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My Way To You was a very emotional read, I was unware that this story hit so close to the writers home. The main character, Parker faced loss of family and was scared to also lose the family home, due to the wild fires and other property on the family land.  Parker had to grow up very fast at an early age to take on the Mother role to her siblings. Parker was a very strong female. This book was a very enjoyable read, intense, humor, love.  Parker found love and the strength of a very caring man and thrived; also her siblings grew and strived as well.
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My Way to You is the first book in the new Creek Canyon series. This is a contemporary romance and it's my first book by this author.

I really enjoyed this book. But truthfully it was not what I was expecting. This book was so much more emotional than I was anticipating. I love books that make me smile and cry in the same story. And this one did!

The story takes place in 2016 in Creek Canyon, California (Southern California).

This book has both a male and female POV. The female is Parker (24). The male narrator is Colin (33). She works at the local elementary school. He works for the LA County Public Works Department.

Both are 3rd person POVs. However they are written so well that you almost don't even notice. Very often I cannot connect to characters when they are written in the third person. But I did not have that problem at all in this book.

The book starts out with a prologue set two years before the rest of the book. It was emotional and moving and it really sets the tone for the rest of the story.

The first chapters also deal with some scary stuff. I love books that make me feel. But I was definitely caught off guard (in a good way) by how much was happening in the first chapters.

The beginning of this book was very strong. I was definitely invested in these characters. The romance was a very slow burn. I liked this story a lot.

Much of the book is focused on the house and the weather. These things were super interesting. But I think that I would have liked a bit more to happen.

The romance was very strong. I was expecting the book to be super sexy (which it wasn't). But I wish that the words used in the sex scenes had been less graphic. The romance was so sweet. The story was charming. To me these scenes (only 2 or 3) did not go with the tone of the rest of the book.

I really liked some of the supporting characters. I adored Colin's mom (I loved her so much). I also really liked Erin (who became a friend to Parker) and could not wait to find out more about her secrets.

The story was sweet, but also serious. I really liked both narrators so much. And I cannot wait to get Erin's story in book two. I was also very interested to see how much of what happened is based on true events in the author's life.
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OHMIGOSH.  I loved this book!  I'm a fan of Catherine Bybee.  This book was emotional and at times intense.  I didn't realize prior to reading that this was her "story" and that she had, in fact, lived through the fires and flooding as told in this story.  I'm anxiously awaiting book 2!  I would give this one higher than 5 stars if I could!
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Of all the books Catherine Bybee has written, My Way to You is the most real on so many levels and my absolute favorite. I loved this book because it not only has romance but it addresses real life struggles, not the least of which is going forward after great loss. It also does an excellent job of bringing to life the terrors, uncertainties and worries that come with a massive wildfire and its aftermath. The description of the fire as it approaches is absolutely perfect. 

The main character, Parker Sinclair, goes from an unfocused 24 year old college senior to an adult with the words, “There’s been an accident.” The book picks up two years later with Parker the legal guardian of her two siblings, Mallory, 20, and Austin, 17, which forces her to put her own life aside to deal with the very real issues that are part of being a caregiver and head-of-household. Life again turns on a dime when the wildfire sweeps through their area, causing much damage to their property and surrounding areas. I won’t give too much away except to say that Parker, who has already had to deal with so much, is forced to deal with even more, including the very real threat of flooding. Parker’s strength and ability to continue putting one foot in front of the other in the face of great stress and adversity makes her an admirable main character. 

Colin Hudson is the head supervisor with the LA County Works Department which will be responsible to mitigate the threat of flood damage in the area. Since the department needs the use of Parker’s property, Colin goes out to survey conditions and meet the property owner. Colin is immediately impressed by Parker. She notices that he is TDH—tall, dark and handsome. This is the book’s setup. 

Besides the two very likable main characters, there are several secondary characters that I enjoyed, including Austin whose teenage snark was dead-on. I also loved Colin’s mother, who helps Parker not only with financial planning but, more importantly, teaching her that it is okay to accept help and support from others. 

This book is a five star read and well worth seeking out. It is the first in what will be a trilogy and I look forward to reading the next two books as they become available. 

