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Jon Reznik is back, but this time the thrilling adventures evolve his daughter. Loving her the way he does, hell bent on keeping her safe, Jon is already working just inside what is considered legal. How far he'll go to ensure his child's safety makes for one thrilling riding.
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How have I missed the John Reznick series?! I must have been hiding under a rock, seriously, I loved this book and can’t believe there are others I’ve clearly missed! 

This is a great book, really fast-paced with plenty of places where you hold your breath before the next turn!

Jon Reznick loves his daughter more than anything else and wants to protect her, though like a lot of children she doesn’t want to listen and follow his instructions! Jon, an FBI consultant just on the edge of the rules, likes to take risks to ensure his job is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

A really good plot that keeps your interest throughout and is full of action, a great page-turner that was really easy to read. I read this as a stand-alone title but will be reading more of JB Turner's books, especially those featuring Jon Reznick!
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JB Turner never disappoints and this book is his another masterpiece. 
Jon Reznick is back in action, and this time he and his daughter, Lauren, are caught in shooting during the Yankees play on the 4th of July. There are three men shoting and Jon manages to kill two of them but one gets away. John decides to send this daughter home and then he follows the last gunman and tries to get to the bottom of conspiracy.
Hard Shot is full of amazing twists that kept me hooked on this book till the last page.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for copy of this book in exchange for honest review.
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This is definitely one of my favs from this series. Jon is back at it again, chasing down the bad guys and taking them out! And let’s not forget to mention his defiant daughter, that thinks she’s invisible. I must admit, her attitude has a lot to be desired and makes my head want to spin around, but luckily for her, I’m not her parent! 

Anyway.. great book, and I’m so glad I had the ability to review it.
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I love JB Turner's novels; you have to know what you're getting into (high drama, unlikely scenarios) but if you can look past some of the ridiculous and non-possible plot twists, these reads are super fun. I love spy novels and I love a great hero, even if he's unlikely. John Resnick is no-nonsense and always keeps you on your toes. He's smart, intuitive, caring, but also a total badass. Overall, this was another great installment to a really fun series.
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Jon Reznick and his daughter, Lauren are waiting to watch the Yankees play on the 4th of July when two gunmen open fire on the police outside the stadium. Jon sees the shooters come out of the building and goes after them. He kills both of them. Two brothers who seem to be linked to a man who died in custody three months ago. Now Jon has involved himself hoping that Lauren will stay safe. Jon is out to save the day with his kind of justice, Great story line and fast paced.
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Non stop action from page 1 on.  JB Turner's Jon Reznick usually finds himself in the middle of a battle, even when he's just going to a ball game.  A terrorist group is attacking NYCPD to cripple the city.  But, they didn't plan on Jon.  The tension builds as the city defends itself and Jon brings the fight to them.  A really good, exciting story that could easily happen in today's large cities.  Plan on reading through the rest of your day, you will definitely not want to set this down.
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Thank  you Netgalley, the publisher Amazon publishing UK and J. B. Turner.
I really enjoy the Jon Reznik series and every time I see a book on Netgalley I request it.
Fast paced, lots of twist and turns.  I usually read the books in 2 days, I just cannot put it down.
Thank you again J. B. Turner for another great instalment. 
Recommend 4 stars
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John Reznick, a black ops specialist decides to take his daughter Lauren to a Fourth of July baseball game in New York City.  On arrival at the game John sees three men shooting at the NYPD cops and the crowd.  John kills two of the gunmen but one gets away.  John sends Laurel straight home and he follows the last gunman.  This evil man plans a killing spree in the city.  John has contacts in both the FBI and NYPD but they don’t always agree with his methods.  To make matters worse John can’t get in touch with Lauren, but he has to get this man off the streets of the city.  Very fast moving, I literally could not put this book down.
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Non stop action as soon as the story begins.  True to the previous books, this one delivers all the action and intrigue.  The story is interested and action intensive.  I highly recommend the author and the series.
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I think this might be the first book I have read in this series. This was a scary good story.   It was not only scary because of the content but also because some of it could have been pulled from some of the current events happening in the news now.  It was emotional, intense with a whole lot of suspense and drama.
Travis and Ryan have a plan and it's not one that will be good for other people. There was a good foundation made about the main characters.  And by Chapter 3 things were hitting the fan.  
I was intrigued how this author described the story so well that I could "feel" the situations. 
That's not easy to do so I salute the author for pulling me in.  Whether it was the emotions, the intensity or the surroundings, they all could be felt. 
Martha Meyerstein (FBI Assistant Director) was told something earlier in the story.  A top criminal who was in prison, Thomas Mad Dog Mills was someone that she was trying to make a deal with for information.  He said that they had people (bad guys) everywhere.  As the story goes on it looks like she should have given that statement a whole lot of more weight.   As the story goes on, we find that a whole lot of other agencies are up to their necks in secrets about this this hate group.  I liked reading about Martha's working relationship with Jon and the hints to maybe it could lead to more.
Jon Reznik is a good guy whose had to do some tough stuff.  This book has dark moments and often times because of Reznik's past consulting work with the FBI often casting him like an anti-hero.  But definitely misunderstood man for sure. His love for his daughter and his over the top desire to protect her is right in the forefront.  But after all he's seen it's not unreasonable and one of the positives about him.  He also has flaws too some he's beginning to think seriously about.  At one time during the story he's even beginning to wonder if he's seen too much.  He feels like he's back in a war zone but in his own country.  And just maybe he needs to make some changes. 
 The story stays dramatic right until it's very end.

