.   I tended to skip over some of the parts where it talked about what the workers were doing to Parker’s yard and how the weather was affecting her community.   Some of that part of the story had to be included so that Collin would keep showing up but some of it was beyond what I needed to know to enjoy the romance.   

Catherine Bybee is an author that I read often and I always find myself lost her in books not wanted to put them down.   My Way to You is the first book in the Canyon Creek Series and I am excited to read more.
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Catherine Bybee is an author that I go into her books expecting to enjoy them and while My Way To You is different than her previous work, the enjoyment factor is definitely there.

Ms Bybee leans on her own personal experience here to craft a story that emphasize perseverance, strength of character, and finding a figurative port in the storm in an unlikely place.

Parker is a female lead that you can’t help but root for. She is young in years, but has an amazing strength of character that has served her and her siblings well. Colin was the perfect pair for her as he appreciated her strengths and had the maturity to listen and let her lead when needed.

This is a well written book that covers a lot of ground in addition to having a core romantic story. We see great sibling relationships and friendships surround this family that once felt like an island. The supporting cast is fairly small, but that just means I am that much more curious about what happens next in a Canyon Creek. I am hopeful that there will be more books about this group - and a big part of that is wanting to know what comes next for Parker and Colin.
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A powerful story of one woman's struggle to not only keep what is left of her family together but also fight against the ravages of mother nature and save her family's California home.  The author did an amazing job of bringing you right to the front lines as these characters fight wildfires, mudslides, and floods.  The writing is wonderfully descriptive making you feel as if you are right there.  The characters feel so genuine and real that your heart can't help but cheer each time they find a way to survive.   Put this on the top of the must read list.  No one should miss it.
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This story was a bit different and quite interesting.  The author gives a good view into the lives of those whose homes have been threatened by wildfires and/or mudslides that have resulted from the fires.  It’s very obvious from the way the story is written that she is pulling from her own experiences.  While I found the personal relationships touching and wonderful, sometimes the details of the other things got in the way.  Never for too long, never to the extent they took me out of the story, but enough that I would find myself skimming.

Colin and his whole family are wonderful people.  So are Parker and her family, for that matter.  As a person who is a bit type A and used to keeping control of situations, I could totally sympathize with Parker.  While there were times I thought she was keeping a bit too tight of a rein, I could also be real with myself and know I would be acting quite similarly to her.

There’s a great connection between Parker and Colin.  I never felt a burning fire, but I definitely felt some heat.  Now, his brother and her tenant are a different story.  There’s some great chemistry there and I’m excited to read their story.  The link Colin and Parker have is more about comfort, but that’s what they both need.  Not that they don’t have a yearning for one another, but the overwhelming need they both have at this point in life is comfort and love.

I’m not sure how many books will be in this series, but there are so many stories I would love to read from these families.
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Wow!  This was a roller coaster of emotions.  Parker first has to deal with her parents death and having to drop out of school to take care of her siblings and then with the drought fire season comes and so does the fire. The fire was devastating but the house was left standing but soon the rains would come and so would the rain and Colin Hudson's job is to prevent further loss.  Little did he know he would also find the love of his life. Watching these two come to grips during this turmoil was not something beautiful and one of the reasons I keep coming back to this author no matter what she writes!  Definitely a keeper and so glad it is the start of a series!!