I was given a free copy of this book by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. The opinions stated are solely my own.
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My Way To You is the spectacular beginning of a new book series by Catherine Bybee, Creek Canyon, Book 1. My Way To You is a women’s fiction novel about college age, Parker Sinclair. A devastating wildfire wreaks ruin upon her family’s land. And the passing of their parents, has left Parker to take on the responsibility of raising her younger siblings.  

My Way To You is a fascinating novel highlighting the inner strength of a young woman who leaves college in order to raise her younger siblings and manage her parents’ property. This is also the captivating story of a young woman’s inner strength, in the face of seemingly unsurmountable obstacles, to accomplish more than she ever dreamed. To paraphrase from the publisher’s description: “The last thing Parker needs is a mudslide destroying everything she has worked so hard to maintain.”

Parker has her work set out for her. As the reader, we are gripped by Parker’s admirable determination to succeed. But soon we are dismayed Parker’s obstinacy might be her undoing, as she is steadfast in her ways. Colin Hudson, the public works supervisor, tries diligently to lend a hand to Parker. Yet, she is distrustful and doesn’t make it easy for Parker to help her.  

My Way To You is an absorbing story of a young woman’s determination to succeed. However, the story of Parker also brings something important to the forefront. There are times when accepting help from others, may be the wrong thing to do. However, sometimes it is the only right thing to do. And knowing the difference is essential, if not crucial.

I highly recommend My Way to You as a fabulous women’s fiction novel. I am greatly looking forward to the next book in this series.
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This is a deeply personal gut wrenching story. Having had personally known families who have survived through the ca wildfires, the backdrop to the story is scary, heartbreaking and very real. The love that comes from this tragedy is inspiring. This isn’t just a love story of one couple. It’s a love story of a families. Of hope. Of becoming one another’s own hero’s. Kudos to you Catherine for writing this- and letting ppl like me who has seen this from afar on the tv news, the ability to experience it through your eyes.
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Parker Sinclaire’s life has not been easy the last few years.  After her parents untimely death, at twenty one, she had to quit college and help raise her young brother and sister.  Holding on to a crappy job, as a teacher’s assistant, Parker is barely making ends meet at the family home.  Living in the mountains of California, fires and mudslides, are a yearly occurrence.  Parker is so tired fighting Mother Nature after a fire nearly destroys their home, that she dreams of the day when her siblings are on their own and she can sell their property.  With winter approaching and a forecast of rain, that can only mean mudslides.  

Colin Hudson is determined to build a damm and a funnel in the mountains to protect the homes below from future mudslides.  Now he needs permission from the owner to have access to the property in order to get this done.  What he wasn’t expecting is the beautiful and young home owner that greeted him.  One she agreed, Colin looked forward to seeing her daily as he organized the project.  The one thing he can honestly say about Parker, of course she’s beautiful, but extremely stubborn and always refusing help.  Instead trying to do everything on her own.  He’s rapidly falling for her, but can he get thru her armor, so they can have a future together.

Loved this book.  The constant battle that California goes thru yearly is detailed in this book, that is written magnificently.  Great reading!
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This is a Netgalley ARC review. All opinions are solely my own.

My Way to You by Catherine Bybee just set my world on fire (pun intended.) This is the first book of her new series, Creek Canyon. This book made me fall in love with the Sinclair family. Parker Sinclair has to do things we all hope we would be strong enough as a sibling to do. This book will make you feel all the feelings. It is sweet and hot, happy and sad, and funny and heart-warming. 

Catherine Bybee knows how to write strong female characters. She writes men who want to be good men for strong women. They are all perfectly imperfect. She sets the stage for at least two more strong women to get follow-up books in this series. 

I really loved this book because of the slow build-up between the main characters. She knows that not all relationships just fall into bed immediately. I really appreciate this approach. Parker speaking about Colin, "he executed a good-night kiss as if her were born to it." That's the kind of romance I want in my real life. 

I love that Catherine Bybee added a very personal note at the end of the book. It makes everything in her book that much more intense.

