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WIN BIG - Kelly Jamieson

#3 in the Wynn Hockey sports romance series

HOT! - 4 stars

Plot - 4 stars - Everly, despite her better judgment, is totally attracted to Wyatt Bell, a member of her father's team, and the feeling is mutual. But Everly has a lot of personal baggage and doesn't want to disappoint anyone, especially her parents, by having a relationship that might be considered questionable.

Writing - 4 stars - The nice thing about this series is that each book begins right where the previous book left off, or even a bit before that. So we begin by briefly reviewing where we were, then moving on from there. This is very appealing because it connects each book while still keeping them separate and focused on different main characters. But it also makes the reader feel as though we already have an "in" to the story since we've briefly touched on it.

Characters - 4 stars - Jamieson is able to create wonderfully appealing characters. Everly is a very strong professional woman, but she is also very vulnerable in her personal life. Her panic attacks and constant worrying make her seem so much more approachable while still appearing to be solid on the outside. Wyatt is just like a big teddy bear. I love that he's a fun-loving guy while still being loyal and supportive. People mistake him for being shallow when, instead, he's taking life and making it fun. It was also great to revisit with our previous main characters as well as other members of the Wynn clan, helping us to get to know them just a bit more.

Title - 4 stars - The title plays on the name of the hockey dynasty while also pointing out that not only does the team want to win, but also Everyly and Wyatt do too.

Cover - 2 stars - This is a very awkward cover. Although the model is nice-looking and ripped, his pose is unnatural and looks uncomfortable.

Overall - 4 stars - Overall, this series is just as fun as the Aces Hockey series that I've enjoyed to its completion. Jamieson obviously has great knowledge about the hockey world, and this shows through in her writing and adds some meat to the story. Her characters are attractive but not over-the-top, and I'd love to hang out with them. I look forward to reading the next in this enjoyable series.
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Oh how I love the Wynn Family! This is Everly Wynn's story, and man was it exceptional! She has been through a heck of a life for the past 10 years! Right from the start, I knew that Wyatt was the man for her. He has a way of making her feel. The back and forth, love and hate, friends to lovers romance has it all. I got the feels from every angle with this book! 

10 super stars!!
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I'm sorry, I was unable to review this book as it did not download properly. I have read other novels by this author and think she's great.
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Likes: Everly and Wyatt had some great chemistry. I loved their banter. Wyatt is all you want in a book boyfriend. 

Dislikes: I'm not the biggest fan of fake relationships and the why behind this one felt a little flat. 

