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The Englisch Daughter

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Those who love Amish fiction will love this book. Wonderfully written with relatable characters. Highly recommend.
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Lover of Amish Fiction will enjoy this book. It was a great story with wonderful characters who developed nicely over the course of the book.
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Yet another great book by Cindy.  This one was difficult to follow at first but I was very pleasantly surprised with this story and couldn’t put it dow until the very last paragraph.
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I absolutely devoured this book, and even put off some lectures until the next day to take a break and read it. I love when the Amish and English worlds collide and any story with babies, kids, or adoption will absolutely grab my attention. This was such a unique take on the traditional Amish story. It was so refreshing to read something different!
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The Englisch Daughter was very different from the traditional Amish fiction I am used to reading and I liked that very much. You have a husband and wife who are not timid in showing their feelings towards one another. You have a daughter who is still single much later in life than is traditional for Amish and she follows her own heart and best of all she has her family's support.

I enjoyed most of all the idea of an Amish rehab for addictions of all natures. I would love to read a story with this idea expanded. It shows that even those with the strongest faiths have demons within them that they fight on a daily basis. All of us do and sometimes it takes additional help to fight them.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, WaterBrook and Multnomah, through NetGalley. Any and all opinions expressed in the above review are entirely my own.
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I enjoyed reading this book very much. I thought it was very well written and had a great story line. Looking forward to reading more from this author.
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The Englisch daughter by Cindy Wood small and Erin Woodsmall is an interesting book.

This is the first Amish book I am reading this year and I wasn’t disappointed.

I was fascinated by the characters in this novel.

The suspense was okay and I had this edge of the seat feeling while reading this book.

I love the description used by the authors. I could imagine everything in the book.

Throughout the pages of this novel,I was visiting an Amish community without leaving my house.

This novel is so emotional. Some scenes tugged at my heart strings. I had to pause and read those paragraphs again.

Themes of love, forgiveness, second chances,understanding,marriage, family and many more were explored deeply in this book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, WaterBrook through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Wonderful story of forgiveness, redemption and love. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about the people and how they worked out how to live put Gods love
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5 Stars: 5/5 Star Rating
Can you imagine the embarrassment and betrayal you would feel if your husband had been hiding a woman AND a baby?  Imagine being an Amish couple and this being the case.  Jemima finds herself in this very situation and she's not happy!  She's not ready to be a good Amish wife and just forgive without question either.   What will happen?  Will Roy and Jemima ever be able to overcome the heartache and betrayal he has brought into their home and marriage?  
This one really had me wanting to keep reading. In fact, I read it in two nights.  It was so good that I didn't want to quit even to sleep, but I did have to put it down for a bit.  
I received a digital ARC of this book from netgalley and Waterbrook Press.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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Wow, what a great story! Jemima loves her husband, Roy, dearly and their four children. But, what happened to put her and Roy so far apart from each other emotionally? Jemima cannot figure out what is so wrong between them. When the mystery of Roy's actions come to light, can Jemima ever forgive him? She feels as an Old Order Amish wife that she has absolutely no control over her own life. Does she really have no choice but to stay in her marriage? She has four young children and all she's ever been is a wife and mother. For a long time, she and her sister-in-law have dreamed and saved their money to purchase a food truck that would be their own source of income. But, along with her husband's betrayal is yet another one of their money being all gone. All of it. Jemima sinks further into despair as more of her husband's actions come to light.
Roy desperately wants his wife to be able to forgive him. He knows he's asking a lot of her. It's every wife's nightmare come to life. Roy moves into the guest bedroom of their home.
Very heartfelt story. Kudos to Cindy Woodsmall and Erin Woodsmall.
I was given a complimentary copy by the publisher, WaterBrook & Multnomah and Net Galley. I was under no obligation to leave a positive review.
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This is not your typical Amish story. This is full of emotional issues and deep forgiveness. At times I felt like yelling at the wife - No don’t forgive the jerk. Then there were times I wanted to weep deeply for the husband. This story really surprised me and was very good.
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I received an ARC copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion of it. Jem and Roy are a typical married Amish couple raising their kids. However, when Roy is leaving the house for many hours at a time, Jen gets suspicious and their marriage seems to be falling apart. I enjoyed this book because it shows that Amish have problems too and how it is possible to love and work through them.
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This is the first book I've read that Cindy Woodsmall co-authored with Erin Woodsmall. It takes place mostly on a horse farm following the journey of forgiveness and the lives of two Amish women, Jemima and Abigail. One is dependent on the old ways while the other bucks them. Jemima is my favorite character! I haven't read much Amish fiction in the past few years but it seems this story breaks many of the norms I've learned about the Amish. One part that is a horse of a different color would be a character's ease with technology and using Uber. Overall, it was enjoyable and I look forward to reading more books written by the team.  I received a copy of 'The Englisch Daughter' from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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What a beautiful story! Jemima is worried that her husband is drawing away from her, and she soon discovers why. Roy is trying to lead a double life and shield his wife from the truth, but it all falls apart when he is in an accident. His sister, Abigail has definite trust issues when it comes to men. She meets Chris and she turns his world upside down. But with her trust issues, how can he win her? Will he? Beautifully written I definitely enjoyed reading this story! I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a clean romance!
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This is an awesome book, l liked Chris, Abbi, and Roy, but I absolutely loved Jemima, she was one strong woman her feelings were so real and identifiable I truly admired her, I never for a moment doubted that Roy didn’t love her and I pretty much figured out in the beginning about the baby, but you still have to read it. This is a book I will read again, the writing was so good and believable I felt like I was there seeing and witnessing it first hand. Double Bravos to the Woodsmalls. Double 5 stars.
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A different type of read. Set in an Amish community this book looks at one marriage that is on the brink of collapse due to an illegitimate child. It explores the way each spouse lives in the marriage and how they feel about their positions. Added to the story are the sub-stories: a deadly horse sickness; a sister who is determined not too marry; a man who hasn't fully decided where he belongs.