I CANNOT wait to read the rest of this series.
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This book had a very different “feel” to it than Catherine Bybee’s other books.  I loved Parker and Colin and the other characters (who hopefully will get their own books).  I enjoyed the story but I had a hard time visualizing quite a bit of it since (fires, flooding, mudslides).  I felt like the author must have had some first hand experience dealing with these issues and after reading the “notes from the author” I was correct.
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4 Stormy Stars!

Parker was 24 when her parents were killed and she was left to raise her younger sister and brother. Two years later they are living in the family home when a wildfire burns all around their house. The only reason their house didn’t burn was all the preparations that Parker took. But winter is coming soon and the winters in California mean rain ... and that spells disaster for the valley they live in. Colin is the new supervisor for the Public Works Department and is assigned the task of damage control, so that when the floods invaded the valley they would do minimal damage. Neither Parker or Colin expected the air to charge between them. All Colin wanted to do was protect Parker, but she was so used to doing everything herself that she had a hard time letting Colin in.

I felt like I was right there with Parker and Colin fighting to save her home from the rain, mud, boulders and flash floods. Even though there was some romance and steam in this book, it took second seat to the drama of the natural disasters. The characters were well thought out and hopefully they’ll all get their own story. Next up is Erin and Matt’s story and I can’t wait.

I received an early copy courtesy of Montlake Romance through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
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My Way to You is a wonderful new series from Catherine Bybee. The book starts out with a family going through a terrible tragedy followed by some huge obstacles to endure and overcome. They make it through stronger and happy. I’ve never considered what a family goes through after wildfires and mudslides but I now have a very good understanding and totally feel for them.
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Absolutely riveting depiction of the devastation endured by first wild fire and then extreme floods. There is also a well crafted human story filled with both love and heartache. I could not put this book down until I got near the end, then I paused for a bit not wanting it to end.
Knowing this is a work of fiction based on real life events the author endured make this an amazing story. Read it, well worth your time.
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Fabulous start to this new series! Parker has been taking care of her siblings and their house since her parents tragically died in an accident. Wildfires ravaged the area, but spared their home. Faced with the potential of mudslides if rain comes, the county comes in to help prevent that. Enter Colin - immediately fascinated with the feisty homeowner.

Knowing the fire and mud aspect of this story is based on Bybee’s real life experiences gives me a great amount of respect for both her and the power of Mother Nature. The romance was great as always and I loved the family aspect - Parker’s relationship with her siblings, Colin’s closeness with his family and how the two weave together. The book read for me like a favorite Nora Roberts saga - a sweeping and epic saga that sucks you in! The biggest and best difference being we will get to see more of these characters as the series continues. Fingers crossed Erin and Matt are next!

Thanks to both the publisher for a review copy from NetGalley and the author for a signed copy I won through a contest. I’m a lucky girl!
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What a great new series!!  I enjoyed reading this book so much and hated to put it down each night just to sleep.  The relationship between Parker and Colin was fantastic!  I loved Parker!  For such a young age, she was such a spitfire!!  Totally independent and didn’t need any help from anyone. Then along comes Colin who wants to help her and do it all but finds out quickly she can handle things herself, especially when she walks out with a shotgun over her shoulder and tells his men exactly how things are going to be.  Not only was the romance so great but I thoroughly enjoyed what the story was about.  Being a “northern from Ohio”, you read all about the fires and mudslides in California but you have no idea what is really going on or who all is involved in cleaning up the messes.  To me, this was a real eye-opener.  The destruction these things do to people’s properties is unbelievable.  Reading your “Note from the Author” broke my heart to know that you went through this.  I am so glad you survived this horrible ordeal. And the “Acknowledgments” of all the people who came together to help out in this disaster was amazing and they deserve a big “thank you”.  I not only loved Parker and Colin but I also enjoyed reading about Colin’s and Parker’s families and how the bond between all of them grew.  I can’t wait for the next book in this series so I can read about Matt and Erin.  Thank you Catherine Bybee for such a great book!!
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A Five star Book from Catherine Bybee!  My Way To You is much more than her previous romance novels.  It tells the story of a family dealing with the aftermath of the California wildfires......the loss and devastation, the mudslides, gas main breaks, loss of water, etc.  There is a romance in the story, as well as, a strong female character, Parker.   Spoiler, in the afterword, we learn that the book is based on the author's experience during The Fires, which makes the story all the more poignant!   I can hardly wait for the next book in the series!   Keep writing, Miss Bybee!  Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read the ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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**My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This book is what happens when authors have traumatic weather experiences in their lives, they use their experience to create yet another very realistic set of events that the characters have to go though and survive.

