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I am a HUGE Batman fan so this book was perfect for me. Really comprehensive, very clear and really easy to read. Perfect for fans, though maybe not super accessible if you're not familiar at all with the comics. Still a great read though!
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It is cool because it shows all the comics with all the best moments and I like superheroes so I like this book. One thing I don't like about it is it is far too long and too many words in it for each moment.

Nathan, age 9
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This is a most for any Batman fan detailing the life and exploits of the world’s favorite cape crusader.  I am a huge fan of the Batman franchise and his torture soul keeps me invested after decades of loving the character including the many Robins, Bat Girl, the villains and his relationship with Detective Gordon.

Greenberger lovingly puts to page a detailed account of Bruce Wayne’s greatest hits and although there are some points that some people with arguably wish that were added, I think the author has done a remarkable job to highlight these moments.  Going over the 80+ years of Batman is no easy feat and admire Greenberger’s work

The comic panels are gloriously displayed and for one I will be ordering my own copy  of this as an e-book version does to do this justice.  Categorizing the chapters is a true highlight and including tid bits of information to help add the fascination of this character makes this a must.  

Overall, this is the go to book about Batman that any fan or new fan will love.  Any book that can highlight the Dark Knight and show what incredible world and comic this is has my admiration written all over it.  This is a true winner and a must to have, own and cherish.
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I am not the biggest comic book reader but have purchased a couple of graphic novels over the years, so to be allowed to review Batman: 100 Greatest Moments was a welcomed opportunity.

The book by Robert Greenberger provides you with a background to some of Batman’s greatest stories as well as shows how the characters and artwork have developed over the years. I am sure aficionados will not always agree with the choices made but it will give some the opportunity to catch up with the history of Batman. Reading this as an average fan, I was surprised with some of the character developments of Batman over the years and come to appreciate the variation of the stories over the last 80 or so years.

This is one for the fans of Batman or the casual reader who want to learn a little more of the world's greatest detective
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Great collection of Batman comics, gorgeous artwork as always. Great intro into the character for new fans and a great selection for old ones alike.
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A fantastic book for both newcomers and existing comic book readers.
If you haven't read any Batman comics then this book is a great guide for you. I have read a lot of Batman comics so this served as a reminder of some really great moments in comics, and also highlighting others that I haven't discovered yet.

Books like these are great to have on the bedside table, you can pick it up and peruse whenever the fancy takes you. Brilliantly illustrated with original comic book material and referencing the exact comic book the @greatest moment' is taken from. 

Overall a very enjoyable read, especially for Batman fans and would serve also as a great book for someone who you think would love to start reading comics.
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I absolutely loved this book. As soon as I could I had my local comic shop order this for me. I am a huge Batman fan and it is rare that I find books that give facts about Batman that I didn't already know. This book is full of them.  I was constantly running out to my husband saying, "did you know..." 

It is organized nicely. Instead of being organized by date or a best of list it is put into categories which I love. It makes it easier to follow and groups like facts together. The book is a nice size also so the pages with comic panels are easy to read.

Perfect gift for any Batman fan!
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For a self proclaimed Batman stan such as myself, this book was great. It highlighted every important and pivotal Batman moment in the eighty year period since its creation. This book includes Bruce Wayne's history, the changing of his history from his origins to his sidekicks, Robins, Alfred Pennyworth, villains such as the Penguin and the Joker, and the best Batman moments from his comic canon. 

Out of all the ebooks I've read this year, this is definitely one I would die to have a physical copy of - breaking my already broken bookshelf. The pictures and graphics are amazing and since it's not one cohesive comic and is snippets, the added color gives it a comic feel.
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Are you a fan of Batman and you want to read more of Batman but also wonder if you might be missing any big stories about Batman over the years?  This book by Robert Greenberger looks at the hundred greatest moments in comics concerning Batman both past and present.  With a character that has been around for 80 years a book on the top one hundred moments seems helpful and exciting for old and new fans alike!
The book consists of six chapters.  Chapter one is on the origins story of Batman and also of various sidekicks of Batman.  Chapter two is on “Creating the Mythos of Batman” while chapter three looks at those who are in Batman’s family.  Chapter four explore further allies of Batman, his friends and lover and chapter looks at his enemies.  Chapter six is titled “Out of this world” and deals with Batman outside of contemporary Gotham whether its battling in Victorian Era past or in space and also other dimensions and alternative reality.
I enjoyed the format of the book.  Each chapter lists certain events in summary form of what happened as a synopsis.  Then after the synopsis readers get to see samplings from the comics of that event.  The bottom of each page of the comics also have details of what issue and what year/date and title where you can find that story originally.  The top of each page of the comics section gives us the number of which of the one hundred moments it is corresponding to the earlier synopsis and also a brief title of what happened that makes it so important.  As I said earlier fans will enjoy this format and makes them want to hunger to find the stories and read it for themselves.  
Reading this there were times I said to myself “I know this story!  I read it before!”  But even as a fan there were moments where I wasn’t even aware of certain stories told before especially in issues of Batman from decades ago.  There were also moments where I heard about but never read the issues and so it is neat to see the discussion and a snapshot of that comic book story. 
Things I learn include how in past issues Batman actually married Catwoman before; and here in the new DC makes Batman’s marriage to Catwoman as something new and different which it is to a certain degree but then we see that there’s nothing all totally new under the sun.  Also I like the story of Batman’s various enemies and there’s some I never heard of before such as KGBeast and Deacon Blackfire.  Batman’s villians are memorable and personalities in their own right.
Over all a fun read!
NOTE: This book was provided to me free by Chartwell Books and Net Galley without any obligation for a positive review. All opinions offered above are mine unless otherwise stated or implied.
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Like any BEST OF list, there is sure to be some discussion about what THIS was chosen and not THAT. Still, it gives a decent history of the character (and the comic books). It did make me want to re-visit some of the Golden and Silver Age comics.