Beautifully written, it was so interesting to see how some modern technology has come into the world of the Amish. I found the journey that especially Roy undertook in understanding how Jemima felt very insightful. The whole Barber extended family was actually way more progressive in their thinking than what I would have expected.

Although its set in Amish country, there are many lessons that can be transferred to our normal lives; marriages and relationships. Very appropriate Bible verses are used and it leaves one with a lot to think about.

Roy & Jemima's journey to save their marriage (& save a helpless child) was a brave and inspiring one. I loved the ending - a happily ever after for everyone.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me the chance to read this book.
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What a beautiful story!
When an extremely difficult situation occurs within a marriage, the wronged person has a lot of soul searching to do to decide how to move forward. The Englisch Daughter hits all the right notes in moving through and forward from a difficult situation with all the honest emotions and hope. I was captivated by this story and highly recommend it! The characters are well developed, the story is well written and believable, and I found myself rooting for them all! Jem & Roy, Abigail, and Chris, and the whole family found a place in my heart.
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The Engliscch Daughter by Cindy and Erin Woodsmall is the first book that I have read from these authors although I have seen their names around and have read other Amish author’s works.  With that being said, I believe that after reading this one, I am very interested in reading another one by them.  They kept me engaged in wanting to know what was coming next.  There were multiple stories going on at the same time, but not too many where I couldn’t keep track of them and they all seemed to fit together by some thread in the tapestry of the story.  The thing that hit me most was the importance of moving through forgiveness and not allowing a heart of bitterness to ruin one’s soul. 
I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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Cindy Woodsmall has given us another excellent read in The Englisch Daughter.  Unlike many Amish books I’ve read, Woodsmall’s writing contains a depth and complexity that not only delivers an intriguing tale, but also one that forces you to analyze your own perceptions.  And although I downed this book in 2 days, I also had to pause at times to reflect.  For me, this takes a book to a whole other level.  Good literature should not only entertain, but also impact our minds and hearts for the better.  This book certainly delivers on both counts.

Without giving too much away, The Englisch Daughter deals with some complicated familial and personal issues.  Woodsmall skillfully presents complex characters struggling with forgiveness, identity, trauma, and secrets.  There is a desperation that fuels this novel, providing a tension that holds you to every page.  The ending is satisfying and beautiful, well fought for and deserved.  I closed the book with a sigh of peace, feeling fulfilled in the way only good novels can deliver.

If you are looking for a good read that moves beyond light, fluffy entertainment, this is a great choice for you.  Woodsmall in an excellent storyteller you will not want to miss.

I received this book from Netgalley.  All opinions are my own.
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The Englisch Daughter by Cindy Woodsmall & Erin Woodsmall has Jemima Graber in a tailspin when she learns that her husband has been hiding a secret that could devastate their family.  Jemima is shocked when Roy tells her that he has depleted their savings account which means the end of her food truck dream and that he has a daughter with an Englisch woman.  Jemima must care for the infant while dealing with her raging emotions.  Abigail Graber, Roy’s sister, is shocked by her brother’s actions, but she does not have time to dwell on it when one of the horses becomes sick.  Worried that it is a deadly disease that could wipe out their entire line of horses, Abigail works with the new hired hand, Chris Fisher.  Abigail has not been able to give her heart to another.  She does find herself attracted to Chris who has secrets of his own.  The Englisch Daughter is a complex Amish story with realistic characters and situations.  This is an intense book with strong emotions.  I found The Englisch Daughter to be different from other Amish novels I have read.  Very unique for the genre.  I was surprised that the Amish in this community used cell phones and called for Uber rides.  I was not familiar with the EHV1 disease that horses can get before this novel.  It could quickly kill off every horse if the owner was not vigilant and quickly took the proper precautions.  I liked that Jemima and Abigail had a dream of opening their own food truck selling authentic Amish food.  This is something I have not encountered in any other Amish novel that I have read.   I especially enjoyed the ending of The Englisch Daughter.  The Englisch Daughter is a story about assumptions, misconceptions, betrayal, dreams, faith and forgiveness.  My favorite line from The Englisch Daughter is “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.” Fans of Cindy Woodsmall will be delighted with this book.  The Englisch Daughter is a well-written, one-of-a-kind Amish novel.
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