Kelly Jamieson is an autobuy and it's a good addition to the series, but not my favorite.
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This wasn't as good as all the others but that's okay because I'll continue to read them because I'm a fan. This one just didn't hit home for me.
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This was a good read. The writing flowed well, and I thought Everly and Wyatt had great chemistry. I haven't read the other books in the series, and at times it was very confusing with all the different characters mentioned. There are half siblings and nieces and nephews and just a lot of names. When they aren't all together, and the story focuses on the MCs, it wasn't bad. I did get annoyed at them a few times. Wyatt for continuing to be a martyr, even though he didn't have to be. Everly for still being in denial about her issues. She mentions going to therapy, but she still has anxiety over things and reefers to her issues as "supposed". These 2 finally do make their way back to each other, and get their HEA. I would have like a little more resolution with the conflicts brought up in the story. Did her dad go to the doctor? Was the lawsuit dropped? What happened with the review of the foundation? I felt like those were just left hanging. All in all, I would recommend this book. 
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.
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Another Wynn Hockey Dynasty story.  
This is about Everly Wynn is only daughter of Bob Wynn.  She has been surrounded by hockey player brothers and now she is responsible for California Condor Foundation.  She always wants to be perfect and doesn't deviate from her plans until Wyatt came along.  
Wyatt has been known as hot, fun loving hockey player to everyone.  When he faced Everly, he felt the strong pull toward her and he wants to have fun with her since she is miss perfect.  When he kept asking her for a simple date, she gave in and he wanted to make it a memorable so she would continue..  
Everly never wanted to disappoint his parents like she did when she was 16 years old.  But whenever she is with Wyatt, things are fun and reckless at times.  
They had fun outing until it lands bigger problem for Everly and Wyatt.  Now they will have to date so his image stays positive and it won't affect what Everly wants to do with her foundation.  
It's perfect excuse to spend time with each other but both will have have to trust each other and be honest.  Now will they be able to open up and give their fake date a chance... 
This could be standalone.  I have read the first one and didn't read the 2nd one but I didn't feel like I was missing any storyline.  Plus their family drama unravels a bit on this one. I can't wait to read the next one.  It was easy and quick read.  
Thanks to Netgalley and Loveswept for my ARC in exchange for honest review.
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Win Big is part of the Wynn Hockey series and I really feel it doesnt work as a stand alone.  The series itself is strong, and Win Big is the center book.  The cast of characters is large and they frequently make appearances in  the various stories. Win Big centers on the only girl in the Wynn family. Her road to happily ever after is slow and entertaining.  Slow because of the sweetness and gentleness of her character. The hero isnt quite as gentle, or as innocent.  They definitely strike sparks.  I thought Win Big was an entertaining,, sexy, fast read.  I appreciated Kelly Jamieson's ability to write snappy dialogue and passionate encounters. 
I received my copy through NetGalley under no obligation.
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I love hockey families!  This is a great story one you won’t want to put down. I can’t wait for the next one!
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I love this series, and this books was a wonderful addition. I had read subsequent books prior to reading this one, so I already knew the outcome. But It was still an enjoyable read. I'm looking forward to reading others by Kelly Jamieson.
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This story is about Everly Wynn who runs the foundation for the hockey team. Wyatt is one of the players for her fathers’ team. He looks at her as always being serious and she sees him as someone who is not serious about anything. They each have had an experience in their past that has given them each their ideas for the future. Her to be taken seriously she feels she needs to be on point all of the time. He because his life is to short so have some fun.
   When she finally agrees to go out with him after saying no, she finds her self having fun when he takes her in a sex shop. When he Dresses himself in a costume all is well, the rest of the night is good. Everything changes when she arrives to work the next day with photos of him all over the internet. He was to be the spokesperson for the foundation this year and people are panicking. All but him.
   After some talking and a press conference everything begins to dye down, but what also came out of it was for the two of them to date. Agreeing because she feels somewhat responsible, she finds herself with him more and more. She also is dealing with the family issues of her father being sick, his owing to the money to her two uncle’s and getting her mother to tell her what is happening. Just when she finds out about all of that it looks like the two of them are not going to be together and she finds herself sadder than she thought she would be.
   Wyatt must still come to grips with the last part of his past, and by doing so he has not been able to move forward in his life. He must decide if helping his friend’s family is worth losing Everly. Read what happens.
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Everly Wynn is surrounded by hockey heroes in her family, which has had her feeling like she always had to be perfect to get any attention from her father over her brothers. It's made her hide a lot, including panic attacks from anxiety that were the side affect of her efforts, which made me sad to be honest. Wyatt is another hockey player, who is that "it" player, and of course, a playboy along with it. However, he's had his eye trained on Everly for some time, and they definitely have some chemistry that already tipped me off to what was going to possibly happen from previous stories but their combative interactions did have me doubting myself a tad, though it really was just foreplay. With a PR nightmare comes in play, they were thrown together, Everly isn't having any of him, but Wyatt isn't detoured, nope, he's in it to win it, and actually shows her that he's different from his reputation, as they play pretend. He also sees a different side of her as well, once some of the walls are lowered a tad, not to mention, they both realize that the other has issues which has made them the people they currently are. I LOVED this story so much, even with the push & pull, which normally frustrates me, but in Win Big, it was just right. Of course there's also some drama from family added in, so that I could have that f-bomb worthy twist or two, nothing out of control though. So, do these two end up together?! You'll have to one click on Win Big to find out! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL!
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I am a total sucker for Hockey Romance books and this one does not disappoint! Kelly Jamieson brings on the heat and the sweet equally... a sexy hockey player and a hockey princess so to speak come together in this one and it is sooooo worth the read. I truly enjoyed being immersed in this high stakes world of hockey and love. Everly and Wyatt's story is everything I had been hoping for. This latest Wynn Hockey novel will leave you breathless.
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Wynn Big. Oh, sorry, Win Big is a fun opposites attract story. The buttoned up professional and the life of the party hockey hottie couldn't be more opposite.  She cares about image and he couldn't care less. 