Format of the book: The moments are put into groups of varying numbers. Each group starts with the text entries. All relevant comics pages and/or panels are pictured at the end. I'd have preferred for all of the images to be closer to text,
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Robert Greenberger has written a number of these 100 Greatest Moments books for DC at this point. This one is on par with the others. If you're ever wanted to know more about Batman's history, this is the place to get it. He covers how Batman's origins have changed over the years, his supporting cast, the villains, his greatest moments (knocking out Guy Garner has always been one of my favorites.). Greenberger highlights a lot of Batman's defining moments from the 40's all the way to Dark Nights: Metal and Tom King's current epic run.
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A really good book that might not teach an avid Bat-fan a heck of a lot, but will still entertain and appeal.  In contrast to earlier entrants in this series, this book is more chapter-length essays, cropped into headlined sections, as opposed to a hundred individual bites.  So we have an overlook of Batman's origins, his various Robins and other Brucey friends, and of course the enemies he's faced.  Following on from these already well illustrated chapters, we get reprints of the original covers, or key pages to illustrate each scene.  While that means we get everything twice – in the author's own prose and then some time later in the actual comic format – this approach worked for me.  It can get to the depth of those old pages the books used to have where we got the whole DC story in very poorly written backstory, but here it's much more readable.  If anything lets the side down it's the more recent piffle DC have foisted upon us, Grant Morrison's summary-defining Crises rubbish, and all the times DC have tied themselves up in knots regarding multiple Earths and suchlike.  But this book shouldn't really be allowed to suffer because its inspiration is so patchy – this itself is really, really good, and a clear five stars to the target audience.
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This is more of a coffee table book, than a "best of" for Batman graphic novels. With that being said, I would love to buy a physical copy for my shelf. The presentation is clear and well made, the snippets are indeed some of the best that the Dark Night has to offer. Thank you for the opportunity to read this!
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The Batman…The Caped Crusader… The Dark Knight..... The World's Greatest Detective. Bruce "The Batman" Wayne remains one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time. With the ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy, Batman has reached the zenith of popularity. To mark Batman's 80th anniversary, Batman: 100 Greatest Moments encapsulates the most memorable moments of Batman’s story since his inception.

Batman: 100 Greatest Moments is a collection of snapshots taken from Batman’s 80-year history covering a period from 1940 through the 2010s. From Batman to all the characters that surround them; his family, friends, the villains and the other superheroes of the DC universe; all are included in these moments.

The 100 greatest moments are divided into chapters like Origins, The Batman Family, Enemies, and others. From Batman’s backstory to the origins of things like the Bat Signal and also the origin of many Supervillains from Joker, Bane & Scarecrow.

From Batman’s origin to tales from the dark multiverse, Robert Greenberger did a wonderful job of chronicling the highlights of the vast number of Batman stories.. The book presents actual panels from the comics, along with brief information about each panel. Each has a short summary of the event and at least one comic page or cover. It details the key moments in Batman's history.
It is interesting to see how the art style has changed throughout the years mainly due to different artists’ interpretations. Apart from the artwork, it also shows how the storylines changed to become darker and edgier with changing times.

Overall, this is a detailed and well-organized mini-encyclopedia on Batman, full of entertaining facts and rare comic strips. If you are a Batman fan, you will surely enjoy this.

Many thanks to the publishers Quarto Publishing Group - Chartwell Books and NetGalley for the ARC.
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I have no real knowledge about Batman apart from the films and I was really excited to delve deep into some of his crucial moments. Sadly, for me, I didn't find this book engaging enough and I found that it focused more on the writers than the actual plot points themselves.
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'Batman: 100 Greatest Moments: Highlights from the History of The Dark Knight' by Robert Greenberger is a sprawling look at the 80 year history of one of the greatest characters in comicdom.

The 100 greatest moments are divided in to chapters like Origins, The Batman Family, Enemies, and others.  The origins of things like the Bat Signal and how Batman started disappearing after talking to Commissioner Gordon are here.  The great writers, story-lines and artists are here as well.

It's really a must-have for any Batfan as well as anyone looking to learn more about the Caped Crusader.  I definitely found some story-lines I want to find and read based on this book.

I received a review copy of this ebook from Quarto Publishing-Chartwell Books, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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DNF'ed this one. It wasn't what I was expecting. Was expecting 100 greatest Batman moments shown through the comics but instead it was big chunks of incredibly detailed and kind of historical text .
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This book does exactly what it advertises. Whilst I knew & could predict a lot of the moments chosen I really enjoyed revisiting the history of this icon.
This book would be brilliant for a new comer to the Batuniverse but long time fans shouldn’t feel excluded because of this. I appreciated the additions of comic pages which helped create a visual key to the events mentioned. I would have liked more in-depth analysis of the key moments in the bat mythos but completely understand that this would have probably made the book too long.
I would love to see similar titles published but focusing in other characters in the bat universe - Poison Ivy for instance.
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The saying "show, don't tell" would have saved this poor wordy, wordy book.  100 Greatest moments of the Dark knights history should only be published in ORIGINAL COMIC FORM!!!

Instead of panels revealing each moment there are pages of paragraphs on the importance of each moment.  Comic readers don't want to relive these moments via non-fiction form.  Comic readers want just how their name describes them.  Comic READERS WANT COMICS!

I received a ARC of this from Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.
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Batman has always been my favorite. I haven’t read all the comics so it was a nice into into the history of Batman, his origin, life and villains.
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