 "I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
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Thanks to NetGalley for the chance to read this volume in advance of publication. I have read all the volumes in this series and love the character of Jon Reznick. Best saved for a cold winter's day when there is nothing better than to curl up with a great book !
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Hard Shot is the seventh book in the Jon Reznick series about a tough-as-nails former Delta operative and CIA Assassin who works with the FBI on off-the-books operations. It’s fairly short but is a complete story. I have read all of this series in order but I don’t think it’s essential to as each adventure stands alone.
These are well-written action-packed gun-toting testosterone romps where the outcome is never in doubt, and I confess I rather enjoy them!

It’s the 4th of July and Jon is taking his daughter, Lauren, a student who is working New York for the summer, to a baseball game, when two gunmen open fire, targeting principally police officers. Shoving Lauren into a cab for safety, Jon commandeers a motorbike and hunts down the killers, but then further attacks, coordinated from inside prison by a White Supremacist terrorist gang, take place around the city. Hindered as much as helped by his maverick reputation with the FBI, how will Jon stop the psychotic cop-killer?

While Jon’s fate was never really in doubt, this was most exciting when other characters were in danger. The plot relied rather too much on coincidence which felt a little lazy, but I really liked the ending and epilogue. Some sections are told from the baddies’ POV but even so they were rather caricaturishly evil.
Not all plot threads and character arcs were tied up, so I suspect some may be back, presumably for revenge. Jon’s amphetamine addiction is finally addressed, and hopefully he’s in for some happiness, before the inevitable next attack on his family...

My thanks to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing for the ARC which allowed me to give an honest review. Hard Shot is published on 12th December.
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One heck of a ride from start to finish. Genuine “can’t put down” sort of book that you don’t try to anticipate, you just follow.
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Book Review: Hard Shot (Jon Reznick #7) by J. B. Turner
(Published by Amazon Publishing UK and Thomas & Mercer)

"...Don't give me any nondisclosure agreement bullshit!"

That's Jon Reznick of Maine, former black ops assassin and working for the FBI on classified investigations. He gets the job done. He never was a guy for flowery language. Neither does he have much use for rules, which he often flouts. Especially when the stakes are high, as in when the life of his one and only precious daughter is on the line. Or when American freedom is in the balance. And that renegade attitude is what gets him in trouble, occasionally.

And this is where FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein usually steps in. To chew him out. Or bail him out, if she's being nice about it.