**Received this ARC for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
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New book in a new series. My way to you is all about strength and renewal.
A story of living your life.
Parker Sinclair steps up and takes responsibility. When a wildfire occurs, things become more serious as more responsibility has to be taken for those surrounding. Colin aka TDH is present to supervise work that needs to be done to prevent further destruction.
Obstacles occur in the form of control as Parker looks to preserve.
As in life one must look forward, go forth, let go, and live your life. Be strong.
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Colin has the hero mentality. Rush in and get things done. Take care of the job. With the devastating fires and the projected torrential rains and floods, he has a lot of work to do. Never did he imagine his job would lead him to the most amazing woman he had ever met. 
Parker has been glue holding her family together since their parents death. Taking care of her brother and sister, shouldering all the burdens. And she has had noone to lean on. All she knows is she can depend on herself but she is barely holding it together. Then she meets Colin and her world changes. She feels like a woman again. And she hasn't felt like that in a very long time. 
Colin is such a sweetheart. The way he wants to take care of Parker and shoulder her burdens. But he must realize he can't do everything for her. He has to let her be herself. Be the strong woman that she is but be there for her when she needs him. And that is hard for him. Their chemistry and passions are undeniable.  Can they grow into more? 
Parker needs to learn to need someone. To let someone else shoulder some of her problems. Live her life and be the big sister again.  
As things intensify between them, questions arise that may throw them completely off. Will they navigate their way back to one another? 
Cannot wait for more of this series!!
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I have long been a fan of Catherine Bybee's writing. When I knew this book was coming, I looked forward to how it handled the fire and flooding based on what she herself had lived through. I had watched all the videos she shared as the events unfolded, to the point my husband learned to recognize her voice. Our heroine, Parker, has been through a lot before the story even unfolds. After her parents died, she's been the one to raise her younger sister and brother. She has a not-so-fabulous job that is barely covering their bills. Then Mother Nature decides to throw her a wicked curveball in the form of first fires and then torrential rains and mudslides all surrounding her home, the last piece she has left from her parents. Enter our hero, Colin. He's a public works supervisor set to handle the enormous task of overseeing the building of structures meant to help lessen the damage from the rains and flooding. He's got a tight time-frame to work in. During the course of it all, the two meet. She's strong-willed and a bit stubborn and he just wants to help her in every way he can. There is also a strong supporting cast that we come to know and love and I look forward to the next installment in the series.  Do yourself a favor and visit Catherine's facebook page and view for yourself the videos of the events in the story. This book will long go down as one of my favorites of Ms. Bybee's books.
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This new series begins with a young twenty-four-year-old woman, Parker Sinclair. Parker is the oldest of three children. With her last year of college looming before her, she still has no idea what she wants to do in the future. But life has a way of putting us on a path we least expect.

One summer evening, Parker received a phone call which changed her life forever. In one breath, the sudden death of her parents propelled her into a world of adulthood, full of responsibilities. She had to leave school to care for her younger sister and brother, and to maintain the family home and property.

Fast forward two-years. We find Parker and her siblings learning to function and cope without their parents. But the glue holding this family together is about to be tested. Will they persevere the natural disasters headed their way?

Meanwhile, our other featured character, Colin Hudson, a Public Works supervisor has his dragons to slay. Being the youngest supervisor in his department, at age 33, he needs to prove he deserves his recent promotion.

After a severe summer of California fires, Parker and her neighbors struggle to recover from the damage incurred before they encounter the winter weather headed their way. There are predictions of heavy rains and mudslides in the forecasts.

Trying to get ahead of the disaster, the Public Works department gives a huge task to Colin and his crew. Colin must convince Parker and her neighbors to give them access to their property to install drains to help prevent flooding and mudslides expected. To prove his worth, Colin needs to succeed at the job before him. Will he gain the community’s trust? Will he gain Parker’s trust? Only time will tell.

The reader will love this story. The strong personalities and wills of Parker and Colin keep the pages turning. However, as much as I liked this story, I found it lacking in the romance department. The one thing that made this story more entertaining was the introduction of a new character. Erin. She’s sweet and mild-mannered. But it's the shroud of secrecy and mystery that has the reader begging for more. I can hardly wait for the publication of book 2.

“My Way to You” is different from the usual Bybee stories. If this book is your first Catherine Bybee book, I highly recommend reading some of her previous works to have a better idea of her writing style. Personally, I don’t feel this novel is a true representation of the many books she’s written. However, I did enjoy the book and highly recommend it. There are many entertaining and touching moments throughout. Once again, thank you, Catherine, for another good read!  

 I want to thank the author for an ARC via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.
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A wonderful start  to a new series, I had a hard time putting it down, knowing that the author had lived through these environmental tragedies herself. This story is more than a romance but what a strong person, Parker is.

Parker is raising her two younger siblings after her parents die tragically. After they barely survive the wild fires and are now dealing the flooding in the Canyon, she meets Colin, who works for the public works department to protect Parker's property. As they work together to save the property, their hearts open up to each other too. 

Loved Parker, a very strong female figure but also a control freak. Loved Colin, who not give up on Parker. Everyone needs Colin's mom!!  I can't wait to learn more about Erin, she has so many secrets. I highly recommend this book.
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My Way to You is a wonderful new series from Catherine Bybee. Catherine is one of my favorite authors to read. I was a little nervous about starting this series because I know it is a deeply personal book, she does a wonderful job describing the wild fires and how they affect several families.  and overcome.  I totally feel for them.
There were many times when I was reading this book I could hardly catch my breath.  

After Parker's parent’s fatal accident, she drops out of college to care for her younger sister and brother.Colin is just an amazing Hero.

Mother Nature steps in and their relationship takes off.  I love how it all comes together. The secondary characters are great, I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

I received an ARC for my honest feedback.
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