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Violet Young is a YouTube influencer with the perfect husband and two perfect daughters.  Lily is a young widow with a dead end job and a young son.  She is obsessed with Violet's show and, when Violet disappears from all social media platforms, Lily can't handle the suspense of not knowing why.  She takes matters into her own hands and begins stalking Violet's husband in hopes of learning the truth.  It took a bit for the story to get going - I think I just had a hard time getting into the book since I found Lily's obsession with Violet to be a bit over the top ... but, I guess all stalkers are unbelievably over the top, aren't they?  I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it.
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If you woke up one day and realized your most idolized social media influenced bad vanished, would you:
A) assume she needed a break and move on with your life?
B) spend a few days wondering what happened, do a few google searches, and move on with your life? Or
C) become an utter nutbag of a human and stalk the poor woman, her husband, and her children until you learn the truth?
If you chose C, congratulations! You’re now one of the stars of this story! And what a great story it is. With unreliable narrators, alternating points of view, and characters willing to do just about anything, this book has it all. Twists and turns abound, and by the end, you’re as emotionally wrong out as the people you’ve gotten to know on these pages. Definitely a good choice for mystery and thriller fans alike!

I received an advance e-copy of Unfollow Me by Charlotte Duckworth in exchange for my review from NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books.
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Thank you so much @CrookedLaneBooks & @NetGalley for giving me this eARC in exchange for my honest and unbiased review (Release Date | 10 March 2020)

SYNOPSIS | Violet Young gave up her career as a journalist to raise her 3 girls & by sharing her life through daily vlogs has gained a following of 1 million YouTube subscribers, until one day, she deletes all of her accounts and her social media presence disappears.

- Trying to figure out how the 3 main characters were connected
- The exploration around how people feel that social media influencers "owe" their followers

- The fact the whole story revolves around Violet except we do not get her point of view at all
- I have read quite a few thrillers recently where there is an alcoholic main character who doesn't remember what they've said when they are inebriated... I am kind of tired of this style of unreliable narrator
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This just didn't do it for me. I got about 70% through and found that I didn't care about any of the characters.
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Unfollow Me is the first book I have read by Charlotte Duckworth, and It won’t be the last!  A friend told me about the book and I know now why she loved it!

I read this story in one night as I didn’t want to put it down.  It was suspenseful, and I could see something like this happening in real life. 

I requested and received an Advanced Readers Copy from the Publisher and NetGalley.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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A little creepy and a little weird, but overall, a good story. Overall, I liked this one.  I'd read further books by the author.  I'm rating it 3/5 stars.
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This book was not what I thought it was.  I just could not get interested in it or finish it.  I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley. My review is voluntary.
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One day, a popular mommy-vlogger deletes all of her social media content without warning and seems to go missing.  This story follows some of her fans as they try to figure out what happened -- crossing boundaries in the process -- and reflect on their addiction to watching a seemingly perfect life and family.  A bit light on the Thriller aspect but definitely a page-turner, as well as a comment on how we choose to present our selves (online or in-person) is not always what it seems.
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A new author for me. An enjoyable read A book all about jealousy and obsession and how it is played out on social media. Recommended.
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The synopsis of the book really drew me in and reminded me of A Simple Favour and more recently The Secret She Keeps with the main character being  a Vlogger and having a huge social media presence in the world of Mums! 

I really enjoyed the beginning and the mysterious disappearance of Violet, her followers were caught off guard and devastated to find all her accounts and posts deleted without explanation and the story unfolds via two of these followers along with various other media.

Unfollow me is an entertaining and engrossing  psychological thriller exploring the complex landscape of social media, obsession, and celebrity worship syndrome. The domestic drama aspects of the story is relevant to the mystery of why Violet suddenly disappeared from social media and the twists a long the way help propel the plot forwards at a good pace and the stark reminder that your past always catches up with you is very relatable.

I really enjoyed this book and would like to thank Netgalley and Charlotte Duckworth for the ADR in exchange for the honest review.
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An easy stress-free read about a mummy-turned-vlogger/influencer who suddenly went missing online after deleting her accounts on social media. Everyone was abuzz, trolls showed up. Soon everyone was caught in the frenzy, especially the girls who followed the account religiously, Lily and Yvonne. Husband Henry was a little too chilled. Did he have a hand in this?

My first book by author Charlotte Duckworth, and quite astonished was I to see women showing their stalker-ish facets both online and off it too. There lay the charm as I too got caught up the rigmarole that the story was where everyone was interlinked.

Secrets were revealed, and a few were hidden well. The author knew how to lay a trail of crumbs for me to follow. I couldn’t even begin to guess how the story would play out as the journey all through was entertaining.

A slightly dark read about the other side of social media and followers but completely fun too.
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This book really made me think about how much we should share with strangers online. I enjoyed seeing the "dark side" of Internet influencers, although I felt at times like there were too many POV's. The ominous tone of the ending was a nice twist, though.
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Violet is a popular mommy blogger/influencer. When she suddenly deletes all of her social media accounts, her fans have questions and concerns. Did Violet disappear because of a particularly nasty troll? When her husband is seen going into a hospital they jump to the conclusion that Violet has met with foul play. The novel has multiple narrators--Lily, a single mother is jealous of Violet's perfect life, Yvonne and her husband are struggling with infertility, Henry, Violet's husband tells his own story. 

