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Hitchhiker's Guide for children meets Steven Universe levels of cute. Kay is a 13-year-old who is suddenly rocketed into space as the last remaining human after the Earth suddenly explodes. She finds herself on a space ship with a friendly alien named Arizona and her very-literal robot dog-fox-thing, Euclid. The problem is, no one seems to quite understand what Earth is - or was. As they venture across the galaxy, they make several interesting stops including a high-tech library, a comedy show, and Arizona's home planet, all of which teach Kay some important lessons about friendship, loneliness, and the meaning of home. I really liked that this book did not shy away from trauma, but it also had humor and kindness. I loved the creativity of the various alien characters and the diverse personalities, and of course, Euclid was a clear favorite. I will definitely look out for more of Softies in the future.

Note: I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley. I was not compensated in any other fashion for the review and the opinions reflected below are entirely my own. Special thanks to the publisher and author for providing the copy.
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I received this book from NetGalley as an eARC in exchange for a review.

The art of this graphic novel was PHENOMINAL and the story was so cute and fun. I really enjoyed reading this story and hope there are going to be more books following Kay and Arizona.
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I really enjoyed this graphic novel. We follow Kay who somehow survives Earth blowing up and is rescued by a junk collector Arizona. The two go on a lot of adventures together, trying to find out about Earth, learning about all the different planets and inhabitants of the galaxy.

I really loved the art style of this graphic novel. It was so colourful and fun! I loved how it expressed the emotion of the characters throughout the story. I also love how the characters are so clearly distinguished by their art style. I also loved the style of the aliens, a lot of them felt very reptilian, but also mimicked a lot of other Earth animals, which I thought was so smart and fun to see!

I adored the relationship that the characters built together. I loved how they spent time learning about each other and growing closer over time. It was so sweet to see their friendship grow through their experiences. I also really liked the format of this graphic novel. It was a slice-of-life kind of format that meant we saw bits and pieces of their adventures, but it wasn’t completely clear how long the characters were together. I absolutely enjoyed this graphic novel and would love to see more of it in the future.

Rating: 4/5
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It was sort of nice, but sort of boring? i think it was because it wasn`t aimed at me. It was nice drawings, but it wasn`t my type of comic. But i wanted to try it, and now i know.
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This graphic novel was so much fun! It was super easy to get through, the colors were vivid and eye catching and I loved all of the dimensions the characters had.

We follow Kay who survived the end of Earth by being inside of this super safe terrarium and they are swept up into an alien garbage ship where Kay meets Arizona and their pet fox creature.

We follow their adventures through space and how their friendship develops throughout all of their crazy, dangerous experiences.

Kay was a hilarious character. I loved how even though later on we see how upset she really is about losing Earth and everyone she loves, she’s still so carefree and down to explore space in style.

Arizona was adorable and I love the fact that he’s gay. The way the author dropped that tidbit in was so smooth but very much appreciated.

This was a joy to read and I will definitely check out more stories by this author!! I highly recommend this to every person of any age!

4/5 ⭐️

Review will be up on my blog on November 15th
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This is a cute graphic novel about what happens after the earth has blown up.  I think the art was really well done, I really enjoyed this story and might get this for my niece. I think she would enjoy it as well.
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This was a cute middle grade graphic novel about a kid lost in space after Earth explodes and the aliens that find him have normal issues that humans have.  Friends getting into arguments, feelings being hurt, sadness, loneliness, etc...  It's broken into smaller stories so you can just read a bit or a bunch.
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By an event nothing short of miraculous, Kay is rescued by a passing alien spaceship just after Earth has blown up. She’s now the last surviving human, but the aliens with her don’t believe Earth was ever a thing so they go to a library planet and encounter a bug in their system. Then they go to a market planet to sell some of the Earth junk the aliens rescued from space, and Kay has some interesting interactions with customers. The aliens take Kay to a stand up comedy show. Kay tries to get the head alien to let her drive the spaceship. They go to a dinner and meet a monster. Then they find a stowaway on the ship. Kay goes to the alien’s home planet. And then they finally have to talk about all the emotions that Kay has been bottling inside and not dealing with.

I had a really hard time staying interested in this. I think because it is put together as a series of short stories, and some of them I enjoyed while others were just meh. And I thought it was pretty messed up that Kay wasn’t emotional at ALL about her entire planet exploding and no one else seems to care (though at the very end eventually it is kind of addressed that she’s in major emotional denial…but wow, that took quite a while). I feel like there are so many better space adventure graphic novels out there for this target audience that have better plot and character development. This had potential but the choice to present it as short stories hurt it. It isn't bad, but it isn't great.