Parker Sinclair is only 26, yet after the death of her parents is the guardians of her brother and sister and the breadwinner, keeping the house together.

After a wildfire however, Parker now has to content with strangers on her property and heavy rains and the County trucks helping to contain the damage the rains are going to cause.

Parker is a very strong character and deals with the day to day, not really the future, especially her future. It is when the County come to her home to do damage flood control that she meets Colin.

Colin is from a very close family and we get to meet all of them and a cousin, all of whom seem really nice.  Colin is a little pushy and likes to get his own way with helping others, however Parker is no pushover and often forgets that she can ask for help, she just gets on and does things which frustrates Colin.

Colin shows that he is a constant and is always there for Parker, even when she doesn't know she needs it.

Its a brilliantly told tale and i really hope that Erin gets a happy ever after.
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Wow!  I've enjoyed all of Catherine Bybee's books, but this one was fascinating.  It grabbed me from the start and didn't let me go until I reached the end.  Plus it left me wanting to read more about the other characters, so I can hardly wait for the next in the series!  Parker and her family lost their parents suddenly.  She took over the role of parent with her siblings.  And this is all before the book really begins.  The story picks up a couple years later and they are facing losing their home to a wildfire.  The story was detailed and fascinating.  I've known people who have lost everything to wildfires, but this story put the experience into a new perspective for me.  Parker was such a strong woman.  I loved her for so many reasons.  And then Colin aka TDH walks into her life.  He's such an awesome hero for her.  He was just what she needed.  Someone to respect her strength and not try to take her over.  I loved this story from beginning to end and wasn't quite ready to leave.  I'm happy to see that there are more books in the series coming.  I can hardly wait.  I received an advance copy from NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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Catherine Bybee is a must read for me.
Parker was enjoying college when her parents unexpectedly die she must step up and take care of her siblings and their family home. When a fire comes through and burns most of the canyon they now need help to keep the flood waters from tearing apart the rest of the property. In comes Colin working for the county to keep this from happening and along the way reminds Parker that she has a life to live outside of being a parent to her siblings. I loved this book and can’t wait for the next in the series to come out
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What a powerful book!  Catherine Bybee's latest, My Way to You, captures you right from the beginning as we meet Parker on the day of her parent's death.  Parker must pick up the pieces and keep things going at home for her younger siblings, Austin and Mallory.  In addition to all the natural challenges one might face in this situation, Parker also finds herself having to battle against Mother Nature in the form of a traumatic wildfire and flooding.  
I loved how strong, stubborn and resilient Parker is throughout the book.  Through recovery efforts from the fire, she meets Colin who is quickly taken in by Parker's strength and can-do attitude.  I really appreciated that Bybee writes a man who wants to help and care for the person he likes while letting Parker remain a strong and resilient woman who shows Colin that she can stand on her own.  The balance between the two is fun to watch as they come together.
My Way to You is written from a very real place for the author and so the descriptions of the fire and flooding could be triggering for anyone who has experienced either.  I liked that Bybee wasn't afraid to take on a very real and intense experience.  It brought so much depth to the book and made it that much more interesting.  I enjoyed all the surrounding characters that you meet and am very much looking forward to future books in this series.  
I've been a long time fan of Bybee's writing but have to say this is my favorite yet.  A 5-star read for sure!  Thank you so much #NetGalley for this ARC of #MyWayToYou
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Canyon Creek series the beginning of a new series by Catherine Bybee it starts off with just enough background to understand  Why the Parker needs to save her family home and land.  The author is able to bring a romance out of the ashes.  Parker is strong but knows when she needs help as she is raising her brother. 

The author brings in a cast of characters that will have readers excited for the series. The hill and ranches of LA come alive as its on Characters in the book.

My Way to You has all the romance and well written story that readers have come to expect from Catherine Bybee.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of My Way to You by Catherine Bybee
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