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This was a great read! It was such a fun love story that had so many facets. I really enjoyed the deep dive in to the characters. This is one I would recommend. I liked that Meg tried to hide code in her lettering but she didn't count on Reid. Reid was a great character and I enjoyed learning about his background. I really liked the growth between that two characters and how much Reid came in to himself. This was such a creative story line and something completely different. But there were definitely some steamy scenes! So make sure no one is close to you if you do the audio version!
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This was a tough one for me because I was so hopeful that I would enjoy this book. The title, the cover, the description - it all seemed so right. So, how could it go so wrong? I got through about 25 percent of it before I had to put it down. It was slooooooooooow and I couldn't stand Meg or Reid. I would never want to take away from the enjoyment others had reading this story, but it wasn't for me. DNF.
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Thank you to netgalley for this ARC! I really enjoyed this book and thought the writing and love story was just LOVELY!! definitely recommend!
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"I would say I like you so much, Meg."

Swoon, swoon, swoon! Or would that be swoonsh? Reid may not be a natural conversationalist, but he's got the best lines. I love his letters and that scene at the bar. Through Meg's eyes, we see just what kind of man Reid is, and can I just say that I'd like to take him home? Reid was written as this socially awkward nerd but he's the best where it counted--kind, thoughtful, considerate, protective, good in bed and handsome. Did I mention handsome? Not sure why, but I always picture Clark Kent (portrayed by Christopher Reeve) whenever Reid comes up in a scene.

The story is written from the first person point of view, and Meg's voice is unique and engaging. She totally captured my attention; I couldn't stop reading! The blurb and first chapter intrigued me to get the book and while there wasn't any paranormal stuff happening, how the author integrated lettering, the heroine's profession, into the story is intriguing and fascinating. Though I did wonder at the believability of any man agreeing to go with her around town looking for signs. But it was perfect for Reid in his particular situation.

That aside, I'm in love with this story!! One of the best stories I've read in 2019, and highly recommended. Don't miss this. I'm looking forward to the author's next book!
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When I read an excerpt at the beginning I was too excited to finally read it.Once I got it I start it immediately and I thought I will continue liking it.Unfortunately I lost my interest soon and I find the story ok.I tried to make sense but most of the time, it was confusing.The premise had potential and I really wanted to like it more than I did. The characters are endearing and charming.I hope the next book I'll read from this author will be better!
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I know I am in the minority here, but I did not love this book. I am such a fan of the author that I tried and tried again to get engaged in the story. Unfortunately the story came across as very cutesy and cliche to me. This is not a title I would recommend.
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Meet Meg Mackworth. Her hand lettering skills have earned her the moniker the Planner of Park Slope. But she also has another skill  that no one knows about: signs. She notices things other people don’t, whether it’s a forgotten but gorgeously rendered sign on the side of a building or the small signs that will make a new marriage a success…or not. The last time Meg saw Reid Sutherland was a year ago when he came in with his fiancée to go over their custom wedding stationary. And, maybe Meg did something she shouldn’t have; weave a secret message into their wedding program. But no one else would notice, right? Wrong. Reid is back and asking her uncomfortable questions…

I am an avid listener of podcasts and I have a particularly obsessive love for the Fated Mates series hosted by Sarah Maclean and Jen of Jen Reads Romance fame. These guys love Kate Clayborn, an author I have never read before and as our tastes seem to coincide in a lot of areas, I decided that meant I needed to pick up one of her books. And finally, I have! And it just reinforces my believe that I should never doubt Sarah and Jen, as I really enjoyed this book.

Did I ever think that I could fall in love with a book, which was comprised mostly of people walking around and looking at old signs? Okay, so yes I love Lord of the Rings, which, lets face it, is just men going for a long walk. But, who knew it could translate to the romance genre? This was a really beautiful book, it had a magic touch that gave it a whimsical joy, that still had undercurrents of genuine feeling and depth that swept you along with the story.

The romance between Meg and Reid was a real slow burn, and followed a friends to lovers kind of trajectory. But, it never felt slow. Instead their relationship seemed to just build up naturally as they spent time together, until it seemed falling in love was inevitable. However, although this is primarily a romance, I liked that this wasn’t the only aspect of Meg’s life it concentrated on. Meg’s friends and her career also have a place in her life, and this was shown really well, without it taking over the book.

This  may be my first book by Kate Clayborn, but it definitely isn’t going to be my last. It felt original, magical and romantic and I can’t wait to read more from her.
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This book was absolutely adorable from start to finish. My favorite contemporary romance of 2019. A great opposites attract, friends to lovers romance. Highly recommend.
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Charming love story with great characters!  I loved Meg and Reid and the slow burn romance that built between them.  The first half of the story moved slow but otherwise enjoyed this love story.  The premise is unique and fun and gave the story a unique twist!
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3.5 stars.