Their spirited arguements are foreplay. They're fighting it but for all the wrong reasons. In the end, though, both WIN BIG. Because love should always win!

Watch out for flying pucks and feelings. Kelly Jamieson made sure to catch you where it hurts with this Wynn story.  I can't wait for Harrison's fall...or his next fall. Lol!
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There has not been a book written by this author that I haven’t read, bought or devoured.! She is by far one of my go to authors in the sports romance and romance genre. She keeps series fresh and interesting. The reader never feels like they are getting the same story as before. I will always be a fan of this author and her writing!

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book provided by NetGalley.
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Today's book is Win Big and was written by Kelly Jamieson. This book is the third book in the Wynn series, which is contemporary romance series. I received this book as an Advanced Reader's Copy from LoveSwept through NetGalley. Evelyn Wynn is the only daughter in the Wynn Hockey Dynasty. She runs the foundation for the Candors hockey team, owned by her father, while Wyatt Bell plays for the Candors. Evelyn is attempting to gain her father's approval while working with the younger generation of her family to end the fight between father and sons, while Wyatt is trying to overcome his own past. The biggest problem for this budding romance is hockey season in California which means lots of trouble with scheduling. A lot of these events are family problems but also the past that Wyatt and Evelyn carry with them.

I was surprised by Wynn family's drama outcome, especially since the older sons were very upset with their father for many years. I found the backstory between Evelyn and the former player interesting but more so how the family handle it. I found Wyatt's self-blame interesting as he let it run his life but felt he didn't need to share it with those closest to him. I noticed that Evelyn would come off shy when with the younger generation but when it came to confronting the older, she became very strong and passionate about ending the conflict.

The overall plot development was excellent as it blended the past and present which allowed us to know a full story, so 7 points and the overall character development showed both  past and present growth with the addition of balance, so 9 points. The overall layout was good as it added the right amount of flashbacks, so 9 points and the overall grade was 83%. Yes, I would recommend this books. Those who enjoy family drama, dedication and sports romance. Those who do not enjoy player dating team owner's daughter, pressuring from friends, and self-blame.
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This was my first read from this author but I really enjoyed it. I definitely connected with Everly, as I’m someone who struggles with anxiety and has had panic attacks in the past. I felt the author handled well and created a realistic and relatable character. Win Big was your typical hockey romance a little bit angsty with a swoon worthy romance. I enjoyed the banter between Everly and Wyatt and how they let down their walls with each other as their relationship developed. 

Overall,  well written and sexy hockey romance that is worth reading.
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This book was more about Everly Wynn than it was about Wyatt Bell. I LOVED her and you knew she would have a great story. I loved her. A witty fun loving girl who has some  in her past and the burning desire to have the approval of her parents that she is afraid to just be her and enjoy life to the fullest.... this is where Wyatt Bell comes into play. A hockey player, this makes him off limits in her mind, who lives life to the fullest and does not think about his actions. He just lives and takes whatever comes.... just what she needs in her life, maybe? maybe not. 

They feel out their relationship in front of the media and find themselves really enjoying their company and maybe this could go somewhere. The question is, will they allow their past to come into play and ruin their future?
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Third in the Wynn Hockey series, this can be read as a standalone, but there are so many family dynamics at play that I feel as if it does benefit the reader to have read the previous two books before diving into this one (that being said, I loved those books, so it shouldn’t be a hardship).  

I love a good enemies-to-lovers story. Throw in some fake relationship drama and I'm all-in. The dynamic between Everly and Wyatt was great – especially once they got to really know each other and it was lovely to see how supportive Wyatt was of Everly's anxiety issues. 

 As always, Kelly Jamieson delivers a stellar hockey romance and I can't wait to read about the rest of the Wynn family!
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Ms. Jamieson has outdone herself with this story. I love the care that Wyatt shows Everly as she deals with her issues. I love their interactions and their snark. I love the way the story seems to come alive and how it progresses into life.
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