What I find most enjoyable about the author's Jon Reznick series is the no-nonsense delivery of high-octane action flowing seamlessly from one scene to the next with nary a dull moment. Each story is character driven and relies on creativity with little use for political correctness. J.B. Turner keeps it real. Jon Reznick bleeds and gets hit. He's no superhero.

Lives are lost a day of vengeance, and New York City is in a panic.

It is the Fourth of July. Reznick and Lucy are at Yankee Stadium to celebrate Independence Day with tickets to America's favorite pastime.

Then all hell breaks loose. Shots are fired, cops are down and Reznick shifts into high gear on his feet and barrels into action. Lives are at stake and for the guy, there are no ifs, buts or ors to bat arond within his conscience.

A loose alliance of hoodlums cum drug mules and Mara Salvatrucha, or the so-called MS-13 are on a bloodthirsty hunt to avenge the death of one of their own in the hands of law enforcement.

And, it appears, treacherous elements from within law enforcement are on their side.

Reznick, Meyerstein and team must watch their backs and put an end to the massacre at the risk of their own lives.

I can see one small weakness in the tale: hoodlums cannot be trained snipers in a flash, particularly from long distance on a beach and even within NYC city blocks. No such thing as one shot, one kill with those O'Keefe lowlifes.

But, nothing diminished in entertainment value. Excellent light reading - on the intense side!

Review based on an Advance Reading Copy from Amazon Publishing UK and Thomas & Mercer through NetGalley.
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Jon Resnic is visiting his daughter Lauren in New York Cityand takes her to a Yankee game.  As they arrive, snipers Travis and Ryan O’Keefe begin shooting policemen from a roof across the street.  Jon gets Lauren a cab and begins running after the snipers..He grabs the motorcycle from a man and follows the men downtown where he manages to shoot and kill both.

The police arrive, take Jon to the police station and give him a hard time, until Myerstein rescues him.  Resnic interviews the older brother of the snipers who tells Jon he had warned the FBI about his brothers desire to revenge the death of their stepfather.  The youngest brother Todd is still intent on killing more police.

Todd goes on a police killing rampage in New York City, including the Attorney
General.  Meanwhile Jon is desperately trying to find Lauren, as well as Todd.  Can he find her before Todd does?  The end is VERY exciting!

Great book!
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An excellent story that keeps you hooked from start to finish. Definitely recommended to those readers who enjoy reading this type of detective/crime thriller.
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The first three books in this series about Jon Reznick made me fan of the author, the next two made me hesitate a bit, and with this book, I'm beginning to return to the fan fold. 
These books are hectic, action-packed and not totally realistic, but I'm entertained, so what...
The book starts with a sniper shooting event at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and the events rapidly unfold from there. Reznick, a former Delta operator, now working with the FBI as a consultant of some sort is present from the get-go and so is his daughter. The latter frustrated me to no end with her series of knuckle-headed decisions and frustratingly stubborn behavior, but that was part of driving the events.
Bottom-line, not my favorite book in the series and also not the worst either, and I was entertained...
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J B Turner's Hard Shot sees Jon Reznick enjoying a baseball match on the 4th of July when his world is once again turned upside down.

What follows is an action packed and fast paced book that never stops. I read it in a day!!

Definitely recommended
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In this seventh in the Jon Reznick series, Hard Shot (Thomas and Mercer 2019), Jon Reznick tries to take a brief vacation from work to take his daughter to a July 4th baseball game in New York City and ends up in the middle of a terrorist attack as a sniper picks off police outside of the ball park. Reznick bundles his daughter into a cab with instructions to return to their hotel and chases down the two snipers, killing both. After managing to convince the police that he wasn't involved, merely lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and smart enough to act quickly, he becomes part of a small FBI team that is tracking down the killers, how they knew what they shouldn't, and how to stop them.

I've read all of the Jon Reznick series. While this one seems a little slower than the frantic never-quit pace of the others, maybe more analytical of the process and thoughts of the characters, it is a good read. I like the hints at a love interest for Jon, something we haven't seen before. Overall, it is well worth the time in excitement and entertainment. 

--posting to my blog WordDreams on 2/28/20
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