Because this book was written in first person, present point of view, we only get one side of the main characters--and many side characters. Meg Mackworth, a popular hand-lettering artist, is confronted by a former client, Reid Sutherland, who discovers the hidden message she'd written in his wedding invitation. As I read the novel, I had to consider that this novel falls more in the Women's Fiction with Romance elements: Meg is a young woman trying to find her place in NYC, shifting friendship dynamics, outgrowing her business model to become more independent, and trying to find love with the most unlikely, but suitable to her quirks and preferences, partner. 
The entire novelization is Meg's experience and perception of events. While there were many elements that allowed the reader to understand the secondary characters' actions, experiences, and beliefs, I still felt Meg was in control of the narrative, which made me dislike many of the characters for how they (mis)treated her. 
The romance with Reid was a very slow burn. It was such a slow burn that I couldn't "feel" the intensity of their desire for each other. I searched for that spark, moment, change in events that made two strangers fall for each other, especially under a contentious circumstance. It just seemed to happen. However, these two characters enlightened me as to how very suited these different-but-similar natured characters could get along and care for one another for the long haul. 
The author created wonderful imagery; needed when describing the art of lettering. At certain points, I would have preferred just the romantic journey rather than read about secondary characters. While those secondary characters shaped Meg, I wasn't much interested in the celebrity, the best friend, or the shop owners. I wanted more of Meg and Reid, their conflicts, their make-ups, to the happily ever after that every Romance reader expects. 
Readers of smart Romances would love this most because of the smart and clever characters in the narrative. While this is considered a RomCom, I'm not sure I read it in that vein. 
I'd like to thank NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for providing me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This book was so incredibly gorgeous. It felt like such a love letter to NYC, and to friendships - that isn't something we see portrayed just everywhere and it was amazing to see a broken friendship slowly getting repaired.  The love story was beautiful but the entire book was amazing. Kate has becomes a favorite author of mine.
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Meg has a talent for hand lettering and makes a living creating bespoke journals and invitations for the who’s who of New York. Sometimes she hides messages in her work and one such time was a word in the wedding programme of Avery and Reid. 

A year later, after the wedding has been called off, Reid comes back to speak to Meg to find out how she knew. Meg and Reid slowly develop a friendship and they show each other bigger things the world has to offer. 

Oh my word, this book was quietly beautiful, I identified with Meg more than I have with any character ever before. Her uncertainty, her passion and her loathe for confrontation spoke to me. I am so pleased to have read this book. 

In the first few chapters this was said by Meg “Unexpected things happen in March”. And in today’s uncertain times, I felt like fate had a hand in me waiting until now to read it.
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I also got a physical copy of this from the author. I read this and fell in love just within the first couple pages and read it in one sitting! I dont do that often, but when I do, it's an amazing experience!!
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Absolutely sweet and adorable read! I am fan girl-ing SO SO SO hard over this beauty!  RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE!!! 
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I absolutely adored this book!
The story was fun, the characters likeable, and the romance... *swoons*

I especially loved how much attention was paid towards Meg’s job. Hand lettering is one of my hobbies, so I really enjoyed reading about that part of her (professional) life.

Something that I’ve liked about Clayborn’s previous books was her writing style, and “Love Lettering” didn’t disappoint in that aspect either.

Overall “Love Lettering” was a highly entertaining read and I can only recommend it to every romcom lover.
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I’ve started 2020 with a newfound obsession with planners, stickers, and all of the beautiful calligraphy that goes into them. Then I picked up Kate Clayborn’s Love Lettering to discover that I was reading a romance about a woman who designs custom journals. It was kismet. This book follows Meg, also known as the Planner of Park Slope. Her business is taking off just as her own creative well is beginning to run dry. But that all changes when Reid, a previous client, contacts her about the hidden message she put into his wedding invitations—for a wedding that didn’t happen. I always love an opposites-attract story. Reid and Meg are not alike, but they inspire each other to jump out of their comfort zones. Clayborn created well-developed characters with such nuance that their struggles felt real to me. What truly impressed me was the relationships that Meg had with other women in the novel. Meg and her best friend Sibby aren’t speaking for most of the book. I love that the characters realize they have to do the hard work to fix the friendship and support each other. There were many laugh-out-loud moments, as well as really heartbreaking ones. Fans of rom-coms will love this quirky story of two unlikely characters falling in love despite the mistakes they’ve made in their past.
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Love Lettering was a solid contemporary romance.  Meg is on the verge of making it big in the planner world, if she could just get over her mental block. Reid is a math wiz who seeks Meg out after he finds a hidden code in the invitations she designed for his doomed wedding. Both are in need of something but they don't know what.

Both characters were quirky and well fleshed out, which I enjoyed. The concept seemed original and fun, but something just fell flat for me. I enjoyed reading Love Lettering and I would definitely recommend to the right patron.
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What a slow burn romantic comedy that I just fell in love with. 4 big stars from me. 

Meg and Reid met when she was finishing the handlettering of his wedding items. She knew the romance was doomed and penned a secret note in the fancy scrollwork. After the marriage collapses Reid comes back to her and wants to know how she knew. They are both so guarded, can they let each other in and see what happens. 

I really enjoyed the back and forth banter between the two. I felt the chemistry was quite good and really just enjoyed reading the novel. Well done.
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First I have to say the cover on the book is so pretty and fits the story perfectly. Meg is a designer of planners and journals because of her amazing hand lettering skill. She used to work on wedding invitations and that was how she first encountered Reid. She put little characters secretly into his wedding program that showed the marriage would fail. The wedding ultimately didn’t take place but a year later Reid realized the code she had woven into the program. He seeks her out to find out how and why she has done this. Meg is currently completely blocked artistically and as she develops a bit of a friendship with Reid she hopes he can help her find her inspiration by showing him places around the city. Reid hates NYC and is planning to move away soon so Meg wants to show him that the city has beauty amid what he thinks is dirt and frenetic chaos. I loved the NYC descriptions of places that are well known and also hidden gems. As their romance starts Meg is concerned because Reid is leaving soon. There are also some things about Reid and his job that are a mystery to Meg. As the story evolves and Reid’s secrets are revealed Meg develops a better understanding of him. The characters are great and I really enjoyed this charming story.
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Highly engaging and has gotten me into handletting since reading, although was slightly predictable at times.
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