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When God Rescripts Your Life

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Most people are familiar with Jaci Velasquez as a pop Christian singer in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
Ms. Velasquez writes about the many curves that her life has taken her.  Her faith and ultimate trust in God has led her to let Him repurpose her life.

Recommended for fans of Jaci and for public libraries.
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Jaci Velasquez gives a great insight into her life and the scrutiny that she faced as a Christian singer. She was held to a higher standard and when things happened to her that would not been given a second look otherwise, she faces them with strength and is able to build a more successful career that she is of her own creation.
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Love Jaci and this book is a reminder as to why. She is such a strong woman and she wrote this book just as beautifully as she does her music.
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What a fun book. Maybe fun is the wrong word for a different reader, but for me this was fun. It was fun to see behind the curtain on a girl's life who I remember shooting to fame, whose songs my friends and I sang in the backseat of parent's cars driving to volleyball games. It was fun to reminisce along with Jaci about the '90s and about teenage dreams of kids growing up in the 90s. Little snippets of her home life and family made me smile. Plus the beauty of the stories she connected to the Bible was done so well. Although, I'm quite certain Jaci's plan was for the book to be titled, "When God Repurposes Your Life" because that was the main metaphor theme throughout the book. Maybe the publishers wants her to change it to Rescripts because she was an actress? But I think it did the metaphor a disservice. Either way, I truly enjoyed this one!
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As a teenager, I often listened and jammed out to Jaci Valesquez. 

As a mother and an adult, I am inspired by her writing. Jaci takes readers on a journey to evaluate how we respond when God rescripts our life. She uses humor and scripture, honesty and storytelling.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Not only can Jaci sing, she is wonderfully captivating as a writer. The Lord used this book to speak to me in so many areas. Not only was the Lord loudly speaking to me about struggle areas, I literally could not put this book down! Get your copy now.
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When God Rescripts Your Life

Seeing Value, Beauty, and Purpose 

When Life Is Interrupted

by Jaci Velasquez

Nelson Books

Thomas Nelson


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08 Oct 2019

I am reviewing a copy of When God Rescripts Your Life through Thomas Nelson and Netgalley:

At a young age Jaci Velasquez's career sky rocketed her to stardom, she then had a thriving marriage.  But suddenly her both her marriage and career crashed down.  She lost her reputation, her career, her record label and even some of her most cherished relationships.  She had to redefine herself not as a Christian music darling or a broken young woman but as a beloved child of God. Today, she has a resurrected career, and a better definition of herself, as a Child of God, and the Mother of a child with autism.  She talks about the ups and downs of her life and career  as well as the ups and downs of mothering a child with Autism.

Jaci Velasquez was a super star in the Christian Music industry in the 90's and early 2000's but fell from fame, lost her marriage, her career, and became a single Mother, this is not a story of loss though, it is a story of redefining her life in Christ.

I give When God Rescripts Your Life, five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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I have been a fan of Jaci Velasquez since she came onto the Christian music scene back in the 90's.  I really appreciated this book as she was so honest and transparent in telling her story.  The good, bad, and ugly of her life.  Even though she has experienced many things in her career that people reading the book can't relate to, she is very easy to relate to.  I enjoyed getting to read about her husband and her boys and her life as a city girl now living in the country.  

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Net Galley. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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Some of my fondest memories are of driving in the car with my 3 kids to go camping and listening to Jaci Velasquez albums. I never knew why she disappeared from making albums and I guess I never googled it. When I saw this book I grabbed it up. I’m so thankful I did. I liked how the book was written. Jaci sharing her life in between biblical stories and encouragement and reflection. We all have areas in our life that we pictured being different...
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There are some really good things about this book. Jaci is open about her life, the good and the not so great decisions she's made and how she's grown personally and in her faith over the years. I am familiar with Jaci's earlier music but didn't know much about her personal life. I think this book will be good for a certain audience though it felt a little repetitive and like she was trying a bit too hard at times to connect. That said, after reading this book, I feel I know who Jaci is a bit better and like her as a person and not just as a musician.
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In "When God Rescripts Your Life", Jaci Velasquez shares her journey growing up as Christian musician in the 90s and early 2000s  and the eventual twists and turn her life till today when she is a wife, a mother and a radio show host. In a very conversational tone, she talks about how she had planned out her life and career and the detours that arose making her revisit her faith and values.  Those who knew Velasquez from her earlier hits will enjoy this memoir and understand her reasons for taking a career break to rebrand herself and to come back as a more empowered person.
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"When God Rescripts  Your Life " by Jaci Velasquez  is  an  autobiography .  You will walk down the road of   life as a  thriving musician  in this  book.  The  book gives the insights  of the ups and downs of  Jaci's  life.  There are many challenges to  be  in the music world   doing  concerts and   producing albums.  Jaci  shares  candidly about  her life in the music world and difficulties of  balancing  her  family  demands  at the same time.   She  shares also  how  God's  story of redemption  has  impacted  her  life  .  Thank you to  the publisher and netgalley for allowing me to read and review this book.   The book shows the  power of  God's  transforming love and  redemption.   I  will share my review with  facebook, netgalley, Goodreads, my blog , Amazon. and with  our  church staff.
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The honesty and personality is seen in the writing of Jaci in this title. I enjoy how she shares a scripture event with each chapter. 