It's a quick and engaging read and will be popular with fans of domestic thrillers.
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I just finished reading Unfollow Me by Charlotte Duckworth and I gave it 3 stars. 
 I feel like I enjoyed the the first half of the book and after that the book kinda went down hill. I felt like it wasn’t a thriller anymore, I wanted more from this book but it was still good. If  you guys are into this type of thriller, then this one is for you
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Lately there seems to be a number of books centered around obsession with social media.  Unfollow Me by Charlotte Duckworth is one of those books and I liked reading it.  It centers around a mommy vlogger - Violet is Blue who has quite a massive following of fans.  Suddenly and without notice, her social media channels seem to disappear and everyone is wondering "Where is Violet?"  The story is told from alternating viewpoints of two of her fans.  I found the story to be quite intriguing and I liked the author's style of writing.  Charlotte Duckworth is a new to me author which I love -  I see she has published another book called The Rival which I will probably try to read.
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A mommy vlogger vanishes suddenly from the internet, all of her accounts deleted without warning or explanation. The online forums are buzzing with speculation. Instead of being the story of the missing influencer the book is about Lily and Yvonne, two of her obsessed fans.

I wanted to like this book and I did enjoy parts of it, but there are a lot of characters with alternating chapters and it was a struggle to figure out which ones were connected and how. More than once, I had to flip back a few pages to remind myself which character I was reading about. There's a message to all of this, about lying and oversharing and overstepping boundaries, and it's an interesting one. I kind of wish the book had spent more time exploring the members of the online forums than the histories of Lilly and Yvonne.
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Very well written story about disappearance of a vlogger Violet Young. Her followers decided to find out what happened to her. Fast paste, interesting with some twists and turns. 

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for a fair review.
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Enjoyable thriller - didn't blow me away but kept me hooked. I enjoyed that it had me really questioning how far people go to have something they desperately want but can't seem to get - mainly, children. TW: infertility
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Unfollow Me by Charlotte Duckworth was a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable suspense. I love Charlotte’s writing style and this was a timely plot as almost everyone is glued to their phones and tablets, watching the exciting lives of vloggers and Instagram stars.

I was hooked right away and read this book quickly, curious how everything was going to play out.

You Can’t Stop Watching Her. Violet Young is a hugely popular journalist-turned-mummy-vlogger, with three young children, a successful husband and a million subscribers on YouTube who tune in daily to watch her everyday life unfold.

Until the day she’s no longer there. But one day she disappears from the online world – her entire social media presence deleted overnight, with no explanation. Has she simply decided that baring her life to all online is no longer a good idea, or has something more sinister happened to her?

But do you really know who Violet is? Told from the perspectives of her most avid fans, obsessed with finding out the truth, their search quickly reveals a web of lies, betrayal, and shocking consequences…

I’m glad to have found another author whose writing I enjoy, now I just have to wait for her to write more! If you haven’t read The Rival, get it now. It’s another fabulous novel!

Coming out on April 16, 2020
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It seems to me that the life of an Influencer is, by its very nature, a lonely and precarious existence, irrespective of the perks it might seem to offer. This concept is strengthened by the fact that for much of this book we don’t even see the central character, mummy-vlogger Violet Young, but instead follow the lives of those on whom she has had the most impact: her husband Henry and two of her most obsessive followers, Yvonne and Lily, whose respective interests in Violet seem to stem from very different problems of their own.

Yvonne is a successful photographer, in her early forties and desperate for a baby. She is undergoing fertility treatment with her much younger husband, and is jealous of the ease with which Violet has managed to get pregnant three times. While Yvonne drops many of the online friends she meets on various discussion forums once they start families of their own – often after months of trying – she can’t stop returning to Violet’s posts. And gradually we learn the reasons why.

Lily is younger than both Yvonne and Violet. A single parent to a young son, and struggling to survive in a low-salary job, she follows Violet because of their shared experiences of postnatal depression. When Violet disappears from the internet, Lily sets out to track her down with the help of a journalist. However, Lily is also not all that she at first seems to be.

Henry is not a nice man, and that’s putting it mildly. One of those annoying characters who always manages to survive when those around him are struggling, he works mainly in the world of traditional media, but has also had limited success as an influencer, feeding off his wife’s career. After Violet’s online disappearance, he is quick to seek the help of family members to look after their three children and seems to be carrying on as normal, but it soon transpires that some of his current problems are very much the result of past misdeeds.

Violet’s followers speculate wildly about the reasons for her disappearance and about whether anything she told them was the whole truth. None, however, comes close to guessing what really happened.

I liked the structure of this book. Snippets are revealed about each character as they go about their daily lives in the aftermath of Violet’s disappearance, and we also see flashbacks to what happened in Violet’s life to cause her to vanish. There were some threads running through the story that, with hindsight, I should have picked up on sooner, but that was in no way the fault of the author. The truths about each of the characters, when they finally emerge, were by turns shocking and, in Henry’s case especially, not entirely without well-plotted foreshadowing. The ending left things a little open, but that just made the situations the characters found themselves in as a result of what had happened both chilling and more relatable.
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