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Relatively Happy is a super cute read, featuring Sarah Hastings, a busy farmer, daughter, and friend, who runs an organic farm and health retreat teaching people to get back to their roots, and the benefits of using organic, plant-based diets to battle disease. Time has Sarah in it's grip and before she knows it, she begins to think she's destined to be forever alone. A request to the universe for a man to share her life with turns Sarah's world upside down, as the universe delivers in a most comically twisted way.
When her parents return home from the south earlier than anticipated though, Sarah must put plans for her farm expansion on hold to spend time with her ailing father. As most fathers do however, Sarah's dad can't help but interfere. But dad knows best, and Sarah has to admit that he might have been right after all, maybe the boy next door isn't the devil after all.
This book was an adorably fun read, and I really liked Sarah's nature-based attitude, as more of us could be reminded of the benefits of nature. As technology takes over our lives, Relatively Happy is a cute reminder in the subtlest way that nature can be its own cure-all, if we just listen...or take a roll around in the dandelions.
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Sarah Hastings runs her organic farm, holistic yurt B&B and is opening a vegan cafe does she really have time for the universe to send her eligible bachelors.  The bachelors turn up in the form of local boy turned sporting hero, a photojournalist and a fellow organic farmer.  Her spirit guide and the black bear will help her decide. 

This book is the third in the series but it can be read easily as a standalone, as I have never read the first two and after reading this one don't feel the need too. 

The book is written well and the story has a nice flow but just wasn't my cup of tea.

Thank you to Netgalley for the ARC.
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Relatively Happy by Whitney Dineen is the 3rd book in the Relativity series, and it is great fun.    If you are looking for a fun book with great characters, this is the book for you.  What a wonderful escape! I recommend this book.

I reviewed a digital arc provided by NetGalley and the publisher.  Thank you.
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I found the book a bit slow to get started, but once I got in to the story it was an enjoyable read, although a bit sad and emotional at times.

I haven't read any others in this series, but don't think it mattered.
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Such a fun and wonderful book! I loved every word in here. Told with an open and descriptive tone you will not want to put it down.
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"you can’t know how wonderful it is to be caught if you won’t let yourself fall.”

I really wanted this book to be better than it was. I'll get the negatives out of the way: °Sarah isn't very nice. It's hard to connect with a character when she's so judgemental and close minded. She's got some unique beliefs and ideas and expected others to feel the same way. I also found her to be immature and petty at times.  °I needed more of Rix's backstory. It's like we don't even know who he is! He seems very arrogant at times but then is the hero...? 
Now for the positives: There were some beautifully quotable lines. I almost wish i had a physical copy to highlight my favorite ones. I also thought the sad part was very nicely done. 
Having read the other two books in this series, I had my hopes up but this one just fell flat.
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I loved, loved, loved this novel.  I didn't want to put it down, yet didn't want it to end!   Dineen did such a wonderful job telling Sarahs story.  

Sarah is a hometown girl living in her fathers farm she has made an organic, holistic bed and breakfast.  She is looking for love and due to her spirit guides advice she thinks a man for her is coming soon.  When her father falls ill and needs to come home and when the old neighbor decides to return to the farm next door, she relies on guidance from her spirit guide, the farm and her friends and family.  

Dineen drew me into this novel within the first few pages.  I laughed out loud, I cried, I smiled, and I immediately regretted reading the last page because I was done.  Wonderfully written.
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I honestly do not know how to comprehend my feelings about this book. 
The writing was very amateurish and the dialogue was quite unnatural in my opinion. All the veganism and spiritual healing was just so bizzare to me, but they again this is not something I know anything about so who am I to comment on it
I read this in one day. I couldn't put it down and I nearly cried my eyes out towards the end. So I'm conflicted, this was by no means an incredibly written and formulated book, but I liked it. So 2 stars it is I think. 
I did like it, I just don't think it will stick with me forever.
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3 stars
a very long winded book. At times, I thought, this book was going to last forever! I loved the cover and that was pretty much all I liked about the book, tbh.
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