Her honesty in Sour Lemons chapter has stood out the most to this reader.
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I used to listen to some of Jaci’s songs growing up as a young teenager so I was excited to read her story and see what has been happening in her life. As I flipped through each page I felt like I was sitting with a good friend enjoying a hot cup of coffee as she confided in me all of the best and worst moments of her life. Jaci’s sense of humour made this read really enjoyable and her heartfelt personal stories of struggle were so touching. I loved how at the end of each chapter she “flipped the script” which allowed me moments of self-examination.
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All too often it is tempting to think that superstars live special lives where nothing ever goes wrong and there are no real challenges. "When God Rescripts Your Life," by Jaci Velasquez shatters those assumptions as Jaci provides an in depth look into her life. I applaud Jaci for having the courage to share such a touching, and at times heart-wrenching testimony. This book reminds us that joy truly does come in the morning. The story is relatable as she has endured so many of same trials to prove that with faith and trust in Jesus Christ, all things are possible. I strongly recommend this book!!!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley and was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own.
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I really enjoyed this book. It gave me a greater understanding of how it feels when you think your life is going one way but then God has other plans. It always turns out that His plans are better than ours. He never fails. He never gets it wrong and He's always right on time. So if you're struggling with the direction of your life and feel like God has flipped the script on you, take heart. He is working all things together for your good. Step back and follow His lead. I received and ARC from the publisher but that in no way influenced my opinions.
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This is an easy read that you'll likely fly through. Unfortunately, the author tries so hard to be "down to earth" and a "girlfriend next door" that it sometimes came across as condescending.  For such a big topic that seems to carry with it a weight of heavy, harder stories, this felt like a fluffy read.
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The book “When God Rescripts Your Life” by Jaci Velasquez starts off in a rather slow and pedantic way. Almost as if Ms. Velasquez is trying to convince us to commit to reading the entire book because she has something truly important to say.
I chose this book to review because I knew who the author was, owned several of her CDs, enjoy her sense of humor, and share many of her interests, including her love of movies. I had always intended to read her entire book because basically, “she had me at ‘Hello’”.

By the time she was into the second chapter and sharing the events of her life she needn’t have had fears that her readers would bale out on her. She has led an interesting and unusual life and expresses herself in a witty and unique way that I suspect  reflects how she speaks in real life. It seemed less like reading a book and more like visiting with a friend and having a heart to heart chat in her living room.
The gist of this book is Jaci reliving the events of her life including her goals, dreams, motivations and attitudes, while specifically focusing on the hardships that led her to reexamine her choices. She uses various people from the Bible such as Joseph, Solomon, Aaron, King Saul and Jesus’ apostles to demonstrate and confirm what she believes God was/is telling her. Then each section ends with several questions which allow us deeper examination of what she is saying and how these things can be applied to our own lives. 

However, this book may not be appreciated by all readers. Jaci Velasquez has an unusual sense of humor, she includes some mild swearing (although NO blaspheme), can seem flippant when describing Bible events and even tends to do some picking and choosing of Bible verses. 
For example, some of her hardships include a failed first marriage, a son with autism and having to deal with chronic pain. I believe the Bible allows for divorce but that there are many verses that blatantly explain why being remarried is considered a life of adultery. If she doesn’t hold to that belief, that’s her choice. But she wrote several pages explaining that she actually had no desire or intention to get remarried but that God specifically told her to do it. At that point the grain of salt I normally keep handy for discernment purposes turned into an entire pinch of salt.

However, Jaci does have a wisdom beyond her years which is probably born from her desire to follow the Lord and discover His truth for her life. And in her conclusions there are many things that I do wholeheartedly agree with.

“You matter to God. You live as his child . And that is the ultimate purpose of his story for you. That’s the artistry of what God does, repurposing everything that happens to you and everything you do to be crafted into a greater story.”

As I read this book I kept thinking of the Bible verse, “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” Matthew 11:15 (KJV)  For me this sums up my opinion of this book. God had something important to say to Jaci, she listened, took it to heart and then generously has passed it on to us. And ultimately I do recommend this book because I believe God will use it to say something to each person who reads it. He did that for me so I am thankful for the opportunity to read and recommend “When God Rescripts Your Life” by Jaci Velasquez.
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Growing up Jaci Velasquez was one of my favorite artists. I was so excited to find out she wrote a book!  I didn't know much about her life and her story, but I know the words to most of her songs. I loved every bit of this book. Jaci is hilarious, she is a city mouse living the country mouse life. Jaci shared her testimony, like many of us she had a plan for her life and it didn't go accordingly. God showed up in creative ways showing her that life can be re scripted. I highly recommend this book! You will finish it feeling so encouraged.

Thank you NetGalley for this ARC.
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This book was such a vulnerable and open look into not only Jaci's life and experiences, but into what she learned in those up and down seasons. My favourite chapter was definitely "Faced with Uncertainty" where Jaci delves into some issues with security and letting go, it spoke to me and I so appreciated how she graciously dealt with herself and the issues. You will love the chickens. They pop up throughout the book and are characters all on their own. As a listener of her music when I was a younger teenager, it was fantastic to hear "the whole story" of Jaci's career and life and to know how things turned out for her and to hear about her triumphs and joys, as well as the hard lessons she had to learn. This is a great book for older teenage girls as well as my own demographic of mid-30s with kids, her lessons are accessible and written with wit and self-awareness.
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