Notes on content [based on the ARC]: 5 mild swears. A character states he’s gay, no sexual-related content beyond that. Violence threatened but no one seriously hurt on page. A planet has exploded but that is pretty much ignored for a huge portion of the book, and then only briefly touched on in vague ways.
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This was a really cute book! After earth is destroyed. Kay is floating in space and is picked up by Arizona and Euclid, two aliens that run a garbage barge. They travel around space trying to figure out what exactly happened to Earth and why it exploded. They make a stop at a space library (my favorite section) and when that doesn't yield results they move onto other places. They have lots of adventures and near death experiences throughout the book. Overall, it was a really fun read and I would highly recommend it!
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'Softies: Stuff That Happens After the World Blows Up' by Kyle Smeallie is a graphic novel about the last person to survive after Earth blows up and the friends she makes.

Kay's planet has blown up and she is miraculously saved by a passing salvage ship.  Now she lives on a ship with an alien named Arizona as they have odd adventures.  Kay helps to sell junk, and goes to an alien comedy club.  Underneath though, Kay is hiding the struggle of losing everyone and everything.  It all culminates in an emotional ending.

I liked this story and these characters.  It's got some dumb humor and some pretty clever humor, but I liked both kinds.  The art is fun and a bit different for character design.

I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Iron Circus Comics and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.
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Fun story but the language seems a little strong for middle grade, with "hell" and "damn" being used. Should be a hit, though, wherever it's placed.
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This is being called the <em>Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy</em> for the middle grade set. And while it starts the same way, with the earth exploding, and only one person surviving, in this case, instead of Arther Dent it is Kay, a teenage girl.

And in this case, her Ford Prefect is Arizona.  But unlike Ford, Arizona's job is to collect trash, and sell what he can.

The book is told in a series of short stories where we discover more about this world that Kay has woken up into.  She goes to a comedy show, she goes to a restaurant where she is attacked by a beast, she meets a run away kid, who wants to go into space with them.

It is a fun series of stories that make up this novel, and was funny and sad, and all those things that happen with a good story.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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What is one to do when the Earth has blown up, and you're just a thirteen-year-old kid? Well, if you're Kay, that means you're about to go off on a lot of adventures with an alien named Arizona (yes, the irony!).

Softies is a fun and quick read, full of charm and so much potential. If I'm being completely honest here, I found myself enjoying the art style a lot more than the story itself. I think that the story could have used more fleshing out. Though like I said, it has potential.

I think what drew me to this graphic novel is the fact that is very clearly inspired by The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Obviously, I have no problem with that, though I do wish that they had done more with the concept – it is quite a starting point, after all.
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*thank you to Netgalley, Kyle Smeallie and Iron Circus Comics for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

2 stars.

I found this to be just ok. While I really liked the illustrations and the idea of the story, it just didn't interest me all that much. It wasn't bad, or poorly written or anything like that, but simply wasn't for me. So for that reason, I would pass this along to someone else.
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Softies is a delightful graphic novel that follows Kay, the sole survivor of Earth's destruction.  After she is picked up by a ragtag group of aliens, a dinosaur, and a three-eyed dog, Kay journeys through space to figure out what happened to Earth.  Along the way she deals with problems and learns to express herself and her emotions. 

Overall, I enjoyed this book.  I'm a sucker for space stories, so this was right up my alley.  The art was really well done and I think readers who enjoy reading about space will want to pick this book up.
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Cute graphic about what happens after the Earth is blown up. Kay is stuck in space in a blast proof terrarium when she is picked up by two waste management aliens who happen to be cleaning up the mess the explosion from Earth caused. This is such a fun read, the art is great, the story moves so well, and it's really entertaining.
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A little man named Kay is the last accidental survivor after earth is destroyed.  Arizona is the pink alien trash collector who collects Kay and makes him part of his crew. Eculid is the coolest three eyed alien dog ever...that is if it is a dog.  This graphic novel is a space fun fantasy for the 3-5th grade set.  I can see kids who love Wimpy Kid and Dog Man going nuts for this title.  I found the short stories to be nice, but not really my type of comedy, but I could see this being a Nickelodeon production ala Spongebob in the future.
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